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by francesfarmer USER (49 Reviews)
November 1st, 2005 | 52 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Well, looks to me like Chris went rummaging through his old tapes a few months ago, and dusted off some more Nirvana rarities for us. What we got is pretty much a mini version of the box-set, song-wise...But better quality. "Sliver: The Best Of The Box" consists of twenty-two tracks total, all of which have been heard before, but again are released on this collection in 'boom-box' form. Many of them are home demos...I thought I'd had enough of those after 'With The Lights Out', but apparently Geffen wants us to hear every single song Kurt ever recorded in his entire lifespan.

To me, this release is an apology for 'Lights Out'. It seems the record label realized that they distributed four discs featuring content strictly for the hardcore. So it wasn't such a spiffy idea; thats where this comes in...People want to hear demos and unreleased songs by huge bands like Nirvana, so why not put them on a respectable cd? And only the ones that at least casual fans will at least know of and care about. The real sound of the songs is pretty much usual B-Side Nirvana (Incesticide)...On the electric tracks, anyway. The vocals, at times, seem drowned out by the instrumental. This will prove to be very annoying after a few minutes, and may turn off a listener who hardly cares what the band would sound like as amatuer musicians with cheap equipment; the early days of Nirvana. Very early. Kurt's solo appearences are not as great as something you would find on Nirvana's 'Unplugged', but have been re-mixed a bit.

Although this album is very repetitive and remeniscint of the box-set, there are some quite good tracks on it. The acoustic version of Lithium (which I thought was Polly for the first few seconds) was pretty interesting; I always thought that Kurt was a master at turning quick poppier songs into acoustic ballads. Despite the tape-recording quality, I'd have to say the majority of 'Sliver' (including that song, as well) isn't as choppy as WTLO. They tried, hard this time, to give Nirvana fans what they were truly expecting of the box-set. It isn't much more, but there are some extra tracks on it that were not included before.

One good aspect of the album is that its mixed very well; theres a good variety of songs. Unlike a normal greatest hits, there are many uncommen tracks right alongside those radio hits. You can listen to Sappy, Opinion, and Ain't It A Shame, then roll right into Come As You Are and 'Teen Spirit. Basically, it has enough Grunge for the core fans, and enough catch for the newer listeners. However, I think 'new listeners' would be better off downloading bits from this; its fun to hear different recordings of songs like 'You Know Your Right' and 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. For the most part, casual music fans won't be too put off by this, and diehard fans...probably have been listening to it for the past few paragraphs. It's not the best collection of Nirvana songs I've seen; featuring carbon copies of songs from 'With The Lights Out'. Thats what it is: a shortened, amped-up WTLO. A best of....a best of.

Besides being what many have expected of it, 'Sliver' isn't all bad. Nowhere near the opposite, however. I don't think it was absolutly necessary for the label to put out something like this...If they announce yet another Nirvana compilation, even though it may turn out to be a good one, nobody is going to care any longer. I doubt this will sell much (If people today can download their favorites for free, why would they take the time to buy something like this?); of course it'll be popular among fans, but Nirvana at one time appealed to several different...social classes, I might say. Real social classes. So, in the very end, I would not reccommend this to just any music fan; or even a genre fan, at the most. Real, dedicated Nirvana fans, it's a good idea. A few tracks that you haven't heard before, and a higher quality compact 'With The Lights Out'.

Guitar/Vocals: Kurt Cobain
Bass: Krist Novoselic
Drums/Vocals: Dave Grohl

Over Time:
Guitar: Jason Everman (live)
Drums: Chad Channing, Dale Crover, Aaron Burckhard

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November 2nd 2005


Whoa! These two reviews popped up at exactly the same time pretty much. Now to read it...hmm. I have not heard of this release, and I probably won't check it out. If I was a huge Nirvana fan, I would. Good review.

November 2nd 2005


Why is Rape Me #17 AND #18?

November 2nd 2005


because they're different versions...

i didnt think this had been released yet

November 2nd 2005


Just bought it a couple hours ago.

Electric City
November 2nd 2005


Your review is short, and I could use some info on some of the songs. It seemed like you catered to people who own WTLO too much.

If this is anything like In Utero, Then I will skip it thanks.

Electric City
November 2nd 2005


and It's Krist not Chirs

November 2nd 2005


when will people start using the edit button?

the review was a bit short, you didnt explain the music very well

November 2nd 2005


Oh no not another Nirvana compilation.It's not funny anymore Courtney.Decent review anyway

November 2nd 2005


Krist was called Chris by the other band members

Ill fix the review up a bit, but the reason I didn't explain all that much is...if you really want a long detailed explanation, check out the WTLO review. They're basically the same thing, with Sliver featuring a couple extra tracks.This Message Edited On 11.02.05This Message Edited On 11.02.05

Two-Headed Boy
November 2nd 2005


man oh man i'm sick of nirvana. They weren't even that good!

keep reviewing, bro!

November 7th 2005


na, am pretty sure i heard kurt pronounce the "T" on a documentory...

ha ha krist is bald now! (",)
This Message Edited On 11.07.05

February 21st 2006


I saw an ad for this, and it claimed to be the only boxed set for the band.

I see this as extremely unnecessary, though, seeing as With the Lights Out did the job.

March 27th 2006


Chris is the American-English spelling of his name. It was (I think in 1993) that he reverted it back to the original Croatian spelling of Krist.
I believe it is still pronounced Chris though (just with a different spelling).

An alright review. You didnt comment at all on the songs not included on WTLO which in my opinion are the most important aspect of this CD.
This Message Edited On 03.27.06

When Kurt died Courtney and the band signed a deal to release A Best of, A live CD, a Box set and a rarities disk. Now they are all out (plus Unplugged) Nobody is under contract to release anything now so it could be a while before see anything else (Although a Reading 1992 DVD is in the pipeline).This Message Edited On 03.27.06

Simon Kent
April 15th 2006


christ, courtney's milking those poor defenseless nirvana fans of all their parents money. best of a best of. kind of ridiculous? or is it just me?

John Paul Harrison
April 22nd 2006


As an Nirvana fan who needs this unreleased material, yet is well aware that Nirvana's sence of humor is often unbearable ("Beans"), I think a "With the Lights Out" best of is a great idea. It seems, however, that most of you don't share my opinon.

April 22nd 2006


I was impressed by Mr. Cobain's relatively faithful version of heartbreaker, as I was under the assumption that he was a mediocre guitarist.

Electric City
April 22nd 2006


This is a sick scraping of Nirvana's vault.

The Jungler
April 22nd 2006


I have the enitre box set, so I have no need for this. Good review though.

April 22nd 2006


I dont know, it seems to me that Courtny is just trying to make soem more money.
Id' much preferredly buy with the lights out than this.

Kurtis Cobainis
April 23rd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah it has some good songs on here but I don't really see the point in anyone else buying it

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