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August 9th, 2005 | 29 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

So here it is. 2 years in the making, following loads of leaked single songs and demos, and of course, their successful debut EP. Saosin arrived back in the studio to record a new EP, before their first record release next year. This EP was only apparently being sold at the Warped Tour, hence why mine is called Warped Tour EP. But I've seen it on Amazon and Smartpunk as Saosin EP, so I named it both.

The 5-song EP kicks off with "Bury Your Head", and it feels a lot slower and less powerful as previous Saosin songs. The riffs lack the energy and heaviness that got the first EP noticed, and of course, Cove's vocals are nowhere near as amazing as Anthony's. Still, if you look past this, it can grow on you I suppose. One thing that makes this song that bit much catchier is the drumming, always an impressive sign in Saosin songs. Fantastic beats and little solos before the verses and chorus' bring the music together a little bit more.

"I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song" is a little more reminiscent of older Saosin, and it certainly holds a lot more energy that the opening track. The intro riff sounds very heavy, and the distortion sounds great too. Another thing I love about this song is the harmonic dual vocals in the verses, which fit together beautifully. This is shortly followed up by easily their best new song to me, "No Angel".

"No Angel" holds that melodic feel that Saosin was so known for. I suppose that's because this song was written before Anthony even joined the band, let alone after he left them. The guitar riffs blend so well with Cove's voice and the drum patterns you can't predict. Maybe it's the fact that this is one of their oldest songs recorded properly, I don't know. But this song holds a better structure than the previous songs.

"Lost Symphonies (Live)" almost seems pointless to review, since there is nothing incredibly distinct from the live and studio version, except kids screaming for them and Cove's singing replacing Anthony's. In my opinion, he kills this song live, and it's a little disappointing considering it's one of Saosin's best songs.

We cap off this "EP" with "Bury Your Head (Acoustic)", which feels a little bit like filler. Maybe Saosin don't want to release any more new material before their album drops, maybe they just haven't got any other "good" new songs. This acoustic version of the watered-down first track really doesn't work as well as they'd hoped, with Cove's voice ruining the mood of melodic guitar chord structures. Also, it's so over-produced, with effects leading you into the next verse, and not the guitars.

I suppose if you are an avid fan, I'd suggest you to get this. I only got it to hear "I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song", since I had the other 2 new ones beforehand, and I'm a little disappointed too. "No Angel" should be the only song you hear from this so called EP. Ironic, since there are only 3 new songs on here.

Save your breath and money and go listen to Translating The Name EP again.

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August 9th 2005


ahhh people need to move past anthony and like cove for what he is. i still won't be buying this...7.50$ for an EP?! I bought the new Dredg cd for 8$, i mean, come on....

August 10th 2005


Cove's voice is quite alot "stronger" than Anthony's. ANthony had very little vocal strength. He just had the ability to hit higher notes than Cove, which was nice, but all the same, I'm very happy with Cove. Especially after having seen them live. And this EP lacks some of the strength of their older EP, but I think that's because of the lack of background screaming. The riffs are just as cool if you ask me. I like this EP. I like it alot.

August 11th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

I am disappointed with this; any fan of Saosin's has heard all of these songs already. I like Cove's voice, but it's a different respect that I give Anthony. Anthony had more passion, but I'm sure Cove could do just as well given a little training. And, marsvolta, you bought Dredg's new album for cheap because it's the blandest shade of mediocre available.

August 15th 2005


That's the thing, Cove has more passion than Anthony ever did.. There's just less screaming, and the notes aren't quite as high.

Musically, this is quite similar to everything else they've done. I had already heard Bury Your Head (and I'm assuming the track I downloaded was with Cove not Anthony, cause it sounds the same on the EP, exactly), and that song absolutely rules.... You know, I can't find a single track I dislike on the album, even a little bit. Though the first time I heard it, I shied away from it a bit. The more I listened, the more I liked it. The drums are a step down from Translating the Name, but they're still ridiculously good as well.

August 30th 2005


Holy shit. I just got my copy of the actual EP that I bought... the one I downloaded had a song called "Uphill Battle" on it, which I assumed would be on the EP, but isn't. By far the best song there. Oh, and the acoustic Bury Your Head really, really didn't impress me. Cove just can't quite do it on his own. He needs the full supporting cast, and his own approach to the lyrics, because Green can plain and simply outreach him. Oi.

Cross Out The Eyes
October 4th 2005


who sings in the song I Can Tell. is it Anthony Green or the Cove guy
I Can Tell is such a great song
great review
This Message Edited On 10.04.05

January 24th 2006


they both sang I Can Tell. the overly mastered version is cove's and the low quality one is anthony's
tenfootbrett, i respect your opinion, but please don't say that coves voice is stronger than anthony's.
did you actually listen to the cd?? even if you added screaming it isn't nearly as powerful as Translating The Name. this sounds nothing like TTN.
i'm not saying that because i love Anthony Green. but anthony had much better voice controll and frankly, his shoes are much too big for cove to fill. he has a good voice but he tries too hard to sound like anthony most of the time.
if you have seen/heard their live stuff with cove, the vocals are anything but impressive. he speaks a lot of the lyrics or he'll sing an octave lower.
go to and search saosin if you don't believe me

January 29th 2006


I saw saosin live, which is what got me into them. And I thought Cove did spectacular. I've only heard Bury Your Head off of this album, and I enjoyed it. However, it pisses me off when bands put an acoustic version of a song on a cd that already contains one version of that song. Always feels like filler to me. I'm probably gonna buy this, sometime.

February 1st 2006


I've seen saosin 3 times so far, [my fourth coming up in feb.], and they get me everytime. Cove is a great lead, and altough he does sound like Anthony, I don't think he was "trying" to sound like him. I think the band picked him because OF his unique sound. Great Great ep. Can't wait for the full-length.

February 1st 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah, either way Saosin sounds good to me either way... With Cove, with Anthony, it doesn't matter, because they still sound good. This is IMO, so I'm not stating a fact. Some people just have different preferences....

March 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Anybody know of a list or have a list of where they're playing in concerts?

March 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

i think they might be on this years warped tour, i'm not sure

April 10th 2006


Anthony Green is my idol, its a shame he left the band. Circa Survive just doesn't have what saosin did. Hmm look out for 'mookies last christmas' 'penelope [acoustic]' and 'seven years [acoustic]' my personal favorites...

May 6th 2006


I think people are misunderstanding what they want to do. Circa Survive released an EP and an album really quickly, while Saosin is still out touring. Having talked to the band, they'd rather play shows and make you check your pants while doing so. True, the sound is different, but who cares? If you don't like the new stuff, don't listen to it. If you liked Saosin solely for Anthony Green, then listen to Circa Survive. They're only gonna get better and I think with time, Cove will realize that he and 'Tony aren't the same and he'll develop into his own sound. He does have a lot to live up to...wait for the album to drop this July

June 1st 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

i have a song by Saosin called "sleepers" which if im not mistaken is a re-make of "I wanna hear another fast song"

altho it still lacks the Saosin who produced "seven years" it is a lot better constructed. Its on the CD "take action volume 5" i believe, i suggest the true Saosin fans check it out because it shines a little bit of hope that this band might actually turn themselves around and back on the track they were once on with anthony.

June 18th 2006


Yeah I have the demo of "Sleepers" as well, and it's so much better than "I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song". Cove's vocals are excelling a lot now, and the music sounds a lot better (Even if it is a demo)

July 1st 2006


when i have a lot of money to blow. i think i'll buy this, but i think from the singles ive heard, i just really want to hear saosin put out a FULL LENGTH ALBUM.

god are they taking their time. anthony formed a new band and put one out 6 months ago and saosin still has yet to do it.

July 31st 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

My friend jacks off to this band, so i've learned there full length comes out near the end of october. But i just can't get into em. Bury your head annoys the living hell out of me.

January 19th 2008


Does anyone else realize what's wrong with this review? The song on this EP isn't called "No Angel", it's called "NEW Angel" and it's the original version of the song on the LP called "I Never Wanted To". A lot of it sounds way different, but the lyrics and most of the guitar parts that are recognizable are the same.

The song "No Angel" was WAAAAY different, a lot less complex of a song, and wasn't featured on this album at all. As far as I know there was only one recorded version of "No Angel" and it's very low quality. I think it was released around the same time that the song "I've become what I've always hated" was released. To my knowledge, Anthony Green wrote and recorded this song...I may be wrong.

All of the recorded versions of ALL of the songs on this album (both the versions on this album and on the LP) were recorded with Cove Reber on vocals, not Anthony Green. How the writer of this review even knows that "NEW Angel" was written before Anthony even joined, I have no idea because there is no recorded version with anyone but Cove singing.

In response to "Tenfootbrett" up there....Bury your Head was written by Cove Reber, not Anthony Green...therefore....Cove can only try to "outreach" himself.

But again, as I said...none of the songs on this EP were ever recorded with Anthony Green on vocals.

Feel free to contact me if you have proof otherwise.

January 19th 2008


I really hate this band.

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