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August 3rd, 2005 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist



Karen O-Vocals
Nick Zinner-Guitar, Drum Machine
Brian Chase-Drums

This is YYY's first LP and is a good album to listen to whatever the mood and is a good buy for people into post-punk/garage rock revival. The most noticeable points in the band are Karen O's vocals-some find them annoying but I think her vocals are really lively and put a kick in the songs-and Nick's guitar-edgy, lively, experimental. Fans of bands like Sonic Youth and The Kills will enjoy this album, though the best songs are literally only up to the first half of the album the rest is pretty crap except for “y control” and “yeah! New York”.

Black Tongue
Date With The Night

1. Rich 4/5
The album starts with an electronic tune. This song builds up quite a raw sound from this and Karen O Growls so you get quite an intense atmosphere. Then the chorus comes in with powerful guitar chords and drums. Brings you a psychedelic/garage rock/disco style with a modern twist. This track is a great way to start the album.

2. Date With The Night 3/5
Funky guitar riff and cool lyrics. A lot faster than Rich and this track includes Karen screaming which is her weak point. The lyrics are really clever and the guitar work is also a highlight. Like Rich, this song has a bit of a rock disco feel to it.

3. Man 2/5
This song is not a favorite for me but it has its good points. Another hard rocking track an its about guys, or something of the like. Not much else to say and it’s a short track.

4. Tick 4/5
God, do these guys love fast, energetic songs. This one features more impressive guitar work but so far the drumming isn’t anything special. The singing in this song does get annoying towards the end, but there isn’t much to this one.

5. Black Tongue 4/5
This song has a really garage rock feel to it with simple but pleasing and clever lyrics-take the line for example “boy your just a stupid bitch and girl your just a no good dick...” Still the guitar work on this album has yet to fail to impress me. This song is probably my favorite on the album alongside Rich.
6. Pin 3/5
Interesting vocals, but a bit of a boring song. It sounds better live. The lyrics are alright but pretty repetitive. This song was one of the singles from the album, and has a pretty cool video. That is all

7. Cold Light 2/5
Typical of YYY’s this is no doubt another song about sex, but probably the weakest of the rocky tracks on the album. It’s pretty dragging and Karen’s vocals get annoying after a while. There are better on the album

8. NO NO NO 3/5
This song starts quiet and then gets louder for the choruses, a technique which hasn’t been seen in the album yet. A really cool guitar melody in some places, and then when you think it’s finished there are loads of sound effects and it gets pretty psychedelic, eventually getting sloppy.

9. Maps 2/5
Another single from the album, and for some reason they pick all the boring songs for the singles… Karen attempts to sing quietly which isn’t bad but not amazing. The song drags on occasionally going through phases of distorted guitar, but overall not a great song.

10. Y Control 3/5
Starts similarly to Rich. Karen’s vocals are pretty lazy and dim, not giving the song much life. But there is some cool guitar experimentation. Still, the song gets rocking, and I really like the chorus line “y control, y control…”. This was the 3rd single off this album.

11. Modern Romance 2/5
A slow, mellow song with Karen singing REALLY gently which just makes me winch and skip the track. A repetitive guitar and drum line. But there is a break in the song and if you just wait there is hidden track which I can’t be ***ed to review because it sucks.
That’s is really all to be said.

12. Yeah! New York 4/5
Now we return to a more rocking side to YYYs with this great song. It has a groovy feel to it, with typical Karen O vocals. This song is kinda like black tongue. This is a great way to finish the album but it’s a bonus track, so you might not have it.

I wouldn’t say this was a bad album, but the problem is boringness and some songs you just not find worth listening to.

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August 3rd 2005


I think it's hilarious that you rated the worst songs on the alubm the highest. The review itself was dire, and well, not that great.

August 3rd 2005


Something Vague owns you.


still, not a bad review

Ive heard Pin several times. its not half-bad. ill check out some more stuff.

August 3rd 2005


There are worse reviews, for sure.

It's a good review. A bit more detail won't hurt though. Anyways, keep it up! :thumb:

August 3rd 2005


Decent, though a bit lacking...add a bit more.

I was presently suprised by these guys (and girl). They played on Letterman quite a while ago (a year maybe), and they didn't sound half bad for a band with no bassist. I forgot what they played, but it was extremely catchy.

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