The Blue Album (Deluxe Edition)



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July 27th, 2005 | 36 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

OK. I was told to save band information, etc. for last. So if it helps, you might want to kind of read it backwards.

Disc 1-

1. My Name Is Jonas-
Starts with a fingerpicking intro that leads into distorted power chord rocker. The lyrics are rather pessimistic about ďworkers are going home,Ēďbuildingís not going as planned.Ē The guitar/harmonica solo in the bridge part stands out as one of the highlights on the album. It ends just as it started with the fingerpicking guitar pattern and Rivers singing ďMy Name is Jonas.Ē Great start to the album. 10/10

2. No One Else- Like Jonas, this song is a power chord rocker and the lyrics continue to be pessimistic. The lyrics are about a girlfriend who isnít loyal to her boyfriend (Rivers always has girl problems). A very catchy song with a cool guitar solo. 8/10.

3. The World has Turned and Left Me Here- Starts off with distorted power chords over another handpicking pattern. The lyrics once again are pessimistic, like the title suggests. Once again a very catchy song. Again, a good guitar solo. Rivers isnít exactly a great guitar player, but his solos are always well written and have good melody. Like Jonas ends with the same fingerpicking pattern it started with. 9/10

4. Buddy Holly- Weezerís most successful song and itís easy to see why. The lyrics here are surprisingly optimistic. Itís a catchy love song with some synth guitar, a solo once again, and a great breakdown, ďBang, Bang, knock on the door.Ē Unfortunately, the song ends quickly at 2:39. Other than that, great song. 9.5/10

5. Undone- The Sweater Song- Weezerís first single and again itís easy to see why. Itís G-C-D-C (actually Gb- Cb-Db-Cb) guitar pattern will get stuck in your head for days. The lyrics go back to being pessimistic. Some talking in the beginning of the verses between Matt and Karl Koch and Mykel and Karl about a show and a party. Two guitar solos and a big buildup to the end. Ends with some organ and noise. A big fan favorite and a favorite of mine. 10/10

6. Surf Wax America- This song leans towards a more punk sounding Weezer. The lyrics have to do with surfing, but in more general meaning, itís just a song sort of about being different and rebelling (not literally) against common society ways. ďYou take your car to work, Iíll take my board.Ē Itís a very catchy song but a bit of a weak point. On an album like this, that doesnít mean itís a bad song. 7.5/10

7. Say it Ainít So- One of my all-time favorites. Starts off with a nice guitar riff and some off-beat reggae style triad chords. The lyrics talk about a beer bottle in the first two verses. I believe this song is about Riversís father who had a drinking problem. Therefore, the song is very emotional. The chorus is so strong and it hits you when its first chord is played. The bridge leads perfectly to a simple but emotional sounding guitar solo. Once again, the song ends with the same guitar riff it started with. 10/10

8. In the Garage- Starts with a quiet guitar/harmonica intro. The lyrics are positive and the song has an overall happy feeling. The theme fits along the same lines as Surf Wax America.. Another simple yet catchy guitar solo. Overall very catchy and happy song. 8/10

9. Holiday- A 6/8 time catchy song. The lyrics are very positive again about a happy honeymoon (some sort of vacation/holiday). At first, I didnít really like this song but itís definitely a grower. It has a breakdown similar to Surf Wax with song low singing and a buildup leading to another chorus. Once again, a strong song. 9/10

10. Only in Dreams- This song starts off with a bass line that repeats throughout most of the whole song. The song fits the title and lyrics very nice. It has a very dreamy feel. Itís a good song to listen to right before you go to sleep for this reason. However, the dreamy feel doesnít make the song boring at all. I think this song is about a girl that you could have ďOnly in DreamsĒ. After the 2nd chorus the song leads into an amazing build-up and explodes into the climax of the song with soaring guitars and crashing cymbals. Like many songs before it, it ends with the same bass line it started with.

Disc 2-

1. Mykel and Carli- Mykel and Carli were Riversí two best friends and were always a big help to the band. Unfortunately, on their way to a Weezer show, they were killed in a car accident. This song was written before they died. The song is a thank you to them. It starts off with some acoustic guitar and harmonica. And leads into a more hard rocking song. Good stuff. I think the reason it didnít make the album is that Rivers may have felt it was too personal (this isnít Pinkerton yet). 9/10

2. Susanne- Susanne was an A&R assistant who helped out the band a lot and supported the band. And it looks like Rivers had a little bit of a crush on her. The lyrics are a thank you and a bit of Rivers saying I love you. Like Holiday, itís a 6/8 rocker. I think this may have been left of the album the same reason Mykel and Carli was. 8/10

3. My Evaline- Barbershop singing. This was just a demo Weezer made when they were going to a vocal coach. 44 seconds. Not much to say. Itís kind of nice for 44 seconds and barbershop singing. 3/10

4. Jamie- Iím pretty sure this was left off the album the same reason the first two were. Jamie was the bandís lawyer when the band was signing their recording contract. As the booklet says, this song wasnít so much a thank you but was expressing the feelings of safety and confidence with her. However, it sounds once again like Rivers was falling in love with another band helper. Another catchy rocking song. 9/10

5. My Name is Jonas (Live)- Very good quality for being recorded in a small club. This shows that band knew how to play live back in their very early days. It was recorded on 11/27/94, not too long after the blue album was released. At this time the band wasnít very well known. You can still see some elements of Weezer as a garage band playing in small clubs. I think of that as a good thing. 10/10

6. Surf Wax America (Live)- Hmmm.. The crowd has to be punished. I donít see how playing Surf Wax America is considered punishment. Once again, the quality is very good and Weezer perform the song very good. The crowd cracks me up on this one. First, they have to be punished by Rivers for something weíre not too sure about, and then, during the quiet breakdown, a stoned fan shouts, ďSmoke Dope..... smoke dope.....Ē Itís definitely worth hearing. 9/10

7. Jamie (Live Acoustic)- This song works very well acoustic. The band plays this very cleanly, itís hard to tell itís being played live. However, I think I prefer the electric version only because this oneís missing drums and I think the drums add some nice energy. 8/10

8. No One Else- Pretty much the same deal as Jamie. Read the previous song review. 7/10

9. Undone- The Sweater Song (Kitchen Demos)- I love this version. I think I like it better than the album version. The tempo is slowed down and acoustic guitars are used. The talking parts before the verses are very different and funnier. Hereís what I can make out being said. ďThough Iím a whore. A whore in my bed. A whore in my bed, when Iím singing like Black Francis. I hate talk shows so much, I want to kill them!Ē Itís all just some awesome freestyle rapping. If anyone else can make out some of the rapping please share it. The singing is great on this. It reminds me of like a good drunken singalong kind of thing. Everyone in the band singing at the top of their lungs. You have to hear this. 10/10

10. Paperface (Kitchen Demos)- A very fast paced, punk sounding song despite using acoustic guitars. Like a Violent Femmes kind of punk? Nevertheless, this song is very cool. Once again more screaming singing like a drunken singalong. Although, this song is very good itís understandable why it didnít make the album. It doesnít fit with the other songs and sounds much different. I could kind of see it being on Pinkerton though. 9/10

11. Only in Dreams (Kitchen Demos)- Even a dreamier feel than the album version although it doesnít nearly reach the 8 minute mark, it still is a nice a version to listen to. Unfortunately, it doesnít have a buildup as great as the albumís version. 9/10

12. Lullaby for Wayne- A more punk sounding song sounding a bit like Paperface. Itís a song about a guy named Wayne who hasnít learned to grow up. Itís a good song but not as good as any songs that made the album. 7/10

13. I Swear itís True- This song was a choice to put on Pinkerton. I think Weezer and co. made the right decision to not put it on. Itís an okay song but doesnít stand up to any of the songs on Pinkerton. Although, itís not a ballad, it has a slow tempo which makes it rather boring. The lyrics are about missing an ex. 6/10

14. Say it Ainít So- This sounds exactly the same as the album version. Exactly. Rating: N/A

Rivers Cuomo- Lead Vocals, Guitar
Brian Bell- Guitar, Vocals
Matt Sharp- Bass, Vocals
Pat Wilson- Drums
Jason Cropper (left band before making final recordings)- Guitar on Disc 2 tracks 4, 9,10,11,12,13.

When Weezer was formed on Valentineís Day of 1992, they didnít think they would ever sell more than 100 albums. Around the time their debut self titled album (known as the blue album) was released, popular groups were Metallica and Soundgarden. Weezer sounded like neither of these bands nor did they have the image of these bands. Chris Cornell and James Hetfield had most rock star characteristics. Rivers Cuomo, however, didnít exactly have the same characteristics. He wore glasses, wore plain old clothes, and had a mushroom cut. However, The Blue Album ended up selling more than 3 million copies, Rivers had made his image seen in The Sweater Song popular, and many new bands were influenced by Weezerís new sound. Ten years after this somewhat of a milestone (I think it is anyway), the Blue Album was rereleased with a new disc full of b-sides and live performances. Hereís its review. :thumb: (Go to top of the page.)

Please donít be afraid to post anything. Feel free to call me the worst reviewer ever and tell me I donít deserve to listen to Weezer with a review like this, etc. Just post, I beg you.

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July 28th 2005


You are the worst reviewer ever and don't deserve to listen to Weezer with a review like that....

Seriously though, good review. You did a fairly good job on all the songs, except for a few, which could use a bit more detail. Other than that, good work.

July 28th 2005


Why did you put the band info at the bottom?

July 28th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

^ Did you read the top?

July 28th 2005


Good review! I've been waiting for somebody to do a review of the delux edition.

July 28th 2005


Iai - The tracklisting isn't messed up, its the tracklisting of the Bonus Disc 2. It confused me at first as well.

July 28th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Oh, I didn't write the tracklisting. I'll fix it.

July 29th 2005


Stop using the word pessimistic so much! Also "My Name is Jonas" is not negative at all because the main point is that the workers are going home.

July 29th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

How is My Name is Jonas not pessimistic?

"Building's not going as planned/ The foreman has injured his hand/ the doser will not clear a path/ the driver swears he learned his math"

I don't see anything optimistic in these lyrics.

July 31st 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

The Blue Album is a masterpiece. This was a great re-issue if only it wasn't for the price. I mean, you can get this album for about $6 (Can) without the second disc.

September 2nd 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I liked this album but Pinkerton is my all time favorite album from Weezer with Blue being second.

November 7th 2005


GOD HOW IS RIVERS CUOMO SO AWESOME!!!!.....anyway, good review, i liked the backstory on the disc 2 stuff. i have the origional blue, but i want to pick this one up too.

Electric City
November 7th 2005


Rivers is a dick. Case closed.

March 18th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

No mate - you're a dick, Rivers is incredibly talented, maybe a bit of a dick though.......

Two-Headed Boy
March 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Man, I got this for about $18 at Best Buy over the weekend. Pure Weezer. It's nice hearing more of the classic stuff.

Two-Headed Boy
April 8th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

...and Mykel and Carli is freakin' insane.

April 8th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Paperface kicks ass

April 10th 2006


I've sung say it ain't so drunk with like 20 ppl at least 50 times

Electric City
April 10th 2006


Same hear but with the Sweater Song.

Full Collapse299
April 17th 2006


This album truly is a masterpeice. I was just on a three hour car ride taking my sister back to college. I listened to The Blue Album Deluxe Disc 1, Pinkerton, and The Green Album, but Blue is definitely the best. And ever since I've gotten home I can't stop singing Buddy Holly. :-)

May 22nd 2006


Mykel and Carli and Undone B side kick ass

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