KKKill the Fetus



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August 9th, 2008 | 31 replies

Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Very artistic, but also very dark and difficult to listen to.

Run from the gun, if I do ya then you're done,
If it didn't do ya done, sawed off shotgun.
Radio *** 'em, 'cause I said *** 'em,
If I see the DJ, buck, buck, buck 'em.

Darkness in hip-hop can come in a number of forms. It can come in the humorous form - as exemplified by Dr. Octagon or Eminem - or just flat-out dark, as exemplified by Esham, the originator of the acid rap genre which has influenced a multitude of artists within and outside Detroit - the aforementioned Eminem once called himself a cross between Esham, Ozzy Osbourne and Charles Manson. KKKill the Fetus is a seriously dark and twisted album - 25 songs, many of them short - each trippy and hallucinogenic looks into the darkest elements of man's soul; raps focus on subjects from pornographic sex to Satan, Hell and serial killing. You could call this a heavy metal album with rapped lyrics and beats; it's certainly more "metal" than Korn.

KKKill the Fetus's opening track asks us what do we define as evil" Is it learned, or are we evil at birth" The character in "Symptoms of Insanity" and "Running from Me" may bring believers of the former to question their ideology: "Six, six, six, 'cause I'm sick sick sicka" (this line was stolen by Flatlinerz on their album Under Satan's Authority). "Voices in My Head" focuses on a man who goes crazy and chops up his wife and kids. When he calls up a suicide hotline, they hang up on him, so he decides to off himself. On "No Singing", Esham advises not to sing at his funeral, because he hates sad songs. Another character popping up in Esham's vision of Hell is Jackie, described thusly:

I know a bitch, who like to suck dick drink nut
That type a bitch, that type a slut
Her name is Jackie, the ho is kinda tacky
Went to suckin and ***in
She'll off her panties in the backseat of a taxi
I said lady cab driver, lady cadiver
No one does it better make it wetter and I've never
Met a freak like you ***in like a prostitute
But your specialty is suckin D-I-C-K

"Game of Death" and "Headache" are about multiple personalities and insanity. "Wet Day Dreamer" is about a surreal imagined encounter with a pair of lesbians who want to get down with Esham's character:

I met this young ho, I tried to get up on the coochie
I payed her no mind, cuz she was just another hoochie
I treated her kind, but she gave no play
I played with her mind, but I dogged her anyway
She tole she would fuck me and she ran the plays
She tole she would suck my dick fifty ways
Well everytime I grabbed the ho and asked fo some ass
She would run the same story that she ran the last
I'm like damn, she said damn, I said what's up on the butt
All I wanted was a quicky just to catch a nut
But in some way I was blind, there's somthing I couldnt see
That the bitch was a dike, she got more pussy then me
Masturbating in her home all alone with a broom
All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom, zoom, zoom
She had a girl friend that came by her place
Got pookie butt naked, put her pussy in my face
As I sat back and watched to ho's eating cunts
The room started smellin like female funk
Pussy cat's with a dog, just rubbin my dick
One licked it up and down and one blew on it
I'm like damn, I got a tingle so I bust a funky jingle
I said, "My dick is single but it loves to mingle"
So I fucked and I fucked and I fucked till I caught my nut
And then I woke up.

"Hot Booty" continues this theme. "I thought You Knew" has Esham telling a friend that he ***ed his woman. "If This Ain't Hell" and "My Understanding is Zero" are commentaries on the world around us, while "Perpetration" condemns fakeness in rap. While KKKill the Fetus is very creative and in its raps and beats -- which sample everything from Beastie Boys and Funkadelic to Jimi Hendrix and Queen. "Helterskkkelter" features a lean bassline, freaky scratches and hard-hitting beats. But a great deal of the album is very dark and disturbing, which, for me, makes it very difficult to listen to. "666" is, quite frankly, terrifying:

The black devil's back and gotta step into the mix
The brand new rhymes and the 6 6 6
I shipwreck shit, shit gets wrecked
When I hit the set what the fuck you expect"
PO be a motherfuckin' but a two timin' bitch
I'm not a crossover, don't plan to switch
I rob the rhythm like I was a witch
Nine dead bodies throw 'em in the ditch
You wanna try me out to come and test my style
I'll cut 'cha head off and throw it in the pile
I'm versatile, the voodoo child
Don't sweat the technique, but peep the tech style
Gettin' wicked 'cause I'm raisin' hell
Doin' just as well to bust a brain cell
The unholy, shup, man
6 6 6 and a mic in my hand

A very loud and noisy backing track accompanies Esham screaming his lyrics, referring to himself, as he does throughout the rest of the album, as "The Black Devil". (Esham has also been known as "The Boogieman" and "Black Hitler".) "Headhunter" and "KKKill the Fetus" are equally dark, but not nearly as loud. I hate to give this album three stars - it is definitely not an average album, but at the same time, I'm not really sure I can listen to this album. I'm sure that a lot of people like this album, and certainly if you're a metal fan who also enjoys hip-hop, I recommend it, and it certainly has a lot more to say than most "horrorcore" albums, and I even found a few tracks to be very enjoyable. But I'm certainly not going to be pulling this one out at dinner parties.

I personally preferred Insane Poetry's Grim Reality, which contains a side of socially-conscious hip-hop to compliment and expand upon the "grim" themes of its first side. Had Esham formed his album this way, I might have enjoyed this more. That being said, KKKill the Fetus is an excellent release, and it clearly seems to be the inspiration for many rap artists. Kool Keith seems to have been inspired by Esham, for instance, but uses acid rap in a much less dark form, and ends up being more enjoyable. KKKill the Fetus is not a bad album, it's just not for me.

Standout tracks: "No Singing," "Hot Booty," "I Thought You Knew," "if This Ain't Hell," "My Understanding Is Zero," "Perpetration," "Freak Nasty," "Don't Blame Me!" "You Still Hoe'N,' "Sunshine," and "Get On Down".

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August 9th 2008


Well, it's much better than your Flatlinerz review, but I will still refrain from voting. And good call on Insane Poetry. Not too many people know about them.

August 9th 2008


thanks for the lyrics

August 9th 2008


what a coincidence, i also shipwreck shit.

August 9th 2008


terrible, terrible lyrics.

August 9th 2008


this is so dark and disturbing!!!

August 9th 2008


those are some of the worst rhymes I've ever seen

August 9th 2008


[quote=lyrics]All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom, zoom, zoom[/quote]
Subliminal messages: BUY MAZDA

August 9th 2008


Well, first of all, let's start with the obvious:

The translation for these lyrics seems to be copied from one of those crappy lyrics sites you turn up in a Google search that are notoriously inaccurate (I believe "Purple Haze" has the notorious misheard lyric "Scuse me while I kiss this guy" instead of the actual lyric). Either that, or your hearing is as bad as the people who type up lyrics for these sites.

Secondly, I like how you ignore some of Esham's more clever rhymes in favor of his more outright "shocking" lyrics. "Helterskkkelter" contains some classic rhymes:

Sick in the head, so I tried to kill a priest,
I'm thinking of excuses instead of killing me.
The symptoms of insanity got me going psycho,
Friday the 13th just like Michael

And like Ice T, I'm a killa, but iller
Ice on the Ku Klux Klan,
You better murder me, man.

Red Rum, Red Rum, murder, murder, murder,
Standin' in my way, then I gotta hurt ya.
Never get happy, hair always nappy,
You'll get slapped G, unholy papi.
Visions of bloody bodies, bloody bodies of visions,
My mind and suicide, head on collision.
I vision an incision, some psycho precision,
Psychedelic funkin', slam jam dunkin'.
This is do or die, so I'd rather be dead,
Cops get outta line, off with their head.
I flex the text, and break some fuckin' necks,
Me and a nun had sex in special effects.
Make me crazy, mad, boy, I'm fuckin' bad,
You couldn't even add all the problems I've had.
Psycho sick, six six six,
Abracadabra, black magic.
Voodoo wicket, wicket voodoo,
Scared you go boo, funky doo doo.
I'm wicket, standin' with my gat in my hand,
You better murder me, man
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August 9th 2008


Bye then. Have a nice life.

August 9th 2008


Here's some good rhymes from "Redrum":

Time to get ill, my mic starts to kill
Your head is falling apart, and I start to rebuild
Your mind, your outta time, I'm out ya mind
Like I said before, the heavy metal hardcore
Back to the groove line
Suckers tried to move mine
The seventh sign of death, and death to the peace sign
I start to release mine
Now you gotta cease mine
Shot another brother for holding up the peace sign.
I got style, I got class
Try to diss me, and I'll beat your ass
I don't say, I spray niggas olay
Like I said before, homey don't play
Down on the east side, my name is Esham
Rollin' through your hood, and I'm ticking like a time bomb
Ready to blow up, ready to go upside
Another nigga's head, for some shit, he done said
A homicidal killer with a nine in my hands
Now you get to ride in the ambulance
'cause it's murder

Or how about this one? Finger in the Cake Mix:

Duncan Hines, funky rhymes
I like going in from behind
Take my finger and dip it in
Hitting them skins, much skins
I like chocolate with extra cream
Hitting them cakes, a daily routine
Stir it with my finger, just like a stick
The devil's out the soup,
Now he's in the cake mix
This time, I gotta mix it up
The sugar's in one cup,
The cream in another cup
Upside down, cake rattle n' roll
The cake mix runs down side of the bowl
I dip my face in the bowl, just to get a sniff
Kinda smells fishy once I get a whiff
Take my spoon and stir it up, kinda good
Now I got a woody-wood pecker could
I whisper in your ear and tell you what I need
How many cakes to fill one man's greed?
One ho cake, two ho cakes, damn,
Damn, I think I'm stirring kinda slow
5 ho cakes, 6 ho cakes
I got my finger in your cake mix

Or these rhymes from "Boogieman"?

Let's play dead, and give me a second to die
And if I do or die, I sing a lullaby
I'm not a crime fighter,
I'm like a ghost writer
And then my rhyme is like a chip ahoy,
I betcha bite her
And they don't understand, a rock-n-roll band
I'm not the KK Klan, more like the boogie man
And Satan's in the mix and you don't wanna diss
Because this is for all the suicidalists
I'd rather be dead,
I'm knocking 'em dead
Before you live, ya die, roll over play dead

August 9th 2008


[quote="ataraxia01"]terrible, terrible lyrics.[/quote]

[quote="Doppelganger"]those are some of the worst rhymes I've ever seen[/quote]

They're supposed to be weird, you fucking morons. That's why they call it "acid rap". When you're tripping, not everything makes sense! I guess you don't like Dr. Octagon, either?

What would you do, if I hit your face with dog doodoo?
Smear purple flies on your forehead
Spit in your salad, vomit on your brother’s breakfast
Take your ass outside, burn your mother’s house
Bring pet mice, and scare your sister with my gray mouse
Then drop him under the bed, and leave him there dead
Take out your parakeet, with scissors, clip his head
Then get the charcoal, whassup, burn your dog’s legs
Walk by the barbershop, and hit the glass with eggs
Then go in the club and dance, mix the alcohol
Great with roach spray, here’s a drink, have a ball
Dance to the music, watch it party pooper
Yeah, you know...
I’m destructive
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August 9th 2008


Esham's rhymes are NOT terrible. You know NOTHING about hip-hop. You know NOTHING about acid rap. Every Detroit rapper has an Esham LP on his shelf. You know Eminem bit his style. Now, Eminem's lyrics are goddamn terrible!This Message Edited On 08.09.08

August 9th 2008


Here's some terrible lyrics:

Y'all act like you never seen a white person before
Jaws all on the floor like Pam, like Tommy just burst in the door
and started whoopin her ass worse than before
they first were divorce, throwin her over furniture

Mentally illll from Amityvilllle (ILLLL)
Accidentally killll your family stillll
Thinkin he won't? God-damnit he willll (HE'SSSS)
Mentally illll from Amityvilllle

PURE SHIT.This Message Edited On 08.09.08

August 9th 2008


What are you talking about? I didn't change nothing. I posted examples of different kinds of rhymes. I posted good rhymes by Esham and Kool Keith and shitty rhymes by Eminem.

August 9th 2008


Do you actually post here, or are you just trolling the talk pages of good rappers?This Message Edited On 08.09.08

August 9th 2008


lol whut?

August 9th 2008


Are these lyrics shitty?

I used to cop a lot

But never copped no drop

Hold mics like pony tails, tight, in

Stop and stick around

Come through and dig the sound

Of the fly brown six-o sicko psycho who throws his dick around

Bound to go three-plat

Came to destroy rap

It's a intricate plot of a b-boy strap

Vemstack cats get kidnapped

Then release a statement to the press - let the rest know who did that

Metal Face terrorists claim responsibility

Broken household name usually said in hostility

Um... what... MF, you silly

I'd like to take "Mens to the End" for two milli'

smoking on the trees at a hundred degrees
never touch the breeze this is sticky green leaves

(put it in the dutch it gets stuck on yo touch)

pack it in the bong, last long, have you on fresh

light it up
role it
pass it around
the scientists have found, check the rail compound

(well if you look over here (i like that glass bong)
I can't see it, you have the money for it?
right there to the left!)

(my man with the rasta got the best green pasta
tree trunk buds (but that good shit'll cost ya!)

anyway, gimme an ounce of that shit
i'll have that shit with Madlib
we could bounce to that shit
make a basket full of cookies
make ya feel like a rookie
make you eat a lot and maybe go get some nookie

(highpowered shit so we can do our astro travelling)

around the world, on a smoke tour, dabbling
the most best of weed, Amsterdam humble seeds
weeds weeds weeds, is what we all needs needs

light it up
role it
pass it around
the scientists have found, check the rail compound

August 9th 2008


do you think anybody actually reads your posts dumbarse

August 9th 2008


[quote="eyebath"]all this non-music rappy rap has got your mind ruined.[/quote]


How low can you go?
Death row, what a brother knows
Once again, back is the incredible
The rhyme animal
The incredible D, Public Enemy Number One
"5-O" said, "Freeze!" and I got numb
Can't I tell em that I really never had a gun?
But its the wax that the Terminator X spun
Now they got me in a cell 'cause my records, they sell
'cause a brother like me said,
"Well... Farrakhan's a prophet and I think you ought to listen to what he can say to you, what you ought to do."
This Message Edited On 08.09.08

August 10th 2008


this is an awesome review

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