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June 5th, 2008 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Brand new Weezer

The Red Album is the biggest surprise that this band has released to this date. While at times it has its typical weezer hooks, chugging power chords, and Cuomo melodies, this album sheds a whole new light on who Weezer actually is today in 2008. It's the first Weezer album where the other members had the same amount of insight as Rivers on ideas for the songs. Some of the songs are sung entirely by other members of the band. Also, the members of the band switch instruments multiple times. I think it is safe to say that this is the most experimental album by far by Weezer.

Troublemaker - This opening track is crazy catchy, but doesn't really go to many places and is probably one of the weakest tracks on the album(especially lyric wise). "Marrying a *iatch, Having seven Kiads"..."" The track is able to keep you on your feet, but that's about it.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived - The most epic track on the album crosses over to many different genres. The song constantly changes for the whole six minutes of the song includes challenging choral pieces, punk breakdowns, pop verses, and original Weezer and Rock melodies.

Pork and Beans - The first single of the album. In a way, it was a tease for what was to come for the album since a chorus of a Weezer song hasn't sounded like this for years. While the verse has a new Weezer feel, the chorus takes you back to 1994. Written after an intense meeting with Geffen, Rivers angrily went home to write this song that is an allout backlash at the record company for not respecting the freedom of the band. "Imma do the things that I want to, I ain't got a thing to prove to you". One of the strongest tracks on the entire album for sure.

Heart Songs - Rivers' influences mean a lot to him. Which is why this sincere ballad another one of the strongest tracks on the album. Describing all of his influences by name, Rivers mentions all of the rockstars and past musicians that helped him become who he is today. At times, the song sounds a bit corny moving into the chorus. But, the bridge is one of the strongest bits on the entire album with insanely catchy overlapping vocals and distorted guitars. He mentions that his room mate showed him "Nevermind" by Nirvana, and that it "broke the chains it had up on me" and by that time he set out to start a rock band with his friends.

Everybody Get Dangerous - One of the hardest tracks on the album. *Personally* its my least favorite on the entire album next to Troublemaker. But at the same time, the song starts out absolutely rockin. I also feel like the verses are really strong. Reminiscent also of the Red Hot Chili Peppers The chorus seems a bit corny, especially with the "boo yah"! The highlight of the song is towards the end where Pat goes off by himself, and the rest of the band is just shouting having fun.

Dreamin' - Rivers pushed this one to be on the album. I see why he did it too. Maybe not the strongest track, but it definitely brings back the Weezer feel to the album. It sounds like a lost track off of Make Believe or Maladroit. Sort of has a "Keep Fishin" type of feel but a little harder. Also, a pretty interesting breakdown with Brian singing lead. Very psychedelic sounding, and then it gets a bit more poppy as it goes on.

Thought I Knew - Brian's song on the album. He sings lead vocals. It definitely has a "Space Twins" or "The Relationship" type of feel on the album. It doesn't sound like a Weezer song at all. But it is a good tune, it just doesn't feel like it flows too well with the rest of the album. The lyrics are definitely nice, as well as the guitar work. The track itself is really great, but I'm not too sure it belongs on here.

Cold Dark World - Scotts song on the album. Another weak one on the album (personally I feel this way). The song doesn't really go anywhere. It just feels dead. Scotts not exactly singing in the verse, its more talking. The chorus "Angel come in a cold dark world, im gonna be your man". The chorus had potential but doesn't really hit it right. The strongest part of the song is when the guitar has a break by itself. It's really pretty.

Automatic - Pats song on the album. Very rockin and pretty awesome. It's really in your face. The only thing that was a dissapointment was the tempo. In the remix that was first released, the tempo was set MUCH MUCH higher. And it gave a whole new feel to the song. Pats vocal perfomance is impressive, and this was definitely a good choice from him and the band to put this one on. Very solid track.

The Angel And The One - One of my favorites on this album by far. This song has one of Rivers' best performances in years. Or maybe it's just nice to hear him talking about love again. It is by far the best album closer since Pinkerton, and has Rivers describing how he is at peace with his love life "I am complete, is what im sayin. I'm flying up so high, my purple majesty displaying". Even the guitar work is beautiful towards the end. Which is nice to hear since the album barely showcases any guitar work. Nothing else to say except that this is a beautiful song.

The other 4 deluxe tracks are amazing. Miss Sweeney starts to sound like Old Weezer but at first sounds like something completely new until it hits the chorus, the full band version of "Pig" is utterly satisfying compared to the demo, The Spider is beautiful and actually very trippy sounding, and lastly King is a great acoustic song sung by Scott. This one should have replaced Cold Dark World. King is a very strong track. I guess the only thing I have to say is that I was dissapointed that there wasn't one real guitar solo on the whole album. Also, the b sides/covers are really awesome so I suggest everybody tries to get their hands on them. Enjoy the album everyone, it is yet another success by Weezer

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June 5th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

Hey, it's that guy who did an absolutely horrible review of ICP.

Your writing is much more descriptive and much better since then. However, I would stay away from TBT's. Decent review.

June 5th 2008


decent for a TBT

June 5th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

This is fantastic compared to his ICP review!

June 5th 2008


ha yeah it i just read it and this is lightyears better. not as many spelling errors for one, though there are still a few here

June 5th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5


June 6th 2008


He also misrated the album apparently

June 6th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

Tracks 1 2 and 3 are all I've liked.

and did you mention the abysmal lyrics?This Message Edited On 06.06.08

June 6th 2008


im definitely checking out the album.
very good review too.
and when talking about Automatic do you mean that it was in a higher key?

June 9th 2008


After listinging to this album alot it just does not appeal that much any more but there are some realy good tracks

October 10th 2014


Pos because appropriate rating

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