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Underoath Ranked

Underoath, proof that no matter how acclaimed and well liked you are, sites like 'The Metal archives' will hate you just for being metalcore. Metal snobs and elitists aside, Underoath was a big gateway band into heaver music for me outside of radio christian rock. I was such a big fan of Underoath back in the day that the break-up did really devastate me, and i am glad they are back together. Anyways after i revisited their discography, this is where i stand on their albums, also i could only do one live album as i could not track down the other two. Also their may be a lot of hot takes here (so this may be my most controversial artist ranking yet) as a fair warning.
The Changing of Times

Alright i know this is a hot take, i am sorry, but no matter how many times i try to give this album a chance, it always just comes off as 'meh' to me. Taylor's vocals really do not suit this style well and allot of this album just feels like an inferior version of what would come after. their is not much this album offers in the way of replay value even with the most popular track "when the sun sleeps", and can we talk about how this album can reek of cheese? I do not think this is a bad album, but their is not much here that is worth of praise ether

Erase Me

I somehow missed hearing this in full when it first came out (despite hearing and liking the two singles for it) and this album was and still is very divisive. After hearing it for the first time "Erase Me" is really underwhelming. They took a massive step back in songwriting and trying way too hard to be edgy (Spoiler: just because you swear does not make your music dark, or good). This is a shame because the singles "On My Teeth" and "Rapture" are both really fantastic tracks, but the rest of the album its apart of is so boring. its like taking the lyrical themes of "disambiguation" and to an extent "Lost in the sound" but watering them down greatly. The trend setters have become the trend followers.

Act of Depression

Underoath started as death metal, and while they were not the most technical and come off as a bit cheesy and preachy. their is no denying the amount of passion they had here, and how they believed in everything they were writing (cannot say the same for most christian music, which isn't ironic that most of it tries to be as safe as possible?) their are some rather uncomfortable subject matter this album goes into, like sexual assault on "innocence Stolen" in which they handle the subject matter rather well, and I do appropriate them being willing to talk about it as it is a huge issue that needs to be talked about, epeecully now. I do not mean to get serious but if you or you know someone who needs it here is a link for some help https://www.rainn.org/about-national-sexual-assault-telephone-hotline. i apologize if i got a bit too emotional and sappy here. i guess i also gotta say the riffs sound great.

They're Only Chasing Safety Special Edit

SE version because "I've got 10 friends" is one of the best underoath songs (remember when it was pain to find?). Yes, i do have massive nostalgia for this album but their are some problems that cannot be ignored. for one, the album clearly is a Dallas Taylor album where Spencer was brought in at the last minute, and its very obvious Spencer is not comfortable with shrieking (hence why he never does it live). Their is also filler here with "Down, Set, Go!" and the closer "Some seek forgiveness" is a Copeland song which features Spencer and Aaron at the end that was slapped on to make the album have an obvious christian song. That out of the way, this album does have a lot of strong cuts on here, like "I feel content with losing". and has one of the best opening stretch of tracks for any album in its genre.

Cries of the Past

Due to its strong atmosphere thanks to new member Chris Dudley and Taylor's vocal style (its also refreshing to hear him do some low growls for a change), Underoath are able to craft a handful long tracks of agonizing grief and reluctant acceptance. while one could argue the songs are bit too long, it is not really much of a problem. The riffs on this album are pretty damn strong too. The track lengths may be intimidating but do not let that stop you from checking it out. Underoath may have only done black metal for one album, but they sure as hell mastered it on the first try.

Define the Great Line

arguably defined the whole metal core genre as we know it. like many others, this album had an impact on me (this is the album that got me into wanting to learn how to scream) and i do have much bigger application of it now then when i was younger and only cared more about the single stuff. My only issues with it is "Casting such a thin shadow" is a bit too long then it needs to be and the interlude track is really unnecessary. DTGL just keeps on aging like a fine whine as people will continue to be influenced by it. this is where Underoath Defined their own line. while it is a risk to go against a previous album that made them popular, the risk clearly payed off for them.

Survive Kaleidoscope

A live CD this high? well yes this is a really great live show, their is a great amount of heart in this performance and their seems to be no sign of wear down fatigue. The TAOCS songs sound even better live as its in a more comfortable range for Spencer. In terms of live performances for metalcore, it really does not get much better then this

Lost in the Sound of Separation

I am surprised this was not my number 1, going into this run i thought it was going to be, but here we are. Their is a lot to love about this, the unconventional way this album was recorded really pays off. and if you believe the christian press who at the time said the album was an apocalyptic concept album, then the fact it handles 2 massive themes (the other being about Spencer drug addiction) at the same time is all the more impressive (though one could argue addiction fits into the apocalyptic theme well). This album is the perfect balance between catchy(the most catchy underoath,yes more so then TAOCS) and heavy, and the album features some of the best hooks Aaron has ever written. the album should of really ended at "too bright to see" as "Desolate earth" feels a tad forced.


shocked by my number 1? me too. It is yet another album where Underoath competently reinvent themselves and pull it off fantastically. This is sludgy and is without a doubt the heaviest underoath album to date. Spencer takes over the cleans and he does really well...gone is the more poppy hooks and in comes in a more somber a brooding performance. this album is what everything "erase Me" tries to be theme wise but actually does it well. The soft songs like "paper Lung" and the closer "In completion" are reflective and alluring before everything crashes down in a grand finale. This is also the darkest underoath album (just read the lyrics) and the most versatile album too. With how much different structures is going on from song to song its amazing that this is perfect from a cohesive standpoint .This is not only the best Underoath album, but one of the best albums of the whole 2010s.

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