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Arche's April

I listened to very little from this month, but man have I heard some great things. Here's a little run down ^ ^
1Regina Spektor
Remember Us To Life

(2016) This was particularly frustrating for me. I've never enjoyed Regina's music tbh, but after shooting my mouth off in the thread for this I figured I'd give it a bash. Remember Us To Life actually has some really nice moments and some really good lyrics, but her quirks just didn't sit right with me. More tolerable than Soviet Kitsch though. // 2.5

(2015) Choking's funereal black metal is actually pretty cool in moderation, and the lo-fi recording makes it pretty enjoyable to listen to when they're not repeating themselves over and over again. Still, this was a bit tricky to get through in parts. // 3.0 (

(2017) Really cool ambient techno/house. Very little made me sit up and go 'wow', but LNLNN was a really pleasant listen that mixed organic and technology-driven sounds well. // 3.5 (
4The Smith Street Band
More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me

(2017) While not quite as head-over-heels in love with it as I was (and am) with Throw Me In The River, The Smith Street Band's newest one is still an awesome slab of emotionally charged Aussie rock. 'Birthdays' and 'Death to the Lads' are serious earworms. // 4.0

(2017) An AOTY-so-far contender, Urraca is like Ad Nauseam and Ulcerate banged and had a beautiful, flourescent baby. Colin Marston's production (in particular bringing out a frankly disgusting bass presence) is the icing on the cake of some seriously impressive, and heavy, songwriting. // 4.5 (
6Devouring Star

(2017) A really neat EP, Antihedron brings the black/doom murk hard. The length I feel perhaps works in its favour given its dirgy demeanour, though there's a bit of aggy fire in its belly too. // 4.0 (
Demo 1

(2006) Slams of an ilk I don't think I've ever heard before. It's like chugs met cybergrind, and frankly it has no business being as much fun as it is. // 4.0
It Never Ends

(2017) An unfortunate title really, ambient/deep house It Never Ends really could've done with being pared down to perhaps the length of an EP. What's frustrating is that there's some great tracks here - 'Touches', the t/t and 'Abyss' notably. Other bits just go nowhere. // 3.0
Ruines Humaines

(2016) Blackgaze EP with absolutely stellar, shrieking, breaking vocals. It's got some pretty cool riffs as well, which is always a bonus. // 4.0
10Tomb Mold
Primordial Malignity

(2017) Absolutely minging OSDM. If you can get past the wall of distortion this has got some really neat musical ideas thrown in, but its main feature really is that it's a relentless barrage of grime and muck. // 4.0
11Artificial Brain
Infrared Horizon

(2017) Probably my AOTY so far, these guys managed to outdo Labyrinth Constellation in basically every way (apart from the album name). I love how this album can go from a nauseous sway to a sense of panic in an instant, and the production lets you hear *everything*; it nails the sci-fi feeling. // 4.5 (
12Grave Miasma
Odori Sepulcrorum

(2013) Perhaps shouldn't only be getting around to checking this now, but better late than never, eh? (2013) Delivers a damn fine murky OSDM feel, and while it feels a little repetitive every now and then, the atmosphere it creates is fantastic. // 4.0
Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar

(2011) Chiptune music. I'm not a massive fan of chiptune music in general, but I think this is about as good as those little bleeps and bloops get. // 3.5
14Moe Shop
Moshi Moshi

(2016) Pretty Please is a pretty damn fun future funk track, and the horns and choppy vocals in Dance Dance make me grin like an idiot, but the rest of this is... alright, if a little underwhelming. // 2.5
15Mount Eerie
A Crow Looked At Me

(2017) I'm not sure if I wanted to 'like' this or not, but this had little to no effect on me beyond the first few tracks; in fact I found it, musically, fairly dull. I honestly hope that recording this helped the fella though, even if only a bit - I can't, and don't want to, truly imagine what he's experiencing. // 2.0

(2015) A really interesting dark techno/ambient album, Auferstehung feels kinda like a soundtrack to one of those dingy, gritty arthouse films set in industrial towns. Surprisingly easy to listen to. // 4.0
The Past

(2017) So there was me thinking this was a new NEW album from these guys; instead, it turned out to be their farewell, showing them in a previous guise. I'm gutted. Really awesome sludge/hardcore, with vocals that verge on Chip King levels of anguished howl-ery. // 4.0

(2016) Grind from one of my favourites in the business right now. Lurches between doomy chugs and furious pummeling pretty freely, and the vocal performance is night on excellent. // 4.0
2nd EP

(2012) Phwoooaar. Bassy, fuzzy hardcore punk from that hive of all things good and pissed, Massachusetts. // 4.0

(2017) Not a bad progressive death/black metal release, with some great riffs and vocal performances (from members of Decapitated, Obscure Sphinx and a few others) - BUT it feels as though Krimh is lacking a little of his own identity on the tracks, and while he's a talented drummer the drum sound is pretty plastic. // 3.0

(2017) Really nice and pissed punk from Bristol, with fantastic vocals, lyrics and scuzzy guitars. Heal / Heel is up there with my favourite songs of the year so far. // 4.0
Dark Towers, Bright Lights

(2017) Fantastically written, heavy as lead, and with wonderful production. Dark Towers, Bright Lights is basically everything I could want from a post-metal/sludge album, and is definitely gonna be up the high end of my charts come the end of this year. // 4.0/4.5 (

(2016) Ridiculously bassy, noisy crust punk from Tokyo with a truly rotten vocal performance that splits between enraged shouting and enraged howling, depending on how pissed the singer is. It's great. // 4.0 (

(2017) Fantastically written, heavy as lead, and with wonderful production. Perish is basically everything I could want from a post-metal/sludge album, and is definitely gonna be up the high end of my charts come the end of this year. Not bad for a two-piece either. // 4.0 (
25Vysoké Čelo

(2017) There's something genuinely magical about this release. Electronic/post-rock that really captures the sense of wonder I got reading about space when I was a youngster. // 4.0 (

(2016) Shoegaze with a gorgeous doomy feel. I'm still getting to grips with it but first impressions are definitely positive. // 4.0 (

(2017) Given I only heard this for the first time, what, 5 hours ago, I'm already fairly in love with this. A little cleaner than Embers, but still retaining that wonderful doomy vibe. Between Pendulum and Embers, these guys might convince me that shoegaze is a very good thing after all. // 4.0 (
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