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Archelirion's Crusty White Van of NYP

I may add some more at a later point perhaps, but I can't keep breaking Sputnik every time I want to add an extra album to the database so I probably won't ._. Hope you find something you like!
1Abysseral Throne
Reflections Enthroned

(2013) - Black/thrash metal from New Brunswick, Canada. Some really nice bass playing on this, and while a little untidy here and there, still a damn good listen. They've also just released an EP that's a bit cleaner and absolutely rips -
Covenant of Teeth

(2016) - From members of Anopheli, Fall of Efrafa, Archivist etc., this is an excellent atmospheric crust record... once again. Wondering if the day I get bored of this stuff will ever come, just seems to recycle itself perfectly. Listen for the cellos -

(2016) - Relentless black metal with a surprising amount of discernible melody. A fantastic debut for the Mancunians -
Under The Banner Of Witchcraft

(2013) - Black metal demo from Russia. Nice bleak guitar tone, interesting vocals and engaging songwriting. Sadly there's been owt released since, but I have my toes crossed just in case -
De Zwaarte van het Doorstane

(2010) - Excellent doom metal from the Netherlands. Combining a funereal feel with clean, Dutch vocals and more melody than most, De Zwaarte van het Doorstane fits a mould that should be filled more. Sadly there's been owt released since, but I have my toes crossed just in case [2] -
6Kratos Himself
Imaginarium Revisited

(2016) - A reworking of two previous releases, Imaginarium Revisited is an hour or so of stunning, jazzy, largely instrumental downtempo and hip-hop. -

(2016) - About as heavy as neutron star matter but also surprisingly beautiful, VNFVRL's debut is a slab of hugely promising sludge/black metal -
Tir n'a n'Og

(2012) - Instrumental black metal that's actually quite interesting to listen to. A 25 minute track is daunting, but honestly, it flies by. -
9The Great Cold
The Great Cold

(2016) - Instrumental post-black metal that's actually quite interesting to listen to (aaah, see?). All sorts of elements come together to make this, and quite frankly it works so well. -
10Axis of Light
L'appel du vide

(2015) - Have you ever woken up one morning and wondered 'I wonder what the auditory equivalent of drinking paint stripper is'? Well, this is basically it. Raw black metal that is utterly, utterly savage -
11Schematics For Gravity
Schematics For Gravity

(2011) - Post-metal/rock EP that is just... lovely. Their other stuff is just an improvement on it, too, so check those if you like it. -
The Finest Day I Ever Lived...

(2015) - Sludgy hardcore performed with just bass, drums and vocals. Surprising amount of high-end, when you consider that, but the Cornish duo manage to make this balls heavy regardless. -
Plague of Shit

(2016) - Sludge McGudge. Fair amount of stoner influence noticeable in the riffs, if the name hadn't dropped a small hint, but the vocals are a kind of throaty, blackened call more than anything. -
Hydromedusa EP

(2011) - Psychedelic rock and roll/stoner from Adelaide, Australia. Cruz Dios is like early Sabbath with added weed. -
15Jed Whedon and the Willing
Like Snow

(2016) - Really nice pop rock from the same guy that was in Buffy (apparently). Rowan's review will tell you more about this, but it just puts me in a happy place. -
16Sensory Deprivation

(2016) - The last hurrah for Sensory Deprivation as a project, but what a hurrah. 4 absolutely epic tracks with more influences than you can shake a stick at. Saving the best for last -

(2016) - I wrote a review for this that explains it (a bit) better, but this is the Swiss sludge outfit's most blackened release to date. Absolutely furious and still as delightfully heavy as they always have been. -
Sub Templum

(2008) - Heavier than an obese hippo. Excellent, slow as treacle doom. -
19Dissonant Dessert
Little Tribblets In Every Room

(2016) - Jazz through a filter of world music, with an instrument list that is quite frankly frightening. Enchanting stuff to be honest. -
20Badr Vogu

(2011) - Sludge. I've run out of ways to say balls heavy without sounding like I'm repeating myself, but this has such an infectious groove to it at times you can't help but bob along. -
21Shinamo Moki
You Couldn't Be More Distant

(2014) - Really nice, chilled electronic music with eastern influences (which, being from Shanghai, makes sense). -
22Heimdalls Wacht
Der Untergang der alten Welt

(2006) - Pagan black metal from Germany. Doesn't try to rein in the epic, so as long as you're not taking it 100% totally seriously (and you like pagan black metal) it's an absolute blast. -
23Cara Neir
Portals To A Better, Dead World

(2013) - I know this will have been on, like, 10 of these lists already but I'm kinda excited about them releasing new material in the not-so-distant future so here it is again. Excellent, excellent take on black metal, mixing elements of hardcore, doom and crust to make something distinctly theirs. -

(2013) - Really nice EP blending electronic and traditional Japanese elements -

(2016) - Following something nice with something far more grim. Power electronics from Finland, which sounds like being trapped in various locations around a saw mill for 20 minutes. -
26René Najera

(2016) - Something which I think is deep house. Either way, it's really good, as is all the stuff on Jungle Gym (and about 90% of it is also NYP, if I remember correctly). -
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