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My Top 25 Records Right Now

This list i've always wanted to make but never gotten around doing it. I love many albums like hundreds and hundreds but these are the albums that i really grew with and my opinion are masterpieces. My list does change a lot, depending on my mood. So here it goes.
1The Beatles
Abbey Road

What can i say about this masterpiece? Abbey Road is everything you would want on a album, The way the songs speak to me, the songwriting, musicianship, creativity, atmosphere, etc. Abbey Road is how music should be. This album made me a fan of The Beatles and a huge fan of music in general. Abbey Road is no exception, it is one of the greatest albums i ever heard of.
OK Computer

This album is phenomenal. The structure, atmosphere and musicianship. OK Computer never gets old and the consistency and crisp texture that his album has, is perfect. Radiohead's OK Computer is one of the reasons why they are so respected in the music industry. A monumental album that deserves all of the praise.
3American Football
American Football

Talk about an album that will change you. American Football is an record that is so beautifully crafted, how every song just grips you with this tireless emotion. So many elements blended on this 9 track record. American Football sends chills down my spine, every time i hear it.
4Alice in Chains

In my opinion, the greatest grunge album of all time. Dirt is so raw, aggressive and powerful. Layne's voice belts with so much emotion and the musicianship is phenomenal. An album that gets me energetic and that makes me so proud.
5Nina Simone
Nina Simone at Town Hall

Wow, what an album. I was blown away by this performance. Nina Simone has such a powerful and mesmerizing voice it's unreal. This album you have to hear and it's overlooked by a lot of users. It is definitely one of of my favorite albums of all time.
6John Coltrane
A Love Supreme

Back then, Blue Train was my favorite by Coltrane. A Love Supreme i feel it's bit more organized and structured. Coltrane had an incredible discography with some of the most mesmerizing tracks i have ever listened to. A Love Supreme is jazz at it's purest form. You should not sleep on this record.

Illmatic is a classic. Incredible production, storytelling, perception of how Nas grew up. This album talks about his childhood and later years as a rebellious teen, getting involved with drugs and gangs. The first minute you listen to this album, you are hooked.
8Kate Bush
Hounds of Love

I'm a huge Kate Bush fan and Hounds of Love brings so much joy to my life. Kate's voice is unique and powerful. It's different from other pop albums that makes it so ordinary. I adore this album with my whole heart.
9Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon is an album that pretty much everybody knows. The Dark Side of the Moon is what made the 70s so memorable. Timeless musicianship and a unbelievable atmosphere that made me respect many different genres and styles. An absolute classic.
In Utero

I know Nevermind is the most successful and popular record of Nirvana. However, i enjoy In Utero a bit more. Yes Nevermind had the singles and the popular hits. In Utero was so raw and authentic. It was pure poetry and the tremendous musicianship that his record has, is one of the reasons why Nirvana are one of my favorite bands.
11Daft Punk

Barely cracking the top 10 is Daft Punk-Discovery. This record is so nostalgic and memorable, The production on this album is unreal, it brings a smile to my face every time. Songs like One More Time, Something About Us, Digital Love, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Face to Face, etc. This record is a straight up classic.
Sign o' the Times

We lost a legend this year and this struck me because Sign o' the Times in my opinion was Prince's greatest work. I love each song brought something different. Some songs were poppy, funky and upbeat, while others were more serious, dark and complex. Prince is one of my all time favorite artists and he will always will be.
Moon Safari

I love Electronic music, i'm not of fan of dubstep, trap, etc. Air's Moon Safari is timeless, this album gives me chills. Air are one of the most beloved and respected groups in Electronic music and they definitely deserve it. A flawless and consistent piece of work, that i will always adore.
14King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King

I have to add some prog on here and with King Crimson it becomes no surprise. I do enjoy a lot of their songs and records. Their debut is just so special and mesmerizing, i love each song is beautifully structured and the atmosphere is so wonderful.
15Miles Davis
Kind of Blue

I'm a sucker for Jazz music and it's many musicians and albums. Kind of Blue stood before the test of time. It is a certified treasure for any music fan, it brings me so much happiness and joy and that is why it's one of my favorite albums of all time.
16Coheed and Cambria
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

I was never really a die hard fan of Coheed and Cambria, i just knew them by the song ''Welcome Home'' Once i heard In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth, i was blown away with it's tremendous value and sorrow that this record has and the way the songs are structured with phenomenal musicianship is breathtaking.
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Talk about doom! Candlemass are doom metal legends and they show perfectly on Epicus. Mind blowing songs, insane musicianship and a flawless atmosphere. Every song is so impressive and splendid.

I'm a huge fan of 90s hip hop. I love the chemistry, beats, handwork and value that these very talented artists have. Aquemini is my favorite OutKast album for it's incredible balance and how Andre 300 and Big Boi are one of the most tremendous duos to ever make music.
19Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens doesn't disappoint, i have enjoyed and loved all of his records. Being one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time. Illinois is an magnificent piece of art with some of the memorable moments that are unforgettable.
20The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Are You Experienced

Jimi Hendrix is one of all time favorite guitarists, he had so much skill and creativity, it's hard to bear how much of an icon he was. Are You Experienced is the debut of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and each member shows crazy amount of talent. Classic tracks like The Wind Cries Mary, Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Foxy Lady and Fire. This album is stellar.
21Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith is one of my favorite songwriters because he is so real. Not a lot of artists can replicate what Elliott Smith does. Either/Or is a gorgeous and haunting record that makes me feel all different types of emotions.
22Simon and Garfunkel
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Gorgeous album by Dou Simon and Garfunkel and it's one of the most beautifully crafted and pure records i ever graced my ears upon. It just takes me back and makes me so happy. Songs like The Boxer, Cecilia, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Only Living Boy In New York, etc. are all amazing songs on a amazing album.
Jane Doe

Back then, once i was getting into Sputnik. I actually hated Converge, i just didn't get it. After many listens/attempts. Jane Doe struck me as one of the greatest albums i ever heard. Musicianship, energy, lyricism are insane. This album will just belt you with emotion. One of the greatest hardcore records you will ever hear by far.
24Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

This album is so depressing but so good. Brand New have instantly became one of my favorite bands during the past 5 years when i really got into music and decided to discover different genres. I love the insanity and the heartbreaking guilt in this album. My mind was blown away when i was first introduced to this fantastic record.
25Sunny Day Real Estate

Me being a fan of Emo music, Diary is a must listen. Sunny Day Real Estate struck gold and revolutionize a genre and made it into a culture. Diary is an haunting, beautiful and powerful album.
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