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Wrecking Ball ATL 2015

I traveled from Chandler, Arizona to Atlanta, Georgia for this festival and it was fucking amazing. I hit some other cities on the way there and back and explored them too, but that's not important. List contains bands I saw perform. For those unaware, Wrecking Ball was a two day festival in Atlanta with four stages, two of which were outside and two of which were inside of an old wood mill built in the very late 1800's. Roughly 50 or so bands performed and these are the ones that I remember watching and knew the names of.
1Captain, We're Sinking
The Future Is Cancelled

I'm not particularly into this band aside from one song, which they didn't play, but my buddy is a big fan so we watched them. They put on a great show and told a solid amount of jokes during their set. It was honestly refreshing to see a band that was smiling and laughing throughout the entirety of their performance, especially when they had to play outside in the god-awful heat. 8/10. The Future is Cancelled Pt. I:
Peripheral Vision

At this point in time, I had been at the venue for roughly an hour and I was already incredibly drunk. Turnover wasn't particularly fun to watch because they lacked any real stage presence, but they sounded good and provided a good soundtrack for drinking and chatting with my friend. I skipped Pianos Become the Teeth for Turnover because I've seen Pianos a million times and I hate their new music anyway and Turnover isn't a band I would necessarily pay to see on their own. 6.5/10 Hello Euphoria:
3The World Is a Beautiful Place...

This was my first time seeing TWIABP even though I've been listening to them for like five years and they've come through AZ a few times. They were surprisingly much heavier than on their records and they put on a fantastic performance. Very tight performance wise and the vocals were incredibly on point with a great crowd. Some time during their set, I was belligerently drunk and ran to the bathroom to shit myself because I had eaten Mexican food twice that day and mixed with obscene amounts of liquor, a war was brewing in my bowels. I shit the liquor out of me and went to sit down after such a strenuous activity, missing the end of their set. 8/10. Eyjafjallajokull Dance:
4Old Gray
An Autobiography

Right off the bat, I will admit to hating this band aside from a couple of songs and I only watched them because I had to sit on the stairs after shitting my brains out. I got up though and watched their entire set after their first or second song when I recognized the music. They surprised the hell out of me and sounded much better live than they do on record, which is a bonus. One person in the audience actually cried while they played, which was mesmerizing in itself to see such an odd thing for such a mediocre band. The vocalist was also wearing a basketball jersey. 6/10. Wolves:
5Modern Life Is War

If I hadn't bought two day passes before I even knew what bands were playing what days, I would have bought a day one pass just for MLIW after the day lineups had been announced. Everyone who had watched the band prior decided not to leave the room, so a huge line formed outside the door with people just struggling to get in.One person would walk out of the room and security would let one more person in. I managed to get into the venue during the very end of their first song and I can't tell you how overwhelmed I was with joy. They put on the performance of a fucking lifetime and watching them will easily go down in my top 5 shows of all time. They played a large portion of Witness, a few crowd pleasers from My Love, My Way and a few new tracks. I shouted every word and thrashed around the entire performance in a belligerent state and that show alone caused me to go home in soaking wet clothes, bruised body parts and a loss of my voice. 100/10. Hair:
6Mutoid Man

The first band of day two, I showed up right after the intro of Bridge Burner and I was already severely intoxicated. Brodsky and crew were absolutely mesmerizing. Every riff, every fill and every vocal line were played with absolute precision while every member played with ease and smiles. Brodsky told an abundance of jokes and during the intro of one song, he dropped his pick and after jumping back in before the verse, he screamed "I'M BACK!!" to a room filled with laughter. 50/10. One of my most anticipated bands that day and my AOTY thus far. Beast:
7Make Do and Mend
End Measured Mile

I strongly dislike this band but they began performing while I was looking at merch in the same room that Mutoid Man had just left and there was nowhere I felt the need to be. I kept drinking and watching because why not. While not a fan, they performed very well and sounded like a heavier version of their recorded selves. 6/10. Unknowingly Strong:
8Cave In

Another anticipated band of mine, Cave In played the biggest stage there to an absolutely massive crowd. They played just as precise as Mutoid Man with the same amount of ease and smiles. Sadly, not as many jokes this time. Worth noting is they did not play a single track off of UYHS but they played the best material off of Jupiter, White Silence and even a few songs off Antenna. Regardless, I thrashed around and sang every word. Cageo and Koller from Mutoid even filled in on drums and bass for a song! 80/10. Innuendo:
Coloring Book

JK I didn't see them because they overlapped with Thrice and they apparently had a line going out of that room as well, just like MLIW the day prior. NA/10. Black Nurse:

Thrice is literally the reason I purchased tickets to this festival and they absolutely did not disappoint. While every song they performed was played with the utmost passion and precision, the entire crowd sang along to every song and drowned Dustin out entirely. Myself included, of course. A truly unbelievable performance consisting of tracks spanning from Illusion of Safety all the way to Major/Minor. I will see them again next month with Brand New. 10000/10. For Miles:
Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God

I caught these guys because I was purchasing a shirt for a friend and stayed to listen for a bit. I don't really listen to these guys, though I do respect them. I was originally planning to watch them perform so I could finish out my day with some extra moshing and screaming but Thrice left me with no energy and I was beyond wasted so I watched what I could before shambling away. Much better than their album recordings and the vocalist sounded great. 7/10. Stations:
12The Appleseed Cast
Low Level Owl, Volume I

A great band that I have seen prior, I caught some of their set before hanging out with some new friends. A perfect soundtrack for relaxing and coming off of my drunken stupor. Appleseed Cast always pleases live, despite not being visually interesting or being anything to get rowdy too. Not much more to it than that. 8/10Song 3:
Read Music/Speak Spanish

I've never actually heard of these guys despite thoroughly enjoying several Bright Eyes album and I definitely enjoyed what I heard. I liked the early post-hardcore sound and Oberst sounded great. It was cool to hear him playing music that was slightly more technical than the usual Bright Eyes fare as well. Their live performance was light years better than their studio recordings, with the aided benefit of better gear and Connor's aged voice. 7/10. Whole album because of reasons:
14Coheed and Cambria
The Second Stage Turbine Blade

I caught these guys because the friend I went with is in love with them. I'm not personally a fan, though I greatly admire and respect their talent. Watching them live certainly made me appreciate them more and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I particularly loved the screams, which I can't say for certain if I remember them being in the album recordings or not. I do have to say that the new songs did not impress in the slightest. 8/10. Keeping the Blade:
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