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The NEW New User Guide

Fuck off, Chan
1Stabbing Westward
Darkest Days

Don't create an account on your first visit. Not many of us want to hear how much Hey Monday
speaks to your heart. No one wants to know how Black Veil Brides influenced your clothing for
senior year. Browse the site first and see if you fit in, otherwise you're probably going to throw a
fit the first time someone tells you Matt Heafy sucks.
2The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

Don't write your first review like it's an editorial for your school newspaper. We don't give a shit
about pleasentries nor your dumb, uninformed opinion. Be professional. All it takes is the
minimum amount of writing skill and you will be more revered than 3/4 of the staff contributors.

Don't rank Converge, Brand New, Circle Takes the Square, or any other "Sputnik" band. It's been
done before, and I'm about 99% sure your ranking is the same as 3 or 4 that came before it.
4The Fire Theft
The Fire Theft

Think before you post. Don't come out and say the rhythm guitarist for Panic! At the Disco
influenced post-dubstep and expect us to respect you for it. Don't compare a user to Hitler
because he thinks you should have been aborted. We do respect opinions here, contrary to
popular belief, just not dumb opinions.
Petitioning the Empty Sky

You should 5 at least one Converge album. If you don't like Converge, 5 at least one Brand New
album. If you don't like either of those two, 5 a Neutral Milk Hotel album. If you don't like any of
any of those, you're probably a Sonic/KILL alt, and if by some chance you aren't, Sonic and/or KILL will probably have
sex with you.
6Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

If your opinion is being debated as untrue and no one is supporting you, back up from the
computer, take a deep breath, and relax. It's not our fault you're an uber-sensitive little girl.
Wrestling Moves

Speaking of debate, you should probably be warned that no one here goes quietly into the night.
We are all stubborn elitists who believe ourselves to be infallible. If someone disagrees with you
and calls you a fag, that's no reason to run to Jom. Just call him a fag right back and everything
will be forgotten.
Another Music In a Different Kitchen

Avoid users such as Pharoh, Mappy, and anyone who's dumb enough to put their full name as
their user name. Everything these users have to say is of no use to any of us. In fact, they
should all be put down.
9Stiff Little Fingers
Inflammable Material

Site Ranking doesn't matter to really anyone on this site. The only users who care about that sort
of thing were weeded out a long time ago(ThePalaceofWisdom, Gyromania, SeaEric). It's okay to
have an ego. It's not okay to be a massive tool box.

Enjoy it while you can. I'll find you sooner or later
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