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Anthony Bourdain

Just got done watching about 30 episodes over the past two days, reaffirming my rbelief in that this man is not just a culinary icon, but a complete genius. What does rthis have to do with this list? Well, here are ten albums Sputnik and its infantile user rbase have inspired me to give a shot(with positive results), and 10 foods Bourdain rhas inspired me to give a try. Fuck off.
1Pianos Become the Teeth
Old Pride

Foie Gras: Most people hear duck liver and think it has to be disgusting, which is completely understandable. The fact is that this has to be
the best thing I've ever tasted. The texture is like pate, but the flavor can only be described as complex. There isn't anything else like it in the

Pork cheek: When I would here someone bring up eating anything from above the neck, I would turn away in disgust. Pork cheek happens to
be the best piece of meat on the pig. It's tender, and the fat really melts down and creates this almost velvety texture.
Earth 2

Uni(sea urchin roe): A fascinating food if I've ever seen one, this pale orange sac of eggs tastes like the ocean- salty, briny, and buttery.
Thank god for high end sushi every now and then.
4Harvey Milk
Special Wishes

Pig feet: Listen, as racist as this might sound, black people know there food, especially their pork. I've had pig feet fried and braised, and its
one of the most earthy flavors I've found. It's tender if cooked right, and the fat turns into this gelatinous blob of delicious pork-iness.
5KEN Mode

Bone marrow: if butter and beef were to have a baby somehow, this would be it. Looks disgusting, sounds disgusting, but it is glorious.
6Misery Signals

Blood Sausage: A mixture of blood and salt, rice, and some other odd bits, I've found blood sausage to taste more like pork than any other
purely prok product I've consumed.
7 Celph Titled
The Gatlog: A Collection of Chaos

Cockels: Basically little tiny clam-like creatures, these are better than clams and almost as good as oysters. They're sweet, salty, and if
prepared in the same vein as escargot, can be the most delicious shellfish to come out of the ocean.
8Big K.R.I.T.

Chicken feet: While everything else on this list was pretty easy to find, it took me going to a dingy looking chinese restaurant in south miami
to find these. They served it simply wok-fried with soy sauce and hot peppers, and it was almost like chicken jerky, but better. You bite into
one and it tastes like a delcious chicken nugget, which leads me to
The Mantle

Sweetbreads: I've had this prepared two ways- sauteed in a smoked shallot butter sauce and deep fried. The idea that this was a bovine's
thymus gland never crossed my mind as I tried the best chicken nugget in my life. Fuck you Mcdonalds.

Fish-head curry: Again, I've never been one to adventure anywhere into foods above the "shoulders," but I had to try this. The amount of
spice and care that goes into this dish is inspiring. The curry is complex, and the fishes collar/head is basically just a bony piece of spice-
infused fish. And if you must ask, yes, I did eat an eye.
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