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Things to Look Forward to in 2018

November's about to wrap up, and December is usually just focused on year end lists, and a few minor drops album wise. But 2018 is less than 40 days away, and there's actually quite a bit to look forward to. Here are some albums that I'm interested in hearing/seeing where the band goes. Some higher on my list for reasons I'll explain. Some are confirmed, some aren't. Some are just speculation. Add to it!
1My Bloody Valentine
m b v

Maybe it's silly. Maybe it won't happen. Maybe he's just talking out of his ass again. Or... maybe he's learned his lesson and is not going to string his fans along anymore? 40ish minutes of new MBV music is supposedly on it's way in 2018, along with a tour. We can hope right? I'm gonna be optimistic though, I think we'll see it.

Prediction: Q2
2No Age
An Object

Many people forgot about this band after the abysmal response to their last album, An Object. I liked it, but agree it's their weakest to date. First single "Soft Collar Fad" from the new album "Snares Like a Haircut" is an absolute ripper, right up there with their best work from 2008-2010. Excited for this one.

Official: January 26th
3Anderson .Paak

This one's speculative, but .Paak's been keeping himself busy this year with a few guest spots on random singles here and there. His name's popping up on early festivals next year, and with Malibu coming up on it's 2 year mark, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a new album before summer.

Prediction: Q2
4Arctic Monkeys

They've gone up and down, with some great albums (their debut) to some iffy ones in my book (Suck It and See) but their last one was excellent. They've confirmed work on it, and an expected release in 2018.

Prediction: Q3

Liz Harris' has kept busy since her last Grouper album in 2014, dropping a few singles under that moniker but also dropping a full album with a backing band called Helen in 2015. Recent singles have been very good, so I see another stunning follow up from her in 2018.

Prediction: Q2
Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Appeared on last year's list, but Pierce did not deliver. It's supposedly the last Spiritualized album, and comes from a turbulent time in his life (as usual) but also an uplifting time as he wrote most of it during the Ladies and Gentleman full performance tour.

Prediction: Q3
7These New Puritans
Field of Reeds

Post-punk has many sides, and this is one that seems to get overlooked unless Nick Cave or King Krule get a Best New Music from Pitchfork (which is good, I love both). TNP have been noticeably absent since 2013, but their Facebook says they are working on stuff. Hope it's 2018, and I hope it continues the direction they went with Field of Reeds b/c this album is seriously underrated.

Prediction: Q2
8Fiona Apple
The Idler Wheel...

One of the most adored albums of the last 7 years deserves a rightful follow up, and it seems Fiona's in agreement. She's spent the last year popping up in places briefly, looking healthier than she has in awhile, and playing great sets with new music.

Prediction: Q3
9Cat Power

Chan Marshall posted to social media in 2017 that she's nearly done with the follow up to Sun and expects a 2018 release. It's about damn time!

Prediction: Q2
10The Breeders
Fate to Fatal

First new music in 9 years is on it's way in 2018, according to Kim Deal. "Wait in the Car" debuted this year and was better than anything the Pixies have put out in their most recent run of garbage releases.

Prediction: Q1
11Yo La Tengo

They tend to go in 4-5 year album cycles, unless you count that covers album (which no one does). These guys rarely disappoint, and have even hinted at the prospect of new music on social media.

Prediction: Q2
12A Perfect Circle

It's really happening. Or is it? New songs have been 2/3 for me. I loved By and Down, Feathers was good, but The Doomed was awful imo. I'm on the fence about this one, but it's apparently on it's way, and it seems to be a mixed bag of sounds. One things for sure, it will have more redeemable cuts than eMotive. (I think?)

Prediction: Q2
13Earl Sweatshirt
I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside

Many of his constituents have seen tremendous popularity spurts in the recent years - Vince Staples, Tyler The Creator, and yes, Frank Ocean. Meanwhile, Earl's been kinda low key. 2018 could be his year for him to dominate. With Chance winding down, Kanye in limbo, and Kendrick simmer downing after DAMN, maybe it's Earl's time to shine? Either way, it's been 3 years, it's time for a new record.

Prediction: Q3
Plowing into the Field of Love

I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, I love how Iceage has gone from being riotous punk, to thought provoking, genre bending post-punk in 2014 with their best album. On the other, post-punk (as we might see with These New Puritans) is a very unstable genre to be in. You can cut loose too much and lose your audience, or being too samey and lose also. They are gearing up for another release, and I'm excited to see where it ends up, but also fearful.

Prediction: Q1
Art Angels

3 years separate Art Angels and Visions. Could we see the next one in 2018? If so, will everyone collectively lose their shit again? Let's hope so.

Prediction: Q4

The former Viet Cong post-punk band released their second full length in 2016, and seemed poised to follow up it up next year. Interest in them has waned, but I'll be interested to see what direction they go. The British post punk feel of early Public Image albums (like Second Edition) yield a new direction after for some. Joy Division split up (obviously) and we got New Order. Ought seems to be heading in the new wave direction, but will Preoccupations too? I hope not.

Prediction: Q4
17The Soft Moon

I love post-punk obviously, but this is the last one on this list. His most recent track has me excited for this one, even if it doesn't appear he's changing this up very much. But go listen to "Burn" and decide for yourself.

Official: Feb. 2nd
18Screaming Females
Rose Mountain

I've always enjoyed these gutteral sounding punk bands with female leads, and the Screaming Females have had a strong run of albums since their debut. First sounds hint at a lot of the same things you may or may not have liked about them originally. But to me it sounds like they are smoothing out their edges. We'll see though.

Official: February 23rd
19Young Fathers
White Men Are Black Men Too

It seems like forever since I listened to these guys, but this was a pretty good album. They dropped a new single last month "Lord" and if it's any indication of what the new album sounds like, I'm sold.

Prediction: Q1
20Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City

I'm not that excited about this, as I've never been a huge fan of them, but I'm interested in hearing where they go. Overblown Indie rock bands that peaked in the late 2000s have not been maintaining quality lately (Arcade Fire, Real Estate, Japandroids, for example), and with Rostam's departure leaving a gap in their rhythm section, it's hard to see them delivering another stunner for their fans. But as one of the biggest indie rock bands in the world (5 years ago) will they go the route of LCD Soundsystem or Arcade Fire?

Prediction: Q2

I've seen no rumors at all to expect this, it's simply speculation. But... it would make sense. Hear me out. He's been dropping a TON of material lately. ... well "ton" in his respects. 4 singles this year. He's gearing up for something. Maybe 2018, maybe not. But soon.

Prediction: Q4
22Titus Andronicus
The Most Lamentable Tragedy

How do you follow up one of the most epic, but also polarizing albums of your career? I don't know the answer to that, but I'm excited to see where they go from here. They've maintained a 2-3 year album cycle, and recently just unloaded a ton of merch from their website for Black Friday, which usually means they need funding for studio time. I was on the side of TMLT being a modern classic, but not everyone felt that. Where to next?

Prediction: Q3
23Tame Impala

Sigh. Everyone I know loved Currents, while I detested it (except Let It Happen, that was great). It became difficult for me to tell these guys apart from other shitty bands like Temples, but here we are almost in 2018, and the Train Impala is starting up again. If they try to weave in Lonerism with Currents type aesthetic, I'm game. But if they hire Jamie xx to produce it, I'm out.

Prediction: Q3
24The Wrens
The Meadowlands

Probably not. But he keeps saying it's done.

Prediction: Between Q4 and Q20.
25Janelle Monae
The Electric Lady

2013 was a long time ago it seems. She's spent more time acting than singing, but when she does sing, she's masterful. Her stardom may not rival Beyonce, but her quality (to me) does. (Lemonade was good, don't hurt me).

Prediction: Q3
26They Might Be Giants
I Like Fun

There's really no reason for this to be on here, other than the fact that the first song from this new album doesn't irritate me. For that, I'm somewhat hopeful that I Like Fun isn't another dumpster fire.

Official: January 19th
27Atlas Sound

Will it be Deerhunter or will it be Atlas Sound? coming up on 3 years since Fading Frontier, but Parallax came out in 2011, and Lotus Plaza was 2012. I'd prefer a longer dormancy for Deerhunter, and a chance for the prime songwriters to do their own thing. Bradford Cox has been doing solo shows, and Moses is touring with Moon Diagrams at the moment.

Prediction: Q3
I Wasn't Born to Lose You

Confirmed to be releasing an album in 2018, but what will it sound like? A lot of 90s shoegaze bands have come back for better and for worse, but these guys will be the first reunion band to put out a second album after reforming. Will they abandon shoegaze like many of their friends did during their initial run (Ride's Tarantula, anyone?) or have they found a niche online and keep it going?

Prediction: Q1
29Car Seat Headrest
Teens of Denial

He released one song in 2017 "War is Coming" and after all of what happened in 2017, I could see CSH becoming one of the go to punk rock bands of 2018, if he doesn't get too full of himself. Thankfully he laid low in 2017 after becoming one of the "it" bands in 2016. Maybe it's gotten him refreshed.

Prediction: Q2
Melting Sun

Social media post in 2017 indicated they scrapped their entire album that they'd been working on since 2015, to start over. I'd honestly be okay with a continuation of this album, but I'm welcome to anything.

Prediction: Q4
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