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Things to Look Forward To in 2019

2018 is just about wrapped up, and while we all peruse each other's End of the Year lists, I like to throw out some predictions for the following year. Last year's list nailed a good chunk of them. These are not in any specific order. Some are official, some are speculation, some have been hinted at. Some are just pulled out of thin air.
Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?

I was hoping for a new Atlas Sound record in 2018, but I'll take a new Deerhunter in 2019. Oddly enough, this will be the longest gap between albums. The first single "Death in Midsummer" has an Americana vibe to it, and feels very much indebted to the Velvet Underground. Excited for this one.

Release: 1/18/19
2These New Puritans
Field of Reeds

UK post-punkers are gearing up for their 4th proper LP, preceded by the single "Into the Fire" which feels more like their 2010 album "Hidden" than their 2013 effort pictured. Regardless, it's long over due.

Release: no official date, but I'm guessing Q2.
3Cindy Lee
Model Express

Pat Flegel (formerly of Women, the post-punk band) is prepping a new full length to follow-up their 2018 compilation (which was used to fund the next project). They make very fascinating lo-fi music that's kind of hard to pinpoint genre wise.

Release: Gonna go with Q3.
4Thom Yorke

it's been known for some time that good old Thom is working on his third proper solo LP, and at several shows he's indicated that it's release will be sometime in 2019. His winter tour in the US has been showing off a handful of these new tracks.

Release: I'll say Q2.
5Kendrick Lamar

After phoning it in for much of 2018 (sorry, but Tints is a pretty basic spot for K-Dot), are we gonna get the DAMN follow-up? Can he follow it up with another smash or is King Kendrick's time at the top over? Guess we'll see.

Release: Q3, if at all.
10,000 Days

Added every year, and it never happens, but 2019 might be different. We got a new (albeit shitty) APC album in 2018, and Tool tour dates are popping up for 2019 already. Either way, it'll probably suck, right?

Release: Q2
7Vince Staples

According to Vince, he's got 4 more albums "ready" with the first one coming next month. We'll see about that. FM! was good, but nothing's topped Summertime 06 yet for me.

Release: Q1? Q2?
8Bon Iver
22, A Million

Vernon had a busy 2018. Big Red Machine made it's debut, and he collaborated with the Minnesota dance troup TU DANCE for a collaborative piece that's gotten rave reviews. Is that gonna be put out there, or is he cooking up the next iteration?

Release: Q2
Nothing Feels Natural

D.C. post-punkers are set to follow-up their banging debut in 2019. No official release date but lead singer Katie Alice Greer has been talking it up on Instagram.

Release: Q1
10Tame Impala

I used to love Tame Impala, but after two boring live shows (they were... pretty tame), and a subpar third album, I'm not too excited. But, their recent exploits have me at least a little interested. Tho their "headlining" of Pitchfork was pretty baffling.

Release: Q2
Honor Killed The Samurai

Ka's been flying a little under the radar for hip-hop. He's a self-made man, starting late in the game, but he's done some fantastic stuff. This year he dropped Hermit & the Recluse which was great, but a proper follow-up to Honor Killed the Samurai can't be far off.

Release: Q3
12Cass McCombs
Tip of the Sphere

Cass McCombs has also been one of those artists that is widely enjoyed, but easily forgotten. His brand of folk blends into Spotify playlists without notice, but I've always enjoyed him. First single doesn't have me super pumped, but I'll be digging into it upon release.

Release: 2/8/19
13Fiona Apple
The Idler Wheel...

Fiona's had a rough few years, but her youtube channel has kept everyone privy to what she's been up to since the last album/tour. She's got songs ready, and a proper release is imminent. Her battles with depression and eating disorders might keep it from happening. Last recent photo I saw of her had her looking very healthy, which is awesome.

Release: Q3
14The Antlers

After a falsely reported break up, and a "just ok" solo album from Peter Silberman, they seem poised for a return this year. But after a handful of releases, and declining interest in this brand of folk/post rock, is there anything to come back to? who knows, but I won't write them off yet.

Release: Q2
15Nicolas Jaar

If you don't count the Against All Logic release from earlier this year, this is the quietest Jaar has been since the gap between Space is Only noise and Pomegranates. Hopefully this means he's got something cooked up for us.

Release: Q3
16Lana Del Rey
Norman Fucking Rockwell

LDR's been an acquired taste for me. On the one hand, I love her voice. On the other, her first album was seriously terrible. She's improved since, but I'm always weary. "Venice Bitch" is a good starter, so I'm expecting good things... for now.

Release: Q1
Magic Strop: Tonight​.​.​.

Aside from the one off singles here and there, the Swirlies have been pretty quiet over the years. Never formally breaking up, but touring ever so often enough. I'm putting this out there now though. According to their instagram, big things are coming in 2019, after spending a month opening for Nothing on their most recent tour, and another one happening next year (per the band, no dates announced yet). Here's hoping.

Release: Q1
18 Kim Gordon

It's hard to believe that after almost 40 years in the music industry, Gordon has never done a solo record. That all changes in 2019, per a recent interview regarding her latest Body/Head album that came this year. She's got one prepped for next year, and the only thing we've heard from it is the 2016 single "Murdered Out" which was a classic ripper.

Release: Q2
19Chance the Rapper
Coloring Book

He spent 2018 helping his Chicago community, and dropping a handful of singles (6 by my count), all with distinctly similar cover art. I'd say he's got something ready, and while I don't "love" any of these tracks right now, they aren't terrible.

Release: Q2
20My Bloody Valentine
m b v

2018 ain't over yet, so maybe Kevin Shields is gonna keep his word. But I feel like this time last year he was saying "definitely," so who knows. I had the pleasure of catching them live this year, and the new tracks were killers, so I'm holding out hope that they are on their way to LP (or EP? he keeps changing his mind).

Release: Q4
21Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City

We'll know more about this in a few days - Ezra's doing an interview on the 7th or 8th I think to give a full update. Originally slated for September, it's been pushed back. Some have heard the new material via the Lolla aftershow. All I know is, I didn't like the last record too much - it's ok - but I don't know where VW fits in music anymore, considering they've made the same record like 3 times essentially.

Release: Q1
22Frank Ocean

Singles, covers, merch, Frank's not gone. But a follow-up to Blonde can't be far off methinks.

Release: Q3
No Cities to Love

After a 10 year hiatus they came back with a banger of an album. Carrie Brownstein said they are working on an album, set for 2019 recently. Let's hope we get that.

Release: Q3
24Kanye West

Regardless of how you feel about Kanye, his album releases are almost always a big deal. Ye was pretty meh, mostly b/c he rushed it. But taking more time on this is probably a good call on his part, especially with the political landscape about to change (for the House anyway).

Release: Q2
25Moses Sumney
Black in Deep Red, 2014

I liked his proper album from 2017, but "Rank & File" was a banger, and if his next album is gonna be more like that, I'm all for it.

Release: Q4
The Glowing Man

Michael Gira has kept a 2 year album cycle since the return, but he's also said the last iteration of Swans is over, so it'll be carrying on in a new direction.I feel like I saw a tease of song titles shared on social media this year. So he's got something coming, but who or what is involved is still yet to be revealed.

Release: Q3
Art Angels

Newest single was kind meh, and if she goes with the nu-metal approach, I'll likely skip it. Still... she's got a knack for the weird.

Release: Q2
28Open Mike Eagle
What Happens When I Try to Relax

quietly releasing this EP in the second half of 2018 kept his streak going. It's not his greatest work, but my guess is, there's a follow-up to his break out 2017 record on the horizon.

Release: Q2
29Childish Gambino
"Awaken, My Love!"

He's been on a massive creative streak with Atlanta, Community, and Gambino. Not sure this can flop, even if it'll be his "last" effort.

Release: Q4
Dear Tommy

Yeah probably not.

Release: Q4
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