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Sputnik Users Rated Trois
1Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter

Kimm - a) ingenious troll or b) the most oblivious sputnik user ever? Well it's more b but it's to such a level that it can't possibly be real, unfortunately it is. If Kimm was on trial and the Dr. was the judge, he would find her not guilty but reason of insanity (or ignorance). Every time the Dr. sees one of Kimm's lists he loses more faith in sputnik users, humanity in general and Canadians in particular.
2Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

SeaAnemone - once upon a time considered Sputnik's nice guy, seems like lifetime ago but you make a guy contributor and he walks around like he owns the place, jumping into threads to make snarky comments and taking every opportunity to pat himself on the back about how much better than you he is. Sea has however contributed numerous quality reviews that the Dr can't ignore and that keeps him from getting a 1.
The White

someguest - this most controversial of users user ranges from 1 to 5 on the Dr's rating scale. You never know what you're going to get with him, has quit the site multiple times, sabotaged his own reviews (which had to be removed in their entirety), is a decent reviewer when he actually puts his mind to it. Seems to have lots of inner demons which rear their ugly heads onto the site occasionally and although his rating ranges from 1 to 5, is usually closer to 5 than 1.
4Sed Non Satiata
Sed Non Satiata

Enotron - at a time when more obvious users were getting promoted, Eno was the little reviewer that could and the Dr had taken notice of the quality of his reviews. The Dr doesn't like to play favorites but was really happy when Eno became contributor, an all around good guy whose work rate has taken a dramatic nosedive and that alone is what keeps him from a 5.
5Mac Lethal
The Original 11:11 Sessions

Hans - One of Sputnik's older users, Hans has been through it all, has the scars to prove it (if only emotional) and has no problem talking to any user about his experiences in hopes that they won't make the same mistakes he has. A very good reviewer, user and alt, Hans get top marks across the board. However the only thing the Dr took from TheAnalyzer was speaking in the 3rd person. You of all people should know that TheAnalyzer wasn't COMPLETELY original and for the other users who think this is an Analyzer ripoff, you need to learn some sputnik history.
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