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Ultimate Trip Guide: Music

Some people like to take psychedelics. One of the properties of psychedelics is increased appreciation of music. Some people dont know what to listen to. This list is albums that you can't go wrong spinning during your experience.
1 Traditional Psychs
Lucy, Fungus, Etc

There's all sorts of psychs out there, ranging from the traditional trifecta of cid, shrooms, and mescaline, to funky dissociative ones like k, nitrous, and dxm, to those infused with stimulant properties like mdma and the 2c series, to psychedelic phenelthylamines with monster run times and intense effects like the obscure dob, dom, and stuff like that, and dont forget the ever lovable atypical psychs like the tryptamine-based dmt and salvia divinorum. This list focuses on albums that I feel are most inclined to the Traditionals. More lists might come in the future too on the others i dunno
2The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

The Flaming Lips (personally my all time favorite band) are the cream of the neo-psychedelic crop. Their album I most prefer for trippin is Yoshimi, filled with lush electronics and infectious melodies, not to mention Wayne's puzzling yet philosophical lyrics that make for a highly enjoyable experience, especially on psychs. Are You a Hypnotist, Do You Realize??, and Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (personal all-time fave track) are standouts. All songs are brilliant regardless.
3The Flaming Lips
The Soft Bulletin

It's really hard to go wrong when picking a Flaming Lips album, especially for tripping. With exceptional narrative and contemplative lyrics from Wayne as well as top notch musicianship and poppy melodies The Soft Bulletin provides for an intense, thoroughly enjoyable psychedelic listening session. All the tracks are standouts making it tough to pick a finite few, but Feeling Yourself Disintegrate, The Spark that Bled, and Waiting For a Superman are all very magical songs.
4The Flaming Lips

The final Flips album on this list, Embryonic saw the band return to a style more similar to some older material, especially due to the more lo-fi sound. The slightly more abrasive/pointed style of the album makes it a great choice for those ultra-intense higher doses (lots of ego death lyrics). The only negative aspect to this album is the length and certain tracks with directionless jams/noises/etc, but its not like youll care in your elevated state. The second disc is slightly better as a whole however. Standouts include Worm Mountain, Silver Trembling Hands, and Watching the Planets. The Flaming Lips entire discography is basically a must-listen during trips, especially their other albums Clouds Taste Metallic, Transmissions From the Satellite Heart, and At War With the Mystics (criminally underrated tbh) and Zaireeka. Listen to all of them.
5The Doors
Strange Days

The Doors second album is a basic progression from their debut, and is every bit as good and even better than s/t, not to mention whilst trippin. Organs, bouncing bass and guitar lines, and of course Jim Morrison and all his antics highlight the album. Standouts include psychedelic classic When The Music's Over, Strange Days, People are Strange, and My Eyes Have Seen You.
6The Doors
The Soft Parade

Written off by many a Doors listener, The Soft Parade is personally one of my favorite Doors albums, battling neck and neck with Strange Days. TSP sees the Doors exploring various musical styles and ideas resulting in by far their most diverse work, a highly engaging listen. Standouts: The Soft Parade (one of the best Doors songs), Touch Me, and Shaman's Blues. Forget what youve heard about this album and listen to it for what it is.
7Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

AnCo's most popular release, MPP is chock full of mind seizing rhythms, repetition, electronic bliss, and pop goodness. A must-listen for trippers, this album occupies a special place in my heart/mind being the first that I ever experienced on a psych. I thought it was like an instruction manual for the trip when I heard it, but interpret it how you will, thats the glory of psychs. All the tracks are stellar, but choice cuts include In The Flowers (that climax holy ***) Daily Routine, Guys Eyes, and the wildly entertaining Brothersport.
8Animal Collective

AnCo gets 2 albums in this list (like a few other acts) because of their sheer psychedelic qualities and importance, not to mention a biased personal sentiment belonging to yours truly. More natural feeling than the quirky, electronic saturated releases that follow, Feels is a chill album to throw on in your trip, especially on mushies. I also had a brilliant experience with this album on the second plateau of DXM. Enjoy, standouts: Do You See the Words, Grass, Bees, Bansheebeat, Daffy Duck/Loch Raven
9Fripp & Eno
Evening Star

One of the best ambient albums ever released, Evening Star sees legendary King Crimson guitarist and master of his instrument Robert Fripp team up with ambient pioneer/king Brian Eno to give an intensely relaxing journey through your mind. By far one of the most straight up 'chill out' albums, this ones also great for sleeping. Fripp's guitar wonders over Eno's soft ambient sounds paint wondrous pictures in the minds eye and your immediate surroundings. All are standouts cause tracks dont really matter on this release
10King Crimson
In The Court of the Crimson King

KC's debut and best album, ITCOTCK has lyrical themes exploring mythological/medieval imagery, and of course the human psyche/anti-Vietnam themes in "21st Century Schizoid Man". From frantic freakout jams to soft relaxing ballads, ITCOTCK has the spectrum covered for your experience. Being only 5 classic tracks, all are standouts.
11King Crimson

The first of KC's wonderful trilogy of 80's releases, Discipline is arguably their trippiest outing. Laden with the interlocking guitars of Fripp and Belew, punctuated by bass/chapstick legend Tony Levin and former Yes drummer Bill Bruford, Discipline is an album you can't go wrong with. Not to mention Belew's highly interesting lyrics. The music is very similar to Talking Heads' Remain in Light, yet distinctively Crimson. Highlights: Elephant Talk, Frame by Frame, Thela Hun Ginjeet, The Sheltering Sky
Welcome To Sky Valley

Hailing from the psychedelic hotbed of Southern California, particularly the desert region in the southeast/central area of the state, Kyuss brings the fuzzy stoner jams. Garcia's powerful delivery, as well as the excellent musicianship of Josh Homme (who of course formed Queens of the Stone Age, another great trippin band), and ace drummer Brant Bjork make Sky Valley the quintessential Kyuss release, and a wonderful tripper. Be sure to check Blues for the Red Son as well, just slightly behind this album in terms of quality. Standouts: Gardenia, Space Cadet, Demon Cleaner, Whitewater.
13Pink Floyd

The most stereotypical band for those who are tripping, Pink Floyd is sure to deliver a memorable psych experience. Relics is a collection of their older psychedelic pop material, with much Syd Barrett influence being felt. Some tracks from studio albums, others being singles or previously unreleased, Relics has everything you need in an album on psychs. Ace tracks include Julia Dream, Arnold Layne, Interstellar Overdrive, and Careful with that Axe, Eugene.
14Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

Dont act like you didn't think this album would be here, or that Pink Floyd shouldnt have multiple entries. A stone cold psychedelic classic, DSoTM delves deep into the human consciousness, exploring existence and madness. A perfect choice for any dose level, the album takes on a much more profound significance once youve experienced. Best tracks are Time (with like the greatest guitar solo ever), The Great Gig in the Sky, Brain Damage, and Eclipse.
15Pink Floyd

The third and final PF release for this list, a renewed personal interest in this album led me to trip to it and let it battle Meddle for the title of my favorite Pink Floyd album. With the stellar quality expected of Floyd, the excellent music on this album will fuel quite the trip. The lyrics explore the different types of people, with the psych experience augmenting this facet of course. All 5 tracks are great.
16Talking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and Food

David Byrne is great. Especially on psychs. Building off TH:77, MSABAF contains top-notch pop songs with the whacked-out lyrical sensibility of Byrne and wondrous repetitive melodies. Essential tripper. Standouts: Found a Job, Stay Hungry, The Girls Want to be with The Girls, The Big Country.
17Talking Heads
Remain in Light

Talking Heads needs two entries in this list. Remain in Light is regarded by many as the premier Heads release, and possibly rightly so (Fear of Music takes the cake for me personally). The bouncy melodies similar to the aformentioned KC album Discipline make this an essential listen. Byrne and Belew are also very similar characters, not a surprise given Belew's association with the band and appearance on this album, released just shortly before its Crimson counterpart. Standouts include the ever classic Once in a Lifetime, Born Under Punches, and The Great Curve.
18The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

Better than any Beatles album (suck it)/(speaking of the Beatles, who I didn't plan to put in this list, their last several releases are all psych musts) Pet Sounds is THE pop album, and Brian Wilson and the boys make sure of it. Catchy as hell, this will be stuck in your head for a while after your experience. The best songs from it are I Know There's an Answer/Hang On to Your Ego, Wouldn't It Be Nice, and God Only Knows.
19Acid Mothers Temple
Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars

This entry may as well apply to the whole Mothers discography. Principally intense psychedelic freakouts, this band is best experienced on those completely bonkers chaotic upper dose trips. Pink Lady Lemonade (Inner Space) is a pretty chilled out release though, also pretty damn good. The Mothers will own your mind.
20Amon Duul II

One of the most well-known and premier Krautrock acts, Amon Duul II's Yeti takes great early 70's rock and puts a nice psychedelic/jam spin on it. A pretty faced paced album, this ones always a great choice and will keep you wildly entertained. Best tracks are Soap Shop Rock, Cerberus, Yeti, and Sandoz in the Rain. Fun Fact: Sandoz Industries was the company Albert Hoffmann worked for.
Future Days

THE krautrock band, Can boasts some of the greatest, most psychedelic musicans known to man; The human drum-machine, Jaki, and atypical Japanese singer Damo Suzuki being the most important. Its hard to go wrong with any can release, including the brilliant releases Monster Movie and Delay... 1968 featuring the band's first singer, an eccentric American who had to quit the band because the lifestyle/habits involved were taking an intense toll on his only human brain. Suzuki filled his shoes without a hitch, and defined can through their landmark releases Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi, and the much more relaxed Future Days. Soundtracks is also a great album choice, boasting one of the premier Can tracks in "Mother Sky". There could've possibly been two entries for Can, and since this applies more to the band as a whole, the standout tracks will as well. These are (p much chronologically): Yoo Doo Right, Butterfly/Little Star of Bethlehem, Mother Sky, Mushroom/Halleluhwah, Vitamin C/Spoon, and all of Future Days. The Can box set known as The Lost Tapes is also a great listen, especially while tripping. You could probably knock it in one sitting on a trip despite its 3~ hour run time. #TripCan
22Fela Kuti
Roforofo Fight

Who doesn't like Afrobeat? If you're unfamiliar with this concept, this artist/album is a great place to start. Its basically African jazz with a fusion influence. Highly instrumental, this album is an intense jazzy jam with much the musicianship being spectacular form the horns to the rhythm section. Fela is a fantastic artist. There's only 4 songs on this so just listen to all of em, trip well.
Close To The Edge

Yes is one of the Big 4 of prog, and rightly so. Not to mention they're magnificent on a trip. Close to the Edge is widely regarded as Yes' best, featuring the wondrous 20 minute title track, as well as two disgustingly enjoyable songs on the second half in And You And I and Siberian Khatru. This one's so good its not even funny. Love spinning the vinyl, especially trippin, and probably like the second half better. Its all beyond good though, so dont fret.
Tales From Topographic Oceans

Yes has to get 2 in this list. One of their less popular releases, TFTO is a monster double album centered on frontman Jon Anderson's fascination with Shastic Runes. Makes for quite the experience on some high powered blotter. Theres four 20 minute songs, and all are delectable, especially in this state.
Selling England by the Pound

Continuing our prog theme, SEBTP is an essential prog classic and a real treat while under the influence of certain mind-altering chemicals. Firth of Fifth is a song powerful enough to melt your balls off, from the great verses to the exceptional flute/guitar solos on the 9 minute highlight. Not to mention like the lowest recorded bass (by a real instrument of course). Dance with the Moonlight Knight, More Fool Me, and The Battle For Epping Forest are also great. Best experienced on vinyl using a really expensive stereo, and a head full of chemicals always helps.
26Jethro Tull
Thick As a Brick

I could've gone either way between this and Aqualung, but regardless Tull needed to be represented. Fueled by folky influences, this prog classic masterminded by the one and only Ian Anderson will be quite the trip. 2 halves to the forty minute song, you know what to do.
27Marijuana Deathsquads
Tamper, Disable, Destroy

I'm admittedly a Deathsquads fanboy, but I'll be damned if they arent superb on a trip. Like a hip-hop/electronic crossover, T,D,D will fuel your imagination and trip with a modern spin that sounds great. Personally I think this release is better suited for Lucy, and I'm a huge fan of subsequent releases Music Rocks Vol. I and II/Oh My Sexy Lord. Those releases, unlike TDD, I feel are excellent candidates for the soundtrack to a ketamine experience (they make a good one, trust me. OMSL is probs a lil better). Artist standouts include: We Do This, Goddamnland, Top Down, MGatP, Paper Cuts, Claw of Shame, Remembories, Ewok Sadness, and the wonderful Vibrant Beast. The Crazy Master album is also a good one.
28Michio Kurihara
Sunset Notes

Michio Kurihara hails from Japan, and he is a master of the guitar, especially when it comes to psychedelic tunes. There's an extemely heavy Robert Fripp influence, which is okay because Fripp is awesome. Completely instrumental, this album is a great one to spin on lucy/fungus featuring fuzzy jams, unique guitar solos, and Fripp & Eno-esque ambient tracks towards the end, this ones a must-hear on your trip. Standouts: Pendulum on a G String ~ The Last Cicada, Twilight Mystery of a Russian Cowboy, The Old Man and the Evening Star (love that F&E reference), and A Boat of Courage.
29Miles Davis
Bitches Brew

Jazz and psychedelics should be a far more popular combination. Bitches Brew is one of Miles' wildest releases, and better than excellent fuel for your psychedelic experience. Lean back, relax, and get lost.
30Neil Young
Psychedelic Pill

You could make the case for a lot of Neil Young albums to be here, but the stellar lengthy jams found on this one pushed me to choose it. Neil is in ace form here, and with Crazy Horse at his back he manages to put out an album that sounds great on its own and even better on psychs. Driftin' Back features an epic jam that will send your mind driftin' back through itself. Neil's views as an old man who lived a cherished part of his life in the heyday of psychs and the all-around different time that was the 60's and 70s permeates the album, and I think this makes for a unique psychedelic experience, not to mention its just plain good. Let Neil say whatever he wants, hes earned it. Standouts: Driftin' Back, Ramada Inn (my fave), She's Always Dancing, For the Love of Man, Walk like a Giant. This double album is a goodie. Dont forget Neils other releases, especially his classics from back in the day. Give Re-ac-tor some love too, cause its really pretty good.
31Porcupine Tree
Up The Downstair

Most PTree listeners are only familiar with the newer material, a more refined type of music that demonstrates mastermind Steven Wilsons renewed fondness for heavy music. The prog is still there though. HOWEVER, Tree's back catalogue is ripe with psychedelic goodies, with everything through signify and to a lesser extent Stupid Dream(maybe a littttle bit of LS too) being top notch 90's psychedelia created by a Brit in his late teens with a fondness for acid and space rock. Up the Downstair is probs my favorite of these releases, but The Sky Moves Sideways and Signify are great, and On the Sunday of Life is actually pretty solid despite the disgraceful rating here on sput. Standout PT tracks of this era include: Nine Cats, Radioactive Toy, The Nostalgia Factory, Synesthesia, Fadeaway (my personal fave by a longshot), The Burning Sky, everything from TSMS, Sleep of No Dreaming, Waiting (Phase 1), and Sever. Don't forget to check/trip to Stupid Dream, its great. Also, while I think this Tree era is better, the newer stuff has its merits.
32Quicksilver Messenger Service
Happy Trails

Quicksilver, along with the likes of the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, was one of the biggest psychedelic acts to emerge from the Bay Area in the mid/late sixties. Their best release overall and the one I find most suitable/enjoyable during a trip is Happy Trails, a highly improv based live album. Due to owning and principally experiencing this on vinyl, I regard it accordingly. The first side consists of a massive, wildly entertaining interpretation of "Who Do You Love?". John Cippolina is a psychedelic whiz on guitar, and Gary Duncan provides more than adequate support on the stringed instrument, as well as vocal duties. The second side is original Quicksilver jams, and between the two there are no disappointments. This is a good one to get lost in.
33 Sleep
Sleep's Holy Mountain

Sleep are legends of stoner rock. They also did their fair share of psychs, and it shows. This album's got the ever-classic Dragonaut, as well as other spacey fuzzed-the-hell-out psychedelic riff fueled numbers and cements itself as a super solid tripper. Highlights are uh Dragonaut, Holy Mountain, From Beyond, The Druid, and Inside the Sun
34Tame Impala

Tame Impala's been at the forefront of the psychedelic resurgence of the past few years, and for good reason. Their two albums are two of the best recent psych releases, the brainchildren of the man who is Tame Impala, Kevin Parker. Parker's lyrics are constantly impeccable, putting a psychological/sociological spin on easily relatable topics, especially in tracks like the premier "Alter Ego". These lyrics are backed by stellar fuzzed out and distorted instruments that come together to give an insanely catchy, poppy, and of course mega trippy vibe immersed in production that's made to mimic that of the classic psych releases. Some compare the band to the Beatles, which I suppose has some merit but at the end of the day Tame Impala is in its own league in the new wave of psychedelic bands. Best TI tracks: Alter Ego, Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind, "Runaway, Houses, City, Clouds", Music To Walk Home By, Mind Mischief, Why Won't They Talk to Me?, and Nothing that has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control. They're all basically standouts tho. Oh yeah and this music is perfect for any dose, low and relaxed or the pure gonzo high ones.
Marquee Moon

This is a post-punk album. A really, really, really good one. Spearheaded by Tom Verlaine, this NYC outfit almost puts like a proggy (i dunno how accurate that is but its the best word to use) spin on the genre, perfectly exemplified in the 11 minute beast of a title track. The guitars dance on your soul as you move through the time, and guess what, all the other tracks are amazing too. Perfect Tripper; songs to hear are: Marquee Moon, Venus, Elevation
36The Brian Jonestown Massacre

So the BJM is one of the most prolific of the newer psych bands, coming out of San Francisco in the early 90s. The bands early work has a unmistakable and distinctive Spacemen 3 influence, then they shifted to material that was highly reminiscent of The Rolling Stones as the decade progressed. The turn of the millennium saw the band move towards more electronically influenced material, but with their newest release, 2012's Aufheben, the BJM went in a new and completely unique direction. In a way that almost reminds of what Om did to stoner metal, the BJM add a very heavy Middle Eastern and Indian influence to their music. Some of the songs have traditional song structures at their core, but the album features mainly ultra-repetitive tracks that have Eastern instruments such as certain types of percussion and stringed instruments (like the sitar) and keyboards that paint a world thats akin to being in a city such as Babylon in its prime (maybe I get that idea from the song Panic In Babylon) but yeah this music is ultra mystic, ultra trippy, and most importantly ultra good. The rest of the BJM discog is also always a good choice. Best tracks: Viholliseni Maalla, Gaz Hilarant, Face Down on the Moon, Stairway to the Best Party in Heaven, and the rest of the album cause its all just so good.
10,000 Days

So this album is like synonymous with psychedelic experience for me. The soundtrack to many trips, this album now embodies like a special meaning and significance, and I dig it. The music's really great too, with the style evolution of Tool over their career culminating in their best release. The most "proggy" (I dont like to call tool prog i dunno) release, 10k Days maximizes the exceptional tracks that Tool is known and loved for while minimizing the essentially pointless interludes that sometimes prevent their previous work from really shining. Not like youd care about the interludes while your brain is frying but still, its nice to have a higher emphasis on the music. Maynard's lyrics are as philosophical as ever, providing tasty mind-candy for the psychedelic voyager, not to mention Jones, Chancellor, and Carey are on point with their respective instruments. All the songs that are songs are fantastic, Viginti Tres is stupid, and the absolute best are Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot, Rosetta Stoned, and Right in Two.
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