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ThePalaceofWisdom Remembered

10 of my favorite quotes from one of Sputnik's most revered users. RIP Palace.
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

"For the record me not liking the shitty bands you like doesn't equate to "everyone's favourite band'' several users on this site like awesome bands. Like Atavan, or Dfelon or Pixies or Davey or Mordecai or Rasputin, you know what the difference between those users and you are? They're not shitcunts."
2Amia Venera Landscape
The Long Procession

"I'm 20, I refuse to believe the majority of people making metalcore lists are older than 16" Just so you know, he's 21.

"OMG it finally makes sense these guys are Bro's who still haven't worked out that listening to the "Sewper HEVY MUSIK" doesn't make them cool. Ahh Now I realise why logic didn't work you're retarded bro's. Why didn't you say so earlier could've avoided everything." Coming from the same guy who put Despised Icon on an essential metalcore list.
The Reality of My Surroundings

"The problem spedding is that, I at least use factual information. Whereas these kids like to think their 27 and apparently they grew up with the members of multiple hardcore bands. I couldn't really care if two new users with 0 credibility wanna make lame jokes and try and call me out. Because at the end of the day I've contribued more to this site than they ever will and if the best they've got is some lame joke about a tv show and how I look I really don't care. And what I'd consider the lamest part is if they actually are 27 year olds it's kinda sad they don't have wives. Or careers." ThePalaceofWisdom aka ThePalaceofContradictions

"There's really nothing to "get" about this album. It's just the same hardcore that bands have been pumping out for ages. Same as Carpathian, Break Even, Miles Away, Comeback Kid it's all really samey and really plain." His general opinion on hardcore.
6His Hero is Gone
Monuments to Thieves

"I really don't care if they insult me." He's so tough.
7 Joyce Manor

"But I'd guarantee 4 of those negs came from butthurt fags. The problem is while people don't have to agree with me, because they've not been presented with a 1/5 review that says LOLOLOLOLOL ABR IS FAGZ WITH GIRL PANTS they're trying to justify negging my by claiming I'm attacking the band because I'm apparently bitter" He's so much more mature than all of us.
8 Les Discrets
Septembre Et Ses Derni?res Pens?es

"Intothepit first, your buddy said my opinion was invalid because I listen to pop. From a quick glance at the two of your ratings it seems all you listen to is "Heavy music" and "Hip Hop". Also go read my shoutbox and you might get what I meant about Balls and the florida comment. Fucking retards." Gotta love boy bands, huh?
9Poison the Well
The Opposite of December

Balls has too much Florida pride to let PTW be bashed and Meatplow lives in either Brisbane or Sydney so he's probably picking banana's or being stabbed by Russel Crowe." More comments like this, please!
The Descent Of Man

"My probelm isn't people insulting me, my problem is people trying to take something I enjoy away from me. Also, I don't think you were here in 2006-2007. Not to mention that I know I spent a year agreeing with nearly every user with a post count over 1000 because I was worried about other users opinions." Remember how he didn't care?
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