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So you think you can Faith No More?

Depending on the day many of these are interchangeable, and rrthis isn't to say they don't have other great songs, but this is the rrcream of the crop.
1Faith No More

Really, this is far from the most popular FNM song, and they have almost never
played it live.
To me this song shows each member at the top of their game. Perfectly paced and
evocative, it is reportedly the last song that guitarist Jim Martin co-wrote with the
band. This song sums up the Angel Dust atmosphere perfectly, and as such, it
sums up Faith No More. One of their only songs to favour nostalgic lyrics over than
tongue in cheek bravado, this song also boasts a megaphone freak out and a solo
from each instrument except drums and never sounds forced or out of place.
4 minutes and 31 seconds of pure magic.
2The Real Thing

The culmination of their 80's form of songwriting combined with a chilling
performance by then-new vocalist Mike Patton.
Whispered atmosphere gives way to a primal tom beat and builds to multiple
climaxes, this track is an all out revelation.

Featuring electronic drumbeats and bloops was unheard of in 1998. This song is
ahead of its time and timeless all at once, as it effortlessly slips past, the last great
creation of a truly great band.

This track brings the classic Angel Dust album to an earth-shattering apex before
giving way to the dulcet strains of the band's cover of the Midnight Cowboy theme.
This song is the musical equivalent to a David Lynch film. Ominous yet inviting,
disturbing yet hauntingly beautiful.
5As The Worm Turns

This is a personal favourite of mine. I'm not sure why it's so effective, but this
minimalistic song just hits you right between the eyes every time. Yet another
bangin' beat by Bordin, a whirlwind of keys and some well placed licks from Jim
Martin. Add in Patton's take on Mosley's vocals and this one's a certified winner
time and again.
6Chinese Arithmetic

In many ways, this is the perfect FNM song.

A classy night out, mixing business with pleasure, or something more seedy? The
band has always been fascinated with easy listening music and use some tasty
ambience here to create a tender universe where anything is ok... as long as you
don't get caught.
8Cuckoo For Caca

The return of the riff! Lacking any sort of evil atmosphere on this album, it seems
that the band tried to pack all the depravity into 3:43.
Dark circus keyboards, indecipherable screeches, ominous thick distortion and?.
lyrics about cocaine and scat? Well it isn't Mr. Bungle, but its the closest FNM ever
got and damn does it feel good!
9Midlife Crisis

An absolute classic song, built from drumbeat out. The masochistic, whispered
verses give way to THE catchiest pre-chorus ever conceived. This song would be
higher if it weren't for the weak bridge and repetitive chorus outro.
10The Cowboy Song

This studio B-side to the "You Fat Bastards" concert live at Brixton showcases a
band at the top of its form.
An amazing bass line, a great bridge and one of Jim Martin's most inspired solos are
the highlights on this track.
11King For A Day

One of my absolute favourites off of the 5th album. This is one of the only songs
that all the members of the band collaborated on for KFADFFAL, and it shows.
A lush arrangement of acoustic guitars, yet another superb bass line, and well
placed keys form the haze for Patton's lyrics to wind their way through. This song
is home to one of the most poetic messages of all FNM songs.
12Zombie Eaters

Every band needs a ballad that turns hideously ugly halfway through. It's just
strange that nobody has the balls to do it like this.
13Land Of Sunshine

This song traces the line from happiness to depravity and makes it seem easy.
Some of the most delectably sarcastic lyrics you're likely to come across matched
with some zany keyboards and a rhythm section that's tighter than a frog's butthole
equals another FNM classic.
14The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

Everything about this song rules.
Great riffs, great dynamics, and lyrics that just plain catch you off guard. It's hard
to believe how tight a band would have to be to play this song.
15Everything's Ruined

A FNM trademark track. A catchy beat, well written hooks, and the most sarcastic
lyrics you can imagine. Not to mention this ridiculous video.
Pay attention kids, this is how you use your fame to make a statement.
16Surprise! You're Dead

?.and vampyres!
17Falling To Pieces

It rocks, it rolls, it actually makes sense... in a kinda messed up way.
This was one of the most successful singles on this album, "thanks in part" or "no
thanks" to yet another over-the-top video.

One of the most original rock songs that you're likely hear.
19Anne's Song

This song is a timeless and endearing look back the innocence of youth. As I
started listening to FNM on TRT, this is the song that helped me understand what
Chuck Mosley brought to the band.
And dat basS!
20Edge Of The World

A love song sung from the perspective of a pedophile. Deliciously twisted and so
wrong that it's just right.

Mike Patton wrote this song on bass, but the true horror that is conveyed by the
additions from the rest of the band are truly what make this song what it is.
Sample lyric: "The crowd roars
The gurgling and the groping
The rest you know
Ten lovers violating"
22Ugly In The Morning

Possibly the catchiest verse Patton ever wrote over the tribal pounding of Bordin's
beats building to one of the most disgusting vocal exorcisms ever recorded.
Get it in ya!

My sleeper pick from Album of the Year. This track builds from mumbles over
acoustic guitar to a soaring chorus and a powerful conclusion.
24Woodpecker From Mars

Less talk, more rock!
This song brings it so hard, the only possible description is Tour de Force.
25Introduce Yourself

This song is one of the best examples of how refreshingly fun and un-pretentious a
band FNM were. They ACTUALLY introduce themselves in this song ...oh and there
are hand-claps.
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