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10.06.10 The Most Influential Albums.

The Most Influential Albums.

To me, these are the most influential albums that have contributed to the shaping of my musical taste. You may not agree, and you probably won't with some or all of them. But take into consideration that I'm a 15 year old male. (:
10Parkway Drive
Deep Blue

Collosal, raw and powerful, Parkway Drive's Deep Blue is an album that smacks you in the face and says 'Australia is better than you'. God, how I love Australian Hardcore. Parkway Drive has been known around here by absolutely every kid since they're release Killing With A Smile. They are from Byron Bay, which is a stones throw away from where I live. Every single metalhead AND non-metalhead around here, either knows Parkway Drive personally, listens to Parkway Drive or knows Parkway Drive's story. If somebody asks 'what's Parkway Drive?' they get slapped, then somebody proceeds to stick iPod headphones in the victims ears. When Horizons was released, people went apeshit over Parkway Drive, and the word 'CARRION' was being chanted for four years. When the savage sound of Deep Blue came out this year, it forced people around here to get their heavy on. Thank god. Parkway Drive is currently dominating the globe, and making us Aussies proud. :')
9Asking Alexandria
Stand Up And Scream

The album that made me realise how fun it is to be a grassroot fan. Find a little band that you think has potential, and watch them flourish over the course of two years. Asking Alexandria is the new shit.
8Suicide Silence
No Time To Bleed

This was the first band to get me interested in deathcore. A simply brilliant album, complete with breakdowns that forcibly make you shit yourself, Mitch Lucker's unheard octave screams that make you question the existence of extra-terrestrials and Mark Heylmun's horrifying solos that give you nightmares for the rest of your life. Produced by Machine, I am yet to hear something as clean, yet as dirty as this. I totally just dropped an oxymoron.
7Every Time I Die
The Big Dirty

Grab a beer/vodka/water. This is hardcore rock n' roll at it's best. Keith Buckley's lyrics are that of a god.
In saying that, a very, very drunk one.
Hollow Crown

It took a long time to get into this, but when I realised how amazing Architects were, it hit me hard. They are also heavily underrated and deserve a shitstack more attention than they get right now. Sam Carter is a great vocalist, and his lyrics are some of the most amazing I've ever heard. As for the instrumental aspect of the music, each and every single member is a competent musician. They move as a single unit destroying your ears with utmost technicality and precision. Loving it. But considering the bond they have with Bring Me The Horizon, I'm just astounded at how long it's taking for the sceney boppers to swoop up Architects and ruin them too.
A Death-Grip On Yesterday

Atreyu. There's no predicting where this shit will go next. Should I like them? Should I hate them? Fuck it, Death-Grip was the shit.
4Fall Out Boy
From Under The Cork Tree

Ahh, the glory days before Fall Out Boy became emo posterboys. From Under The Cork Tree is an album that is payed very little attention in comparison to its successors Infinity On High and Folie ? Deux. This is an album that contains the most beautifully raw, more emotional songs of the entire Fall Out Boy discography. It is the 'halfway mark', the album that marks the transfer Fall Out Boy made from their original genre (which believe it or not, was very, VERY raw punk) to the emo pop rockers they are now. With songs like I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me, Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year and 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen), Fall Out Boy reached the perfect balance. Then the emo kids came.
3Greeley Estates
No Rain, No Rainbow

And now for the most unbelievably underrated band of the century. Very few people have heard of Greeley, and even less pay attention to them. Greeley Estates was once a generic pop-punk band with a dash of screamo. But with the release of No Rain, No Rainbow, they shifted into a monolithic beast that knew what to do. No Rain, No Rainbow is a killer of an album, with unique rapid breakdowns, dual screams and a spatter of guest vocals including Craig Mabbitt from Escape The Fate, Beau Bokan and Jared Warth from Blessthefall, and Cameron Martin from The Irish Front. The album is thickly produced by Cory Spotts, and you would naturally think that none of this will be decent live. Wrong. Greeley Estates nail each and every track on NR, NR dead on live. Unique, insanely talented, perfect live performances, they tick every single box. If only Tragic Hero publicised them more...
2My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Alright, before you judge: My Chemical Romance was the first band I ever got into, and I have fallen in love with every one of their releases since I became a fan. The Black Parade was the first album I ever purchased, and I still listen to it. I bought Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge the day my grandfather passed away, so it holds a very heavy meaning to me. At first listen, I loved it. The amount of emotion poured into it, the amount of diversity that My Chemical Romance had achieved and still managed to creat catchy-as-fuck hooks in each song pulled me faster than an anchor with rockets (even though I thoroughly doubt their existence). (:
1Bring Me The Horizon
Suicide Season

This is easily my favourite and most influential album of all time. Many people tend to hate on BMTH, seeing as they're 'posers', 'scene fags', 'talentless douchebags', so on and so forth. Bring Me The Horizon may not appeal to everyone, especially not to the brutaller-than-thou people, but this is the band that pushed me into metalcore which is now my favourite genre. I was a fan before I was aware of what they looked like, before the video for Chelsea Smile came out and before all the sceney boppers went apeshit over Oli and his br00tal hair. Suicide Season is a spectacular album. If you give it the chance, it can envoke various strong emotions which to me, makes an album successful. Stories of hate, betrayal, loss, grief, happiness, confusion and utter madness have made this album a template for other bands to leech off. Bring Me The Horizon have set their name in stone with Suicide Season.
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