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Top 10 Albums Of The 1960s

Because Rolling Stone is fucking stupid. Because the Beatles were the rshit... but not that much rrof the shit. Because some stuff doesn't get renough recognition. Because I'm bored.rI made rthis rshort little pretentious list.
10Captain Beefheart
Trout Mask Replica

The problem with a lot of Avant-Garde is that often times people make weird
music just to be weird. However, when you can make weird music to define
weird music, it's a little different. Beefheart wasn't trying to be weird. He was
weird. He also happened to be extremely talented and a perfectionist. Mix these
qualities together and you get some of the greatest and most influential Avant-
Garde Rock/Blues/Jazz..? music ever.
9Johnny Cash
At San Quentin

Who was the single most bad ass person of the past 60 years? Okay, Chuck
Norris haha very funny. The real answer is Johnny Cash. How many other
musician's greatest albums were recorded live in a couple of America's most
infamous prisons? Oh yeah, he made really good music too.
8Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II

Your Average Joe will probably tell you that The Beatles were the greatest band
ever. But they are wrong. Led Zeppelin were. If the diversity and power of this
album aren't proof enough of their importance in rock history, then try their
other five perfect albums. If you are still not convinced, I feel sorry for you. I
really do. You must be a very sad/dull/boring person.
7Neil Young
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Apparently written when Shaky had a 103?F fever, this album oddly shows one
of the greatest songwriters of all time at his best. Perhaps the deliriousness
brought on by his illness gave him supernatural guitar powers or something, but
whatever the case, "Cowgirl In The Sand", "Cinnamon Girl" and "Down By The
River" remain some of the greatest guitar-rock songs ever.
6The Velvet Underground
White Light/White Heat

To anyone who is even slightly interested in indie rock, please be sure to listen
to everything that The VU have ever done. As it usually is with music, it's
debatable which album is truly their greatest, but as far as experimentation and
downright weirdness go, White Light/White Heat takes the cake. Though it
might not be a great entry point for people who haven't heard their music, this
album and The Velvet Underground & Nico (yes the one with the banana) were
the most influential to post-punk, indie rock, post-rock, alternative, grunge, etc.
Besides it's influence however, this album holds up as an extremely singular
moment in experimental rock. Everyone must hear "Sister Ray" at least once in
their life.
5The Beatles
Rubber Soul

There is a reason why The Beatles are often hailed as the greatest rock band of
all time. They were f***ing consistent, and never were they as consistent as
they were on 1965's Rubber Soul. If you haven't already memorized and
tattooed every lyric into your brain already, check out "Norwegian Wood (This
Bird Has Flown)", "Nowhere Man", and "Michelle" for starters, then buy the
damn album.
4 Bob Dylan
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Throughout his career, Bob Dylan released a s***load of music. Some of it's
good, some of it's bad, most of it is essential. His mainstream breakthrough occurred
with the release of Free Wheelin' in 1963. "Blowin' In The Wind" became a
protest anthem for the rest of the decade and "Girl From The North Country",
"Masters of War", and "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall" were some of the best pure-
folk songs that he ever wrote.
3Sam Cooke
Night Beat

Often times when people hear JD's Closer, they think of what could have been if
Ian Curtis hadn't died. Listening to Night Beat might also warrant the same
reaction, however, what we have here are songs and ideas that are less
pupating and more fully formed. Given just a few more years, Sam Cooke very
well could have become the greatest soul singer in history- he's definitely up
there as it is. Fortunately we at least have Night Beat.
2Van Morrison
Astral Weeks

There were a lot of folk records released in the late '60s and way too many pop
records as well. This however was a perfect blend of both genres that borrowed
quite a bit from its contemporary psychedelic music as well. Van Morrison never
sounded fresher, and songs like "Madam George", "Sweet Thing" and "Cyprus
Avenue" maintain an interesting balance between chaotic experimentation and
pop bliss.
1The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

Okay, Good Vibrations isn't on here, but this is still slightly better than Smiley
Smile. "God Only Knows", "Wouldn't It Be Nice", and "Don't Talk (Put Your Head
On My Shoulder" will never stop getting played on my iPod for good reason.
These songs are all just impossibly catchy, well written, and detailed, rewarding
countless listens while being instantly accessible as well. This is the perfect pop
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