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Oscar Winner for Best Picture for the 2000s

The Oscars are on Sunday so I thought I'd go over what won every year of the millennium so far.
Red Light

2000- Gladiator: The best of a very weak five movie slate. This is a very good movie. Crowd pleaser and well made, not groundbreaking nor best of the year really, but very good. Treb’s fave of 2000: In the Mood for Love with Yi Yi as a close second.

01 - A Beautiful Mind: Lowkey one of the worst best picture winners. It has that tone that’s trying to be whimsical but also gritty which never works. It has this ugly sheen to the cinematography that I hate. It’s way up its own ass and is just very boring. Fellowship should have won. Treb’s fave: Mulholland Drive/Royal Tenenbaums.

02 - Chicago: I really don’t like this movie but I recognize that it’s probably great. It’s just not my thing. I dislike it equally to Gangs of New York so I guess Two Towers should have won. Treb’s fave: Punch Drunk Love.

03 - The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King: Definitely best picture. First one I agree with this decade. Fantastic movie, it’s all already been said a thousand times. Treb’s fave: Lost in Translation.

04 - Million Dollar Baby: People fucking loved this movie at the time but I feel like it’s been forgotten. It’s still a really solid movie, nowhere near Eastwood’s best. A good example of Oscar-bait. Sideways is better but that kind of movie is never winning best picture. Treb’s fave: Shaun of the Dead.

05 - Crash: Widely considered the biggest blunder in best picture history. This movie fucking sucks. It’s like an AI script or a madlibs made with Oscar-bait tropes. Shit movie. Everyone who voted for it should feel bad. Brokeback Mountain should have won. Years later they repolled people and Brokeback won by a landslide. Treb’s fave: The Squid and the Whale.
7100 gecs
1000 gecs

The Departed: Kind of weird for a remake to win best picture. Infernal Affairs is a good movie but I think The 06 - Departed is superior in every way. I love this movie but I wouldn’t say it’s a classic or groundbreaking or anything. Kind of a “we’re sorry” to Scorsese getting snubbed so many times. It’s still my pick from the five. Treb’s fave: The Host.
8Charli XCX
How I'm Feeling Now

07 - No Country for Old Men: This movie is better than every other best picture nominee of the decade so far, but it’s not as good as There Will Be Blood. Such a shame these movies had to come out in the same year. I think TWBB is the best movie of the 2000s so far, and No Country is my fifth favorite Coen Brothers movie. Can’t be too mad though because this movie is incredible. Gotta shout out Michael Clayton for being a genius movie, and I’ve always loved Juno. Goated year. Treb’s fave: There Will be Blood/Hot Fuzz
Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

08 - Slumdog Millionaire: A movie your mom definitely cried to. This movie was all the rage at the time but is not remembered too fondly. It’s basically a trivia question movie as it was the first film shot on digital to win best cinematography. The movie itself is OK, kinda Oscar-baity. I’m not a huge fan of the other four movies. There Will Be Blood or Michael Clayton probably would have won if they had come out this year. Treb’s fave: Synecdoche, New York.
10Dorian Electra

09 - The Hurt Locker: Really good movie with maybe the worst final ten minute sequence ever. Just like wtf were they thinking with that ending. Famous for being one of the lowest grossing movies to win best picture. A perfect example of why people hate the Oscars, a movie they’ve never fucking heard of wins it all over the biggest movie since Star Wars. I don’t like Avatar very much, but yeah that’s why people were watching that year. First year with ten noms, change was made because Dark Knight was snubbed the previous year. Excellent slate of movies, A Serious Man is my favorite of the bunch. Treb’s fave: A Serious Man.

2010 - The King’s Speech: Oscar-bait movie where the performances carry it. The Social Network is one of my favorite movies ever. Was not happy watching this Oscars. The scene where he says naughty words was the only memorable thing about this movie. Treb’s fave: The Social Network.
12The Brave Little Abacus
Just Got Back from the Discomfort...

2011 - The Artist: Decent movie but not nearly as good as the silent films it’s ripping off. Hollywood loves jerking themselves off. No one else really cares about this movie though. It’s fine but you’re better off watching actual movies from the silent era. Not a good slate of noms, Moneyball is dope. Treb’s fave: Drive (lol).
13de la soul
3 Feet High and Rising

2013 - 12 Years a Slave: Iconic movie. Instant classic. I think about the blackberry scene and the whipping scene all the time. Steve Mcqueen is truly goated and Hunger and Shame are also classics. This movie speaks for itself. Treb’s fave: Blue Ruin.
14Mobb Deep
The Infamous

2014 - Birdman: Loved it, saw it twice in the theaters, but it’s faded a bit in my mind ever since. People were kinda blown away by this movie and it’s even more relevant now in our Post-Marvel hellscape. Excellent movie, love to see a movie take risks and win it all. But you know Boyhood did take 12 years to make. I wanna talk about Boyhood! Treb’s fave: Birdman.

2015 - Spotlight: Not as bad as Crash but pisses me off more. It least Crash is kind of funny-bad. Spotlight is just so fucking boring. Really great performances and it’s super super IMPORTANT. Made in a lab to win awards. Mad Max was right there, y’all. Treb’s fave: The Witch.
16A Tribe Called Quest
Midnight Marauders

2016 - Moonlight: First best picture win for A24. Goated movie. Instant classic. Love the three part structure, love everything about it. La La Land can go fuck itself. Treb’s fave: Manchester by the Sea/Moonlight/Space Cop.

2017 - The Shape of Water: Another one I loved at the time but has fallen off a bit. Saw this fucker three times in the theater. It’s a bit too cliche and kinda cringe, but I still love it. The deaf lady fucks the water man. Michael Shannon plays his same character from Boardwalk Empire. So much green. Some people really hate this movie but I think it’s neat. Phantom Thread should have won though. Treb’s fave: Paddington 2/Phantom Thread.

2018 - Green Book: Funnier than Crash on the so bad it’s good scale. Cum Town has a funny bit about how every scene of this movie is exactly the same. Like they try to go out to eat and Vigo is like “whoa, what do you mean he can’t eat here, what the fuck?” And then they try to go mini golfing and Vigo is like “What the hell’s going on, the fuck, he can’t go here either?” Shit movie. White guilt Oscar bait crap. The Favourite was robbed. Treb’s fave: Burning/The Favourite.
19jetty bones
Old Women

2019 - Parasite: Guess this was damage control for Green Book. Parasite was for a long time the highest rated movie on Letterboxd, one of two or three movies to win Palm D’or and best picture. It’s the defining movie of the 2010s. First foreign language winner. Honestly surprised a movie this good and this relevant won. Treb’s fave: Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

2020 - Nomadland: Very few movies of note came out in 2020 for obvious reasons. Nomadland really rivals A Hurt Locker in the “what the fuck is this movie?” contest. It’s OK. Excellent performance by Frances Mcdormand. Very well made, kinda boring. At least Promising Young Woman didn’t win. Treb’s fave: I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

2021 - CODA: Big win for the moms of the world. Came out of fucking nowhere with its paltry three overall nominations. This was Power of the Dog’s year, but that movie rubs some people the wrong way and this is an uber crowd pleaser so there you go. Not the worst movie on this list, but lol. Treb’s fave: Shiva Baby/C’mon C’mon.
22coheed and cambria
The Second Stage Turbine Blade

2012 - Argo: Very well made OK movie that is about something IMPORTANT so it wins. Amour and Django shit on this movie. Treb’s fave: Frances Ha.
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