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Been using this website service for the anally retentive for over 4 years. And since I am of the anal variety I have found its tracking of my music tastes quite informative and amusing. I saw quite a massive break in my level of musical exploration from around March 2010 but I still love everything before that date, indeed if had been around in the 90s I'm pretty sure the dumb and dumber soundtrack would be my number 1 listened to record. Such is the fun of individual music journey's! Anyhoo on to zee list.
1The Donnas
Gold Medal

Listens - 1557
Its odd, they are my favourite band and top my listened list and yet I am still mad at them. Gold Medal was such a superb evolution they had so many places to go, but they took its depressed sales as reason to regress with Bitchin. Ok they still regressed with a fun record but superb immortality was their for them. Oh well I guess we can't have everything, and they have a new album this year so huzzah!
Countdown To Extinction

Listens - 1433
I can get why Metallica are more successful, but I will still happily stick with the Deth as my preferred choice for trashing out. Skin of My Teeth is such a beautifully prophetic song for Iraq War 2 to boot.
3 Metric
Old World Underground, Where Are You Now

Listens - 1418
If somebody asks me for my favourite album of the 2000s I go with this one. Nothing more to be said.
Brand New Eyes

Listens - 1385
Williams is simply the best vocalist for this type of stuff. Its not terribly deep or important but it is simply enjoyable. Its The High Fidelity of music for me.
5Manic Street Preachers
Send Away The Tigers

Listens - 1294
I'm likely one of the rare people who finds the band more enjoyable post Richey. Tigers is one of those albums that drips in political invective that I still enjoy. Lifeblood is as well a terribly underrated record.
6Bruce Springsteen

Listens - 1093
I listed my favourite album of his. Not one of his classics I know but during a very difficult year of my life this was my soundtrack and whenever I felt utterly down in the dumps I would blast radio nowhere and for a moment all would be ok. A superb musician.
7The Cardigans
Long Gone Before Daylight

Listens - 1064
Indie with such heft and impact its like an asteroid smacking you full in the face. Nina needs to stop her so so A Camp solo projects and get back to make another Cardigans record, because they were getting better an better till the hiatus.
8Alter Bridge

Listens - 1038
I remember some valhalen fella making some very predictable creed jokes about this group in the review for their latest record on this site. I can understand how he or indeed anybody else could take that route but at the end of the say this all obscures the main truth, that these guys are one of the best alt rock bands of the post Seattle era. The fact all but the singer are creed alumni is irreverent, creed was utter sludge, this is brilliance.
9The Stills
Logic Will Break Your Heart

Listens - 1028
Arcade Fire is most peoples go to band for top notch Canadian indie. for me it is these guys. A real shame they broke up recently.
10Sahara Hotnights
Sahara Hotnights

Listens - 984
Another Donnas themed group but with more of the 70s rock influence.
Out Here All Night

Listens - 973
They scream Donnas for me, just with even bigger bombastic riffs. It should be clear by now I am partial to femlae vocals with my rock, so this band does not disappoint. That said the lead singers new band "The Organ Beats" is even better since the worst of 80s bombastic excess has been ejected for something far more profound. I'd write a review except I think Irving would wut me to death :) js big fella.
12Eyes Set To Kill
Broken Frames

Listens - 877
A band that gets better the more they admit they are more enjoyable the more commercial they become. The early albums are horribly hit and miss affairs, but Broken Frames and indeed the early songs from White Lotus are superb.
13The High Violets
To Where You Are

Listens - 860
My favourite shoegaze outfit. The listed record is my favourite when one wishes to relax to soft vocalism.
OK Computer

Listens - 829
Most of my listens to this band on has been on the In Rainbows CD's but OK Computer is easily my most listened to overall.
Ride The Lightning

Listens - 800
Gateway in Metal for so many people, it is for a sound reason. Because on balance their output has been damn good.
16Hundred Reasons
Shatterproof Is Not a Challenge

Listens - 786
Loved these guys since the first single. They have a way with truly memorable guitar riffs. The opening to "I'll Find You" for example is so heavy I expect it to crush earth gravity.
17The New Pornographers
Twin Cinema

Listens - 735
This band is incredible and I expect them to climb even higher on my listen list with time. Twin Cinema is a flawless record, to the point I still have to give two of their albums proper time. Oh and the song Crash Years is perfect to play to a montage of the European Debt Crisis.
Celebrity Skin

Listens - 684
Celebrity Skin is one of the best records of the 90s. Boys On The Radio one of the best songs. Recent Love centered album had its moments bu this record was the zenith.
19Hey Monday
Hold On Tight

Listens - 635
How terribly embarrassing. Wait. No. This is poppy awesomeness! Although I'll admit the last EP was drown in truly awful production
20Rise Against
Appeal To Reason

Listens - 565
Not much to say. they make hardcore noises and I enjoy it. Nothing to deep here but it is what it is.

Listens - 548
The Weezer record listed is my favourite. I am one of those fans of the band that will never get why pinkerton or the blue record is considered the best. You know? A lone freak person.
22Biffy Clyro

Listens - 540
They get better with each record. I mean they get more commerical? Well yes they do, you dislike? I cut you!
Set Yourself On Fire

Listens - 533
One of the many cracking Canadian bands I have discovered in the last 18 months. Be it Calander Girl or The Last Song ever written the vocal interchange is always fun for me. Although Oddly one of my favourite songs is the live cover of The Comeback on the Hearts album

Listens - 525
Over the top and utterly ridiculous. This is why I love them, even the last record which might have fallen off a cliff into self parody If I was to be honest.

Listens - 505
While I have always found the speedy energetic output of punk or hardcore enjoyable the hypocritical self righteous nonsense that infects the genre whenever it tries to make a political point grates terribly. But when I find a band that strips such things away and just focuses on the sound I am always left happy, this band are one of the best cases in point.
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