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Djunior's 2011: Honorables

2011 has been a decent year in music, lots of worthwhile releases, rbut ultimately few that will make their mark. These are the releases rI feel deserve a listen, but have not made it into my top releases of rthe year. Ill make a top 50 or so in upcoming weeks.

I was ultimately disappointed with this split. I Probably anticipated it too
much. It is pretty enjoyable and for anyone just beginning to dabble in the
genre, this would not be a bad start. To me, Rosetta has gone even more
dull, and Junius has once again failed to wow me.
99Old Wounds
Terror Eyes

For having this so far down on my list, it has gotten plenty of play time. Still
a relatively new band, these guys are steadily improving with every
release. for fans of: Cursed (or any Calahan band), and Trap Them
98Little Sister

Nice sludge-y hardcore EP. members of Masakari and Cheap Tragedies
(note: my avatar)

Awesome release, but doesn't come anywhere near "The Promise"
The Archer And The Owle

I guess it's my south Louisiana blood but I'm a big Thou fan. They can do no
wrong, but this EP is not one of their strong points. still a solid listen
Earth Division

Not exactly a fan of Mogwai, but this EP kind of changed my view on them.
94 Trainwreck
If There's A Light It Will Find You

A nice hardcore/screamo ep, but it seems pretty hit or miss. This band has
put some previous material out that needs more Sputnik attention.
93Clouds as Oceans

Post-rock with some cool drums
Most Deaf

I always feel like this band is on the back-burner in the screamo world.
They need more attention, this jams hard. Too bad it's only two songs.
91Pinch and Shackleton
Pinch and Shackleton

Not much of an electronic music fan, but I do enjoy it from time to time. If a
fan to either Pinch or Shackleton this is a must listen.
Soft As Butter, Hard As Ice

Good emotional sludge
89Tera Melos
Zoo Weather

solid EP, but in the shadow of their other work
88End Reign
End Reign

dark hardcore from England
87Hightide Hotel
Secret Somethings: Vol. 2

86Dead In The Dirt

Another solid EP from DITD, but this doesn't show much if any progression
from them.
85Zona Mexicana
Zona Mexicana

emo/screamo, for fans of: Algernon Cadwallader and City Of Caterpillar
Problems To The Answer

in your face hardcore/thrash
83Young And In The Way
I Am Not What I Am

darker hardcore
82Title Fight

While this is a good release, Title Fight have somewhat lost some of their
energy from prior releases.
81Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing

A slightly heavier release for the band.
80Big Business
Quadruple Single

"Two guys grinding out beefy hardcore as loud and heavy as humanly
79Meek Is Murder

Sick shit, really fun listen, but will ultimately go unnoticed. I know nobody's
original nowadays, but I can't help but think, "been done before",
whenever listening to this.
78Low Places
Spiritual Treatment

raw sludgy doomy hardcore/pv. These guys definitely belong on A389.

This is some badass metalcore. They're attempting to do something a little
different, but haven't found their niche yet. They have another release from
this year that is worth checking out. ffo: Botch/Off Minor?
76Low Threat Profile
Product #2

This should probably be higher, but w/e. POWAHVIOHLINSE
Subvert the Dominant Paradigm

74Touche Amore
Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

The hype train that TA was on collided with the one La dispute was on and
killed every member of both bands. I find Touche Amore enjoyable, but just
that. A good release that people are making out to be god-like.
Carnival Is Forever

Wish they would quit evolving into Meshuggah. good nonetheless
72Explosions In The Sky
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

I feel the fact that this album is so sub-par to EITS's previous releases, is
the fact that there are so many post-rock bands out their that are copying
their style making it hard for them to stay relevant. They are doing what
they have always done, but it's probably time for some change.
71Toxic Holocaust
Conjure and Command

I never thought that I would enjoy a Toxic Holocaust release, but this put
me in my place. They have made a more solid sound, that while different, is
not unlike previous material. Thrashin'
70A Lot Like Birds
Conversation Piece

Quite a difference in sound from Plan B (which I loved). The more Dance
Gavin Dance like sound does not really appeal to me, but I know they have
a good (and bad) following. This is good, but sadly I won't be listening to it
much more. Great album art though

Tephra have changed a lot on this album. They got rid of some of their
sludge inspired sections, which is usually a huge turn off for me. The riffs
are more sophisticated with a good groove. Without a doubt their most
diverse release.
When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted

What can I say, melodic-hardcore has lost almost all effect on me. If this
album would have been released a year or two earlier it would probably be
in my top ten. It's a really good release, but I find myself not being able to
enjoy it as much as I should.
67Red Fang
Murder The Mountains

Red Fang has improved nicely with this release. The songwriting and
production are loads better than previous work, but they remain catchy and
66 Oathbreaker

Female fronted metalcore that is really nothing new, but they show loads of
65Will Haven
Voir Dire

What a great comeback album. I was not expecting much from this, but was
proven wrong. Their best release to date.
64Black Haven

Crusty hardcore for fans of Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone.
63The Atlas Moth
An Ache For The Distance

Thought this would have gone over better, but it's still pretty damn good.
The first half of the album is better.
Forward Into Regression

Grind band that recently broke up. At least they left us with this.
61Fuck The Facts
Die Miserable

60Brutal Truth
End Time

Somewhat disappointing album from the legendary grind band. Really dug
this at first, but it's slowly losing it shine.
59Child Meadow
Crispy BBQ Tofu Burger

French screamo... that should be enough
58Beau Navire
Life Moves

This album caught my attention pretty quick. Full of energy, but since Hours
came out I don't want to listen to this.

Prog. that'll leave you wanting more.
56Wolves In The Throne Room
Celestial Lineage

I'm sure everyone can agree that they can do better than this.

hardcore/screamo from Spain
Silent Running

65daysofstatic have yet to top their debut LP "The Fall Of Math," in my
opinion, but this is still a good edition to their discography.
53Long Distance Calling
Long Distance Calling

This is an overall powerful album from the post-rock group, but ultimately
falls in the shadow of "Avoid The Light"
The Light In The Distance

I can't believe I had to add this to the database. Seraphim are a post-
metal band that prove themselves to not be taken lightly with this record.
51Voyage In Coma
You Appear Alongside Me

Simple and extremely catchy post hardcore EP. It'll be interesting to see
what these guys do next.

Pretty solid stoner-hardcore. They remind me of Torche, without being a
clone of them. There's nothing amazing about this, but I promise you'll get
at least one of the songs stuck in your head.

Super short EP, but it packs a punch. Just not as hard as their other material.
The Good Life

German hardcore that is catchy as fuck.
Hospital Corners

UK hardcore for fans of: Kerouac, Jackals, and The Long Haul

Apparently this came out last year, but Sputnik says 2011. Black/Death Metal
45Kerouac/The Long Haul

Great work by both bands, but somewhat forgettable. The best thing The
Long Haul has put out so far.
We Are Lonely Animals

dark post-rock
43Family Might
Floor Connection

This is some refreshing emo in my opinion. I can see where people won't
like this, but if you like twinkly shit give this a spin.

I don't listen to very much hip hop nowadays (not that I never have or
don't anymore). Not sure what made me listen to this, but I don't regret it.
sick shit
41Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ Despise You
And On And On. . .

I love AnB, but they killed this for me. Despise You's side overshadows.
40Joan of Arc
Life Like

While it may not be the best, Kinsella doesn't disappoint.. again
S/T Cassette

Emo/hardcore in the likes of Loma Prieta with awesome vocals.
38Industries of the Blind
Chapter 1: Had We Known Better

above average post-rock
Brush Your Teeth, Again ;)

Emo/screamo that looks like a joke on the outside, but is really to be taken

This isn't something that I usually listen to, but a friend turned me on to it
and I dig.

Greg said it best, "Filled with bludgeoning riffs, pummeling bass lines,
pounding drums and soaring vocals, "Salvador" is a stoner rock album that
does slay hard."
34Todos Caeran/Gumilinski

This is the first I've heard of Gumilinski. They're very reminiscent of Orchid
(in a good way), and Todos Caeran are as good as usual with their more
emo tinged screamo.
33Black Tusk
Set The Dial

Black Tusk have always been on my radar, but haven't really blown me
away with anything. Set the Dial comes close though. It's their first release
that I can actually sit through and enjoy without having to come back to it.

If Majority Rule and Kyuss had a baby...
31 Cynic
Carbon Based Anatomy

When I think of Cynic, I automatically think of "Focus". With that in my
head, Ive had a hard time getting into this. I love the fact that they have
reinvented themselves, but I just don't like this as much. Not saying that
this is bad (its definitely not), but doesn't have as much appeal to me,
If Wolves

Killer heavy post-rock
29Sabertooth Zombie
Human Performance III

Sabertooth Zombie has yet to disappoint. Nothing new for the band, but it
still rips.
28 The Armed
Young & Beautiful

I love this band; they're raging and aggresive. Chris Pennie does a guest
spot, which should say something. Wish they would do something to set
them apart from everyone else though.
Chicago Bowls

More twinkly emo stuff. Members of Wavelets so they sound somewhat
alike, but there's an obvious difference. Album name and song titles are
great too.
Ethereal Surrogate Saviour

"contorted, crushy and sometimes quite chaotic and gloomy
post/experimental metal with roots back to hardcore but flavored with
psychedelic and progressive spices being inspired by different bands from
King Crimson to Tool and Pantera. find an unique path between progressive
rock and metal and the noisy, stoner/doom infiltrated post-hardcore and
merging these different styles into one they came up with something quite
special and exciting."

Other than the really obvious Neurosis/Isis influence, this is a really solid
space-y post-metal release. My favorite thing about this is the fact that
they leave out any long build ups to songs and get straight to the riffs.
24 Punch
Nothing Lasts 7

Love the band, but they're becoming a little stale, imo.
Space Grind

"We have received an intriguing transmission after passing through a
neutrino wave. We found there to be musical compositions encoded in
subspace frequencies. Our lieutenant technician extracted these
compositions and re-coded them in an aural frequency. They are now being
studied by various institutions. It should also be noted that these
compositions strongly resemble that of an early 21st-century composer,
Parlamentarisk Sodomi, of the musical sub-genre "Grindcore". I present
them to you for your own evaluation." This is weird as hell.
22Children of God
Coup de Grace


Kicking Defeater's ass at their own game.

indie/emo, for fans of: Dikembe, Algernon Cadwallader, You Blew It!

Kept seeing this all over the site so I decided to listen. Not usually
something I'd listen to, but I can't pass it up whenever it comes on.
18Eddie Brock
Eddie Brock

12 short tracks of badass modern powerviolence.
17KEN Mode

Metalcore that pushes the envelope.

hardcore/screamo, band's debut ep
15All Pigs Must Die
God Is War

hardcore/dbeat: Pretty good follow up to the EP they put out in 2010.
Sleep Deprivation

Underrated hardcore/grind in the vein of Gaza
13Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)
On Time Spent Waiting

I liked both EP's by this band about the same so Im just going to put one. I
really didn't like them at first but it's really growing on me.
Deep Politics


great hardcore/emo band, can't wait to hear more from them

Dropdead side>>>
In Light

Hometown indie heroes; lots of fun. FFO: Vampire Weekend
8Night Birds
The Other Side of Darkness

"The music has almost a threatening edge to it, much like the first Dead
Kennedys album did, with quite a sinister sounding guitar that provides
distinctiveness to their sound and works well in setting the tone for their
output. It?s not all about the guitar, though, despite its prominence in the
sound, as the bass provides some well-placed intricacy alongside the
snappy attack of the drums. Given the surf element displayed by the guitar,
it?s no surprise to find an instrumental track on the album, ?Day After
Trinity?, which highlights the importance that that particular guitar sound
has on the band. "
7Capsule [US]
No Ghost

This is a tough listen at first (at least it was for me), but after a while you
start to understand it better and see that it's not just a mess. hardcore w/
skramz influence
6Fucked Up
David Comes To Life

A little long for my taste, but it's without a doubt worth the commitment to
give a listen. Great addition to their discography.

So good to hear something new from this band, and that they are not
breaking up. One of their best releases to date.
4Death Grips

This enrages me as mush as most hardcore. pissd off blak ppl +1
3Mountain Man (hardcore)

I really dig this band for whatever reason. great energy
2Code Orange Kids

If you're into hardcore and haven't heard this yet crawl out from
underneath that rock.
Poetry of the Wretched

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