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If Future Garage Is A Thing...

...then these are my favorite 10 releases. Some people hate the term "Future Garage" and I kind of understand why, but we can rall agree it's better than "Post-Dubstep", right? I never really get into genre arguments because on some level I'm happy to have rthem because it helps me dig through the internet to find more stuff I like. The common denominator here is thumping, but rsubdued bass, altered vocal samples and a general feeling of melancholy. Some use it for the train ride home from the club, rothers use it to go to another place while lying in their bed in the dark with some headphones on.

Anyone who ever does a list like this probably starts with this so maybe this is kind of a weak first
pick, but everyone loves this album for a reason. The perfect album for a rainy night all alone in
your bedroom. Headphones on, in the dark.
Old Raves End

Three guys who each were very good at what they did and they play off each other about as well
as three electronic musicians can. Stumbleine (we'll get to him later) cleary handles samples and
some guitar work. The combined result is at times blissful and at other times a come down, but it
all works.
3Volor Flex

When this first came out and was free on Bandcamp, it was straight up listed as a Burial "tribute
album". Lots of people worship at the altar of Burial, at least VF was being honest about his
inspiration. Besides the fact it is 100% derivative, it's... good. He does a really, really good job of
copying Burial and it makes for a good listen.

Look, if I was making this list 100% honest, the first 4 (at least) on this chart would be Burial. Instead, I
tried to include at least a few other artists. This is my favorite EP from Burial and the two bookend
tracks his longest (at the time) and when Burial extends himself to tracks this long, he gets better and
more interesting. Other artists who drag out the length of their songs tend to get boring, Burial has
never been that.
Drifting Youth

Maybe this shouldn't be included here, but I am NOT making a chillstep or chillwave or whatever the
hell this is. I think this fits well enough to be included here.
Similar to Swarms in that there is this constant feeling of blissed out tracks with lush production and
layer upon layer of sound. This differs from other stuff on this list due to some of the sequences
that could almost be considered the electronic version of dream pop. This is the disc that made me
okay with listening to Beyonce sing.
Ruins Tape

Another complete Burial copycat, but like Volor Flex, he does it really well. Moonlight Flight is
probably one of the best tracks this genre's had and the rest of what's here is very solid, even if it
nevers matches the quality of Moonlight Flit.
7 Lung
Afterlife / Time

While "only" a single, the A and B side of this release is about as good as you'll find in the Future
Garage world. Afterlife is considered a genre classic and with good reason. Some of the best
vocal samples found among similar artists and that "after the club" feeling, the reason for this kind
of music existing.
8Holy Other

Another release that probably doesn't exactly fit here, but it's close enough. This is like R&B if you
chopped and screwed every single vocal part and made somehow managed to put real emotion
behind it. There's just something about the way this "feels" which is so subjective, but the way this
feels is pretty fantastic.

Closer to Stumbleine than Burial. Kind of a blissful, chill feeling here with more unaltered vocals than
an other release here, but the best track "Gurrrrlll" has vocals pitch and time shifted to perfection.
10 Irrelevant
I'll Be OK

No standout tracks here, but works really well as an entire listen. One of the more melancholy albums
on the list (which is saying something, because these all have a decent dose of melancholy), another
great release to put on in the dark with some headphones and let the entire thing playout.
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