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All Coldplay Songs Ranked

I've listened to Coldplay for a long time and decided to rank their songs. I actually really don't like a few of Coldplay's biggest hits and think that a lot of their deep cuts (insofar as a band like Coldplay has deep cuts) are unfairly overlooked. I removed a couple transitional instrumentals and early demos and included every unique album/EP/B-side track that I know about and actually ended up with exactly 100 songs.
Swallowed in the Sea

Painfully soppy X&Y track with embarassing lyrics
99A Message

Same as above, but slightly less embarassing
98Fix You

This was always a terrible song. There's nothing wrong with a crowd-pleaser, but how this became a mainstay and one of the band's biggest hits is beyond me. Bad lyrics, slow pace, predictable climax. The closest Coldplay ever came to self-parody.
97Another's Arms

Martin can be romantic, but here the feebly-delivered sexual references ("your body on my body" etc) are just kind of uncomfortable to hear
96Pour Me

Weak b-side to "Fix You"
95Cemeteries of London

2spooky4me, poor opening for the otherwise good Viva La Vida

Silly and overblown

A misguided b-side to "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face"
92Thing's I Don't Understand

As bland as it's title implies - "Things don't always turn out as you plan/These are things that I don't understand" - you probably haven't heard this "Speed of Sound" b-side and aren't missing much.
91Ode To Deodorant

This song is basically to Coldplay what "Pop Is Dead" is to Radiohead: the unequivocally bad early single that diehard fans somehow feel obligated to defend.

A forgettable, piano-driven track for the “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack.

Another by-the-numbers Ghost Stories track with awkward auto-tune and electronics.
88True Love

Bad xx song, unfortunately par for the course for Ghost Stories.

You have to really buy into Ghost Stories to enjoy this, as the album doesn't really earn the dumb bird metaphors or the solemn coda.
86We Never Change

Not bad at all to have playing in the background, just the least memorable track from "Parachutes"
85The Hardest Part

Another banal X&Y love song
84Twisted Logic

Forgettable X&Y album closer with a Radiohead sound that even lifts lyrics (to poor effect) from "Electioneering"

Like a lot of early B-sides (this one is for "Clocks"), the instrumentation and production aren't fully-formed enough to make up for the undercooked lyrics.
82Life in Technicolor
81No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground

Mediocre song, the first instance of Coldplay's obsession with feet not being on the ground
80Crests Of Waves

A not-terrible b-side to "Clocks", featuring awful lyrics but a pretty solid guitar line.

Gentle, inoffensive Ghost Stories track
78Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

I've never gotten into this Prospekti's march track, but it has a nice sound
77I Bloom Baum

Murky, quiet b-side to "In My Place". I'd consider everything from here down at least average.
76Postcards from Far Away

Short, pretty piano instrumental
75Life Is For Living

A minor song that works quite well as a hidden track at the end of Parachutes
74Prospekt's March/Poppyfields
73Rainy Day
72You Only Live Twice

Chris Martin is no Nancy Sinatra, but the Bond-theme cover is well-realized and has value as an oddity.
71Square One

Extraordinarily average opening to X&Y

A nice short love tune
69Green Eyes

An earnest and pleasant love song, though probably the weakest track from A Rush of Blood to the Head.
68Only Superstition

Early rock tune from the Brothers & Sisters EP
66Reign of Love

A cute ballad with shimmering piano attached to "Lovers in Japan"
65Princess of China

This song annoys me on its own, but it actually works quite well in context on Mylo Xyloto.

I don't hate this song. It's decent but also bland and overrated. It fit the mood quite well in the opening scene of "Boyhood", but that's probably because the scene was capturing the perspective of a six-year-old.
63Speed of Sound

Martin is particulary great here. Comfortable, easy listening, but also a soppy "Clocks" ripoff.
62X & Y

Plagued by the same problems as most X&Y tracks, but also very very pretty.
61Everything's Not Lost
60Careful Where You Stand

Meandering "Shiver" B-side. Very much a Parachutes-era song.
59Always In My Head
58One I Love

"In My Place" b-side, not an R.E.M. cover, has a good rock feel and some nifty guitar riffs but a tired vocal performance
57Christmas Lights

Not a bad track to have on a holiday-themed playlist
56Help Is Round The Corner

Decent "Parachutes"-era cut from the "Yellow" single. Reminiscent of "Everything's Not Lost" with its loosely inspiring lyrics.
55Warning Side

Everything from here on down I'd definitely consider at least "good".
54Up With the Birds

Solid obscurity most notable for its appearance on the Live 2003 album from a performance in Sydney

Despite Ghost Stories being a bit misguided as an album, everything more-or-less falls into place here.
51What If

Martin sings the chorus here beautifully enough to almost make up for hammy X&Y-era sentimentalism and straight-from-Hallmark lyrics
50In My Place

I've never really understood why this was a big hit, although Chamberlain's drumming is pretty great (probably his best performance outside of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey's wedding).
49Death And All His Friends

Gorgeous song from the "Unbroken" soundtrack. Would have been one of the best tracks on Ghost Stories.
46Charlie Brown
45Up in Flames
44See You Soon

The most popular track from The Blue Room EP
43For You

Calm, quiet, a bit romantic. B-side to "Shiver". A good song to fall asleep to.
42A Whisper

The heaviest Coldplay song, which of course isn't all that heavy. Still a solid tune.
41Easy to Please

Dreamy early track with a lot of atmosphere. Would have fit in great on Parachutes.

The original song the album is my favorite, but the piano version and the version with Jay-Z are worth listening to as well.
39Us Against the World

A heartfelt segment of Mylo Xyloto's narrative
38A Sky Full of Stars

By miles the best track on Ghost Stories, mostly because the anthemic sound and fast pace make the cringy lyrics less impactful than on the tracks around it.
37Major Minus

One of many terrific Mylo Xyloto-era rock songs
36I Ran Away

Gorgeous b-side to "The Scientist" with confessional lyrics

The first half of this song has always bored me, but "You thought you might be a ghost/You didn't get to heaven but you made it close" part is one of Coldplay's greatest moments
34Don't Let It Break Your Heart
33Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
32The World Turned Upside Down

Pretty fully-developed for a B-side (to "Fix You"). The lyrics foreshadow "Viva La Vida" and the song references the album title X&Y.
31Lovers in Japan
30Brothers & Sisters

One of Coldplay's first singles. It holds up and is a lot of fun.
29God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
28White Shadows
27Til Kingdom Come
26Viva La Vida

A showcase of Brian Eno's influence in reinventing Coldplay's sound. This song was overplayed so quickly that it's easy to forgot how fantastic is sounds when played after the mostly insufferable X&Y.

Sure, the catchy riff from Kraftwerk overstays its welcome a bit, but this song still rocks
24The Scientist

Cool little song with a garage-rock feel, raw, b-side to "The Scientist"
22The Goldrush

A perfect b-side to "Life In Technicolor ii" - delightful and fast-paced, featuring lead vocals by drummer Will Champion.
21Bigger Stronger

Awesome rock song from The Blue Room EP
19Glass of Water
18High Speed

The video with the elephant costumes certainly doesn't hurt
16Such a Rush

Haunting closer to the superb The Blue Room EP
15Life In Technicolor ii

Coldplay's best non-album track

This song is just lovely.

Such a serene song, and it feels like there's a lot of emotion beneath the surface.
12Hurts Like Heaven

The stylistic shift here feels like a genuine risk that completely paid off.
11Violet Hill

Unnecessary 30-second intro aside, "Violet Hill" is the most striking and direct rock song in Coldplay's catalogue.

Coldplay wanted to announce the expansive scope of their post-Parachutes sound. "Politik" thundering first few minutes accomplish that and more. Even more impressive (and beautiful) is the coda, where Martin sings "Give me love over life/over life/over this".

A perfect album closer, with a pretty buildup leading to a terrific climax when Martin sings "Stood on the edge tied to a noose/And you came along and you cut me loose".

A truly iconic song that also feels very unique to Coldplay's signature sound.

The only track from X&Y to really earn its oversized production, with several sweeping peaks.

This should have been Coldplay's breakthrough single instead of "Yellow". Martin's vocals and the lyrics are a lot stronger here. A great romantic rock song all-around.
5Don't Panic

Masterful and often overlooked opening track to "Parachutes", concisely written without a wasted moment. The ghostly version on The Blue Room EP is fantastic as well.
4A Rush of Blood to the Head

The most cathartic and powerful song in Coldplay's discography and a perfect release of tension as the penultimate track on A Rush of Blood to the Head.
3Chinese Sleep Chant

Shoegazey gem tucked away as a hidden track after "Yes" on Viva La Vida.
2Strawberry Swing

The gorgeous highlight from Viva La Vida. Short on gimmicks, with a joyous sound (which no doubt benefitted from Jon Hopkins' and Brian Eno's production) that earns the "such a perfect day" refrain.

This song was the first time that I felt that Coldplay was capable of being a great band, instead of merely a nice one. Guy Berryman has an interesting bass part for once. A poll I saw recently had "Daylight" ranked last by fans of all the tracks on A Rush of Blood to the Head, and it (and only it) was cut from the CD version of Live 2003. Clearly, the edgy, atmospheric path "Daylight" promised was not where the fans or the band wanted to go. Although Coldplay went on to make plenty of great music, that's a real pity.
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