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Tmobotron's 2013 Tracks

Keeping it to only 1 track per artist. The top 20-30 are absolutely essential IMO.
100The Dillinger Escape Plan
One of Us Is the Killer
97Queens of the Stone Age
If I Had a Tail
96Volcano Choir
95Key Nyata
Dangerous Group
Terry - D
Dog Radio
91Vampire Weekend
Badman City
Shut Up
88Kryptic Minds
Badman VIP
Drunk In Love
86Cakes Da Killa
Goodie Goodies
85Ganja White Night
Black Widow
How the Jellyfish Jumped Up the Mountain
When a Fire Starts to Burn
81The Weeknd
Live For
When Under Pressure Explode
79Adrian Sherwood and Pinch
Music Killer (Dubplate Pressure)
Flute Gasp
77Floating Points
76Todd Terje
75Joy Orbison
Big Room Tech House DJ Tool - TIP!
74Four Tet
The Track I've Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphn
Positive Neckline
Drag Blood
71Frightened Rabbit
Late March, Death March
70Paysage d'Hiver
69Julia Holter
In the Green Wild
68Kacey Musgraves
Merry Go 'Round
67P Jam
Siberia (Acoustic)
65ASAP Rocky

Technically released in 2012, but easily the best part of 2013's LongLiveA$AP.
64Arcade Fire
63Dance Gavin Dance
Turn Off the Lights. I'm Watching Back to the Future pt. II
62Daft Punk
Doin It Right
61R Kelly
Spend That
60Off With Their Heads
Asteroids VIP
57Depth Connection
55Coheed and Cambria
54ASAP Ferg
Shabba Remix
53Dubbel Dutch
52James Blake
Digital Lion
50Denzel Curry
Threatz -- The difference between 3.5 and 4
for me. Threatz is stunning with its aggressive nature and is the definite highlight of
Nostalgic 64.
Wu-Tang Forever -- The best mood of any track on
the album and one of the best hooks.
48Kanye West
New Slaves -- I really like Yeezus, but I do have
my reservations. It's a huge step down from MBDTF, and Bound 2 has always been
terrible. But I've always been sure about "New Slaves".
47Oneohetrix Point Never
Zebra -- R Plus Seven is such a complete
work as a whole, I almost never even bother to look or remember which track is
which, but I suppose if I had to pick, Zebra would be the best piece.
46Chance the Rapper
Cocoa Butter Kisses -- "Cigarettes on cigarettes my
momma think I stank, I got burn holes in my hoodies all my homies think it's dank"
- The biggest hook on the album, but the track also has my favorite delivery from
Golden Arrow -- Overall, I like Jaar's solo
work more, but if every track on the album was as good as "Golden Arrow", I
wouldn't be so sure. Just the best blend of Jaar's moodiness and the psychedelic
instrumentation, with a perfectly-executed climax.
Acrylics -- It wasn't appreciated quite
like "Higher Ground" or "Goooo", but I've personally always loved it about the
same. Whatever your thoughts are, the ominous music-box segments and the
beefy horns in the climax still undeniably managed to shake the walls. I'm pretty
sad about the hiatus, and especially sad (and a little annoyed) that we didn't at
least get another release out of them before it happened, but "Acrylics" is a good
one to remember them by (for now).
43Forest Swords
Thor's Stone -- A little over half-way through
this track, I was completely sold on the album. Amazing organic melodies.
42L-Vis 1990
Ballad 4D -- One of the most tangibly
swaying pieces of music I've ever heard - the way the melodies on this submarine
track swell and float to the surface is entirely unique.
41Paula Temple
Colonized -- If an industrial mill's heavy
mechanical clatters played techno music.
No Eyes -- Probably the catchiest track on
the album, and the steady pacing behind the growing energy of the track is just
39Kingdom (NYC)
Corpse -- Probably my least favorite of
Kingdom's 4 EPs so far, but still an awesome release. Corpse is the highlight
because it relishes in the cold, brooding nature that made up my favorite parts of
his earlier work.
38Helix (US)
Whoosh Ice Dispenser -- An EP made up mostly of
extremely functional, stripped-down analog techno, Whoosh Ice Dispenser manages to
stand out with its viscerally bouncy bassline.
37Jeremiah Jae
Evil Laugh -- Jae puts a little more oomph and a
little more darkness into the airy flutterings of FlyLo productions. "Evil Laugh" has the
best synths of the mixtape, and Jae's delivery is at its peak too.
36Juicy J -- File the entirety of Stay Trippy
under "tracks to bump in the whip", but make sure "Bounce It" is on top of the list.
35Pusha T
Numbers on the Board -- "Numbers on the Board"
showcases some of Pusha's best lyrical boasting but the track excels because of the
startling, buzzing bassline and the off-kilter clattering of the drumbeat.
Need to Feel -- With a catchy vocal sample and a
loud, wriggling bassline as hooks, "Need to Feel" manages to be garage/house
indulgence without giving in to overbearing sweetness or cheesiness (looking at you,
Wee Bey -- So by now, 2014's
Ghettoville has leaked, which makes this appetizer EP easy to overlook, especially
since this 2-track EP's A-side is featured as the album's closer. But the missing B-
side, "Wee Bey", is the real gem here, and one you don't want to miss. You don't
want to miss Ghettoville either, by the way. (Can't find a good link for this one,
the sample there doesn't do it much justice. Some dolt did upload a 33 RPM rip to
youtube though, so there's that --
32Chelsea Wolfe
They'll Clap When You're Gone -- Pain Is Beauty was my
introduction to Wolfe, but when I heard she made dark, experimental folk, "They'll
Clap When You're Gone" was pretty much exactly what I was hoping to hear.
Come Walk With Me -- I thought the whole album was
a lot of fun, "Come Walk With Me" is just the most.
30Boards of Canada
Jacquard Causeway -- I do miss the vocal sampling in
their earlier work and Tomorrow's Harvest never quite reaches the powerful
moodiness of MHTRTC or Geo, but "Jacquard Causeway" is easily one of the best uses
of Boards of Canada's analog synths in their career. (This youtube video is perfect for
the track)
Kneecap -- Shifting more towards the
techno side of things, A Thousand Years' Wait is a bit of a departure from the
lighter house and garage styles Mosca dabbled in previously. He could've easily
continued on that path and likely garnered more acclaim considering the praise
tracks like "Bax" and "Dom Perignon" (rightfully) got. But hey, he apparently can
do techno just as well, so why not? But thankfully it isn't a complete departure,
because some of the melodic aspects of the Eva Mendes EP do find themselves
creeping in a bit to provide some important color to techno's typically less vibrant
28Wil Wagner
More Like Signals Midbest -- Wil Wagner is an amazing song-
writer, which is what makes all these tracks of just him and an acoustic guitar so great,
but the energy he pulls out of this one makes it a personal favorite.
Commotion -- What all the commotion is
Doppa -- It may not show in
this snippet from a Rinse FM show, but the full version of "Doppa" starts out big and
ends up huge. Instrumental grime.
Juniper -- It's no secret that I'm a huge fan
of the overall aesthetic makeup of this type of instrumental grime (I mean come on,
using gun cocks as such a functional percussive element is just fucking cool). But the
start-stop rhythms here finding their tension release in laid-back "ha ha" vocal
samples just takes it to a new level. (Link is just a clip)
24Jam City
Worst Illusion -- Like much of the Night Slugs
crew, Jam City has always been able to work a vivid aesthetic into his tracks while
maintaining their peak-hours club appeal. Because of that, his inclusion into the
"Club Constructions" series made me a bit concerned that his works would be
stripped of their life for hollow, mechanical beat tracks (as was the case with Girl
Unit on Vol. 5). Fortunately, Club Constructions Vol. 6 sounds like a plain old Jam
City EP, and it rules. "i fucking hate this city" - treeqt. (1.5)
23Laura Stevenson
Telluride -- Laura Stevenson can make a great track out of
anything, but personally I really love when she lets loose vocally like she does here.
(Could only find live clips of the track, but this one's pretty solid).
22The Knife
Stay Out Here -- I'm not sure I could endorse
listening to an individual track of The Knife's recent ambitious work out of context, but
"Stay Out Here" is the type of track capable of obliterating any weariness brought on
by a double-disc album's length.
21Captain, We're Sinking
Brother -- "The night's when you feel the
most alive / The night's when you're not scared to die" The catchiest track on the
album, but also the most powerful (and its reprise in the closer is brilliant).
20Danny Brown
Break It (Go) -- From what I can tell, Break It is
pretty far from most others' favorite when it comes to Old. Maybe it takes Danny
Brown's exotic abrasiveness a bit too far, but to me, the borderline-obnoxious claps,
the wonkiness of the synth-lines, and the thump of Rustie's 808s are the perfect
backdrop to DB's psychotic delivery. Also, "Who the fuck is you fuckin' with / I've
been in the dirt like a catcher's mitt / I'm an activist on actavis / Won't smack a
bitch but I'm like a pimp".
Nightosphere -- Whether it's in
the cascading synth-lines that accompany a groovy bassline in running over the
Tron-like chord progressions found on ?Ninetails? or the playfulness of the perfectly
restrained melody that takes the forefront of the melancholy backdrop on
?Nightosphere?, every track that's present here is bursting at the seams with style
and atmosphere.
Houzz 10 -- Most of the work on here is rooted
in the calculated restraint that defines Autechre's most captivatingly hypnotic work, and
yet it's u-Ziq's willingness to let up on that restraint that makes Chewed Corners the
gleefully indulgent piece that it is. Specifically, central track ?Houzz 10? seems to work
as the standout of the album. The track just feels ready to burst at any moment, firing
on all cylinders from the word ?go? with a simplistic and infectious piano melody that
feels like it's on the brink of collapse the entire time, running the forefront of the track's
dense melodiousness until it finally fades back out into the more controlled tracks that
surround it. Although ?Houzz 10? runs the risk that standouts always do of being the
track that the rest of the album fails to live up to, it works instead more like the climax
of a great movie ? and Chewed Corners is undeniably a cinematic affair. There's a
consistent energy and passion that can be found on the most routine tracks of the
album, but the frantic pacing and uneasy fragility of ?Houzz 10? wouldn't be so
memorable and startling if it wasn't surrounded by the blissfully chilled-out retro-
futurism of tracks like ?Twangle Melkas? or the smooth, sparkling melodies that
dominate ?Mountain Island Boner?.
17Justin Timberlake
Mirrors -- I love every track on the
album, but Mirrors has my favorite vocal-work from JT, and the latter half is the
best counter-point to the first out of all the 2-parters.
16Peverelist and Kowton
Beneath Radar (Kowton Mix) -- Have yet to hear a bad track
that's touched the hands of Peverelist, but Kowton's mix works better to make the
most out of this track's simple melody and garage shuffle.
Dream House -- "black metal now available
in color" - sniper
Black Death Horizon -- Can't think of a better death
metal track post-90s. The groove and the hanging tremolos in the latter half are
incredible, and the sound they're pulling out of their bassist is brutal AF.
Sphinx -- Practically every one of With
Love's 33 tracks has been my "favorite" at one point or another, so who knows with
time whether "Sphinx" will stick, but the over-arching synth-lines capture the sense
of loss that Dedication did so well while still retaining the power of Disc 2's trap
Slasherr -- So packed to the brim with
neon radiance and hip-hop power that it leaks out into whatever environment it's
played within.
11Sigur Ros
Brennisteinn -- Their most powerful track
outside of Untitled 8.
10Old Apparatus
Dourado -- Technically released in 2012 but
appearing on 2013's Compendium compilation, "Dourado" is the darkest track of the
bunch. Driven by the haunting drones of organic vocal tracks and a complex, forceful
drum track, "Dourado" is impossible to shake.
9Jon Hopkins
Collider -- Powerful, riveting, living,
breathing, etc. etc. "Collider" is the highlight of Immunity, and a track that
forcefully grabs you and doesn't let go for the entirety of its 9 minute duration.
in=logos262/sets/logos-cold-mission-lp -- The density of the chilling atmosphere and
the massive scale of the soundstage present here is only more impressive when
considering the minimalistic approach Logos takes, which is something that could be
said about the whole album. Never have I heard music that does so much with so
little. (The link is only a sample of the track, unfortunately)
7Tale Of Us
Another Earth -- The cold rhythm that makes up
this track's rhythmic backbone is the perfect antithesis to the vibrant synth-lines
that flutter over "Another Earth". Their discordant nature is undoubtedly the
immediate intrigue of the track, but it's the way the two elements of the sound play
off of each other that really elevates it to the next level.
6Ten Walls
Gotham -- Ten Walls' follow-up EP,
Requiem, shows what "Gotham" would sound like if the producer had taken the
easy route and injected the track with traditional club force. But "Gotham"'s well-
executed restraint in the muffled horn melodies and arpeggiated synth lines
creates a backdrop to the house track's undeniable groove that ends up being
much more powerful than its club-friendly alternative, which functions successfully
on its own, only in much shallower territory.
5The National
Graceless -- Any one of the tracks from
Trouble Will Find Me could've made the list, but "Graceless"'s has consistently
been the part of the album that captivated me most, thanks in large part to its
continually increasing momentum. This band just never fails to impress.
4The Juan Maclean
Feel Like Movin' -- Full of retro charm, "Feel Like
Movin'" is all of your childhood nostalgia filtered through gleefully infectious house at
its finest.
Hackney Parrot -- "Hackney Parrot" is the dance
track of the year. Its old-school vocal track and powerful break beats might be off-
putting to some, but if you can embrace them their impact is pretty much
2Nils Frahm
Says -- With stiff competition,
"Says" is the best subtly building electronic track of the year.
Come Down To Us -- I absolutely love the 3 EPs
before this, and I couldn't envision where there was room for improvement before.
But with this release it's clear - the first half of "Come Down To Us" is the best thing
Burial has done since Untrue, easily.
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