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01.15.23 According to Last Fm data blackspeech's

According to Last Fm data blackspeech's Top Ten of 2022

We have left behind a great year in terms of music and great albums have been made in almost all styles. I've been making music charts for a long time, but it's my first time making a chart on Sputnik. According to my last fm data, I listened to 2,341 albums and 15,893 songs in 2022. According to these data, I am listing the top 10 albums released in 2022. By the way, my Last fm username is kspsml, you can add it if you want :)
Loud Arriver

Revenge with music. No more words needed.

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Fav song: ''Daughter of the Morning Star''

These magnificent Singaporeans who add experimentation (hardcore, noise, post-metal, etc.) to their sound in Hiss album. They allow normal people to understand them too. Just listen, you will feel the wetness.

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Fav songs: ‘’ Behind Closed Doors’’ ‘’ Grieve’’
8Municipal Waste
Electrified Brain

I haven't seen the album "Electrified Brain" on almost any music list. I think it's the best crossover thrash metal album of the year. Simple and catchy riffs + pumping rock and roll solos + many hit songs. What more can one expect from a thrash album. Warning: If you haven't listened to the album, definitely listen alone and away from people.

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Fav songs: ‘’ Demoralizer’’ ‘’ The Bite’’

A group trying to show all their skills with all their might. When I first heard the album, I said "best album of the year". But over time, I realized that something was missing from the album. It's hard to describe in words what it is. I think the closest word is "cold". (I know it's a bit of a subjective comment.)
Anyway, Mirage is a great album overall. You should definitely listen.

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Fav song: ‘’ Laude’’

An album by Stratovarius that reminds of the old days. "Survive" tells the story of how to survive in an extreme world. "Creative riffs, fresh sound and modern touches". In addition, the vocal-guitar-keyboard harmony is amazing. (Remember, this band formed in 1985.) The best Power metal album I've listened to lately.

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Fav songs: ‘’Firefly’’ ‘’Broken’’

Do you like horses? I love it. You won't believe it, but in this album, the guitars are neighing. Like a galloping horse, the tempo of the album never drops. Add to this the killer Slayer riffs and a great Hardcore/Thrash album emerges. Concept album of the year: The Good, the Bad and the Horse

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Fav songs: ‘’ DEATHWESTERN’’ ‘’ Crucified Heathen Scum’’
4Ghost (SWE)

I bike for both hobby and sport. Last summer, I drove more than 1000 km and had to take a break from cycling as a result of a traffic accident. Don't worry, I'm still in one piece.
I generally listen to 80s synth music while cycling. I guess that's why I like the album "Impera" so much. The album has all the tones that reflect the spirit of the 80s (Abba, Toto, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and many more). There are many genres of songs from pop rock to glam rock. It's like the champions league. A very clever album.
I think, thanks to the same intelligence, "Ghost" is where it is today. They deserve it all the way.

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Fav songs: ‘’ Griftwood’’ ‘’ Spillways’’ ‘’ Twenties’’

Arthur Rizk, take note of this name. We will hear this name a lot in the future. He is an artist who can transfer the thoughts in his head directly to the songs and you can notice his style in every song. The strange thing is that he does this in other bands besides 'Sumerlands'. For example; Soulfly - Filth Upon Filth. You can hear Arthur Rizk touches as soon as you listen to the song. Incredible. Dreamkiller, no need to write long. Best heavy metal album of the year. As you can see on the album cover, they came to incinerate it.

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Fav songs: ‘’ Force Of A Storm’’ ‘’ Edge Of The Knife’’ ‘’ Death To Mercy’’
Bi Cinnete Bakar

"Lalalar" is a group that most people don't know. ''Bir Cinnete Bakar'' is a magnificent album with futuristic-electronic touches to the psychedelic spirit of the 70s. If you like up-tempo psychedelic albums, you should definitely listen to it.

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Fav songs: ‘’ Yamyam’’ ‘’ İsyanlar’’ ‘’ Ninja Partisi’’ ‘’ Hata Benim Göbek Adım’’ ‘’ Yalnız Ölü Balıklar Akıntıyı Takip Eder’’ ‘’ Hiç Mutlu Olmam Daha İyi’’ ‘’ Ceketini Al Yoluna Bak’’ ‘’ Mecnun'dan Beter Haldeyim’’

We came to number one on the list. An album with breathtaking drums, cold riffs, dark lyrics and no hope for life. Even not listening to this album can be a reason to go to heaven... In short, the best black metal album of the year by far. By the way, I don't want to talk about the Dominator performance. Abnormal humanoid thing.

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Fav song: ‘’ Endritual’’
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