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Good Albums

Juet my opinion
1Immortal Technique
Revolutionary Volume 2

Conspiracy driven hip-hop might not always sound the most appealing type of music, but Immortal Technique nailed it on this record. His flows carry powerful politically charged lyrics atop some fantastic beats, making this well worth a listen. A standout track is The Point Of No Return, a fan favourite.

Probably my favourite hip hop album of all time, Illmatic opems with a first proper track that sounds like Nas is literally taking a stroll through his city, describing what he sees in the most blunt and conversational tones. From the aggressive Halftime to the passionate letter to his incarcerated homies in One Love, Nas creates gold with every song.
3Dream Theater

Not quite as well known as Images and Words or Metropolis 2, Awake stands proudly alongside both with some of the most focussed writing the band has produced. It isnt quite as progressive as those two albums, but is chock full of metal riffs and still maintains the intricate complexities that Petrucci and Portnoy are known for. If only they could have done something about the vocals.

Of the first three Death records, not enough is said. Leprosy is the best of the three, feeling more like an old school death metal album than the progressively influenced final four. Songs such as Pull The Plug and Leprosy excel, with the disgusting vocals and great riffing and solos that just fucking shred.
5Dimmu Borgir

Symphonic black metal to rival anything the genre has put out. This is far more bombastic than Emperor, without sounding as forced as Cradle. Dimmu Borgir are rightfully celebrated as one of the best symphonic extreme metal acts, and this is right up there with their best works. Definitely one worth listening to, and possibly a good gateway album for people new to the genre.
6Jay-Z and Linkin Park
Collision Course

A collection of remixes that were also performed live by two of the biggest artists of their time, this took the best of both worlds, from Jay's lyrical brilliance, to the classy melodies of Linkin Park. To see this live would have been a treat, but sadly I must make do with this recording, which is head and shoulders above anything either artist did since.
7Chris Cornell
Euphoria Morning

RIP Chris, to begin with. This record virtually made my childhood, and that childhood was all the more bearable for it. Cornell had one of the widest ranges in rock music, and delivered every lyric with conviction. Preaching The End Of The World is one of the best songs on here to showcase his voice, whilst Flutter Girl and Cant Change Me are two very catchy numbers.
8Red (USA)
End of Silence

A surprisingly strong radio rock record with slight nu-metal influence, one need only listen to the aggressive riffing of Breathe Into Me and the great vocals to know this is worth listening to. It isnt going to be everybody's cup of tea, and certainly isnt quite a masterpiece, but it is very good for what it is.
Gods of Violence

Kreator have been on a great run of albums ever since they returned to the thrash sound with Enemy Of God. Most people agree that Phantom Antichrist was the best of the newer thrash records that these German titans have put out, but I prefer this. In particular, I think Death Becomes My Light can go toe to toe with any song in their back catalogue in a way that nothing off of PA could. This isnt another Coma of Souls, but it is a solid modern thrash album.
Volume 1

Alternate rock driven by creative riffing and some truly bizarre vocal work. Most people will recognise 96 Quite Bitter Beings from the Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 soundtrack, and the whole album continues in a similar vein
Again, it isnt for everyone, but it's definitely got some quality material for anyone wanting riff laden rock music. Let's be honest, anyone that doesn't respect riffs deserves no respect themselves.

Not the most celebrated Opeth record, but that hardly matters really. Opeth have an almost flawless discography, and even if Johnny Come Lately finds a way to criticise, they arent likely to give a damn either way. Heritage is a total reinvention for the band, drawing influences from 70s progressive music more so than ever before and completely abandoning the metal sound of classics such as Blackwater Park and Still Life. Tracks such as The Devils Orchard show exactly why this was a good move, with beautiful melodies and amazing riffing whilst still packing a moody atmosphere.

A vocalist probably best known as having collaborated with Bring Me The Horizon, Lights has a innocent tone of voice that makes every song sound utterly ethereal. This is even better when on a stripped back acoustic record containing rerecordings of some of her best work, including the magnificent Saviour. This woman needs more attention.
Rip The Jacker

A one-hit wonder in every sense of the word, Canibus took on LL Cool J, won the battle and lost the war. His diss track was fantastic, and yet it didn't matter because LL was a worldwide phenomenon. Canibus faded to obscurity and yet his quality did not diminish. He is a very technically gifted rapper, incorporating references into his schemes that raise eyebrows, and Rip The Jacker is possibly his strongest work. Definitely worth a listen.
14No Devotion

One of the most shockingly brilliant records to come from an absolute clusterfuck of publicity surrounding the members of Lostprophets. By teaming up with Thursday's vocalist, they made a fantastic post rock record that was easily album of its year in my opinion. Ten Thousand Summers is a personal favourite track.
Engineering The Void

Not the greatest death metal band out there by any stretch of the imagination , Soreption were still a band with technical chops and solid enough song writing. This is their strongest collection of songs, and one that still gets the occasional spin. The vocals in particular are strong here.
Herald Moth

A forgotten gem of a band, InMe formed as an angst driven nu-metal act, before changing into a hard rock band with technical guitar work consisting of lots of finger tapping atop more angsty verses. Herald Moth is the pinnacle of this technical alt rock sound, with the new guitarist being perhaps more gifted than anything that came before.

It still baffles me why nobody talks about Vader anymore. Successors to Slayer at a time when Slayer were too busy sacrificing rotten apple cores to the beast, Vader were literally just Slayer with blast beats and growls. Sothis is their best record, an EP that flies by in a whirlwind of riffs.
Death Rap

Totally obscene in every sense of the word, Necro is a rapper who sprays bars about murder, mutilation, and all other beautiful things. His flows are impressive, the way he twists words into odes to torture is more so. This is certainly worth a look.
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