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Deftones: Worst to Best (Studio)

I know there are a lot of worst to best lists out there for Deftones. Some fans are divisive about certain Deftones albums, while others listen to the albums religiously. Deftones are my favorite band and I hope I don't get too much shit for my ratings. This is just the studio albums, no b-sides, covers, splits, or demos will be listed on this list. (Note: the top six albums in this list were at times my favorite Deftones albums at one point in my young adult life.)

Before Gore came out, Adrenaline was regarded as arguably the worst Deftones album. It is really the sound of the band coming together after a few years of jamming and coming up with solid material to put together a debut album. This is the rawest album by the band. The audio production on this album is also the worst in the band's discography until Gore (seriously, what the fuck...). This is also the band's only pure nu metal album (still better than 98% of other Nu Metal albums). Fist is their best hidden track imo.

Rating: B (4/5)

I still fucking love this album even though it has the worst audio production out of all of the Deftones albums in their discography. It is still an album I play to death. I am quite lenient with it due to the replay value. It isn't their best songs and it was a let-down. However, it is also arguably their heaviest album at times, there are really heavy and dark moments on this album. The pink hues on this album turn to sludge on the self-titled track and throughout the album at times. The weakest singles in the band's discography are present on this album, but it is Deftones and they didn't fuck up.

Rating: A- (4.75/5)
Koi No Yokan

C'mon, give me a break. I know I am going to get shit for having KNY so low, but out of the six perfect Deftones albums (IMO), Koi No Yokan is the weakest album. It is their sound drenched in post-rock/post-metal influences, which brings a unique swing to their sound. Every song off of this album creates an overall soundscape that is reminiscent of the premonition of falling in love with someone (Koi No Yokan is Japanese for the premonition of falling in love).

Rating: A (4.9/5)
Around the Fur

Around The Fur imo is their best album for me to listen to when I am really pissed off. "Headup" is my go-to song for speeding on the highway and for workout music. The only real turn-off with this album is the unnecessary 37:18 minute long track for MX to go into Damone. The bong hit in the middle of the song is not enough to justify listening to more than 20 minutes of silence to hear Damone after MX. This doesn't prevent me from giving this album a 5. Compared to Adrenaline, Deftones have taken 2 steps forward, harnessed their sound and made a heavier album compared to Adrenaline. This album does not have any filler on it, minus the 20 minutes of silence at the end. This is not pure nu metal, you hear different music genres in this album compared to Adrenaline. You can kind of hear the direction they would go on White Pony.

Rating: A (4.92/5)

Lovers, the most underrated album in Deftones discography. Some say they played it safe with this album, those some are fucking idiots. This is the heaviest album in the discography and at times, my favorite album in their discography. Some people think this album has no unique identity compared to every other Deftones album sans Adrenaline, but this album arguably lays the template for Dream Metal. It is the quintessential dream metal album. I feel like it created a new sound and it does not get the love or the credit it deserves because it is not WP 2.0. When Girls Telephone Boys is the heaviest song in their discography. The Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event is the lightest song in their discography (although you could argue that Xerces is their lightest track). The most common complaint leveled against this album is the inconsistency of the soundscape. I beg to differ, the soundscape is as consistent as WP imo.

Rating: A+ (4.95/5)
Diamond Eyes

Ethereal Metal, please sign me up and take my soul. You could make an argument that this is their best album post-WP and it wouldn't be an unpopular opinion. The album is probably their second most replayable album. I can easily listen to this album over 100+ times in 2 weeks and not grow tired of listening to this album. The flow of this album is like walking through a haunted battlefield covered in ethereal fog, akin to Cocteau Twins.

Rating: A+ (4.97/5)
Saturday Night Wrist

I will be honest, I did not understand Saturday Night Wrist until I went through a severe depressive episode that lasted a few months. The album did not click with me at first compared to every album in their catalog except White Pony (I had a hard time listening to White Pony at first because I used to prefer their heaviest discography when I was a teenager). This album is the sound of a band on the verge of collapsing. Fat Chino is underrated, his drug usage was at its worst during the Dark Days era until after SNW. Chino paid more attention to Team Sleep at the time more than Saturday Night Wrist, but you really cannot tell (unless you really hate Pink Cellphone, arguably the worst track in their discography.) The album is devastatingly beautiful. I listened to this album nonstop after the love of my life killed himself when I was 21 and it really helped with the grieving process.

Rating: A+ (4.98/5)
White Pony

You fucking know that I was going to have White Pony as their best album because it is their best album. Perfect flow, the most unique soundscape out of all of their albums, their most influential album. Oddly enough, I hated it the first time I listened to it. I was going in thinking that this album was going to be heavier than ATF, but I was shocked by the meshing of several different genres of music. This is their trip-hop/experimental metal album. You have the best of both worlds, Teenagers captures their trip-hop sound and Elite captures their metal sound. It is consistently in my top ten favorite albums, sometimes even my top three favorite albums. I wouldn't recommend someone trying to get into Deftones to listen to this album at first because it is a unique soundscape compared to the rest of their discography. It isn't metal. It doesn't fit nicely in a genre box like the majority of their discography does, but it is their best album.

Rating A+ (5/5)
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