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11.23.18 Most Important Rock Artists11.23.18 Best Sonic Youth Albums
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11.21.18 Best Indie Folk Albums

Most Important Rock Artists

In this list there'll not be the most hardest, but the most influential, that changed their era, and therefore, the greatest. (Sorry about English, it's not my native language). EDIT: About best Iron Maiden song: I'm not a fan of the band, I just took the song that I consider to be the most famous and remarkable of them.
21Deep Purple

I read the comments and I do not believe I forgot Deep Purple, Machine Head is a great Hard Rock album, but if I changed the list I will confuse myself a lot. I'll put it as an honorable mention, but It'd probably be in the top 15 or 10, maybe even in Aerosmith's place. Maybe in the future I'll redo the list.
Best Song: Smoke on the Water
20Iron Maiden

It was the Iron Maiden that transformed the metal into what it is today, moving from a subgenre of hard rock to virtually a new musical genre.
Best Song: The Trooper
19The Smiths

The smiths, along with R.E.M., made a "Jangle Pop Revival" in the 1980s, but smiths have a much greater influence, influencing the next generations of musicians, from britpop to the indie of the 2000s.
Best Song: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
18Sonic Youth

They played grunge before grunge even existed, influencing an entire generation in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s.
Best Song: Teenage Riot
17Led Zeppelin

Probably the greatest of hard rock, but not its creators. They just did what others did before them, even so it's a great band.
Best Song: Stairway To Heaven

Mixing classical music with hard rock, progressive rock, arena rock and others, Queen was the great rock band of the 70s and 80s.
Best Song: Bohemian Rhapsody
15David Bowie

one of the greatest influencers of the alternative in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even beyond, even predicted the great emergence of electronic music in the mainstream. always totally changing the sound and visual, one of the greatest rock artists.
Best Song: Space Oddity
14Black Sabbath

the creators of heavy metal, and even several subgenres. have shaped a whole new way of living and listening to music.
Best Song: Paranoid
13The Stooges

The creators of Punk, pretty much, with a little help from The Who.
Best Song: Search and Destroy
12Bob Dylan

A folk and country artist, but that nevertheless had a great impact in the culture of his time, and until today, creating genres like folk rock, country rock, etc.
Best Song: Like a Rolling Stone
11The Velvet Underground

before they did not exist the alternative, everything that came later, The Stooges, Bowie, Punk, New Wave, etc. must to this band.
Best Song: I'm Waiting For The Man
10Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was and is the greatest rock guitarist of all time, no doubt, and his work influenced generations in the future, but his short life span makes him fall some positions.
Best Song: All Along The Watchtower
9The Who

Precursors of punk, with their fast songs and violent attitudes in the presentations. then matured, creating incredible albums.
Best Song: Won't Get Fooled Again
8Pink Floyd

The biggest progressive rock band with many of the greatest of all time. Its influence lasts until today.
Best Song: Wish You Were Here
7Eric Clapton

The creator of hard rock. Beginning as a blues player in the pubs of London, joining some blues bands to create Cream with two other great musicians, they influenced several along with Jimi Hendrix. After doing a great job with Blind Faith, then Derek and The Dominos, with the classic "Layla". After all, he still has a very strong solo career.
Best Song: Layla

After releasing the hit "Creep," and being called a sham, they tried to create something really good. "The Bends" is what emerged from it. After creating one of the greatest albums of all time, "Ok Computer", then the great influencer of the electronic "Kid A", and other incredible works in the 2000's.
Best Song: Paranoid Android

the gods of American hard rock, creating incredible albums, and having great influence for three decades in a row.
Best Song: Sweet Emotion
4The Doors

the best and biggest psychedelic rock band, The Doors has influenced generations of artists, with their psychedelia, or the incredible keyboards, or guitar solos, or the wondrous stage presence of Jim Morrison.
Best Song: Light My Fire
3The Rolling Stones

In the beginning a simple copy of Beatles, but later they consolidated like the greater band of Blues-Hard Rock. And also the owners of the most famous guitar riff (I Can not Get No) Satisfaction.
Best Song: Gimme Shelter
2The Beach Boys

It was difficult to choose between the last two. Beach Boys influenced Beatles on Sgt. Peppers with Pet Sounds, but Pet Sounds was influenced by Rubber Soul. A difficult choice, but the surfers are second.
Best Song: Good Vibrations
1The Beatles

What about them? Thousands of singles, incredible albums, always changing. They changed everything, both rock and pop, influencing folk, metal and alternative.
Best Song: A Day In The Life
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