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Recent Doof Digs

Anything I've rediscovered or newly discovered that scratched that itch made this playlist...only rule is no 2023, I'll listen to that shit anyway.... No significance to the order, I tend to dip in or occasionally hit shuffle...

'I Was a Cloud'

Phenomenal track, time seems to stop for this - EASY FIVE STARS
2Jane's Addiction
Nothing's Shocking

'Summertime Rolls'

Does what it says on the tin, their second best tune after 'Then She Did' for me, 5 STARS ALL DAY.
3Guns N' Roses
Appetite for Destruction

'It's So Easy'

Funniest and most fun lyrics of any G n' R song, hilarious dumb machismo - close to a classic...maybe a classic...not quite 5 stars for me right now but one day who knows.
4Michael Jackson

'Who Is It'

Maybe a guilty pleasure? This song is both brilliant and unintentionally hilarious all at once - again, close to a classic, but I'll refrain from a 5 star rating today.
5Paradise Lost
One Second


Incredible and atypical song for PL (sounds more like The The?), but definitely one of my favourites and one of only a handful of their songs I'd give top marks for - 5 STARS ALL DAY.
6Pinetop Seven
Rigging the Toplights

'Drying Out'

Alt country brilliance, new to me this year and their best tune - 5 STARS YUP YUP YUP.
Coming Up

'Saturday Night'

Again, bit of a guilty pleasure perhaps - not sure I even liked this that much at the time despite owning the album, a strange time when I'd outgrown school and was hanging out with people I had a limited amount in common with and going out clubbing listening to music that I didn't really connect with. That time now has nostalgia for me and this song likewise seems to have the same feeling, the way the chorus is sung is great - UNEXPECTED 5 STAR BUMP.
8Hall and Oates
Private Eyes

'I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)'

Kitsch is the word, another guilty pleasure, irresistible tune - 5 STARS NO MISTAKE
9Pride and Glory
Pride and Glory

'Losin Your Mind'

A '90s classic, the most fun you can have listening to Zakk Wylde - RESOUNDING 5 STAR BUMP
10Alice in Chains

'Love, Hate, Love'

Finally got into this album a bit more - definitely the best on the album, 5 STARS YOU KNOW IT
...And Justice for All

'The Frayed Ends of Sanity'

Another album I finally did justice (heh) to this year - the intro alone is worth full marks - 5 STARS YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT

'You Know You're Right'

I GIVE THIS 5 STARS and I know I'm right.
13Frank Black
Frank Black

'Los Angeles'

A top 10 Pixies song no doubt - AND THAT DEFINITELY EQUALS 5 STARS
14Grant Lee Buffalo

'Dixie Drug Store'

One of the great story telling songs...I feel stupid not awarding this 5 stars but then there are better songs on the album, even if this might be the most fun to listen to....


Good old Shawn Smith, this really is the ultimate sound of the '90s - 5 STARS NO QUESTION
16Mercury Rev
Yerself Is Steam


I sometimes joke this is better than all of 'Loveless', but I'm no longer sure that's a joke - POSSIBLY MOST 5 WORTHY ON THE LIST
17Rufus Wainwright

'One Man Guy'

One of the best covers of all time and also the title being recast in the context of it being Rufus is droll - OBVIOUS 5 STARS
18The Church

'The Disillusionist'

One of their best, great lyrics and very unique - HAS TO BE 5 STARS
Pyramid Song


I always joke this is the best song they released in 2001 but am I really joking - ANOTHER RADIOHEAD 5 STAR SONG
Instrument Soundtrack

'I'm So Tired'

Still a bit strange this is one of their most played on Spotify but it has grown on me a lot - TO THE POINT IT IS A 5 STAR SONG


Most nostalgic Soundgarden song for whatever reason - 5 STARS FOR ME
22Songs: Ohia
Axxess and Ace

'Captain Badass'

Great title, better song, one of his best and kinda atypical too - 5 STARS NO JOKE
23Palace Music
Viva Last Blues

'New Partner'

Oldham has ruled my year and this is top 10 from the bearded wonder - 5 STARS IN PERPETUITY
Simple Pleasures

'(You Take) This Heart Of Mine'

Has slowly become a top 5 'Sticks tune, play it late, play it loud - 5 STARS IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU
25Jens Lekman
Night Falls Over Kortedala


One of his essentials, that chorus - 5 STARS THANK ME LATER
26David John Morris
Monastic Love Songs

'New Safe'

Will calm even the most restless spirit - 5 STARS TO BE TAKEN DAILY
27Bonny Light Horseman
Bonny Light Horseman

'Bonny Light Horseman'

Grew on me, verrrrr pretty - 5 STARS BUT DON'T QUOTE ME ON IT
28Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

'Waiting for You'

This cheddar has aged to perfection - BIG HELPING OF 5 STARS


The Belgian Buckley strikes gold - A RESPECTFUL 5 STARS

'Perish Song'

Sets a mood - 5 STARS FOREVER


This still does it for me - A PLAY IT AT YOUR FUNERAL 5 STARS
Ones and Sixes


Bit of a hidden gem in the Low catalogue - A RECENT 5 STARS UPGRADE
33Asaf Avidan
Gold Shadow

'The Labyrinth Song'

This was on a show but can't remember which - liked it a lot instantly, A TAKING THE PLUNGE 5 STARS
Autumn Bells

'I Fell In Love'


'Prelude for Time Feelers'

The great new album sent me scurrying back to this - A 'FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE' 5
Filth Pig


I probably underrate this album, has a few scorchers on it - and this is one, A FILTHY 5 RATING
37Bon Iver
22, A Million

'33 "GOD"'

Still don't get too much from the parent album but this is possibly his best tune - 5 STARS IT JUST HAS SOMETHING ABOUT IT
38Broken Social Scene
Forgiveness Rock Record

'Romance to the Grave'

What a great intro, a very undervalued BSS track this one - A 'THE INTRO IS ALONE WORTHY OF A 5' 5 RATING
Your Blues

'Certain Things You Ought to Know'

His most evocative song and that's saying a lot - ONE OF THE MOST DESERVING 5 RATINGS ON THE LIST
40Manic Street Preachers
Everything Must Go

'No Surface All Feeling'

One of the only songs that feels a continuation from 'The Holy Bible' - AN 'EASILY THE BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM' 5 RATING
The Guilt Trip

'Got What I Deserved'

Probably his best song and a lost '90s classic, if you like early Mercury Rev this is essential - A RECENT 5 RATING

'Where's My Dini?'

One of the best '90s throwback bands operating right now and this is their top 'hit' - 5 STARS BUT MAYBE A LITTLE FORTUNATE TO CATCH ME ON A GOOD DAY
43Coma Cinema
Posthumous Release

'White Trash V.H.S'

Green to Blue

'I Want You to Realise'

This is maybe their most direct emotional hitter - A 'MORE PEOPLE SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS' 5 STARS
Cancer 4 Cure

'The Full Retard'

Just a funny pick really - BUT THAT DOESN'T STOP IT BEING 5 STARS
In Field and Town

'Damn This Feeling'

Introduced to this on a 'the songs that made me' type list with Matt Berninger', has grown on me over time - 5 STARS BUT IT TOOK A WHILE
Oblivion with Bells

'Best Mamgu Ever'

Stunning closer, one to get lost in - ONLY RECENTLY DISCOVERED BUT A 5 RATING
48The Blue Nile
Peace at Last

'Sentimental Man'

Suddenly has jumped up to being one of my favourite Blue Nile songs, incredible - A SINGALONG 5 STARS
49Prefab Sprout
Steve McQueen

'Moving the River'

Cheers me up every time - GOOD MOOD GENIUS 5 STARS
50The Gathering

'You Learn About It'

Another real pretty one - AN 'I'M SLOWLY GETTING INTO THIS BAND' 5 RATING
51Greg Weeks
Awake Like Asleep

'I Will Fall to Meet Her'

An obscure find this year, this is very dark and dreamlike, pained almost - AN 'I'M PRETTY SURE' 5 RATING
52Ed Harcourt
Here Be Monsters

'Beneath the Heart of Darkness'

Perhaps the most 'epic' song on the list, the 'light' and 'dark' sections of the song are equally immense - A "I WISH I LIKED ALL HIS STUFF THIS MUCH HMMM' 5 STARS
53Elliott Smith
Heaven Adores You

'True Love'

Took a little while but this one eventually put in those hooks and became a top 25 Elliott tune for me - 5 STARS FOR THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN TOUCH
54The The

'The Whisperers'

Great lyrics as always, and one of his most melodic choruses - A 'BEACON ON AN AVERAGE ALBUM' 5 STARS

'October Swimmer'

56Jackie Leven
Defending Ancient Springs

'Single Father'

Oh Jackie, this one hurts, think it's all true story stuff, RIP - 5 STARS AND ONE OF HIS TOP 10 SONGS
57The Montgolfier Brothers
Seventeen Stars

'Even If My Mind Can't Tell You'

Some great indie schmindie here! - A RECENT 5 STAR DISCOVERY
Crazy on the Weekend

'Hard Sun'

Self explanatory - A LEAST SURPRISING 5 STARS
59Add N to (X)
On The Wires Of Our Nerves


Very much the standout track from their early material - ANOTHER RECENT 5 STAR FIND
60Social Distortion
White Light White Heat White Trash

'I Was Wrong'

Classic vocals, hadn't listened to this band in ages, probably the best song on this album - A GRUFF 5 STARS
61Ol' Dirty Bastard
Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version

'Brooklyn Zoo'

Another one that just puts you in a good mood tbh - AN EVERGREEN 5 STARS
62Patricia Barber
Cafe Blue

'Too Rich for My Blood'

This 'vocal jazz' album was new to me this year but this track is an instant favourite - A 'SOMETHING DIFFERENT' 5 STARS
63Paul Quinn and The Independent Group
Will I Ever Be Inside of You

'Will I Ever Be Inside of You'

Bowie type torch song, also quite epic, another great discovery this year - AN 'INSTANT DOOF CANON' 5 STARS
64The Wildhearts
Earth vs. The Wildhearts


Probably their best, and one of the best instrumental codas of the '90s that lands somewhere between 'Siamese Dream' and Metallica - 5 STARS NO QUESTION
65Bhundu Boys
Friends on the Road

'Foolish Harp/Waerera'

Forgot about this, just one of those 'one off' bits of magic - AN OLD FRIEND 5 RATING
66The Apartments

'The Goodbye Train'

Another incredible opener and probably one of my favourite songs on this list, singalong for me - A 'SHAME I MISSED THIS AT THE TIME' 5 STARS
Blues for the Red Sun

'Green Machine'

Just a classic Kyuss tune, you probably know it already - AN OBVIOUS 5 STARS
68Richard Thompson
Rumor And Sigh

'I Misunderstood'

RT has become a music hero for me, the king of pithy relationship stuff like this song - A LIVING LEGEND 5 RATING
69Brian Eno and John Cale
Wrong Way Up

'Spinning Away'

If you haven't listened to this one then rectify that immediately - 5 STARS ALL DAY
70John Cale
Artificial Intelligence

'Dying on the Vine'

Not his best album but 100% one of his best songs - TOOK ME A WHILE TO FEEL IT BUT THIS IS 5 STARS
71The Bathers
Sweet Deceit

'Get Out of Life'

Not a lot sounds like this, what a vibe - ONE OF MY FAVOURITE NEW 5 STAR SONGS OF THE LAST 5 YEARS
72The Wedding Present


One of those bands I'm progressively getting more into, a bit of a project - HAVEN'T 5'D MANY OF THEIR SONGS YET BUT THIS ONE IS A 5 RATING
73The Fall
This Nation's Saving Grace

'I Am Damo Suzuki'

The comment above for the Wedding Present could also be used here, daunting discog but this track is the bollocks - A 'ONE DAY I WILL DO THIS BAND JUSTICE' 5 STAR RATING
74Nine Inch Nails
Pretty Hate Machine


Why did it take me over twenty years to realise this is the best song on the album, and quite easily so - DEFINITE 5 STARS
75Talk Talk
Spirit of Eden

'I Believe in You'

Still my favourite on the album - AN OBVIOUS 5 STARS HERE.
76Sonic Youth


Anyone not agree this is in their top 5 songs? - SO 5 STARS IT HURTS
77It's Immaterial
Life's Hard and Then You Die

'Driving Away from Home'

Love this band but not 100% sold on this album, this 'novelty hit' is groovy though - A 'I GUESS IT'S A 5' 5 STARS
78Randy Newman
Trouble in Paradise

'Same Girl'

This featured in 'Euphoria' I think , instantly liked it a lot - A TV CAN BE GOOD FOR YOU 5 STARS
79The Sisters of Mercy
Some Girls Wander By Mistake

'Temple of Love - 1992'

What some might label 'a banger' - INDISPUTABLE 5 STARS
80The Chameleons
Script of the Bridge

'Second Skin'

Band are definitely on me 'to revisit' list, this inclusions was a conscious choice to remind me - A 'IT SOUNDS A BIT LIKE EVERY 80S BAND BUT IT IS VERY GOOD' 5 RATING
81donald fagan

'The New Frontier'

A sort of guilty pleasure, this one has grown on me immensely - 5 STARS AND NO SHAME
82Mission of Burma
Signals, Calls, and Marches

'Academy Fight Song'

An established classic and I concur - 5 STARS WE MOVE ON
83The Clash

'The Magnificent Seven'

Awful close to me considering this their best song - CLASSIC 5 STARS ALL DAY


Realising I actually dig this band was interesting - A 'I THINK I USED TO NOT LIKE THIS AS A KID' 5 STARS
85David Bowie

'Always Crashing in the Same Car'

Someone called this a 'crap version of 'Heroes' and that cut deep, one of my favourites - 5 STARS NO ARGUMENT


Such an odd one, 'femination generation' they called it - not 5 stars but it's just another great song on a spectacular album.
87Witch (Zambia)
Lazy Bones!!

'Strange Dream'

My brother played me this years ago, was prob on a skate video or something, surprised they came back this year - A RAMSHACKLE 5 STARS
88Big Star
#1 Record


One of those perfect short acoustic guitar songs you get - A TIMELESS 5 STARS
89Led Zeppelin
Houses of the Holy

'The Rain Song'

I must have put this on the playlist the same time as 'Thirteen' as there's a similar acoustic tone - THIS IS THE BEST LED ZEPPELIN SONG SO A 5 RATING
90Townes Van Zandt
The Late Great Townes Van Zandt

'Poncho & Lefty'

Another classic that I think everyone's in agreement about - 5 STARS NO FUSS
91Rod Stewart
Every Picture Tells A Story

'Maggie May'

Been getting into yer Rod a bit this year - AN 'IS THIS EMBARRASSING TO LISTEN TO OR NOT' 5 STARS
The Clock Comes Down the Stairs


One of my favourite song discoveries of the last six years or however long it is, love the bile in the vocals - A FORGOTTEN BAND 5 STARS
93Richmond Fontaine
The Fitzgerald


One of their albums I'd neglected up to this year, this song is devastating, love it - A LAUGH A MINUTE 5 RATING
94Depeche Mode
Music for the Masses

'Little 15'

Is this underrated because I'd put this in their top 5 songs - A MISUNDERSTOOD 5 STARS

'Machine Gun'

The most bleak Portishead song, this is unique - AN 'I'D BE SURPRISED IF EVERYONE AGREES' 5 RATING
96Joan Armatrading
Show Some Emotion

'Never Is Too Late'

Her best song imo, really stands out - 5 STARS FOR A SONG BY A MOSTLY FORGOTTEN ARTIST
97The Posies
Amazing disgrace

'Precious Moments'

This has only been in my life about seven years but this is one of those songs that gets more painful to listen to by the year, the lyric 'life, what precious moments, like a flood that you cant reverse' is spot on - A PAINFUL 5 STARS
98Faith No More
The Real Thing

'The Cowboy Song'

Their best B-Side and I would have put this on 'The Real Thing' ahead of 'War Pigs', I know I know... - A 'YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT' 5 STARS
Monument Builders


Eerie as hell ambience from Loscil here - AN UNSETTLING 5 STARS
Good Morning Spider

'Maria's Little Elbows'

One of the best from Sparklehorse, the unexpected posthumous album this year is incredible too - 5 STARS AND GOODNIGHT
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