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Doof's Listening Log 1: Jan-Mar 2020

One new album a day only, check back for ratings/comments/track picks as I clock up repeat plays...................................................... Follow my listening:
57Half Man Half Biscuit
Voyage to the Bottom of the Road

—February 25th—
Miss Anthropocene

—February 24th—
55Agnes Obel

—February 23rd—
54Sam Lee
Old Wow

—February 22nd—
53The Sound

—February 21st—
52The Sound
Heads & Hearts

—February 20th—
51The Sound
All Fall Down

—February 19th—
50The Sound
From The Lion's Mouth

—February 18th—
49Tame Impala
The Slow Rush

—February 17th—

Current Rating: 68% [3.5/5]

Genre: Psychedelic/synth pop

First impressions: If this had tunes on a par with the standout moments from 'Currents' ('Let it Happen', 'The Less I Know The Better', 'New Person...') then we'd really be talking. Instead this boasts an even more enveloping production job than 'Currents' but also makes its kinship with the first two albums known with all those retro psychedelic washes of noise.

Better than expected. Still, his weakest album all things considered and a strict 40 minute run time might have served him better.
48A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

—February 16th—
47Scott Lavene

—February 15th—
46Bonny Light Horseman
Bonny Light Horseman

—February 14th—

Current Rating: 64% [3/5]

Genre: Indie folk

First Impressions: as close as you can get to the 3.5 rating as possible so it might get that little bump down the line....for now I just can't quite do it. This is a very, eh, 'pleasant listen', but more than that? Not hearing anything so far.
45Half Man Half Biscuit
Four Lads Who Shook the Wirral

—February 13th—

Genre: Post-punk/Indie rock

Current Rating: 70% [ 3.5/5 ]

First impressions: slowly working backwards through the discog and the production is a bit scratchier but still the same hit and miss song writing. One of those classic bands who dont need a classic album....just consistency.
44Nicolas Godin
Concrete And Glass

—February 12th—

Current Rating: 54% [2.5/5]

Genre: Downtempo electronic

First Impressions: Sadly still largely unremarkable but certainly a lot better than much of the most recent Air output. Is it a drifty coffee table album with a 'magazine shoot' style album cover? Yes, you got it.
43Green Day
Father of All Motherfuckers

—February 11th—

Current Rating: 3% [0.5/5]

Genre: Over produced pop/'I still hate highschool' nostalgia-core/Insta-trash stock music non-event

First Impressions: BJA sounds like a robot, the rhythm section has gone anti-punk handclap and 'pop band recording 'We Are the Champions' or 'We Built this City on Rock n' Roll' soft, BJA is still singing about having to go to high school and hating it, everything sounds like stock music for 'failing TV Channel's failing flagship teen reality show theme music'. I can't say enough bad things about this abomination. Did I mention all the songs are bad and the album is only 25 minutes long? It's criminal this will keep feeding Green Day, their families and their entourage - it is lazy, cynical and an exercise in money grubbing. Don't support it is my advice.

—February 10th—

Current Rating: 64% [3/5]

Genre: Nu Metal/Thrash

First Impressions: As I said in the review thread this album sounds more like what I'd want Machine Head to record in the year 2020 - and that would constitute a big return to form for them. For Sepultura? This is 'good' but they can still do better than this and I wouldn't say this is much of an improvement on the previous album which had a couple of absolute bangers on it.
41Stone Temple Pilots

—February 9th—

Current Rating: 27% [1.5/5]

Genre: Acoustic Heart Warmers

First Impressions: zero rock on the ingredients list, you could definitely now hire these guys as your wedding band...and not the band who play to get people dancing. No, they're the ones you get to play walking in to the ceremony and then plucking away while everyone's eating.

This is as insipid and polite as it gets. Occasionally - and I mean very occasionally - you get a nice flavour of Led Zeppelin style folk rock. That's about as much praise as I can muster here.
40Isobel Campbell
There Is No Other...

—February 8th—

Genre: Breathy folk/pop

Current Rating: 58% [3/5]

First Impressions: pleasant to listen to as background music but an incredibly bland approach across so many songs and such a lengthy album.
39Bobbie Gentry

—February 7th—

Current Rating: 60% [3/5]

Genre: Country Soul/Pop

First Impressions: still too many covers and too much crowd pleasing trend hopping etc.
38Bobbie Gentry

—February 6th—

Current Rating: 63% [3/5]

Genre: Country Soul/Pop

First Impressions: still too many covers and too much crowd pleasing trend hopping etc.
37Bobbie Gentry
Touch 'Em with Love

—February 5th

Current Rating: 61% [3/5]

Genre: Country Soul/Pop

First Impressions: still too many covers and too much crowd pleasing trend hopping etc.
36Bobbie Gentry
Local Gentry

—February 4th—

Current Rating: 69% [3.5/5]

Genre: Country Soul/Pop

First Impressions: the voice is still nice and some of the material keeps the vibe of the first two albums...but uh oh here comes the trend hopping and the cover versions. It's all gone a bit swingin' sixties Austin Powers.
35Dan Deacon
Mystic Familiar

—February 3rd—

Genre: Indietronica

Current Rating: 74% [3.5/5]

First Impressions: I rate this about as highly as I can without the 4/5 bump, a very strong 3.5. Dan sounds positively retro, what once was 'on the pulse' now seems altogether nostalgic but that's not a bad thing. Shades of AnCo and other psychedelic indie, as well as some very 'mid to late 2000s electronic' sounds.
34En Attendant Ana

—February 2nd—

Genre: Indie pop/jangle

Current Rating: 78% [4/5]

First Impressions: a peppy rec from anatelier which has that certain je ne sais quoi you get from the French. Short and sweet.
33Drive-By Truckers
The Unraveling

—February 1st—

Genre: Alt-country/protest rock

Current Rating: 72% [3.5/5]

First Impressions: Sorely missing the intensity and hard rocking approach of its predecessor. The album starts very strongly, the first three songs all have a lot to recommend them, and the final two tracks are a satisfactory (if far from ‘career best’ standard) conclusion. Unfortunately the tracklist noticeably sags in the middle which really takes the shine off ‘The Unravelling’.
Have We Met

—January 31st—

Current Rating: 90% [4.5/5]

Genre: Sophisti synth pop

First Impressions: it feels like a logical continuation of ‘Ken’, in so much as that album strategically retreated a few steps back to a place closer to career standout ‘Kaputt’, but in the process still managed to prise open a few doors for future progression - where ‘Poison Season’ and ‘Ken’ occasionally came across as over eager to provide moments of punchiness to grab the listener’s attention ‘Have We Met’ is confident enough to unfold at its own measured, undulating pace...and it reaps the rewards.
31Half Man Half Biscuit
Trouble Over Bridgwater

—January 30th—

Genre: Post-punk/Indie rock

Current Rating: 70% [ 3.5/5 ]

First impressions: more solid stuff from HMHB, the last song about the petrol garage is v funny.
30Bobbie Gentry
Ode to Billie Joe

—January 29th—

Current Rating: 80% [4/5]

Genre: Country Soul/Pop

First Impressions: although not as arresting or varied as 'Delta Sweete' this is still a really sound debut release that straight away sets up her stall as a swampy bayou siren. The title track is obviously a classic.
29Kristian Harting
The Fumes

—January 28th—

Current Rating: 66% [3.5/5]

Genre: Indie folk

First Impressions: slightly indistinct song writing and his voice is merely 'good' rather than 'great' - but this is an agreeable folk-ish approach with some well incorporated atmospheric touches which are often the highlight.
28The Clash
Cut the Crap

—January 27th—

Current Rating: 13% [ 0.5/5 ]

Genre: 80s synthpunk overloooooooad

First Impressions: strong first impressions! I can feel the temptation to play devil's advocate and defend this thing, as a few eccentric sorts have done on RYM...but really the arguments that this is experimental in a novel way fall down - because this followed the equally experimental 'Sandinista' and 'Combat Rock'. We've heard The Clash go pop, dub, slightly dance-y, slightly synth'y...we've been there. This may go further you could say, but really it just goes beyond the event horizon of good taste and natural musical instinct - that's the only journey this album takes me on.
27The Clash
Give 'Em Enough Rope

—January 26th—

Current Rating: 74% [ 3.5/5 ]

Genre: Punk

First Impressions: a little bit underrated maybe, in that as much as I can agree that 'Rope' packs nowhere near as raw and incendiary a set of punk toons as found on the debut, it's still a largely solid set and an enjoyable listen. It's hard being the sandwich filler between two albums considered classics I guess...but then I'd also say the first three songs alone make it my third favourite Clash album ahead of the madhouse that is 'Sandinista' or the even more hit and miss 'Combat Rock'.
26Klaus Johann Grobe
Spagat der Liebe

—January 25th—

Genre: Krautrock/Psychedelic post-punk

Current Rating: 74% [ 3.5/5 ]

First Impressions: not as outstanding and ear catching as the debut - maybe it ups the psychedelia too much at the expense of the krautrock? Still a very groovy little sound they got going - esp considering Germans.
25Holy Fuck

—January 25th—

Current Rating: 70% [3.5/5]

Genre: Indietronica

First Impressions: another Anatelier rec and yes, I enjoy this band's approach to epic electronics - rather than a 'wall of sound' I call it a 'cathedral of sound' as it comes across very grand and imposing. I feel like it should be played in some great chamber where the sounds can echo off the walls and the music is afforded a degree of awe and reverence. The problem I have is it's a bit rich a dish to take in across the full album length.
24Wolf Parade
Thin Mind

—January 24th—

Current Rating: 62% [3/5]

Genre: Indie rock

First Impressions: Indie rock by numbers - it gets points for being sprightly and for containing some typically great Spencer Krug moments but ultimately I find it over familiar and unmemorable. I will be returning to it throughout the year as it's still an easy listen and maybe it'll grow a bit. Slapping a3.5 on it down the line would be nice.
23Bill Fay
Countless Branches

—January 23rd—

Current Rating: 68% [3.5/5]

Genre: Decrepit folk

First Impressions: Touching performances and reasonably engaging song writing make for an agreeable, if still somewhat inessential, latter career album. A little snoozy maybe?
The Ground Our Sky

—January 22nd—

Current Rating: 68% [3.5/5]

Genre: Ambient with pedal steel and some vocals

First Impressions: this was very pretty and I'll probably reach for it as a sleepytimes album but at the final count, ever so slightly inconsequential. A little snoozy maybe?

—January 21st—

Current Rating: 70% [3.5/5]

Genre: Ambient techno / house

First Impressions: Fell into 'background listening' a little too easily but as mellow house with a bit of BOC ambience stirred in it's pretty nice yeah. A little snoozy maybe?
There Is No Year

—January 20th—

Current Rating: 17% [1/5]

Genre: Lenny Kravitz singing over 3rd hand Joy Division/genre mismatch

First Impressions: The same old cheesy genre mismatch approach from Algiers - vaguely promising dark atmospherics slathered in OTT ‘heavy on the ham’ gospel/soul outpourings.

My least favourite vocals are BIG VOCALS that fail to convey any emotion - nothing is communicated to me by this singing style.
19The Go-Betweens
Oceans Apart

—January 19th—

Genre: Jangle pop

Current Rating: 74% [ 3.5/5 ]

First Impressions: I'm always wary when the subtle little embellishments are the standout feature of any album but in this case the song writing is still sturdy, the vocals are sturdy and the performance of the band is it's fine. A mature set of songs elevated by tone, texture and the occasional 'guest appearance' by some exotic instrumentation.

I liked it enough to download it.
18Half Man Half Biscuit
Cammell Laird Social Club

—January 18th—

Genre: Post-punk/Indie rock

Current Rating: 70% [ 3.5/5 ]

First impressions: a similar mix of standout tunes (usually the funniest material) and less knockout cuts to 'CSI Ambleside'.
17The Go-Betweens
The Friends Of Rachel Worth

—January 17th—

Genre: Jangle Pop

Current Rating: 72% [ 3.5/5 ]

First Impressions: the first album after they regrouped and honestly it's better than you'd expect...well, actually the solo albums were great so it's not that surprising really. It sounds more conventionally rock, a lot more Velvets'y with Forster channeling Reed at times - sure it has less of a unique sound and identity...but that's ok, at least it sounds more like fresh territory for the band themselves than a retread - and that's the most important thing. I like it.
I Disagree

—January 16th—

Genre: Butt rock / alt metal / pop

Current Rating: 6% [ 0.5/5 ]

First Impressions: Not as annoying musically as the debut but conceptually as an artist/statement on our culture she's now irrelevant in this it's just about the music near enough. The music should never have been the main focus. Why? Because the music is bad. It reminds me of 'The Chinese Democracy' in that the overload of butt rock pomp results in a godawful dog's dinner of an album. Poppy's vocals are...just shit. She's no singer. She's an anti-singer...but the music isn't anti-music, as said before it's just bad conventional music. My head hurts, fuck this thing.
15The Go-Betweens
Before Hollywood

—January 15th—

Genre: Jangle pop/Post-punk

Current Rating: 78% [ 4/5 ]

First Impressions: the second album but their first big statement, and interesting because this one has a more brittle post-punk'y sound. The style works quite well for them and I can see this being some people's favourite - but not mine.
14The Go-Betweens
Spring Hill Fair

—January 14th—

Genre: Jangle pop

Current Rating: 78% [ 4/5 ]

First Impressions: unlike Liberty Belle this one has a few lesser tracks that I'm yet to bond with and as much as I can hear the elements that would lead to that album coming's not quite there yet. Still a very solid album.
13The Go-Betweens
Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express

—January 13th—

Genre: Jangle pop

Current Rating: 96% [ 5/5 ]

First Impressions: fuck it an optimistic 5. 'Spring Rain', 'Core of a Flame', 'Head Full of Steam', 'Apology Accepted' and in particular the ultra bleak 'Bow Down' are classic. Another 80s band that mean I don't need to listen to Morrissey :D
12Mabe Fratti
Pies sobre la tierra

—January 12th—

Genre: Ambient pop/Art pop etc

Current Rating: 74% [ 3.5/5 ]

First Impressions: a first Anatelier rec of the year and this is verrr pretty but for my money a classic case where across an album's length of material the magic ambience is watered down a tiny bit. Still, this has all the hallmarks of a potential grower.

—January 11th—

Genre: Grime

Current Rating: 70% [ 3.5/5 ]

First Impressions: at the half way stage I was worried but the album has a much stronger second half. Occasionally he's too corny/cheesy and lightweight, esp on those early tracks. He won me over by the end though.
10Myles Oliver
Find Me Tomorrow

—January 10th—

Genre: Drum n Bass/Rave/Electronic

Current Rating: 70% [ 3.5/5 ]

First Impressions: only two listens and this is quite a sonically dense affair so more spins required, but I enjoy the mix of 90s electronic sounds and a Sweet Trip sort of atmosphere.
Modern Guilt

—January 9th—

Genre: Indietronica etc

Current Rating: 50% [ 2.5/5 ]

First Impressions: my first thought is this sounds like the man's blandest, most butt average release...and this is the dude who released 'Morning Phase' lest we forget.

—January 8th—

Genre: Indietronica etc

Current Rating: 61% [ 3/5 ]

First Impressions: I was close to labelling this his worst album since 'Midnite Vultures' but then I returned to it after listening to 'Modern Guilt' for the first time and it suddenly didn't make such a bad sounds like a remake of 'Odelay' only all the parties involved are ten years older and that much more jaded, probably because that's what I think this actually might well be.
The Information

—January 7th—

******* 8000th RYM Album/EP Rating *********

Genre: Indietronica etc

Current Rating: 64% [ 3/5 ]

First Impressions: I've heard this labelled as his worst album and I'm already hearing enough to believe that isn't right. Saying that though, this is tasteful but neither as fun as Odelay nor as well written as Mutations. Miles ahead of his recent material it goes without saying.
6Klaus Johann Grobe
Im Sinne der Zeit

—January 6th—

Genre: Krautrock/Psychedelic post-punk

Current Rating: 77% [ 4/5 ]

First Impressions: krautrock meets Stereolab is a mightily enjoyable combo and this album has the melodic chops to put down some roots.
The Attic Tapes

—January 5th—

Genre: Alt-country

Current Rating: 63% [ 3/5 ]

First Impressions: for demo quality recording these sure were demo recordings...I’m being cruel, some good embryonic songs but not anything I’d return to really.
4Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat
An Interlude to the Outermost

—January 4th—

Genre: Neofolk

Current Rating: 69% [ 3.5/5 ]

First Impressions: like a less interesting Rome or Current 93 but it still has its goth’y moments.
Heavy Is the Head

—January 3rd—

Genre: Grime/Pop/R n' B

Current Rating: 56% [ 3/5 ]

First impressions: no bangers on a par with 'Cold' off the debut is a disappointment, in fact I'd say only four or five of these tunes impressed me at all. Still, somehow the overall product seems slightly more polished and maybe consistent for the mainstream market compared to the patchy debut...even if personally it's not exactly my thing or what I'd want from him. I prefer the first one by a fair margin.
2Richard Buckner

—January 2nd—

Genre: Alt-country

Current Rating: 80% [ 4/5 ]

First impressions: not his best but still a solid entry released in his purple patch.
1Half Man Half Biscuit

—January 1st—

Genre: Post-punk/Indie rock

Current Rating: 70% [ 3.5/5 ]

First impressions: enjoyable but possibly three or four filler/lesser tracks - I feel like it is time to get to know HMHB better though so I'm thinking I'll listen to one new album of theirs each week until I complete the discog (so that will eat up one of my seven album picks each week)
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