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Doofy's Top 25 Anathema Songs

In honour of Zak's latest guilty pleasure...I bring you
Weather Systems

'Untouchables Pt. 1' [5/5]

This song builds up the intensity so naturally and measuredly you can forget just how pounding it really is - as a test just listen to the section in the back straight where the vocals cut away at FULL VOLUME. A lot of music gets described as powerful - the end of this song truly is.
Weather Systems

'The Gathering of the Clouds' [5/5]

Another one from the opening Weather Systems salvo, I don't think I've ever encountered another song that translates that 'breath taken away/living in the moment captured somewhere between pure fear and pure excitement' - it taps into something elemental in our nature.

'Temporary Peace' [5/5]

When this band hit that perfect ven diagram overlap of atmosphere/melody/lyric they're hard to top - the section which starts '...beautiful horizon' is one such instance. Does Sowing like this band? He'd surely like this song.
Alternative 4

'Fragile Dreams' [5/5]

From celtic intro through to Metallica bluster and Paradise Lost style sympho-doom this track has it all going on.

'Deep' [5/5]

Deep, yes Anathema are indeed deep - this dukes it out with the self titled track (see below) for the title of most Anathema-y Anathema song. Of course the lyrics concern time, death and the human condition.
A Natural Disaster

'Electricity' [5/5]

Contro-versial no can Doof hate on Coldplay and love this? Well it's amazing how far actual tangible emotion in vocal performance gets you. Sorry Chris.
We're Here Because We're Here

'A Simple Mistake' [5/5]

Anathema at their most 'Steve Wilson' but I have to say I can't name a Porcy Tree song I prefer to this one.
The Silent Enigma

'A Dying Wish' [5/5]

Apologies for the lack of trve old school Anathema but I do really love this growly one.
Alternative 4

'Regret' [5/5]

This maybe should be higher as back in '99 this was my favourite no question. Possibly their bleakest song? By turns desolate and desperate...and who can't love a band using a 'flashback, flashback, flashback' :D

'Are You There?' [5/5]

I always knew there was a good song trying to come out of the album version of 'Art Thou Thar?' and here it is - all understated and classic.
We're Here Because We're Here

'Thin Air' [5/5]

If Anathema have a pop song and/or arena anthem - then it's this one.
Distant Satellites

'Anathema' [5/5]

Run out of song titles eh boys? For the longest time I couldn't get behind this one...then finally the penny dropped. It's all a tease for the release that is the solo at the end. This solo is everything Anathema are about - faintly pompous, grandiose, slightly gothic tinged, epic, heart on sleeve impassioned. It's perfect.
Weather Systems

'Untouchables Pt 2' [5/5]

This used to be my favourite of the opening three songs on 'WS' but it has fallen a little - perhaps because it has a lot more 'ballad competition' thanks to the band more or less rerecording this song five or six times now. Still hot, a great old fashioned duet.

'Forgotten Hopes' [4.5/5]

Now Doof ain't saying he had a serious drinking problem back in 2000 but I certainly used to binge myself into oblivion and then wonder why I had depressive pangs most the rest of the time. This song brings the hard truths and is also verrr pretty too.
A Fine Day to Exit

'Panic' [4.5/5]

One of their better tunes from their 'sort of Radiohead' period - live this thing is an absolute beast and far superior to the recorded version...and yet and yet the recorded version is still excellent.
A Natural Disaster

'Flying' [4.5/5]

Has a real natural ebb and flow to this one and similar to the self titled track the finale delivers and then some.
A Fine Day to Exit

'A Fine Day to Exit' [4.5/5]

This band tend to give good title track and this one is a little overlooked, the sort of moody magnificence they specialise in.
We're Here Because We're Here

'Dreaming Light' [4.5/5]

The show tune style one! Diva! The ting is - it's just so darn good, the cheese just melts off. See that stain on your shirt? The cheese just melts right off.
A Natural Disaster

'Harmonium' [4.5/5]

At first this opener doesn't knock your socks off but over time it's influence grows.

'One Last Goodbye' [4.5/5]

The ULTIMATE mope-fest - a grief stricken ordeal of a listen that, if caught in the appropriate mood, is heartfelt and mesmerising stuff.
A Natural Disaster

'Pulled Under At 2000 Metres A Second' [4.5/5]

Great song title, great rumbling Floyd bass, and the boys show they still have a bit of the old intensity when they need it.
We're Here Because We're Here

'Get Off, Get Out' [4.5/5]

Another controversial one no doubt - this is the band at their most Steve Wilson/Radiohead/Jeff Buckley...but i think this is the best attempt they've made at straightforward alt rock.
Alternative 4

'Inner Silence' [4.5/5]

Their signature gothic weepy - if you can't relate to this one what sort of cold hearted bitch are you?
A Fine Day to Exit

'Barriers' [4/5]

I'll be honest I'm not entirely sure I'm picking the most deserving songs at this point - this is just one I've been enjoying recently. They've always wanted to prove their experimental chops, sometimes they get it right - this one gets it right. Has this trippy dark lullaby feel.

'Parisienne Moonlight' [4/5]

Not an obvious pick again, this is more a mood piece or segue track, but it is essential to the whole feel of 'Judgement' that this track is plonked in the middle of its tracklist.
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