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Hate List

Songs or Albums I despise, in no particular order. Have fun...feel free to comment...or fucking don't.
Out of Time

"Shiny Happy People" - this song about makes me want to hurl, just thinking about it. Then throw in the MTV video from back in the day...
2Billy Ray Cyrus
Some Gave All

"Achy Breaky Heart" - need I say more?
3Kid Rock
First Kiss

"Jesus and Bocephus" - I have only been able to listen to this song (and honestly this album) once. It is so cringeworthy. But on that album, this song takes the cake as the ultimate low.
4Dc Talk
Jesus Freak

"Jesus Freak" - so bad....I'll stick to "Secular Music", thank you.
Follow the Leader

"All in the Family" - who in the hell thought it was a good idea to put this song on the album, much less pen the damn song. Years from now, if not now, Jonathan Davis and crew must be regretting this choice.
6Limp Bizkit
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle) - Only when coupled with DMX, Method Man, and Redman, do you realize the true magnitude of how lame FD truly is. Results May Vary may have also stunk, but it was better than this.
Greatest Hits

"We are the Champions" - I dig some "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We will rock you", but this song blows. I don't care what you say!
Year Of The Spider

"Stupid Girl" - In comparison to the Core of old (of lore), this song was such a sellout. Despised it!
9Puff Daddy
No Way Out

"Victory" - just let Notorious BIG rap alone, please.
10Dave Matthews Band
Under The Table And Dreaming

"What Would You Say" - my neighborhood pool plays DMB and Jack Johnson 24 hrs per day, every day in the summer. I cannot begin to tell you how great my hate of DMB has become. But this song, for some reason, is high in my hate.
11Aaron Lewis
Town Line

"Country Boy" - Having been a Staind fan since the Tormented days, this shit is embarrassing. Great voice, but "Country Boy", really? Its hard to believe but the next albums even go further downhill.
12Van Halen

"Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)" - or any song of this album. Quit while you're ahead. What a beer coaster this CD was.
13Guns N' Roses
"The Spaghetti Incident?"

"Since I Don't Have You" - I can get into the punk covers, indeed. I know, no one was respecting GNR's punk roots, or so they say. But this cover as the first track on this album? Who's idiotic plan was that?
14Guns N' Roses
G N' R Lies

"One in a Million" - Good one Axl. Not sure how this song ever got made.
15Body Count
Body Count

"There Goes the Neighborhood" - Or this one. Cringe when I hear this nowadays.
16Geoff Tate
Kings & Thieves

"Say U Lov It" - There is nothing worse than envisioning Geoff Tate living out this song. Great vocalist, but why oh why ever make this song. Ever.
17Lynyrd Skynyrd
All Time Greatest Hits

"Gimme Three Steps" - I have always hated this song, and honestly, most everything else this band put to record.
18Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks

"If Tomorrow Never Comes" - "I dedicate this to my Wife", who he subsequently divorced.That was indeed shameless.
19Methods of Mayhem
A Public Disservice Announcement

"Drunk Uncle Pete" - OK, so the first album had a couple catchy songs on it, maybe, even though Tommy can't rap for shit. But this album, and especially this track, was a super low.
20Motley Crue
Theatre of Pain

"Smoking in the Boys Room" - Never could get into this song. Not the best album either, unfortunately.
21Crazy Town
The Gift of Game

"Butterfly" - As low as rap metal could go (below LB that is)
In The Heart Of The Young

"Easy Come Easy Go" - similarly, as low as 80's rock could go.
All the Right Reasons

"If Everyone Cared" - No one cared. As low as post-Grunge could go
Enema of the State

"What's My Age Again" - and as low as pop punk could go.
25Barenaked Ladies

"One Week" - My depths of "HATE" for this song are deep. Everything about it makes my skin crawl. Horrible.
26A Perfect Circle
Thirteenth Step

"The Nurse Who Loved Me" - Now I love some APC. They are high on my all time list. But Failure did a much better job with this song. Much better.
27Porcupine Tree
In Absentia

"Blackest Eyes" - Man, this CD rocks hard. It is great!!!...until you realize WTF Steven Wilson is singing about. Why go there man.
28Storm Corrosion
Storm Corrosion

And while I'm on Steven Wilson - how about we take the worst of Porcupine Tree, the worst of Opeth, and put it into one boring ass album. And then have about all of the hardcore Steven Wilson and Opeth fans pine over it, as if this is some great work. Sorry, its not.
29Sons of the Sea
Sons of the Sea

And then take Brandon Boyd, a one time great frontman, and make an equally boring ass album. As if "If Not Now, When?" didn't indicate that all that was Incubus was now dead, this sure did.
30Atoms for Peace

And everyone told me how great this album was. Thank Ozzy I checked it out of the library and didn't buy it, as it is a steaming pile.
31George Michael

"I Want Your Sex" - Not much else to say...a horrible thought.
32Right Said Fred

"I'm Too Sexy" - now this song is a bit catchy, but truly bad.
33Stone Temple Pilots

"Wet My Bed" - Hmm....Did anyone else think that this was an unnecessary low point on Core?
34Pearl Jam

"Bugs" - Same here.
Free Mars

"Backworlds" - Damn, I want to like this. I mean, this is the bassist for fucking Tool! This has got to be the cat's meow and then some. Right? Unfortunately not.
36New End Original

"Lukewarm" - Jonah, you go from Far to this?
Back In Black

"Given the Dog a Bone" - Sorry Brian, don't want to imagine you giving any bones to a dog.
38Pink Floyd

Anything with Syd Barrett. Can't stand his vocals.
39Rock Star Supernova
Rock Star Supernova

It should not be possible to make an album this bad.
40Alice Cooper
Along Came a Spider

Or this bad either.
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