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12.28.20 Games I played in 202012.23.20 2020: a list.
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Games I played in 2020

Everything played on PC through Steam, roughly in the order I played them in throughout the year.
1Panic! at the Disco
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Disco Elysium

A really great detective RPG from fresh indie devs ZA/UM. I didn’t love the ending, but the journey getting there is something pretty special. The way the skills work in this game is very unique and makes every player’s experience solving the case a little different. 9/10.
Karma & Desire

Acting Lessons

Debut adult visual novel from DrPinkCake. Most people will buy this game expecting sexy time, but DrPinkCake’s narrative ability will be the reason you keep playing. 9/10.
3Soil And Pimp Sessions
Pimp Master

Being a DIK

After playing through Acting Lessons, DrPinkCake became one of my new favorite developers. This game is longer than Acting Lessons, and has more ways your choices can affect your relationships with the characters. The narrative is even more gripping, and the sexy scenes are sexier. 9/10.
4Gareth Coker
Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

This game really expanded into more metroidvania territory than its predecessor. Can’t help but think the success of Hollow Knight had to do with this game’s influence. The map is much bigger, the combat is more fleshed out, and the art style is as beautiful as ever. 8/10.
5Darren Korb
Bastion Original Soundtrack


Short and sweet top-down action debut from Supergiant Games with satisfying combat. This game has a narrator that speaks as you play the game and it was a unique way to tell the story. 8/10.
6God Is an Astronaut
All Is Violent, All Is Bright

Prey (2017)

I really loved this game’s world and sandbox, but the main thing holding it back was the scarcity of resources to actually play the game. At times I would end up using most or all of my ammo and energy just to take out one major enemy. The game almost forced me to play stealthily or just run past everything, and for the last few missions I ended up speedrunning through areas just to get it over with. 7/10.
Neuropunk Boostergang

Axiom Verge

One of the best metroidvanias out there. Very satisfying upgrade path and exploration with a good sci-fi narrative. 9/10.
Mr. Beast

Spec Ops: The Line

Quick single player third person shooter with a dark story and a great soundtrack. 8/10.
There Existed an Addiction to Blood

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Best metroidvania I’ve played after Hollow Knight. Tons of build variety with all the different weapons and accessories, lots of exploration, and great bosses. Developed by the man who worked on the classic Symphony of the Night himself. 9/10.
10The Fall of Troy

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Platforming meets battle royale. Fun game to play with friends or just to kill time. 8/10.
11Delta Sleep
Ghost City

MO: Astray

Great puzzle platformer debut from indie devs Archpray. Very smooth gameplay, solid puzzles, and great looking pixel art style. Only gripe with this game was how the last hour of the game turned into a boss rush essentially. I thought the bosses were good, but the shift in the gameplay experience was a little jarring going from solving puzzles to bullet hell style boss fights. 8/10.
12Massive Attack

Metro Exodus

The best Metro experience to date. This game sets itself apart from 2033 and Last Light with the addition of semi-open world gameplay. I had some performance issues with frame rate and a few bugs that caused me to reload checkpoints, but the level design is great nonetheless and the world is very immersive. 8/10.
13Incubus (USA-CA)
Fungus Amongus

Among Us

I’m not the imposter guys, I swear. Red is sus, I’m voting red. 8/10.
14Soundtrack (Television)
The Walking Dead Vol. 1

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Going into this I wasn’t expecting it to be at the level the first season was, but I was very surprised. Not going to spoil anything, but I don’t think any other game has played with my heart as much as this game did. Very well executed conclusion to Clementine’s story. 10/10.
You Won't Get What You Want


Very short 2D psychological horror game that deals with the consequences of greed. 7/10.
Controlling Crowds


Trippy game with beautiful graphics and great gameplay. The narrative is very engaging throughout, but if it wasn’t for the underwhelming ending I would have rated this higher. Also, you can use the force and levitate in this game so you’re basically god. 8/10.
17Soundtrack (Video Game)
Cyberpunk 2077: Radio, Vol. 1

Cyberpunk 2077

Where do I begin… I could talk about the bugs and performance issues, but even when looking past that there are bigger problems at this game’s core that aren’t talked about as much. This game is a looter shooter disguised as an RPG. The skill trees, your life path, and your dialogue choices are pretty much all useless as they serve little to no impact on the game’s story. I think I upgraded a weapon once, as I would always pick up something with higher DPS and had no reason to use a weapon that I may have liked more because upgrading barely changed its stats, and rare/legendary materials were incredibly scarce. The skill trees barely affect how you play the game (hacking is just as engaging as watching paint dry), and I barely touched the cyberware enhancements because they were all blocked by level requirement or just way too expensive.
18Soundtrack (Video Game)
Cyberpunk 2077: Radio, Vol. 1

As for the story, I was initially hooked during the prologue and the first half of the main quest, but the biochip/Silverhand narrative was not compelling enough to carry the entire story as it started to fall flat near its conclusion. Without spoiling anything, there are 3 different ending routes you can take that all spell the same fate for your character. I played all of them and only one of them was decent, but it was nearly as anticlimactic as Mass Effect 3’s ending. On the surface Cyberpunk is a beautiful looking game, but as you delve deeper into Night City it ends up being a rather hollow world. There is a decent game underneath all the failed expectations, but CD Projekt RED promised an experience that this game simply did not deliver. I feel that this game needed at least another year or two of development. It was revealed way too early at E3 2018, and it never should have been a previous gen console game. 6/10.
19Darren Korb
Hades: Original Soundtrack


Change of pace here. The Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. I put 300 hours into that game that I played over the span of a few months, so I had really high hopes from CD Projekt RED for another game I could sink a lot of time into with Cyberpunk. After getting a disappointing week’s worth of time from that game, I picked up Hades last week after hearing so many great things about it and instantly became addicted. I haven’t played many roguelikes, but this game truly stands out among the ones I’ve played or know about.
20Darren Korb
Hades: Original Soundtrack

It took me about 17 hours to complete my first run, but the game doesn’t open up until you get that first run done. The story of the game is structured to where you have to keep completing runs to progress. As you attempt more runs, you slowly gather more permanent upgrades to help your runs get more consistent. Being a roguelike your build is different with each run you attempt, so there is a ton of variety and replayability, and the combat is very smooth and engaging. If you’re looking for a game to dedicate a lot of time to look no further. I’m glad I was able to squeeze this game in this year as 2020 comes to a close. Game of the year, easily. 10/10.
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