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Popular Metalcore/Deathcore Bands Ranked 2

This time it has TWO mathcore bands, not just one! Considering only a bands metalcore/deathcore albums for the list.
42The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

Too chaotic for my liking, it's rare I'll like chaotic metalcore. This has some neat stuff going on, but overall its not my thing.
41Attack Attack! (USA)
Someday Came Suddenly

Attack Attack! gives 2010 - 2013 a bad name. They were popular at the time but I always only felt like they were a meme band, I couldn't understand how someone could genuinely listen to this for enjoyment, and still can't.
40The Red Chord
Fed Through the Teeth Machine

Some people recommended this band in the previous ranking but I just can't with it. Suppose I just find it really monotone and lacking in variation, has one mode for the most part which is the groove type of rhythms and then the occasional blast beats. Doesn't do enough for me to place it any higher.
39Earth Crisis
Destroy the Machines

This is just not my scene at all, totally before my time. They helped to create metalcore and made it into what it is today, I don't like the music though personally, again just too monotone and lacks variation.
38Poison the Well
The Opposite of December

I don't like it, the attempts at melody are valiant but it's not sounding all that great, and the heavy sections are just really standard, monotone.
37Falling in Reverse
The Drug in Me Is You

Ronnie Radke the band. I just don't like Ronnie's voice, it's irritating and annoying. Instrumentals are good in some parts I suppose.
36The Human Abstract

The riff on Crossing the Rubicon is pretty catchy, and AngryJoeShow on youtube has it for his outro music for his videos, so pretty cool. Dont care about anything else though, really monotone lacking variation, all the sweeps giving me a headache.
35Escape the Fate
Dying Is Your Latest Fashion

The Guillotine is cool I guess, other than that, it got Ronnie Radke again, so there goes any chance liking the vocals. I actually like some songs with their other vocalist.

It's cool, it's fun, dont feel like listening to it for a prolonged amount of time though. The nu metal flavor to this band is pretty cringe too.
33Funeral for a Friend
Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation

This is just.. fine, standard as standard post-hardcore/metalcore can get.
32All Shall Perish
The Price of Existence

This is just super solid deathcore, nice riffs, and pretty fun. This is part of the ranking where I start liking the music.

A band that Finn McKenty likes that I also like, holy shit.
30Humanity's Last Breath

Just a second-rate Vildhjarta really, if you like thall you'll like it.

Pretty solid, and has a lot of really visceral headbanging moments. But most songs become all too poppy for my liking most of the time.
28The Devil Wears Prada
With Roots Above and Branches Below

I dont like old TDWP, but the new stuff is pretty solid. With more listens it could grow on me.
The Harvest Wombs

The only Fallujah album considered to be deathcore. Fallujah are one of my favorite bands but this kinda bores the piss outta me, we get it ur br00tal.
26The Faceless

Old The Faceless I find pretty boring, some decent bits here and there but overall new stuff is way better. This just feels like tech death to me though, but most insist it's deathcore, go off I guess.
25Polaris (AUS)
The Death of Me

Pretty solid modern band, overall I prefer when they go more melodic than heavy, like on Masochist.
24Of Mice and Men
The Flood

The Flood rules fucking hard. All their old stuff including Restoring Force I like honestly. The new stuff is pretty meh to me though, still enjoyable enough.
23I Set My Friends On Fire
You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter

I can tolerate this much more than Attack Attack! reminds me of Chunk! no, Captain Chunk! Just very very fun post-hardcore/metalcore.
22Job for a Cowboy

Pretty heat, mosh-worthy grooves for sure.
21Thy Art Is Murder

Have come around on this band, like them more than most of the "classic" 2000s deathcore bands. Great grooves and this REALLY makes me wanna bang my head.
The Way It Ends

The gold standard for modern metalcore is this I think, all is solid.
19Sleeping With Sirens
Let's Cheers to This

What if Falling in Reverse was good? that'd be this band.
18Silent Planet

This vocalist really helps this band, if he wasnt there I dont think I'd be nearly as invested.
17Misery Signals

Without Misery Signals one of my favorite metalcore bands ERRA would likely not exist. Thankfully I like their music too.
Discovering the Waterfront

One of the better post-hardcore/metalcore bands I find to be super standard.
The Dark Pool

When I came around to listening to The Dark Pool I had already consumed a lot of metalcore bands that sound quite similar to it, so it diminished my enjoyment. Coming back to it, it does deserve merit.
14August Burns Red

Not in love with them by any means, but I do think ABR is one of the most solid metalcore bands out there.
All's Well That Ends Well

Post-hardcore/metalcore on a win streak. Very great band with many enjoyable songs.
12Rings of Saturn
Lugal Ki En

This is the type of wankery I like. Love the alien themes, production is pretty ass but I can see past it.

Marcus is one of the best modern metalcore vocalists. Old Northlane is pretty good too but over the years I have very much warmed up to the new stuff.
10Infant Annihilator
The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch

More of the wankery I enjoy. So much better than old The Faceless, the grooves are ungodly, this is just absolutely visceral and disgusting in the best way possible.
The Shape of Punk to Come

Awesome catchy tunes, and very influential.
8Asking Alexandria
Reckless and Relentless

Reckless and Relentless is such a fucking banger, no I will not take that back. These songs have just become a part of me, very odd thing to describe. If u know u know.
7Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

The best mathcore band, it's not close. Rolo Tomassi has made me feel things that no other band has made me feel before.
6After the Burial
Dig Deep

Lost in the goddamn mothafucking Static men m///
King of Everything

Jinjer are one of the most unique modern metalcore bands and no other band sounds quite like them, every album I love.
Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest

Only took the plunge to listen to Zao for the first time recently, very much enjoy what I heard. Very very unique from other bands out there.
3Brand of Sacrifice

One of the most consistently enjoyable deathcore bands I know. Every time I hear one of their songs I'm having an absolute blast doing so.
2Veil of Maya

Periphery 2 (not the album), does that bother me? nope. Veil of Maya are a cut above every other modern metalcore band to me personally.
1Slice the Cake
Odyssey to the West

This fucking album... and I have nothing else to say.
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