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Decrepit's AOTY 2000: One-liner Edition

Let's not lie to ourselves. After 3 AOTY lists and 300 blurbs we are both tired. You of reading, me of writing. Work also don't allow for more and my 2020 AOTY is looming on the horizon, with only 6 days left on the calendar. The year 2000 was a tumultous year for young Dewi, 23 at the time, stuck at Uni and sailing through a storm of family disputes and mishappenings. These are some of the albums that accompanied me through those times, plus some others I discovered through you, wonderful people.
100Eternal Elysium
Spiritualized D

Release Date: April
Label: People Like You
Genre: Stoner

Riffs in the shrine of the deloused, praying for that LSD paper to kick in before morning duties.
99Erykah Badu
Mama's Gun

Release Date: November 21st
Label: Motown
Genre: Soul

I shaped these streets, they speak through me, so hear what I have to say.
98Agents of Oblivion
Agents of Oblivion

Release Date: January 25th
Label: Rotten
Genre: Grunge

Dax Riggs takes a long Acid Bath, tragedy ensues, and now he just wants to forget.
97Sunn O)))
ØØ Void

Release Date: June 26th
Label: Hydra Head
Genre: Drone

One note, 17 albums. This is the first official note.
96Rotting Christ

Release Date: August 29th
Label: Century Media
Genre: Black metal

The body of Christ still rots in some Greek pantheon, the smell it's unbearable.
95Amber Asylum
The Supernatural Parlour Collection

Release Date: October
Label: Release
Genre: Post rock

House of many, seed of your favorite bands, communing in peace.

Release Date: July 26th
Label: Polydor
Genre: Japanese pop rock

Summer bike rides along the river banks, eating mosquitoes, chugging Asahis, under a perfect night sky.
93Fu Manchu
King of the Road

Release Date: February 15th
Label: Mammoth
Genre: Stoner

A desert wind destroys the stage. Members of Fu Manchu run for their lives. Shortest show of my entire life.
92Jurassic 5
Quality Control

Release Date: June 6th
Label: Interscope
Genre: Hip Hop

The rarity that spawns the roots of my doubts. Curves, and curves and I slide into Q/A.
Flower of Disease

Release Date: October 31st
Label: Southern Lord
Genre: Sludge

Rites of poison down at the swamps. BYOB. And leave your soul at the door.
90Garden of Shadows
Oracle Moon

Release Date: August 28th
Label: Wicked World
Genre: Melodeth

Legends say Åkerfeldt switched to prog after listening to this album.
Animal Magic

Release Date: July 24th
Label: Tru thoughts
Genre: Downtempo

Lonely DJ airwaves to himself. He's delivering glory, but no one's listening.
88Steve Roach
Midnight Moon

Release Date: April 25th
Label: Projekt
Genre: Ambient

If you were to fall into the sky, deep up in the cosmos, Roach would follow you, no matter what.
87Pearl Jam

Release Date: April 25th
Label: Projekt
Genre: Ambient

Matt Cameron plays Soundgarden's syncopated beats, Pearl Jam struggles, Vedder blocks and grabs an ukelele. Meanwhile a guy no one knows keeps setting up mics around the room.
86The New Pornographers
Mass Romantic

Release Date: October 24th
Label: Mint
Genre: Indie Rock

The Avengers of indie rock, before each one of them got their own movie.
85Destroyer 666
Phoenix Rising

Release Date: December 1st
Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Black metal

Shot from a tank's cannon at point blank. Face is a hole but the ears remains. They absorb the shrapnel.
84Antony and the Johnsons
Antony and the Johnsons

Release Date: May 1st
Label: Secretly Canadian
Genre: Singer Songwriter

The voice of a cherubin, after being beaten with its own harp, singing at a rich nobody's funeral.
83No Doubt
Return of Saturn

Release Date: April 11th
Label: Trauma
Genre: Pop rock

Don't speak, I know what you're thinking.
Reinventing the Steel

Release Date: March 14th
Label: Elektra
Genre: Pantera says, Pantera does

Look at the cover. If Anselmo invites you to party, this is what is expected of you.

Release Date: November 27th
Label: Olympic
Genre: Black metal

Now available in your nearest church. Bring a goat.
80The Black Heart Procession

Release Date: September 5th
Label: Touch and Go
Genre: Slowcore

Dark hallways and wet walls. Words filter uninvited. You don't really wanna hear them, but the silence is deafening.

Release Date: November
Label: Century Media
Genre: Melodeath

Grabbed by the beard, I eat a suplex, teeth scatter, and tapping the floor I realize my hand is boneless. Festivals coming back, when?
Rabid Death's Curse

Release Date: April
Label: Drakkar
Genre: Black metal

Bullshit. Satan would never jam Watain. He's more into lascivous stuff like Jenni Lopez. Someone's gotta tell the Sweds.
77In Flames

Release Date: July 3rd
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Melodeath

They actually recorded this again 20 years later. The only thing that no one asked them to do.

Release Date: November 7th
Label: Capitol / Parlophone
Genre: Pop

As I bob my head to "Shiver" I realize I don't hate Coldplay, I just hate myself.
The Dark Ride

Release Date: November
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Power Metal

The Germans go blackout, Kiske loses its way, falls into a pit and he's never seen again. A certain Andi Deris comes out from the microwave, he seems like a nice dude. They give him a mic.
74Blonde Redhead
Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons

Release Date: June 6th
Label: Touch and Go
Genre: Indie Pop

Makino invites you to tea, you politely accept. She then kicks you in the balls, smiles and LINEs you while staring straight into your eyes with the expression of a blood drunk bat.
Emerald Liquid Odyssey

Release Date: August
Label: High Beam
Genre: Stoner metal

Space travel guide for diabetic astronauts. Chapter 1, page 1. Don't chug the insuline.
72Gamma Ray
Blast From the Past

Release Date: June 26th
Label: Noise
Genre: Power Metal

An alternative view of reality. Through Kai Hansen's voice, and chosen by you.
The Height of Callousness

Release Date: October 10th
Label: Roadrunner
Genre: Nu-metal

Back when you could openly spring your back in public and wear blue hair.
70Elysian Fields
Queen of the Meadow

Release Date: November 14th
Label: Flower Shop
Genre: Dream Pop

M'lady, if you insist in whispering those things into my ear we are gonna have an international incident, right here, right now.
69Cradle of Filth

Release Date: October 30th
Label: Music for Nations
Genre: Symphonic black metal

A Cradle album narrated by Pinhead? Clive Barker would be proud.

Release Date: May 9th
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Death Metal

The engines of the Death Star, powered by Doc's double bass.
A Day Without Rain

Release Date: November 21st
Label: Reprise
Genre: New Age

Songs for cleansing the soul you already don't have.
66Rage Against the Machine

Release Date: December 5th
Label: Epic
Genre: Rap. Metal.

Did this happen before or after Zack banged Morello's wife?
65Do Make Say Think
Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead

Release Date: March 13th
Label: Constellation
Genre: Post rock

Same landscape, no matter which window you look from.
Things to Make and Do

Release Date: April 10th
Label: Echo
Genre: Pop

Murphy has a great voice but she has too many things to say.

Release Date: May 21st (Europe)
Label: Drakkar
Genre: Symphonic metal

Took me 10 listens to get the meme.
The Infernal Storm

Release Date: May 9th
Label: Relapse
Genre: Death Metal

A labyrinth of lava, similar to an unemployment office in 2020.
61Bowery Electric

Release Date: February 22nd
Label: Beggars Banquet
Genre: Trip Hop

No place to stay but countless open bars.
60Queens of the Stone Age
Rated R

Release Date: June 6th
Label: Interscope
Genre: Alt rock

Nobody kicks a camera like Josh Homme. The album.

Release Date: March 28th
Label: Mille Plateaux
Genre: Ambient

What a fraud! This is not pop, it's an ambient album! Where's my money!?
58The Cure

Release Date: February 14th
Label: Fiction
Genre: Gothic pop

Valentine Day's of 2000 most sold album.

Release Date: December 15th
Label: Noble
Genre: Drone

Open the sluice gates and let it flooooooooood...
We Are Motorhead

Release Date: May 16th
Label: Steamhammer
Genre: Heavy metal

Jack and coke for breakfast.
55Harold budd
The Room

Release Date: August 15th
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Ambient

Rest in peace, master architect of celestial sounds.
54Nina Nastasia

Release Date: June 8th
Label: Touch and Go
Genre: Singer songwriter

Nina and Albini share a drink, one thing leads to another, and BOOM! Amazing album out of nowhere.
53Hot snakes
Automatic Midnight

Release Date: February 15th
Label: Sympathy for the Music Industry
Genre: Post hardcore

John Reis doesn't kick cameras and still rocks harder than Josh Homme.
52Paysage d'Hiver
Kristall und Isa

Release Date: Lost in time
Label: Kuntshall
Genre: Black metal

Few have ventured this far. The weather is unforgiving.
51Porcupine Tree
Lightbulb Sun

Release Date: May 22nd
Label: Snapper
Genre: Progressive rock

Intellect +5, Charisma +2, Resistance -3, Strength -6
50High on Fire
Art of Self-Defense

Release Date: March 7th
Label: Man's Ruin
Genre: Stoner sludge metal

Chest hair, blistered fingers, sweaty pants, and a dry throat.
49Don Caballero
American Don

Release Date: October 3th
Label: Touch and Go
Genre: Math rock

Had a friend with this haircut. He's still my friend.
Designs for Automotion

Release Date: January 25th
Label: Victory
Genre: Hardcore

Best snare in the game.
Let Them Eat Cake

Release Date: January 30th
Label: Stickman
Genre: Progressive rock

Sugar overdose or how to sweeten prog while keeping your honor.
46Napalm Death
Enemy of the Music Business

Release Date: September 25th
Label: Spitfire
Genre: Death metal

Shane Embury on the merchandise table. Nobody buys anything cause he scares them all.
45The 69 Eyes
Blessed Be

Release Date: September 20th
Label: Gaga Goddess / Roadrunner
Genre: Gothic metal

All my life wanted to be bitten by a vampire in order to get that sweet, sweet, immortality. It might sting a little though.

Release Date: September 18th
Label: One Little Indian
Genre: Soundtrack

Imagine Bork would have starred in Nymphomaniac instead. Goddamn, Lars, you heartless madman.
Gold and Green

Release Date: September 6th
Label: Polystar
Genre: Psychedelic pop rock

From Boredoms to greener pastures. Fearless and tireless Yoshimi.
42Fates Warning

Release Date: July 25th
Label: Massacre
Genre: Progressive metal

The pie chart will take a hit, but I guess it was worthy.
Razorblade Romance

Release Date: May 15th
Label: RCA
Genre: Gothic rock

Valo was called a "very sexy man" by a seemingly very horny interviewer. He answered he "loved animals".

Release Date: March 6th
Label: Music for Nations
Genre: Death'n'roll

Death'n'roll! Death'n'roll! Death'n'roll! Death'n'roll! Death'n'roll! Death'n'roll! Death'n'roll! Death'n'roll!
39Huelgas Ensemble
Dufay: O gemma lux

Release Date: June 13th
Label: Harmona Mundi
Genre: Choral / Neoclassical

Guillaume Du Fay also had to cancel touring in support of Behemoth but at least he's 400 years old and still selling records.
38Dark Moor
The Hall of the Olden Dreams

Release Date: December 1st
Label: Arise
Genre: Power metal

The Spaniards bring the metal and Europe bends the knee.
37Elliott Smith
Figure 8

Release Date: April 18th
Label: Dreamworks
Genre: Singer songwriter

His legacy became the safe bed for many others, but it couldn't save himself. Gone too soon, found too late.
36The Chasm
Procession to the Infraworld

Release Date: April 18th
Label: Sempiternal
Genre: Death metal

Tales from the crypt, told in a dead tongue, only for the wise.

Release Date: September 25th
Label: Copro
Genre: Alt metal

Neckbeards before neckbeards were cool. Wait a second, they never were...
34Songs: Ohia
The Lioness

Release Date: January 17th
Label: Secretly Canadian
Genre: Slowcore

The beauty in the most devastating of sadness, a memory of that abandoned beach resort last winter.
Human 2.0

Release Date: May 23rd
Label: Relapse
Genre: Grind

Nasum cemented their legend when Mieszko Talarczyk punched that tsunami (RIP).

Release Date: October 31st
Label: Laface / Arista
Genre: Hip Hop

Joke after joke, verse after verse, until you ran out of tears.
31Iron Maiden
Brave New World

Release Date: May 29th
Label: EMI
Genre: Heavy metal

The biggest happening in heavy metal history, the return of the king, and I was too busy listening to Tool.
The Chainheart Machine

Release Date: February 8th
Label: Century Media
Genre: Melodeath

Will they ever clutch to this speed ever again? Probably not.
29St. Germain

Release Date: September 12th
Label: Blue Note
Genre: Downtempo / Acid Jazz

Bought this on vinyl for 1 dollar many years ago. Didn't realize it was missing one of the two records until I joined
28Shiina Ringo
Shouso Strip

Release Date: March 31st
Label: Eastworld
Genre: J-Pop

Hi Johnny! *waves to the screen like a fucking idiot*
27Steve Von Till
As the Crow Flies

Release Date: May 23rd
Label: Neurot
Genre: Singer songwriter

If the wind had a voice of its own, it would be Von Till's.
Close to a World Below

Release Date: November 7th
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Death metal

Holidays in hell... forever.
The Magnificent Tree

Release Date: September 26th
Label: Columbia
Genre: Trip Hop Pop

Sometimes it's better to lie. Just sometimes.
Lemonade And Buns

Release Date: April 4th
Label: Self-released
Genre: Celtic music

Bards from another time, another place. Headlining a castle tour.
23Guano Apes
Don't Give Me Names

Release Date: May 2nd
Label: BMG
Genre: Alt rock

The crowd left after Lords of the Board. I stayed until Sandra had killed all the stage lights.
Perdition City

Release Date: March 26th
Label: Jester
Genre: Dark trip hop

Take me down to perdition city, with its tasty beats and Norwegian kitties.

Release Date: August 4th
Label: Magaibutsu
Genre: Avant-garde

Yoshida-san speaks through his drum set, vowels on the snare, consonants on the kick, and somehow it all makes sense.

Release Date: January 6th
Label: Endtime / Solid State
Genre: Prog metal

Vanguards of the new millennium, ready to shatter your spine.

Release Date: July 19th
Label: Escape Artist
Genre: Post metal

There's only one true Isis, and no brainwashed scum will ever change that.

Release Date: March 7th
Label: Spitfire
Genre: Sludge

The combined weight of all 4 members, in sonic form.
17Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Release Date: October 24th
Label: Warner
Genre: Nu-metal

If only Chester knew how big is the crater he left.
16Electric Wizard

Release Date: October 9th
Label: Rise Above
Genre: Sludge

That last bong may have been one too much. I feel evil.
15Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

Release Date: October 9th
Label: Constellation
Genre: Post rock

They're still recording this.
14The Smashing Pumpkins
Machina/The Machines of God

Release Date: February 28th
Label: Virgin
Genre: Alt rock

Corgan abuses eyeliner, makes the rest of the band uncomfortable.
13Cave In

Release Date: August 8th
Label: Hydra Head
Genre: Alt post very hardcore

Or Jupiter looks a lot like Massachusetts, or I think we just landed exactly where we took off boys.
Mardraum - Beyond the Within

Release Date: October 3th
Label: Osmosis / Necropolis
Genre: Black prog viking metal

No AirBnB available in Valhalla. We'll have to sleep on a tree.
11At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

Release Date: September 12th
Label: Grand Royal
Genre: Alt Rock

I swear to God I was just watching an MC5 vid just a minute ago.
Teeny Shiny

Release Date: December 12th
Label: A.Zap
Genre: Noisecore

A dude in RYM stereotypes himself to death. Melt-Banana gives absolutely zero shits.
9Bohren und der Club of Gore
Sunset Mission

Release Date: April 28th
Label: Wonder
Genre: Jazz

Driving with the dog. I roll a cig, he pulls over, buys me a coffee, and shits on the backseat. The night has just began.
8Spiritual Beggars
Ad Astra

Release Date: July 11th
Label: Music for Nations
Genre: Stoner metal

Ammott screams "fuck death metal!", kicks a chair, and boobs fill the room.
Dead as Dreams

Release Date: Covered by dust
Label: tUMULt
Genre: Black Metal

Never an album title has carried so much weight.
6PJ Harvey
Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea

Release Date: October 24th
Label: Island
Genre: Singer Songwriter

"Taxi!" "To the closest bar please"
Kid A

Release Date: October 3rd
Label: Parlophone
Genre: Electronic aaaaarrrrt... pop?

If Thom Yorke can dance, so can you.
4The Gathering

Release Date: July 25th
Label: Century Media
Genre: Chilled art prog rock

An overgrown metalhead somewhere in Scandinavia still jams this while furiously typing how much it sucks.
3Sunny Day Real Estate
The Rising Tide

Release Date: June 20th
Label: Time Bomb
Genre: Slowcore but being good

Every time Enigk goes falsetto, my nipples grow like antennas.
White Pony

Release Date: June 20th
Label: Maverick
Genre: Shoegaze'd nu-metal (let that sink)

Had a friend with the pony tattooed under his arm. He's still my friend.
1A Perfect Circle
Mer de Noms

Release Date: May 23rd
Label: Virgin
Genre: Alt Rock

Maynard wears a wig, writes one of the best albums of his career. Makes you think.
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