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Neek's 2010s Cram List

It's fuckin time boyos, figured I get this going a while before my 2019 one so I could get a head start. So here's the thing. It's been a long 10 years, and I've barely heard anything before 2017 (around when I started listening to music seriously). Throw me classics I've missed, your all time faves, and keep it to three recs for now, capeesh? Below are some examples why not
The Seer

neek (2012)

Holy hell. This is one dense beast of a record. While I didn't find it as sickening or hellish as some others, the discordant sounds and impressive scope were undeniably unsettling, though I found them to resolve into a more hopeful place in the second half of the record. But this was so so much more moving than Soundtracks in my opinion (my only other experience with them), with far more dense, melodic, and affecting tunes that, while massive, still had intense emotion and purpose throughout. I see why this gets so much praise 'round these parts. To Be Kind is next...

Favorites: "Avatar" "The Seer" "Apostate"
Least Favorite: "93 Ave. B Blues"
2The National
High Violet

neek (2010)

So I understand that my issue of Matt Berninger's vocals acting as a small block to me fully enjoying this band is not a common one, but goddamn can it be. It seems to drown out the gorgeous, deep instrumentals at many turns, and rarely do the melodies have enough of a catchiness or immediacy to them that make me want to jam these songs again and again. And yet, I give it a 4.1. Here's the thing, this is an album that should so easily be a 4.5 for me, but these all hold it back. Even the b-sides and live cuts on the expanded edition carry the performances that could've made this fly, but here, ever so slightly, things just feel so held back at times. It's a great but frustrating listen. Maybe it'll grow in time.
Favorites: "Afraid of Everyone" "England"
Least Favorites: "Anyone's Ghost" "Sorrow"
3Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience

neek (2013)
4Death Grips
The Money Store

neek (2012)
5Sharon Van Etten
Are We There

neek (2014)

neek (2013)
The Years

budgie (2010)

This was simply a pleasant experience. While I'm not sure how much I'll remember of it in the future, its hazy atmospheres and calming guitar lines were just the thing I needed in the moment. Some tracks stood out over others, but overall this was a solid dream pop EP that admittedly could've used lot more originality to become decade-end worthy.

Favorite: "Lately"
Least Favorite: "Modern Normal"
Everything Else Matters

budgie (2015)
Melting Sun

budgie (2014)
10Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld
Still Smiling

Papa Universe (2013)

In typical Papa fashion, something wholly accessible but daring, yet rendered almost inept with one important factor--this time again, the vocals. Why they decided to pair such extravagant and moving instrumental passives with monotonous moaning in foreign languages and often undercut and made redundant a great many of these tunes. However, it all works far, far more often than not, especially in a pair of closing tracks that put the pieces together to finally deliver the emotional (rather than intellectual) blow the album so desperately needed to seal the deal. This was an excellent rec.

Favorites: "A Quiet Life" "Defenestrazoni"
Least Favorite: "Axolotl"
11Hail Spirit Noir
Mayhem In Blue

Papa Universe (2016)
12King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Nonagon Infinity

Papa Universe (2016)
13Julia Holter
Loud City Song

granitenotebook (2013)

I feel like it'll take me a couple years to fully grasp the beauty of this album, but what I heard here was really great. I wasn't blown away by the opener (still amn't), but as the album slowly unfurls itself like a flower, I have to say I was incredibly charmed by it's strangely serene yet eclectic nature. I definitely preferred this to her latest release, and it makes me curious to check the album in between!

Favorites: "Hello Stranger" "Maxim's II"
Least Favorite: "World"
14Oneohtrix Point Never
R Plus Seven

granitenotebook (2013)

granitenotebook (2015)
16Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

dmathias52 (2014)

Yeah this album was something else. I didn't really know what to expect here, but I was not let down by the ecstatic array of hardcore, alt, gospel, and blues rock influences coming at me from all sides. It's one thing to create some massive bangers that jump from one genre to the next, but to do so with such consistency and then still deliver the emotional wallop of that one-two punch of a closer? That's just magic.

Favorite: "Everything Disappearing/Nyctophobia"
Least Favorite: "Vertigo"
17Jason Isbell

dmathias52 (2013)
18Hey Rosetta!

dmathias52 (2011)
19The Smith Street Band
No One Gets Lost Anymore

SlothcoreSam (2011)

While I resisted its charms for a while, I eventually grew into a peaceful liking of this album. While its pop-punk (I know it's not pop-punk) leanings bothered me a tad, overall I felt that it came from a genuine place and that even if not all the tracks did it for me, overall it was filled with fun tunes and a solid variety for its genre. A few tracks stood out far more than others and I wouldn't say I was blown away, but it was a pleasant listen nonetheless.

Favourite: "Sigourney Weaver"
Least Favourite: "My Little Sinking Ship"

SlothcoreSam (2010)
21The Hotelier
Home, Like NoPlace Is There

SlothcoreSam (2014)

This was far more of a straightforward emo release than The World Is a Beautiful Place, and while this relative plainness (I do feel they could've switched up the sound a bit more) did a bit of harm, I really enjoyed the way this album sequesters itself in that "Home" and delivers emotional stories that hit harder than you'd expect. There's a great dynamic between softer and louder moments here that only detracts in moments like "Life in Drag," but adds great power to tracks like the biggest highlight and closer "Dendron." Overall this was a big win and I could see why someone would like it even more than I!

Favorites: "Dendron" "An Introduction to the Album" "Among the Wildflowers"
Least Favorites: "Life in Drag" "Housebroken"
22Bomb the Music Industry!

Rowan5215 (2011)

Two punky albums in a row?? I made a mistake jamming this and Smith Street back-to-back, but I did have quite a bit of fun with 'em. This one was far more anarchic and all over the place, and I still haven't fallen for Rosenstock as a vocalist, but this was a pretty convincing pop-punk argument that, even with all its faults and sickeningly sweet choruses ("Everyone That Loves You" and "Why, Oh Why, Oh Why (Oh Oh Oh)") was a good time overall, and it certainly lays the groundwork for his solo work in the future which I'd say I enjoy quite a bit more.

Favorite: "Campaign for a Better Weekend" (This track kicked ass tho)
Least Favorite: "Everyone That Loves You"
23John K. Samson
Winter Wheat

Rowan5215 (2016)
24Keaton Henson

Rowan5215 (2013)
Yellow and Green

Kompys2000 (2012)

I definitely dug the aggressive mix of stoner rock and metal influences with a touch of folk here, though the farther it went along I became a bit tired by songs that felt like only choruses, and some uninspired at times, grunge-y vocal stylings. Overall though this was a really great album, especially the more progressive-sounding back half of Yellow, even if the entire thing could've used more thinning.

Favorites: "Twinkler" "Cocainium" "Back Where I Belong"
Least Favorites: "Take My Bones Away" "Board Up the House"
26Good Ghost Bill

Kompys2000 (2011)
27The Flaming Lips
The Terror

Kompys2000 (2013)

SteakByrnes (2013)

I'm not gonna pretend that I enjoyed this album, but I will say that there was an inherent charm to its blend of poppy/proggy metalcore aesthetics, but after a couple songs worth it got old fast. As technical and admirable as it was at times, every song felt completely un-unique from the rest, each tracking the same amount of untrackable riffs, screeching choruses, and brutal growls. There wasn't a song here that I actively disliked, quite the opposite actually, but when you smash them all together you got some quite less than the sum of its solid parts.

Favorites: "Alpha Seed" "Ultraviolet"
Least Favorite: "Prometheus"
29A Lot Like Birds
No Place

SteakByrnes (2013)
30Dream On Dreamer

SteakByrnes (2013)
31Fair to Midland
Arrows and Anchors

Dewinged (2011)

I wasn't sure how much I had liked this until it was over, when I looked over my song ratings and saw a bunch of 8s and 8.5s with no dips in quality. I think that's the best thing about this, no matter how eclectic the sounds are and crazy the instrumentation can be, it's extremely consistent. The closer especially was excellent, and it's about time that I took a dive into some modern prog, so I appreciate the rec. Good shit Dewi (;

Favorite: "The Greener Grass"
Least Favorites: "Rikki Tikki Tavi" "Whisky & Ritalin" (i guess, these are both great)
Perfect Darkness

Dewinged (2011)
Sun Structures

Dewinged (2014)
34Mark Eitzel
Hey Mr Ferryman

DoofDoof (2017)
35John Grant
Queen Of Denmark

DoofDoof (2010)
36Cass McCombs
Wit's End

DoofDoof (2011)
37Suis La Lune

Lucman (2012)
38Brian Fallon

Lucman (2018)
Poison Season

Lucman (2015)
40Norma Jean
Polar Similar

tyman128 (2016)
Into the Sea

tyman128 (2015)
Diamond Eyes

tyman128 (2010)
43Kairon IRSE!

bgillesp (2014)
44Son Lux

bgillesp (2017)
45Trampled By Turtles

bgillesp (2010)
46Joanna Newsom
Have One on Me

fogza (2010)
47Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

fogza (2010)
48Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
I Had a Dream That You Were Mine

fogza (2016)
49Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas

Bedex (2016)

Bedex (2014)
51Clever Girl
No Drum And Bass in the Jazz Room

Bedex (2010)
52Titus Andronicus
The Monitor

SowingSeason (2010)
53The Dear Hunter
The Color Spectrum (Complete Collection)

SowingSeason (2011)
54Joanna Newsom

SowingSeason (2014)
55The Menzingers
On the Impossible Past

ButtBoy (2012)
56We Lost the Sea
Departure Songs

BlazinBlitzer (2015)
57Blood Command
Cult Drugs

BlazinBlitzer (2017)
A Dream In Static

BlazinBlitzer (2015)
Public Strain

luci (2010)
Celebration Rock

luci (2012)
61Fiona Apple
The Idler Wheel...

luci (2012)
62Boom Boom Satellites
To The Loveless

Uzumaki (2010)

Uzumaki (2014)
Endless Light

Uzumaki (2016)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Divaman (2015)
66Foster the People

Divaman (2011)

Divaman (2016)
68Kayo Dot
Plastic House on Base of Sky

AnimalsAsSummit (2016)

AnimalsAsSummit (2011)
70Black Barrel
Last Frontier

AnimalsAsSummit (2018)
Pound Syndrome

sixdegrees (2015)
Alba - Les Hombres Errantes

Kaiwaz (2018)
73My Purest Heart For You
Tragic End

temptationFruit (2017)
74Uneven Structure

temptationFruit (2014)
75Mount Eerie
Clear Moon

temptationFruit (2012)
Tales Of Us

JohnnyoftheWell (2013)
77The Gathering

JohnnyoftheWell (2012)
78Ichiko Aoba

JohnnyoftheWell (In place of 0 (2013))
Miami Garden Club

theYearis1999 (2017)
80Count to Altek
Imodius Forms: Millenium Flux

theYearis1999 (2017)
New Album

theYearis1999 (2011)
82Sun Kil Moon

BlushfulHippocrene (2014)
Knife Man

BlushfulHippocrene (2011)
84Xenia Rubinos
Magic Trix

BlushfulHippocrene (2013)
85Icarus The Owl
Icarus The Owl

GreyShadow (2014)
86PJ Harvey
Let England Shake

neek (2011)
87Danny Brown
Atrocity Exhibition

neek (2016)
To Be Kind

neek (2014)

Holy shit. I guess I'm in the camp that liked this even better than The Seer, which I loved in of itself. This turned up the dark a few notches but also the melody, crafting some massive, almost bluesy numbers which never felt too long despite their massive girth. I thought this was an even more moving and interesting experience than The Seer, although I'll say the one problem this has in comparison is that it's a bit top heavy, the first half would be almost a flat 5/5, but a few of the latter compositions don't really add much to the table (especially once "Oxygen" is done). Still, I could see this becoming a 5 in due time, especially if I keep giving this a few listens.

Favorites: "Just a Little Boy (For Chester Burnett)" "A Little God in My Hands"
Least Favorite: "To Be Kind"
89Beach House
Teen Dream

neek (2010)
Halcyon Digest

neek (2010)
91LCD Soundsystem
This Is Happening

neek (2010)

neek (2012)
93Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City

neek (2013)

neek (2013)
95Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2

neek (2014)
96St. Vincent
Strange Mercy

neek (2011)
97Flying Lotus
You're Dead!

neek (2014)
Take Care

neek (2011)
99Chance the Rapper
Acid Rap

neek (2013)
100The World Is a Beautiful Place...
Whenever, If Ever

neek (2013)

I've been meaning to listen to these guys for literal years (since high school at the least), and man they did not disappoint. While I'm still new to the emo genre, these guys' knack for leaning into progressive, highly emotional soundscapes just kicks me in the gut, and I haven't been able to stop listening to the closer here. Sure some moments hit harder than others, but otherwise this is a lean, mean, feeling machine.

Favorites: "Getting Sodas" "Low Light Assembly" "Heartbeat in the Brain"
Least Favorite: "The Layers of Skin We Drag Around"
101Florence and the Machine

neek (2011)
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