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Kompy's 2000 ratings/7 years extravaganza!!!

Lucky lucky me, my 2000th rating coincided (almost) exactly with the 7-year anniversary of my Sputnik account! The perfect excuse for a massively self-indulgent, overly opinionated, very ON BRAND celebratory list! Grab a damn slice of cake and come shoot the shit in the comments, you beautiful animals
1Aretha Franklin
I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You


The 30 albums that, after all the memes and discourse, I most want to take with me into posting valhalla, AKA the 5s. Not ranked.


The ultimate anytime-anywhere album. 11 cuts of flawless pop magic courtesy of one of the finest vocalists of the 20th century.
Yellow and Green

The first of only THREE (I think) remaining 5s from my very very first ratings spree in 2015. It’s aged from more or less the bedrock of my entire taste to a thematically rich, gorgeously produced nostalgic favorite, a powerful meditation on loss and addiction that resonates more with every listen.

You know it you love it VESPERTINE it sounds like a trillion bucks and has melodies you ain’t never even THOUGHT of thinking of before!!! Cathartic and intimate in equal measure, I’m always struck by just how much of herself Bjork leaves on the table here.
4Cock Sparrer
Shock Troops

Frankly, the only oi! album I or anyone else will ever need, a set of unflinchingly anti-establishment screeds held together by unimpeachable pop instincts and allegiant only to the downtrodden and the ripped-off.
5Default Genders
main pop girl 2019

Fond memories of discovering/chatting about/growing to love this album in the comments of Slex’s old review. Bittersweet memories of leaving my apartment wearing makeup for the first time, shaking in fear, instinctively reaching for “Sophie (Emphasis Mine)” to feel a little bit less alone.
6DJ Shadow

Still a titch self-conscious about not having any hiphop 5s, but frankly this’n will do in a pinch. My go-to for testing any new headphones or speakers— if the vinyl crackle doesn’t POP every bit as much as the piano on “Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt”, I want my money back!
The Argument

For a kid who thought nuance meant sacrificing power, this was revelatory. All the slashing power chords and screaming in the world has never cut half as deep as the quiet, knowing fury of "development wants, development gets, it's official: development wants this neighborhood gone, so the city just wants the same".
A I A: Alien Observer

One of those albums that takes everything you thought you knew about writing memorable music and painstakingly reveals it to be a sliver of a fraction of what's actually possible. A textural experience like no other.
9Hank Williams
40 Greatest Hits

You can keep your “cohesive album experiences”, this offers up enough classics for each listener to form their own personalized visions of the perfect Hank record that never was. So sprawling that you’ll never tire of scavenging for something you might have missed, but so concise and simple that a single-sitting marathon through all 40 is more than feasible- it’s not even the longest album I have 5ed!
Spilt Milk

Some of the smartest and most insightful songwriting of the rock era disguised as a too-cute-by-half glam/psych pastiche, every bit as funny and ridiculous and touching and HUMAN as its areas of inquiry (love, fame, hope yaddayaddayadda)
11Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

The soundtrack to mine and your disenchantment with academia and/or the collapse of the post-WWII American social order writ large and/or a spiral into paranoia and solipsism, around saaaay 18-20ish? Must've learned all those big words in college…
12Moon Tooth

For how much work I’ve put into being Sput’s resident Moon Tooth Enjoyer, their first was quite possibly the lowest and slowest grower on this list, starting out at a measly 3.5(!!!!). One of the most unique lyrical and melodic approaches of any album I've heard, with shred out the wazoo to boot.
13Moon Tooth

For my money, this is the band’s best. Metal that unashamedly belongs to the 21st century and seeks to find an honest way through it.
14Neko Case
Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

Case has a way of writing verses that read like riddles, songs made of pieces begging to be puzzled together to reveal something new. I'll be listening to "Star Witness" and mulling over the fragmented clues as to the narrator's motives for a long while yet.
15New Bomb Turks

All work is honorable, yet art is just a job! Let me spend my paycheck on a beer! No heroes, no leaders, no artists, no gods! I’m a worker, you’re a worker, wouldn’t you like to be a worker too?
16OK Go
Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky

The second of the OG Kompy 5s, this is probably going to be “My Album” until the day I die— just how it goes with the stuff you imprint on at 15/16, ha

I AM AWARE that this is a two-hour-plus avant-drone-folk album named after a psychedelic drug and trust me I went in skeptical too, but alas this is unbridled artistic passion and truly mind-bending sound design from stem to stern, so vibrant and full and yet so fuckin PRIMAL
18Pig Destroyer
Prowler in the Yard

If you define this album by badvibes crown prince JR Hayes’ unnervingly vulnerable poetry or by grind workhorse Scott Hull’s bottomless well of thrash-tinged riffing, more power to ya but look a little closer: it’s Brian Harvey’s Jordison-on-acid drum freakouts that truly lead the charge here. In other words: the perfect showcase of a power trio.
19Pink Floyd

In an interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish earlier this year, Roger Waters says that he has only had one message since Meddle released in 1970, “Two strangers passing in the street, by chance two passing glances meet, and I am you and what I see is me”. Of all the ways he’s delivered that message, Animals is my favorite.
20Stars of the Lid
The Ballasted Orchestra

The sweet sweet goldilocks zone between the shadowy tape wow that birthed SOTL and the beatific washes of dewdrop-catching-sunlight guitars that made ‘em such an influential force in ambient. The London Symphony by way of a supermassive black hole. I want “The Artificial Pine Arch Song” played at my funeral.
21Steve Reich
Music for 18 Musicians

Reich’s patient way of filling in the negative spaces in a melody with other melodies is a musical approach I’ve spent more or less my whole life thinking about, refined to its very essence. In a word, masterful.
22Stevie Wonder

A perfectly well-rounded funk experience- driving bangers, chill soulful vibes and everything in between, all delivered via astoundingly detailed and inventive production and the biggest bestest bag of songwriting tricks to come out of the 70s.
23The Allman Brothers Band
Eat a Peach

Something so unique about the way the songs here just flow forth, even the stuff with a bit more of an edge has an effortlessness to it that makes it ideal for lazy afternoons or balmy evening walks
24The Flaming Lips
Clouds Taste Metallic

Heavy and happy and heartbroken and heroic, gun to my head this is The One They Couldn't Top
25The Flaming Lips

The fact that it takes so much legwork to even listen to properly is not a flaw, but rather a stroke of paradigm-shattering BRILLIANCE which has led to some of the most exciting and dynamic communal listening experiences of my entire life. Modern art is cool ya dorks!
26The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Just pure feel-good whimsy and soft pretty LAYERED production with crunchy bits strewn about. Some of the best basslines of all time.
27Tim Hecker
Ravedeath, 1972

The album that first got me into ambient! beauty in stasis, stasis in destruction, things happening are just other things not happening, entropy is coming for us all so better float in space surrounded by sheets of wailing sorrowful static while u can KKKKKKKHHHHHHHHHH
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

The last of the original 5s and one I’m occasionally tempted to bump down— for whatever reason, it just doesn’t quite feel like a 5? Then a relisten makes it all shiny and new again and by the time “Reservations” ends I still haven’t found a fault.
29Willi Carlisle
Peculiar, Missouri

I reviewed this one! It's my current AOTY! Musical storytelling that puts just as much care and craft into the storytelling as the music. The shape of country to come (one can hope)
30Yellow Swans
Going Places

Something of a comfort-blanket album for me- when nothing’s going right and feeling things feels bad, this is a shield from the outside and a gentle, wordless reassurance that all things must pass.
The Click


Okay we’re doing the 1s now. Not ranked.


Soulless pop-via-algorithm. I do not believe that AJR felt emotions while making this.
OK Orchestra

See above.
About That Life

Distilled essence of unbearable talentless hypebeasts the world over.

If this is “satire”, then it’s satire by someone who comprehensively loathes EDM and wants you to loathe it too. 50 minutes trapped at a rave getting sweated on by someone trying to buy either molly or sexual favors.

Yeah, adding curse words to all the most played-out and brainless pop and hard rock cliches is kinda all this band has ever done, but something about the snickering shamelessness of changing Icona Pop's “I Love It” to say the F WORD(!!!!!) really makes this that much more tedious

Piss-poor production? Check. Thin, repetitive "atmospheres"? Check. Obnoxious screeching vocals courtesy of a man with uhhhhh strong opinions on the Hebrew people? Check. Yep, it's a black metal classic through and through.
37Daddy's Boy
All Lives Matter

Since-deleted bandcamp meme dross. Really just everything irritating about the internet in 2017.

The album that turned Eminem into everything his detractors had ever accused him of being- a witless, unlikable shock jock too hung up on his own petty dramas to drill deep on anything else
39Guns N' Roses
G N' R Lies

"One in a Million" really sums up all the insatiable, venal narcissism of 80s hard rock
40Hollywood Undead
Swan Songs

“Everywhere I Go” still a 0/10, if you got into this band past 9th grade seek help.
41Hollywood Undead
American Tragedy

Deeply sad how every HU album after the debut is defined by an increasingly desperate series of concessions to an imaginary rock-radio audience that can tolerate their infantile lyrics and lifeless riffing. Get at me when they sell out hard enough to hit the top 10 on an airplay chart again
42Lukas Graham
Lukas Graham (Blue Album)

If you think the dreary, ponderous navel-gazing of “7 Years” is bad, let me assure you, the dick-shrivelingly twee blue-eyed soul pastiche that is “Strip No More” is so much worse that you will immediately memoryhole it so you can go back to knowing this band as those guys who had that one annoying song.
43Maroon 5
Red Pill Blues

The real red pill is realizing these guys haven’t given a shit since Dubya was in office.
44Maroon 5

Even with no standards left to fall short of, Adam Levine’s ability to make the most banal and generic music just catchy enough to stick gives me the gumption needed to continue hating the shit out of him and his legendarily cucked band
45Meghan Trainor

Unbelievable that in such a bountiful era for white girl bops we still let smirky minstrelsy like “All About that Bass” and “Bang Dem Sticks” go quadruple-platinum.
46Meghan Trainor
Thank You

Guess leaning further into the whole sassy ‘50s housewife thing would have been a pretty tough row to hoe, but this exhausting set of empowerment cliches makes for a pretty limp alternative
Dark Horse

This lands at the bottom not because Nickelback is one of the least creative bands of their generation, but because it fails to fulfill the pitifully meager promise that first broke them big: that at least one song per album would be catchy enough that you gave up trying to hate it
48Nostalgia Critic
The Wall

There’s a special place in hell for Doug Walker for managing to make simultaneously the worst rendition of THE WALL and the worst review of THE WALL
49Patricia Taxxon

Torturous, amateurish attempt at harsh noise, the absolute nadir of a vast discography with frankly more than its fair share of duds.
50Peter Cetera

Wish this guy had gone into solitude to play solitaire after 1979 instead of continuing to slather the worst voice in rock history all over the top 40
51Peter Sotos
Buyer's Market

All the shameful voyeurism and invasiveness inherent to True Crime as a genre. Love art that has fuck all to say other than that the most vile criminal behavior sure is bad, it’s really bad, horrific to even think about, boy isn’t it just the worst??? Fucking astonishing insight.
52R. Kelly
R. Kelly

Hey, speaking of vile criminal behavior, it's the man who helped turn mainstream R&B permanently into the genre of overproduced, oversung pouting, completely reliant on hip-hop for anything resembling an edge! If only that was the worst we could say of him, jeez louise
53Sam Hunt

My lowest-scored review to date, just a totally bored and boring mishmash of disconnected tropes and clumsily computerized countrybeats
Tales of Hogsmeade Village

Trve kvlt atmoblack neckbeard cringe meets soy millennial tumblr neolib cringe— killer combo
55Stephen Sondheim
Into the Woods - OST Deluxe Edition

As a lover of lyrical show-don't-tell and a self-professed hard sell for showtunes, Sondheim’s whole thing is kind of anathema to me, but this miserably awful 2014 screen adaptation has to be the worst possible way to experience what the guy had to offer.
56Theory of a Deadman
Scars and Souvenirs

57Thirty Seconds to Mars

Jared Leto flies up his own ass and finds a big ol' log of pretentious, insta-dated consoomer flimflam. Everything excruciating about Imagine Dragons, without that pesky sense that the singer’s probably a decent guy at the end of the day.
58USA For Africa
We Are The World

Wonder how many private jet trips this one took to put together- gotta be at least 2 or 3 right?
Make Believe

Paraphrasing a friend: “quirky toothless gen-x bullshit the band”
60Wu-Tang Clan
Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

Fuck you Martin Shkreli
61Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica


40 good recs/things I mostly or entirely have sput to thank for getting into. VERY loosely ranked. Only a few of u get blurbs sry


First list I made here snake recced me this and someone else (futures?) immediately said Isaac Brock was a pedo and I just knew I had found something special
62Bon Iver
For Emma, Forever Ago
63Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
64The Life and Times
Tragic Boogie
65Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth
66Fleet Foxes
Helplessness Blues
67Flying Lotus
68Kuroki Nagisa
Kuroki Nagisa

Doubt I'll have my shit together enough to start regularly participating in SOTD again anytime soon but some sweet jams were had regardless
Lush Islands - Illusion of Paradise
70Spanish Love Songs
Brave Faces Everyone
72The Antlers
Misadventures of Doomscroller
Boris At Last -Feedbacker-
75Old Nick
Ghost O'Clock
76Tears for Fears
The Tipping Point
77Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Don't really fuck with this anymore for obvious reasons but as of a recent-ish obligatory relisten I have to say the high points here do hold up and it definitely had its time and place in my life
The Idyll Opus (I-VI)
79Alpha Male Tea Party
80Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic
81Asian Glow
Stalled Flutes, means
82Betty Davis
They Say I'm Different

83Blood Command
Return of the Arsonist
The Machine Is Burning...
85Chat Pile
God's Country
Asleep in the arms of the sea

Can’t remember who here’s project this is but I vibe it ahrd
87Harrod and Funck

Hell Debris

me n scoot are sput's hecker-biting ambientgang this is good shit
Pale Horses
90Neptunian Maximalism
Relatives in Descent
92Sol Distorsion
Sol Distorsion

s/o dewi gotta revisit this soon
93sonhos tomam conta
94The Appleseed Cast
The End of the Ring Wars

From the secret santa thing ars ran last year, s/o madrigal30
95The Hotelier
Home, Like NoPlace Is There
96The Olivia Tremor Control
Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume 1
97Typhoon (USA-OR)
Stare Into Death and Be Still
99Weyes Blood
Titanic Rising
Penis Envy

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