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Looks like I've hit the almighty 50k scrobbles (well, 50,054 as of making this list but who's counting? ofc). In honor of 50k I present to you 100 albums that topped the list and these are the only good albums ever made. BTW I'm doing the entries 10 at a time because I got timed out trying to do 50 or 100 so if it seems incomplete initially that is why!
1High on Fire
Death is this Communion

89 scrobobles. Heavy/Doom/Thrash metal that'll put hair on your chest and/or genital regions. GOAT JAMS-Turk, the t/t, Rumors of War.
2Devil Sold His Soul
A Fragile Hope

89 scrobobles. Post Metal/Post Hardcore. Visceral, ethereal, and absolutely heart wrenching in it's melancholic nature. GOAT JAMS-As the Storm Unfolds, Sirens Chant, At the End of the Tunnel.
3Deathspell Omega
The Furnaces of Palingenesia

89 scrobobles. Dissonant Black Metal/Harbingers of Controversy.
Dizzyingly chaotic and monstrously impressive from a technical standpoint. Drumwork especially is brain melting in both it's speed and versatility. GOAT JAMS-Imitatio Dei, Neither Meaning Nor Justice, Ad Arma! Ad Arma

89 scrobobles. Deathgrind.
Bringers of brees and crunchy riffs. Freakish, monstrous vocals pair with thiccc riffs and some surprisingly impressive bass work to make an apex of Deathgrind. GOAT TRACKS-Slut, Grind Wit, Saw It All.
Flowers From Exile

90 scrobobles. Neofolk/Dark Foul.
Luxembourg dude who likes martial foot stomping and antiquated rustic European architecture plucks a guitar and it is heavenly. Is not a neonazi I think. GOAT JAMS-Secrets Son of Europe, Swords to Rust, A Legacy of Unrest.
6Pig Destroyer
Phantom Limb

91 scrobobles. Deathgrind.
Presumably has destroyed pigs of the literal variety. For lovers of swine slaying and obliteration of oinkers only. Riffs. GOAT JAMS-Heathen Temple, Girl in the Slayer Jacket, The Machete Twins.
Those Whom the Gods Detest

91 scrobobles. Technical Death Metal/Egypt Simping.
Probably one of the singular most important records in shaping what I love in my Death Metal. Impressively technical and yet meticulously pieced together and brimming with biting fury. Karl Sanders is potentially an immortal alien from a better universe. GOAT JAMS-the t/t, Hittite Dung Incantation, Kafir!, all of them tbh.

91 scobobles. Progressive Metal/Sludge Metal(maybe?).
Man this still rules as hard as it does when I heard it like 8 years ago. Brann Dailor tosses drum fills by the metric thousands leading as heavily if not more than the dizzying, borderline whimsical guitar work does. GOAT TRACKS-Iron Tusk, Aqua Dementia, I Am Ahab.
9Nokturnal Mortum
The Voice of Steel

93 scrobobles. Black Metal/Folk Metal.
I may very well have at least 50 more listens on this BUT Spotify is not too fond of Mortum as it seems. I'm aware of the mounds of controversy surrounding this band so jam at your own will but be known that the adventure that Mortum presents is resplendent with beauty and fury and pride-a pride that feels like the manifestation Ukraines serene countryside. GOAT TRACKS-Ukraine, Valerie, My Dream Islands.

94 scrobobles. Atmospheric Black Metal/Folk Black Metal. For a long while this was possibly my favorite album of all time but it seems my love for spacious, immensely grandiose Folk Metal has somewhat fallen off. Hardly immensely however-this record is still gorgeous and impressively uplifting, especially as the world grows more frightening and bitter. Also contains one of Austin Lunn's greatest drum contributions. GOAT TRACKS-I mean it's only 5 tracks and operates as a cohesive whole but if you're gonna jam one Children of the Mist is a splendid start.
Unholy Cult

94 scrobobles. Death Metal. This is some gosh dark sinister death metal here. While Close To a World Below is potentially still my favorite, this might be the most immediately aggressive Immolation have ever been. GOAT TRACKS-A Wolf Amongst the Flock, Sinful Nature, Of Martyrs and Men.
The Way of All Flesh

94 scrobobles. Progressive Metal/Polyrhythmic Chugging. This albums was the album that finally dragged me into Gojira fandom. I think this record has a greater sense of experimentation and oddity that pushes Gojiras creative mindset beyond anything they'd ever created. It's a behemoth of a record that expands sheer crushing heaviness into more eccentric and creative territories. GOAT TRACKS-The Art of Dying, Ouroboros, Vacuity.
13Omnium Gatherum

95 Scrobobles. Melodic Death Metal. A little cheesy undoubtedly-but like the finest of aged reggiano this cheese does not spoil. This record is a heartlifting epoch-blunt in its purpose and equally honest in its attempts to brighten the world, one triumphant growl at a time. GOAT TRACKS-The Rim, The Sonic Sign, New Dynamic
14Misery Signals
Of Malice and the Magnum Heart

95 Scrobobles. Metalcore.
This is an album that has never truly left me. I don't hold much personal relatability to this record sure, but it was certainly essential in forming my love for hyper melodic/technically proficient Metalcore. They were also instrumental helping develop a sound that imo has been almost impossibly and wonderfully refined by my personal favorite band Counterparts. Regardless of who did or did not do it better, this is still as beautiful and equally piercing as ever. GOAT TRACKS-The Stinging Rain, The Year Summer Ended in June, Difference of Vengeance and Wrongs.
Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical...

95 Scrobobles. Black Metal/Nasal Throat Singing.
This, in spite of the eccentricity of the frog croaks that adorn it, may be the most straightforward representation of Black Metal bar bands like Gorgoroth and Bathory. Hyperspeed unchanging blast beats and crunchy sinister riffs craft an oppressive and almost mystical atmosphere. GOAT TRACKS-Astral Path to Supreme Majesties, Desolate Funeral Chant, Upon the Fire Winged Demon.

95 scrobobles. Electropop/I think Industrial? Idk I'm bad with the realm of electronic anything.
This is penultimate pseudo-gothic nightclub rave music. Few things make me wanna rail some addies and take to the streets bouncing from club to club with the gang but oml do these bangers unlock a piece of me that light dormant for nigh a millenia. GOAT TRACKS-the t/t, Till We Feel Nothing, Wrong Bag.
L'Enfant Sauvage

95 scrobobles. Prog Metal/Prog Chugcore.
Surprised that this outpaced TWOAF, considering I don't think this has quite the cohesiveness the aforementioned record has. I must give this massive credit however for being the record that finally piqued my interest in these polychugmeisters-if From Mars to Sirius wasn't the immediate hook then something had to be. Imo this is a little more melodic and daresay relaxed than earlier material, but even that is relative when speaking of the ball dropping heaviness of Gojira. GOAT TRACKS-The Gift of Guilt, Planned Obsolescence, Mouth of Kala.
One Day Son This Will All Be Yours

95 scrobobles. Post Hardcore/Alternative Rock.
A boy band has finally produced something of worth and it is the angelic cleans and absolutely piercing harsh vocals that dominate Fightstar's discography. Old broman Archelirion got me to jam this when he rec'd me Tannhauser Gate, a track that holds the title for the single most hard frickin core riff beknownst to man. The dichotomy of pleasant soaring melodies and visceral post hardcore blends seamlessly here, making this one of the most fantastic examples of quality accessibility in hardcore. GOAT TRACKS-Tannhauser Gate, t/t, We Apologize For Nothing

95 scrobobles. Folk Metal.
Now this is an album I've hardly touched in, at least, 2 full years. Is there a reason? Has this dipped in quality? Have I lost a love for adventurous woodwinds and wildly cathartic melodic riffs and shrieks that bring to the mind images of dragons soaring across windy fjords? Did I stop enjoying blast beats? The answer is a resounding no-this is simply an album lost to time. One that I should jam right goddamn now. GOAT TRACKS-Wurzleburt, Blut Im Auge, Mana.
This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In)

95 Scrobobles. Alternative Rock/Alternative Metal

This may very well have topped Wonder What's Next for my favorite Chevelle album. Chevelle are just an immense tour de force of sheer passion with groove-laden riffs and truly soaring clean vocals that still maintain a focus on impressive hook writing. God bless Chevelle. GOAT TRACKS-The Clincher, Get Some, Tug-O-War.
21The Dillinger Escape Plan

96 scrobobles. Mathcore/Metalcore
Ultimate, planet consuming chaos. Very little has matched or came close to the sheer seething rage that dominates this album, even if the records odder moments showcase a knack for lush ambience to slightly balance out the immense destructive desire the record contains. GOAT TRACKS-Limerent Death, Symptoms of Terminal Illness, Manufacturing Discontent.
22In Vain

96 Scrobobles, Melodic Death, Progressive Death Metal
This is a beauty of a goddamn record. Nuanced, complex and cathartic, filled with eccentric yet wonderfully fitted progressive moments including a (proper!) use of a saxophone ending in "Floating on the Murmuring Tide" (take notes Rivers of Nihil) . If you like Melodic Death Metal in the vein of bands like Be'Lakor ummm maybe check this. GOAT TRACKS-Against the Grain, Image of Time, Floating On the Murmuring Tide.

96 Scrobobles. Melodic Death Metal/Atmospheric Death Metal
Origin is lustrous, spacey, and immensely soothing. The experience is much akin to being gently clasped by the hand and being guided through distant cosmos, luminant nebulas, icy moons and the empty in-betweens. This and Singularity are a constant toss up for me. This is certainly a simpler affair than Singularity but in some ways more effective in its intended trajectory. Regardless they both indeed rule. GOAT TRACKS-Stream of Light, Refraction, Cinders.
Plains Of The Purple Buffalo

96 Scrobobles. Post Rock.
Another record I've not touched in years! Or so it feels. This is reverse Post Rock. No more tedious waiting until your face is rife with boredom-the crescendo comes first this time! Jokes aside, this album masters soft-loud dynamic like no other, dancing between quaint and hopeful and unabashedly triumphant. It's good yo. GOAT TRACKS-Journey to the Plains, Butterflies (On Luci's Way), Leaving the Plains.
25The Ghost Inside
Get What You Give

97 Scrobobles. Metalcore/Warpedcore
A memory I never thought I would associate with this record would be of my darkest moments. I was walking from my workplace back to my place of living at the time which was with my ex in Scranton. Now, the circumstances of my living there involved me giving up my first apartment for someone I had at that pointed dated for mayhaps a month. Love moves fast, almost as fast as foolishness acts. Transit to Scranton was a fucking shit show with my hours, so often I had to walk back. It was a 3 hour walk. The relationship quickly dissolved and I was in an awkward stage where we were not together but still living together.
26The Ghost Inside
Get What You Give

She would have guys over on a more than regular basis, and I did well to hide my discomfort. Inside my brain was combusting and my emotions were relentlessly stabbing each other. I uh, did not feel mentally great. It was on one particular walk where I was listening to this, and something about all those corny metalcore tropes had gotten to me. Ultimately I was a very depressed and dissociated young lad-now I am a moderately happy and only slightly dissociated young man. I like to think the inherent truths, for as bluntly stated as they are were something that aided me greatly through my eras of feeling like a major fuck up. Those dumb silly mantras of "Don't be afraid of who you are! We all make mistakes!" are so mind numbingly simple but goddammit does it help to actually feel the sincerity of them. Anyways for a million breakdowns per second and brocore RIFFS czech these GOAT TRACKS-This Is What I Know About Sacrifice, Dark Horse, Engine 45.

97 Scrobobles. Deathrock.
Bluesy Deathrock that makes me feel like it's the 1950's and I'm taking a drag outside of a shady titty bar. Aka the American way. GOAT TRACKS-Death Reflects Us, Genocidal Crush, Love In a Cold World.
The Satanist

99 Scrobobles. Black Metal/Blackened Death Metal.
The Satanist is an enigmatic album-sure, it's relatively straightforward in its approach towards hellspawning fury and unbridled intensity-but the ways that odd moments of respite are included so naturally really shows the apex of Behemoth's songwriting ability. Nergal's brush with death almost certainly played a powerful part in this, even if it inflated his ego to unquantifiable levels as of now. Whatever it is, the complexity and sheer sweltering chaos with loads of sweet sweet hooks embedded here is undeniable. GOAT TRACKS-Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer, In the Absence Ov Light, O Father O Satan O Sun.
29Gallows (UK)
Grey Britain

100 Scrobobles. Hardcore.
Grey Britain is seething with anger and self loathing-self loathing that manifests even further into anger which results in an ever more vicious gnashing of teeth at society. Also it riffs and such. Can you tell I'm already running low on descriptors? GOAT TRACKS- London is the Reason, I Dread the Night, The Vultures (Act I and II).
30Shade Empire
Omega Arcane

101 Scrobobles. Symphonic Metal
Omega Arcane is imbibed with such a massive sense of grandiose it could invoke rapture with it's earth-shattering orchestrations. Seriously, this record is massive as hell and cinematic in its scope-the fall of Rome, the sweeping invasions of the Golden Horde, the liberating beginnings of the French Revolutions and the consequential beheading spree to come-all of this can be encapsulated in 80 minutes of Omega Arcane. GOAT TRACKS-Ruins, Disembodied, Ash Statues.
31Bolt Thrower
Those Once Loyal

100 Scrobobles. Death Metal.
I'm going to have immense trouble giving this one a nuanced description but I will give you the 3 words that you will need-it fucking riffs.
Blessed Be My Brothers

101 Scrobobles. Brutal Melodic Death Metal.
Blessed Be My Brothers is an overlooked gem of absolutely over the top 24/7 guitar sweeps and sewage gutturals. It is a grand upheaval of all things nuanced or quaint and lives to blast you into the nether with its holy crusade of melodious riffs. Imagine Nile's drumwork, Cryptopsy's vocals and Pope Fucking Francis on guitars and you have an idea of what's jammin here. GOAT TRACKS-GLORIFICATION OF POWDERED BONES UPON THE SUNDERED DEAD, TRUTH, BY VIRTUOUS RECLAMATION.
Autumn Eternal

101 Scrobobles. Atmospheric Black Metal/ Post-Rock/Bluegrass

Still amongst at least my top 20 albums of all time. Autumn Eternal always fills my heart with giddy triumph and keeps me grounded, even when I feel my brain wanders towards more shallow carings/interests. Maybe it's the strangely wholesome amalgamation of influences that craft the record as well as Austin Lunns big gosh darn heart-whatever it may be, this album is rife with goddamn beauty and talent. GOAT TRACKS-Pale Ghosts, Oaks Ablaze, Sleep to the Sounds of Waves Crashing.
34Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
Feeling of Unity

101 Scrobobles. Metalcore/Electronicore.

This is fun. Extremely unprecedented levels of fun. Disgustingly auto tuned, bright and poppy, flourishing with all sorts of bombastic rave elements, all balanced sweetly with sick melodic riffs and passionate screams fueled at all times by at least half a gallon of red bull. GOAT TRACKS-Starburst, Cast Your Shell, Ignite Your Frail Mind.
Tragedy Will Find Us

101 Scrobobles. Metalcore/Post Hardcore
Caution-this will be the first among many Counterparts posts. Ultimately this has grown off me modestly with time, but the emotional crater this has helped to fill has been immense. I think a lot of people have a single band in which they feel their lives draw a million parallels, and that always seems to be the connection I never fail to make with Counterparts. Aside from the personal influence they've had on my life, do they just freakin rule? Hell yeah, as evidenced by these GOAT TRACKS-Collapse, Solace, Burn.
36The Dillinger Escape Plan
Option Paralysis

102 Scrobobles. Mathcore/Geometrycore/Trigonometrycore

This is probably my favorite DEP but the toss up between the monstrous hooks of this and the more eccentric nature of Dissociation are going to forever be a battle in which nothing wins or loses, for they are both wondrous representations of how to make unhinged feral chaos work damn well. Rules. GOAT TRACKS-Gold Teeth On a Bum, Farewell Mona Lisa, Widower.
Asylum Cave

102 Scrobobles. Deathgrind.

More Benighted! Tbh my opinions on this are essentially that of my opinions on Icon-the vocals are monstrous, the riffs are fast and CHUNKY, and the drumming is at a speed fast enough to surpass that of sound and light. It is perfect meatheaded mosh energy and goddamn do I live for it. GOAT TRACKS-A Quiet Day, Unborn Infected Children, Let the Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth.
Roads to the North

103 Scrobobles. Atmospheric Black Metal/Bluegrass.

I have to say that I am a touch surprised this didn't end up higher, but I suppose that this is a record that does tend to match with the seasons for me. It's distant and graceful but at other times callous, much like the still yet violent nature of winter itself. That aside I do think as a whole this maybe Austin's most successful integration of juxtaposing sounds, with the Bluegrass influence seeping in a little more naturally than the more cut and dry pieces of a record like Kentucky (not to ofc diminish the record-it does, after all, contain Dead Bodies in the Falls). GOAT TRACKS-Echoes Of a Disharmonic Evesong, Where Mountains Pierce the Sky, Chase the Grain.

103 Scrobobles. Black N Roll.
Any band that can shout their own name as confidently as Kvelertak does is a good band to me. It takes a matter of seconds before this album has unveiled its hand, with the main motif being to rock hard and fast and to slam a lot of brewski's.
40Manchester Orchestra
I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child

104 Scrobobles. Indie Rock.

I always liked this. Now, I goddamn love this. It took time for me to really appreciate the diversity and emotional staying power here, and I think it's ultimately because upon my original coming upon this I was a dingy little Metal boy who couldn't grasp his mind around these flowery emotions. But they aren't flowery. They're raw and honest, sometimes reduced to a whimpering defeat or a heart-wrenching longing. In fact some moments become almost soul crushing to listen to, i.e the end to Colly Strings. This is a record that truly revived my interest in indie rock, especially as my interest waned as I found a lot of the lauded acts disinterested me. GOAT TRACKS-Wolves At Night, Sleeper 1972, Colly Strings.

105 Scrobobles. Hardcore/Mathcore/Nu-Metal

Errorzone is probably the greatest recent hardcore period. It manages a scathing nihilistic approach with ofc an emphasis on rib smashing heaviness but also a subtle focus on building a smog-a dense and choking atmosphere that makes the album feel impossibly bitter. I think the Nu-Metal influences aided in this greatly, as much of the foundations of Nu-Metal were based on this personal misanthropy even if the direction it went in was often...laughable, to put it kindly. This however is not laughable. This is hella pissed. GOAT TRACKS-End Eternal, Doomtech, Virus/Vibrance.
42The Story So Far
Under Soil and Dirt

Under Soil and Dirt exudes corny passionate youth like few others do. Of course all the cheesy mantras are there-i hate my hometown, at least I have my friends, Stacy is a whore who broke my heart, but is the hook writing, the immense projection in which the vocals contain. With things like this one must run off a thousand percent concentrated passion, and TSSF do that with flying colors. Issa summertime anthem hardcore anyway GOAT TRACKS-MT.DIABLO, QUICKSAND, SWORDS AND PENS.
43Pianos Become the Teeth
The Lack Long After

I often tell myself-I cannot listen to this. My heart cannot contain the levels of grief that this presents. But it is evident- this is too goddamn great to ever forget about even in my most wholesome state of mind. iirc this is about the vocalist's father dying of a rare heart condition and of his subsequent dealing with his loss, and the gargantuan void left behind plagues this record like a looming horror. It contains within it a journey of grief, beginning immediately with a longing to reclaim what was lost and ending with a still bitter acceptance that it is a pain that will exist forever. For as lush and beautiful as it is, it doesn't feel like there is a proper even...bittersweet ending here. This record is pure unfathomable melancholy. Oof. GOAT TRACKS-I highly advise taking this in as a whole piece but uhhh here it is-I'll Be Damned, Spine, I'll Get By.
44The Ocean

Aeolian is maybe the least spacious or progressive amongst The Oceans records, but tbh I am actually quite OK with then trading that for how bonkers heffy this shit is. Aeolian is like a javelin missile to the center of the chest, like a steamroller that rolls out further steamrollers pinning your skull, it's like something that is heavy and you should jam and if you should jam them start with the GOAT TRACKS-City In the Sea,, Queen of the Food Chain.
Liquid Swords

107 Scrobobles. Hip Hop
Maybe it's a plebian or unsurprising take but this is probably the greatest hip hop I have ever heard (even if that is a bit limited still). It's smooth. It's menacing. It is immensely witty. It has a storyboard consisting of ninja spies and assassinations and shogunates. It was destined for perfection for these hip hop lacking ear canals. GOAT TRACKS-4th Chamber, Shadowboxin', B.I.B.L.E.
46Artificial Brain
Infrared Horizon

107 Scrobobles. Brutal Death Metal/Space Gurgles.

Infrared Horizon has mastered nuance quiet well, managing to be dizzyingly technical while never meandering or forgetting the goal of the record's atmosphere-the crafting of a dark, dismal, apocalyptic alien soundscape. It's atonal for sure, but man AB never forget to wriggle in some wicked earworm melodies that ultimately keep this album from growing stale. Space gurgs 4 lyfe GOAT TRACKS-The t/t, Floating In Delirium, Estranged From Orbit.
47Machine Head
The Blackening

Few bands are as completely reliant on the foundations of fantastic riffwork as Machine Head. This is in many ways a curse, as nothing has ever quite approached the heights of The Blackening, even if Rob Flynn's coarse shouts do add a bit of backbone to the music to slightly tone down the aforementioned riffs reliance. Regardless of this it does not matter here, for the riffs here are diverse and wonderful, at times being the best of groovy meatheaded gymbro anthems and at other's serving as impossibly cathartic and bright. These riffs would put Phil Anselmo's nazi hand into arthritic conniptions. GOAT TRACKS-Now I Lay Thee Down, Halo, Aesthetics of Hate.

108 Scrobobles. Melodic Death Metal/Neoclassical Metal.

Kalmah does what Kalmah does and here they do it best. They shred and they synth away at a few trillion MPH and they do it in a frosty and fun as hell fashion. It's a tad cheesy for sure, but that should already be evident based on the vast stink of cheese emanating from this list. GOAT TRACKS-Doubtful of It All, Heroes To Us, Bird of Ill-Omen
Let The Devil In

109 Scrobobles. Black Metal.

Let the Devil In is one of the most concentrated essences of sinister, fuzzy black metal ever known to man. It invokes frankincense and burning myrrh and the stench of goats blood and the Burger King parking lot you can find your average Satanic practitioner residing in (don't go searching for me). It's so goddamn fun and invokes chaos in the way a mischievous Halloween night does. Is it a serious as it takes itself to be? Hell no. Is it the best black metal record release in the 2000s? I think maybe so. GOAT TRACKS-The t/t, Empire of Suffering, Burning Voice of Adoration.
50Ne Obliviscaris
Portal of I

This album may have lost a shred of the magic it once had for me (maintaining position as my favorite album for an impressive amount of time), but it still manages an impressive level of mystique, the ability to captivate with sheer somber beauty. It paints images of frosted wonderland, dead trees with branches swaying in a chill wind, thick blankets of snow reflecting a stark moonlight. It's a poetic album, flowery and in love with the world surrounding it. GOAT TRACKS-Tapestry of the Starless Abstract, As Icicles Fall, Forget Not.
Last Fair Deal Gone Down

109 Scrobobles. Alternative Metal/General Dark Metal (?)

I think this first statement can be applied to all Katatonia records-Jonas Renske is a sad and troubled man. Perhaps somewhat less now than he once was, but melancholy pervades most any Katatonia record in a way that is blunt and tangible. It does not hide behind metaphors or pretentious concepts, and it is worn especially well here I think. The aggression is much more absent here than it would be by the time records like Viva Emptiness would arrive, but this soft and almost eloquent side of Katatonia is something I absolutely adore. GOAT TRACKS-Tear Gas, Chrome, Dispossession.

109 Scrobobles. Epic/Symphonic Power Metal.

I went through a period of loathing Power Metal, and I think my reasons were not unjust. Ultimately Power Metal is founded on the over the top and theatrical, and is something that I find is somewhat stagnant. Epica however, and as a whole Kamelot, have the angelic grace to actually wield this sound. That romance novel-meets ole English knight with flowing golden hair and a luminant sheen that the more symphonic sides of Power Metal seem to want to represent is perfected here, and the nauseating sweetness of that statement will entirely determine your enjoyment of this. For me I can sufficiently say that this rules and may be my favorite Power Metal album, even if that means relatively little. GOAT TRACKS-Center of the Universe, Descent of the Archangel, III Ways to Epica.
The Blind Leading the Blind

This is beyond the shadow of a doubt my favorite black metal discovery of the last year, hell maybe even two. It paints the dismal image of war like few manage, choosing to avoid romanticism for the unsureness and fearfulness that I imagine actually plagues the battlefield. WW1 especially was what I consider a somewhat forgotten terror (well, at least overshadowed) and so it makes impressive when someone's craft really paints the lethality and fear that was at hand. GOAT TRACKS-Arrival-The Meusse Argonne, Paschenhell, The Hundred Days Offensive.
Nattestid Ser Porten Vid

110 Scrobobles. Black Metal.
It's strange to look back it now but this alongside Storm of the Light's Bane may have been the albums that truly propelled my interest in Black Metal, even if The Satanist and Sunbather were the first Black Metal records I had ever heard (arguments on Sunbather being Black Metal aside). The former records really set the precedent for what I imagined Black Metal to be. Cold and callous, sinister and all about that cat-sacrifice life. This does nothing to disprove that, even if the feeling this generates is decidedly more epic and adventurous than other first wave Black Metal. GOAT TRACKS I, IV, VII.
55Deathspell Omega

110 scrobobles. Dissonant Black Metal.
Paracletus is definitely an album that propelled my interest into the darker and more claustrophobic areas of both Black and Death metal, and imo they are, alongside both Gorguts and Ulcerate, still the undisputed apex of this extremely generalized sound. I love how this record is ultimately dark and perverse while still managing to end on a surprisingly...cathartic note? Hardly positive in anyway shape and form and it's ofc more than a little disheartening to know the misanthropic sounds stem from the virtue of the members being massive P.O.S's, but because I have no fucking clue what they are saying, I can definitely still jam with Paracletus. GOAT TRACKS-Wings of Predation, Devouring Famine, Apokatastasis Pantôn.
With All Their Might

111 scrobobles. Death Metal.
Amazing gymcore music that channels the greatest aspects of Bolt Thrower and fuses them with more modern hardcore and mayyyybe even Deathcore stylings. Ultimate mosh energy groove laden dm. Need one more? I think not. GOAT TRACKS-Of Mice and Mountains, Backbreaker, All the Devils are Here.
Storm of the Light's Bane

111 Scrobobles. Melodic Black Metal.
There is close to nothing I can state on this record that hasn't been stated a half million times before, but it would be a disservice to downplay how much this sparked my interest in the realm of spooky evil kvlt jams. Even now this record conjures up misty graveyard walks and demon led chariots and small children in downtrodden dinosaur outfits shoving their grimy hands into your candy basket. Yeah, it's evil all right. GOAT TRACKS-Night's Blood, Unhallowed, Where Dead Angel's Lie.
58Cradle of Filth

111 Scrobobles. Symphonic Black Metal.
I can sense it nearing-a wild Hawks rampaging through the streets, decimating small children and stomping out wee animals as even the mention of Cradle of Filth blesses his ears from miles away. Fairly so, because Midian is the apex of Cradle of Filth's material, with Danny Filth's theatrical performance being wildly dominant and impressive as well as being pitted up with some of the catchiest riffs the band has ever crafted. The only potentially lacking experience in comparison to modern Cradle of Filth would be the drum work, which has fucking skyrocketed since the release of Hammer of the Witches. GOAT TRACKS-Cthulu Dawn, Her Ghost in the Fog, Lord Abortion.
59Swallow the Sun
The Morning Never Came

113 scrobobles. Melodic Death Doom.
This is a case of an album that I always loved but ultimately did not settle in as a bona fide masterpiece until revisiting it around 2 or some years ago. It manages to craft this romanticized story of grief in a manner that would usually sound insincere as Doom Metal can often be, but there is something that is compelling about the tortured shrieks and fathomless gutturals, juxtaposed beautifully by the spaciousness of the guitar work. Even the drumming is meticulous and well crafted;while never being inherently flashy, there are loads of creative patterns and tight little fills and soft cymbal crashes. It's nuanced, as is the record, which makes the record so goddamn gratifying over time. GOAT TRACKS-Through Her Silvery Body, Swallow (Part 1), Hold This Woe.

114 scrobobles. Hip Hop/Alternative Hip Hop.
While Liquid Swords may be cemented as my current favorite hip hop record, Outkast may hold claim as my favorite act (with Nujabes still holding steadfast as well ofc). It opens up with massive bite and gradually unveils the many facets of Outkast-melancholic pleas and apologies, psychedelic leanings, punchy rockers-all in a way that feels natural and still decidedly normal. Stankonia is just dope and fun as hell, even when those more emotional moments do tear on through. GOAT TRACKS-Gasoline Dreams, Ms.Jackson, Humble Mumble.
61Norma Jean
Polar Similar

116 Scrobobles. Metalcore.
Polar Similar holds a slight claim still as my favorite NJ, even if All Hail is ultimately a solid step heavier. NJ manages this slow burning catharsis here, like the steady burn of both misanthropy and fury and confidence burning a gradual hole through your chest. I would hardly call this a dark record however, for as crushingly heavy as it can be in moments, there is also something somewhat...jubilant about it. GOAT TRACKS-Synthetic Sun (all 3 are Synthetic Sun btw), Reaction, Hurtling Towards Andromeda.
62There Will Be Fireworks
The Dark, Dark Bright

120 Scrobobles. Indie Folk/Post Rock.
God this is just rife with beauty. If ever something sounded like a pure and honest channel of love and innocence I think this would be it. It does with layers to back it too, thanks much in part to the crescendo-building of some rather gorgeous guitar work. GOAT TRACKS-River, Youngblood, Ash Wednesday.
The Oncoming Storm

123 scrobobles. Melodic Metalcore.
This is an album that purges all the hate and anger and sadness from goddamn soul. It's pulsing with positive energy and defiance, dancing with both skull crushing breakdown heaviness and beautiful melodic riffs. They also wield one of the greatest drummer to ever bless the ever expanding realm of Metalcore. God bless yo. GOAT TRACKS-The Great Dividers,, Zombie Autopilot, Bloodlust of the Human Condition.
64System of a Down

117 scrobobles. Alt Metal/maybe nu metal idk
This rocks so goddamn hard it should be illegal. Serj's voice is powerful enough to topple the Turkish government as Malakian's axe wielding shreds the common folk into bloodied ribbons. It is, for what it is, heavy and groovy as hell while still retaining some of SOAD's eccentricity (even if the wonkiness of the s/t is immensely toned down). GOAT TRACKS-Prison Song, Needles, Deer Dance.

123 Scrobobles. Hardcore.
Ok now fuck all that positivity. This is angry. This is ANGER. Dangers are seething with the desire to stomp out anyone who had ever wronged them, and it is a path of lethality one would be recommended to be careful crossing. The riffs are sharps and the vocals will cut you with a searing pain that of a thousand hangnails. Yeah it rips. GOAT TRACKS-Power Chord Blues, Half-Brother, All-Cop, Break Beat.
66August Burns Red
Found in Far Away Places

123 Scrobobles. Melodic Metalcore.
This is a band that held emotional prevalence over my entire high school life until...well even now, on some level. It's always those corny messages of triumph that seem to get me, and the immense passion in which ABR does it is something that will always make me feel giddy and confident. Is it those sweet guitar sweeps? Yeah it's the sweeps. Maybe. GOAT TRACKS-The Wake, Everlasting Ending, Martyr.
Black Future

125 Scrobobles. Progressive Thrash Metal
Black Future is a destructive cosmic journey, one that barrels through atomized wastelands and clustering supernovae. It's immense, it's intense, the riffs rules, the pterodactyl shrieks obliterate my poor ear canals, and the overall chaos this record invokes has already sent laser beams blasting from a starship directly into my now wasted neighborhood. Best Thrash Metal maybe ever. GOAT TRACKS- t/t, Forests of Legend, Accelerating Universe
68Born of Osiris
The Discovery

125 scrobobles. Progressive Metalcore.
BoO's downfall has been an unfortunate one to witness, knowing that at their height they had crafted one of the most wonderful and whimsical progcore records this side of Northlane. It maintained a balance-chugs aplenty yes, but they were of the highest caliber, and layered well with the soft and precious beauty of the keys. Will they ever return to this lofty magical height? I do not think so, but I am happy with the GOAT TRACKS we have received-Follow The Signs, Singularity, Recreate.
To the Nameless Dead

126 Scrobobles. Folk Metal/Black Metal.
Man, does this sound like a vigorous war rally like no other. The Irish pride that is the heart and soul of Primordial's work drives this record like a pike into an English noble's chest. It's a balance of livid triumph and mournful, glancing back at the losses throughout Irish history but feeling confident in the strength of the people to persevere. GOAT TRACKS-Empire Falls, As Rome Burns, Traitors Gate
The Difference Between Hell and Home

127 scrobobles. Metalcore/Post Hardcore.
This is a record that encapsulates self loathing to an absolute tee. This was something I found at a point of great self depreciation, and I am glad I could find a pain to identify with since I did not exactly have the most emotionally supportive amongst friends (quite the contrary as I was the brunt of many jokes). Feeling like your purpose is a detriment. Seeing no hope in the future. Imagining a future where failure is your unavoidable destiny. It's a cruel mindset and is something Brendan Murphy knows unfortunately well, but at the very least it is good to here it purged in this emotional behemoth. GOAT TRACKS-umm honestly all of them? The closest thing to even a dip in quality is maybe Wither so yeah just jam them all
71Trap Them
Darker Handcraft

130 Scrobobles. Metalcore/Grindcore/crust punk (?)
This is like Converge with a greater nihilistic edge and a moderate dose of grindcore and lemme say does it smash taint. Ultimately shocked it got this high on the list but you can't contest these riffs boy. GOAT TRACKS-Damage Prose, Every Walk a Quarantine, The Facts.
72Darkest Hour
Deliver Us

130 Scrobobles. Melodic Metalcore.
Fun, rampant, somewhat thrash influenced metalcore. This doesn't really hold emotional value in any form, but the sheer fun between almost tranquil half-screams and melodious riffs definitely also took the edge off the many long nights living in Scranton. Good riffs lessen the load of hard times and this has a whole lotta of them. GOAT TRACKS-A Paradox With Flies, Tunguska, Doomsayer.

131 Scrobobles. Pop Punk.
Man Riot is fun as hell. I feel it brings me back to the better side of high school years where there was a deepened emphasis on friendship and stupid fun bullshittery that would probably earn some eye rolls from modern day me. It is an album that brings a powerful sense of youthful exuberance and is ultimate feel-good energy. GOAT TRACKS-For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic, That's What You Get, Misery Business.
74The Menzingers
On the Impossible Past

133 Scrobobles. Pop Punk.
This is a record that feels like something on an ultimate musing on the longing of feeling young (much different than Riot which rather lives within that youth). It's got vigor for sure, but I especially love the...lack of confidence and esteem. The simplicity of lines like "I will fuck this up/I fucking know it" is a sledgehammer to the chest, one that is sadly, very very relatable and singable as hell. GOAT TRACKS-Burn After Writing, The Obituaries, Casey.
75Make Them Suffer
Old Souls

133 Scrobobles. Metalcore.
Old Souls feels like the exact metalcore counterpart to Neverbloom. It's in its own way just as crushingly heavy, opting instead for an immediate emotional supernova rather than totally incorporating the potent death metal underpinnings that were somewhat prominent on Neverbloom. That aside both records attain the same levels of catharsis and grandiose but through a different lense, and honestly even now it's a pretty even comparison between which of the two is my personal favorite record. GOAT TRACKS-Let Me In, Requiem, the t/t.
Viva Emptiness

133 scrobobles. Alt/Dark Metal.
This is definitely a more aggressive and modernized Katatonia-more punch as a whole, but definitely cleaner on the production spectrum. Jonas sounds a little more direct, doing away with the layered vocals that were incredibly prominent on Last Fair Deal Gone Down, but as a whole the bitterness and melancholy is still at the forefront. Katatonia may tweak their sound subtly between records, but as a whole, the basis is always bitterness and melancholy, and this is a wonderful example of it. Man I miss drunkenly jamming this with the old bro's lmao GOAT TRACKS-Evidence, Ghosts of the Sun, Criminals.
77Amia Venera Landscape
The Long Procession

135 scrobobles. Metalcore/Post Metal.
This is chaotic, melancholic and monolithic and does well to embody the term "massive". Every instrument is at it's technical apex-guitar work that is dizzying and frantic, midrange screams that are absolutely seething, and the most furious and intricate drumming I've ever heard within the whole sphere of metalcore. Goddamn this is good. GOAT TRACKS-Empire, Glances (Part 2), A New Aurora.
78Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

136 scrobobles. Industrial.
This album is an absolutely black fucking hole that is difficult to sometimes absorb in its entirety. To me it's an ultimate exercise in hopelessness, as the forays into depression only continue to take the most negative path it can until an eventual suicide caps it off. It's self destructive, and imo deserving of the massive accolades it gets. GOAT TRACKS-definitely -should- be jammed in full buttt imma go with Piggy, Ruiner, Hurt.
Stone's Reach

136 scrobobles. Progressive Melodic Death Metal.
This band was, for quite some time, also my favorite band (until Ne Obliviscaris would take its place). Stone's Reach was my introduction and through it's immense and winding structures, deep hearty bellows and patient builds towards catharsis it still remains my personal favorite album of theirs and easily among my top 20 albums of all time. GOAT TRACKS-Venator, Sun's Delusion, Countless Skies.

140 Scrobobles. Sludge Metal.
The best project that Phil Anselmo ever had a hand in Pantera included. His vocals here are scathing, gritty, and inflected to the max with his wicked southern drawl. They compliment well the groovy southern fried riffs, coming together to form something that paints images of sun-baked swamps and billowing bong smoke-this is the stoned as hell dirty south. GOAT TRACKS-Temptation's Wings, Lifer, Jail.
The Mantle

140 scrobobles. Atmospheric Black Metal/Folk
This album took me so many goddamn listens until it clicked but when it did it consumed every goddamn bus ride I ever had as little 17 y/o me. Now I'm fucking old (24) and still captivated by the sweeping natural beauty of this record. It's somber for sure but also tranquil, and encapsulates the wholesome yet empty feeling of a snowy walk in the midst of a cold dead winter. GOAT TRACKS-another one where imma have to say all of them, sorry boys.
82The Ocean

141 scrobobles. Post Metal/Progressive Metal
There are two distinctive sides to this record-the first half that is sonically dense, sludgy and a bit more forward, and the second half, which is really quite eccentric and in moments a lot more spacious. The name certainly states it, as The Ocean craft a sound that makes one feel like they are trekking the bottom of the Marianas Trench, immensely far from any idea of land. Honestly, Precambrian is maybe the only record that crosses the 90 minute line that still thoroughly rips the whole way through for my impatient little brain. GOAT TRACKS-Hadean, Orosirian, Tonian.
The Flesh Prevails

141 Scrobobles. Atmospheric Death Metal/ Technical Death Metal.
Brickwalled production 0/10.
Jokes aside, I love this record. It's bombastic, sweeping with proficiency, and really quite ethereal. The technicality here serves to enhance the tranquil atmosphere here rather than being a crutch on which the band lies, and I think that if more Tech Death bands can fully grasp this then the world of Tech Death may take on a vast upswing. Will they fill the now vacated shoes of Fallujah now however? Sadly not, I imagine. GOAT TRACKS-Starlit Path,The Night Reveals, Sapphire.
84Of Machines
As If Everything Was Held In Place

142 scrobobles. Post Hardcore/Metalcore.
I'm not sure what compelled me to absolutely adore this while my general interest in other emo/scene core music waned. For sure this never attained the level of scene cred many other giants did, i.e BVB, but through ridiculously high pitched nasally wines and twinkly guitar scalings this is certainly in that vague category of music. It should be grating, but I've come to accept I will always have a soft spot for twinkly core anything and this is simply the best among them. GOAT TRACKS-Things Too Visible To See, It Must Belong Somewhere, Becoming Closer to Closure.
None So Vile

145 scrobobles. Brutal Death Metal
This...probably does not need much explaining. It is wildly, stupidly guttural, filled with cookie monster growls, 5000bpm drum patterns n fills and some wicked tremolo riffs as well as some low n sludgy riffs. Absolutely disgusting. GOAT TRACKS-Crown of Horns, Orgiastic Disembowelment Graves of the Fathers
Close to a World Below

146 scrobobles. Death Metal.
Yeah this is still my favorite DM album by my favorite DM band. It's claustrophobic and sinister as hell, retaining some of a black metal atmosphere through much more dense death metal stylings. It's those pinch harmonics man, they channel some magic in them. GOAT TRACKS-Father You're Not a Father, Put My Hand in the Fire, the t/t.
Since the Day It All Came Down

147 scrobobles. Melodic Death Metal.
I actually have not listened to this in an appreciable amount of time (i.e 8 or 9 months) but this album is still positively adventurous while retaining with it a sense of immense poetic melancholy. It is in that sadness that it's most epic moments sprout vibrantly, i.e the first among these GOAT TRACKS-Death Walked the Earth, Moment of Reckoning, Bereavement, every friggin track,
88Every Time I Die

148 scrobobles. Metalcore.
When I first heard this I shat bricks, enough to fashion whole walls from I reckon. The rage on this is so palpable its like I can feel someone prying open my ribcage. In many ways it felt like a closing note from the band (even before the ridiculous band drama that would then ensue). A final middle finger to a broken earth. GOAT TRACKS-rough one but I feel half comfortable saying All This and War, Thing With Feathers, We Go Together.
89Omnium Gatherum
New World Shadows

148 scrobobles. Melodic Death Metal.
OK, this is the prime example of a band that has dropped as an ultimate whole for me. They've definitely lost the original emotional attachment I once had if only because I do not get behind the slight cheese of their message and full ideology like I once did, however I still adore the levels of triumph they aim for and mostly succeed at creating. It's still bright, epic, and jubilant, even if I only mostly come back to the t/t these days. GOAT TRACKS-t/t, Everfields, Deep Cold
Axe to Fall

152 scrobobles. Mathcore/Metalcore
This could seriously top Jane Doe for me these days. This is just mind boggling levels of swirling chaos and undoubtedly has some of the most wicked riffs ever known to Metalcore. Also Jacob Bannon is as incomprehensible as he'd ever been so big plus. GOAT TRACKS-Dark Horse, t/t, Dead Beat.

154 scrobobles. Black Metal.
Now this. This is misanthropy. It almost frightens me how deep the disgust is with the outside world, how bitter this record feels. This is definitely true from a lyrical standpoint (the lyrics from Arson definitely swooned some ladies), and the music is an intense scathing vessel for this ideology. The riffwork is incredible, staying true to their Tsujer-like roots in some moments and straying into almost Tool like territories in other moments. There is also a vaguely present old country element to the record that adds further to this dingy rawness that makes this record so biting. GOAT TRACKS-t/t, Arsonry, Two-Thumbed Fist.
92Norma Jean
All Hail

158 scrobobles. Metalcore.
It has a pick slide breakdown with a hunting knife. That is some ultimate heavy breakdown cred. That aside, much of what I said for Polar Similar can be said here. It's NJ being groovy as hell punching your groin through your eye sockets with HEAVY and BLUDGEONING riffs and if that sounds like a bad thing to you then sir bucko you're probably right but also this rules jam it. GOAT TRACKS-Mind Over Mind, Safety Last, Landslide Defeater, Orphan Twin if it wasn't a baby intro track.
Metaphorical Music

169 scrobobles. Hip Hop/Beats
Man this is so damn smooth and elegant. For a long time I would argue this was the only hip hop I wanted in life-something that felt like a loving heap or soul food (thank you Goodie Mob for this reference). This is that tranquility and love that is often absent in hip hop. The world could use Nujabes in these morbid times but hopefully the peace he cast in his beats will one day be seen in the world. GOAT TRACKS-Lady Brown, Highs 2 Lows, Peaceland.
Supporting Caste

172 scrobobles. Punk.
Voivod influenced punk rock? What a wonderful goddamn world we live in. This is definitely one of the most introspective punk records I've heard, as it touches both on the faults of the self as well as the faults of the world with unbridled passion and colorful thought. It feels musically and lyrically a lot less one note than some punk tends to be, with loads of odd and shifting time signatures and those aforementioned Voivod thrash stylings popping up especially early on. Punk 4eva GOAT TRACKS-all of them dawg.
Jane Doe

189 scrobobles. Mathcore/Metalcore
I don't think I have too much I can touch upon with this since my thoughts on this echo 99 percent of diehard fans (I swear on my grandmother's grave that this is not a cop-out from 10+ hours of writing! ) but I will say that this goddamn catapulted the summer of Converge for me nearly...6, maybe even 7 years ago? Idk time is a construct and I'm slowly losing sanity GOAT TRACKS literally all of em dude if you haven't jammed this you're not on Sputnik go back to Doja Cat nerd
96Make Them Suffer

212 scrobobles. Symphonic Deathcore/Metalcore.
Yeah I definitely don't love this ~as~ much as I did but it still probably the most immediate and cataclysmic Deathcore releases out there. MTS knew how to utilize some ridiculously wicked shrieks, paired quite nicely with a lot of breakdowns that are all neck-snapping heavy. The symphonic elements definitely add a lush lil touch even if they are a bittt of an afterthought, but I do think it was that that separated Neverbloom from being comparable to other Deathcore albums. GOAT TRACKS-t/t, Elegiac, Weeping Wastelands.
You're Not You Anymore

216 scrobobles. Metalcore.
I could write a novel on my unyielding love for Counterparts. Hell Brandon Murphy could personally gouge my eyes out with a fork and I would still give that man a friggin bear hug. Idk if this or the next record up are my favorites these days and honestly I've given up even attempting to figure which amongst them rocks my little emotional baby bitch heart more. I love em man.
Nothing Left to Love

217 scrobobles. Metalcore.
I remember when this came out my brain practically rolled out of my skull. "They got even better?" I had asked myself, in shock; bewilderment. How do they manage? Were they forged from the golden spires of creation by the hands of God himself? Are they part of a long line of descended archangels here to grant the earth salvation? Are they fucking warlocks? Can. Not. Compute.
99Breakdown of Sanity

280 scrobobles. Uhhh more Metalcore lmao.
OK, this throws me back to a strange era when I had graduated when my affinity for the breakdown had been affixed to unhealthy levels. I lauded this as a masterpiece, because it had so many breakdowns and all of them were so good. By then all concept of musical nuance or interest in such was out the window, and I will stand by that this record has little in the way of intricacies. It's still fun for sure, with loads of admittedly fun kinda brickwalled breakdowns -sometimes- being broken up by an impressively energetic and proficient riff. Yeah, it's a breakdown alright. GOAT TRACKS-Crumble (listen to the In Exordium first;it is mandated), Hero, The Writer.
Above the Weeping World

320 scrobobles. Melodic Death Metal.
I have a deep and personal love for this record. Really, I love anything that champions triumph in the face of sadness and adversity, and while I want to avoid the woe is me bullshit, I was definitely a person who had felt pretty stacked against the odds. This again harkens back to those feelings of persistent and constant failure, which was definitely a massive source of why I was such an emotionally self destructive young lad. Then and now, this was THE record that brought me some respite. In a strange way it even made me feel kind of good about myself, or at least, that there were greater things in the world than I had made myself believe. I mean hell even now I find myself slipping back into that same negative approach to my own accomplishment, but my God have I gotten league's better with handling my own self depreciation. This and Counterparts as a whole were my pillars for that and I cannot even begin to repay that kind of emotional support.
Above the Weeping World

Goddamn. Music is love.

Also as an end footnote, I want to give a proper thanks to anyone on this site who's ever given me a rec or talked to me or even reviewed something cool. The commonly espoused mantra of "music saved my life man!" might sound melodramatic but as someone who was always horrible with emotional outlets I really think it kept me afloat. Indirectly this all comes back to you guys, the ones who helped root my interest in music. Some of you don't frequent the site much anymore, some of you joined this site maybe a year ago. Whoever yall are I love ya and may we all find more wicked jams in the future
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