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02.22.15 Hey, it's another Genesis albums list!

Hey, it's another Genesis albums list!

From best to worst, of course. inb4 hate comments because someone's favorite Genesis album isn't on the top.
A Trick of the Tail

Best track: Mad Man Moon
Close second-best track: Entangled
Most powerful track: Dance on a Volcano
Coolest track: Squonk
Feeliest track: Ripples
Most atmospheric track: Los Endos
Catchiest track: Robbery Assault and Battery
Weirdest track: A Trick of The Tail
Worst track: I like them all, but A Trick of The Tail is the least amazing one imho.

Comment: The most unique Genesis album, feels like a more consistent and keyboard-oriented brother of Selling England. Despite Peter Gabriel's absense, everything that made the past Genesis records prog classics is here, from the fantasy-like symbolic lyrics to the absurdly varied sound and Steve Hackett's, subtle this time around, but amazing guitar play. Phil Collins also proves himself to be a very good singer with a unique voice that sounds similar to Gabriel's, but more soothing.
Selling England by the Pound

Best track: Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Close second-best track: Firth of Fifth
Most powerful track: Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Coolest track: I Know What I Like
Feeliest track: The Cinema Show
Most atmospheric track: Firth of Fifth
Catchiest track: I Know What I Like
Weirdest track: Aisle of Plenty
Worst track: More Fool Me

Comment: Selling England by The Pound is the best record by the classic Genesis lineup, their sound from Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot perfected and each of them gong all out on their respective performances. What made me put it in second place was exactly the fact that A Trick of The Tail was more consistent and had less weaker moments, but the stand-out songs in Selling England are just as great as the ones from Trick.
Nursery Cryme

Best track: The Musical Box
Close second-best track: The Fountain of Salmacis
Most powerful track: The Return of The Giant Hogweed
Coolest track: The Return of The Giant Hogweed
Feeliest track: For Absent Friends
Most atmospheric track: The Fountain of Salmacis
Catchiest track: Seven Stones
Weirdest track: Harold The Barrel
Worst track: Harlequin

Comment: It kind of pisses me that some people overlook Nursery Cryme and claim the albums from Foxtrot to The Lamb are vastly superior to it. Now with Phil Collins on the drum kit and Steve Hackett on guitar, Genesis had its classic lineup formed and delivered a prog masterpiece that's a lot more robust and less self-serious than Trespass was, I like almost every track here except for maybe Harlequin because it feels filler-ish, but at least that doesn't overstay its welcome, so I'll forgive it this time.

Best track: Duchess
Close second-best track: Duke's Travels/Duke's End
Most powerful track: Behind The Lines
Coolest track: Cul De Sac
Feeliest track: Heathaze
Most atmospheric track: Duke's Travels
Catchiest track: Turn it on Again
Weirdest track: Turn it on Again
Worst track: Alone Tonight

Comment: Duke is a terrific prog pop album that's, unfortunately, labeled by some Genesis fans as their "sell-out" album due to it having a couple of commercial pop and pop rock tunes such as Turn it on Again, Misunderstanding and so on. I always viewed this as Genesis' last great album that maintained their adventurous prog edge while having some pop tracks that are actually quite good on their own right, most of the songs tend to go from enjoyable to simply amazing, not to mention the album ending with Duke's Travels/End feels significant, marking one last "Hurrah!" from Genesis before abandoning their prog roots on the next albums.
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Best track: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Close second-best track: Back in NYC
Most powerful track: In The Cage
Coolest track: Back in NYC
Feeliest track: The Lamia
Most atmospheric track: Carpet Crawlers
Catchiest track: The Chamber of 32 Rooms
Weirdest track: Cuckoo Cucoon
Worst track: Hairless Heart

Comment: Concept albums are something I tend not to like very much, they usually have way too much filler in-between the good songs, but The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is one of those concept albums that fortunately avoid this for the most part. Despite having some filler material here and there, this record is also filled with classic Genesis pieces such as the title track, Back in NYC, Carpet Crawlers, In The Cage and The Lamia, and like Harlequin, the filler stuff doesn't last much longer than it should anyway. The Lamb was Peter Gabriel's farewell to Genesis, he would leave the band later to start his successful solo career later on, but it's one heck of a farewell.

Best track: Supper's Ready
Close second-best track: Watcher of The Skies
Most powerful track: Supper's Ready
Coolest track: Get 'Em Out by Friday
Feeliest track: Can-Utility And The Coastliners
Most atmospheric track: Watcher of The Skies
Catchiest track: Watcher of The Skies
Weirdest track: Watcher of The Skies
Worst track: Horizons

Comment: To many, Foxtrot is the best Genesis album and the biggest reason for this is the fact that this has the 23-minute prog rock epic on the Apocalypse, Supper's Ready. While I do agree that Supper's Ready is a breath-taking number, I think the rest of Foxtrot falls a bit short of albums such as Nursery Cryme and Selling England, there are some good songs here, like Watcher of the Skies, Get 'Em Out by Friday and Can-Utility, but even they don't reach that amazing level found in those albums' standouts. Of course, this is still a great album for Supper's Ready alone, I just like it slightly less than most of the other Gabriel-era records.
Wind & Wuthering

Best track: One For The Vine
Close second-best track: Eleventh Earl of Mar
Most powerful track: Eleventh Earl of Mar
Coolest track: All in a Mouse's Night
Feeliest track: Blood on The Rooftops
Most atmospheric track: Unquiet Slumber For The Sleepers in That Quiet Earth
Catchiest track: Your Own Special Way
Weirdest track: Afterglow
Worst track: Your Own Special Way

Comment: Genesis' last album with Steve Hackett, and widely considered to be the band's last great effort. I don't necessarily agree with that, but I agree that Wind & Wuthering is fantastic, if only slightly weaker than its bunch of predecessors. Hackett's guitar is absolutely beautiful in tracks like Eleventh Earl of Mar, One For The Vine and All in a Mouse's Night, the album manages to get that "windy" feel the cover passes from beginning to end and Collins explores some different vocal ranges instead of trying to sound like Gabriel as he sort of did in A Trick of The Tail.

Best track: The Knife
Close second-best track: Stagnation
Most powerful track: Looking For Someone
Coolest track: The Knife
Feeliest track: Dusk
Most atmospheric track: Dusk
Catchiest track: White Mountain
Weirdest track: Visions of Angels
Worst track: Visions of Angels

Comment: I consider Trespass to be Genesis' real debut, because the actual debut doesn't even sound like Genesis and the band hasn't adopted this name officially yet. Here is where Genesis actually shows that it's a prog rock band, maybe a little unexperienced, but still showing a lot of promise for its musical complexity for a bunch of young men's first attempt at this type of record.

Best track: Mama
Close second-best track: Home by The Sea
Most powerful track: Home by The Sea
Coolest track: Just a Job to Do
Feeliest track: Taking it All Too Hard
Most atmospheric track: Second Home by The Sea
Catchiest track: That's All
Weirdest track: Illegal Alien
Worst track: Silver Rainbow

Comment: If only Genesis pop records were more like this and less like Invisible Touch... yeah, I'm not a big fan of 80s Genesis, but their self-titled album was the one that I genuinely liked from this period. It's a pop rock piece, but it feels different from typical 80s pop, it's more about atmosphere, it sounds pretty moody and threatening in tracks like Mama, Home/Second Home by The Sea and Just a Job, but it's not afraid to have some catchy and stupid fun as it shows in That's all and Illegal Alien, this album also benefits from Collins giving some of his finest vocals. A genuinely good album in my book, not the one I listen to the most, but a well-crafted record nonetheless.
...And Then There Were Three...

Best track: The Lady Lies
Close second-best track: Burning Rope
Most powerful track: Down And Out
Coolest track: Ballad of Big
Feeliest track: Undertow
Most atmospheric track: Say It's Alright Joe
Catchiest track: Ballad of Big
Weirdest track: Snowbound
Worst track: Follow You Follow Me

Comment: Steve Hackett left... And Then There Were Three... The first Genesis record as a trio, often overlooked and disliked by some fans, but I find it to be pretty decent. Obviously Hackett left a void that was never fully filled, but Mike Rutherford is a good guitarist, his guitar play is more modest than Hackett's, but he gets the job done. Tony Banks takes over for the most part with lots of keyboard riffs here and Collins also shines both as a drummer and a singer in the likes of Down and Out, Burning Rope, The Lady Lies, Undertow and Ballad of Big. ATTWT can be rather dull sometimes, but the stand-out songs here are really stellar, so it remains a nice proggy soft rock album to me.
We Can't Dance

Best track: No Son of Mine
Close second-best track: Fading Lights
Most powerful track: Driving The Last Spike
Coolest track: Fading Lights
Feeliest track: Since I Lost You
Most atmospheric track: Dreaming While You Sleep
Catchiest track: Jesus He Knows Me
Weirdest track: I Can't Dance
Worst track: I Can't Dance

Comment: Hey, this opener is awesome, this second track is pretty funny, the third also good... could it be that this is a worthwhile Genesis album? Unfortunately, it goes downhill from here until it gets to Fading Lights, one of the better post-Duke prog songs Genesis have put out, too bad you have to deal with filer garbage like I Can't Dance, Hold on My Heart, Tell Me Why and basically every song between Driving The Last Spike and Fading Lights that isn't Dreaming While You Sleep and Living Forever, at least those two are pretty nice. We Can't Dance had potential, but wasted due to a huge amount of filler just for the sake of adding pointless length.
Invisible Touch

Best track: Land of Confusion
Close second-best track: Tonight Tonight Tonight
Most powerful track: Domino
Coolest track: Land of Confusion
Feeliest track: Tonight Tonight Tonight
Most atmospheric track: Domino
Catchiest track: Invisible Touch
Weirdest track: The Brazilian
Worst track: Throwing it All Away

Comment: Far from being the group's undisputed masterpiece, but I'll give them credit for Land of Confusion, it's a pretty good rock number with one of the coolest music videos ever, this one deserves the praise it gets. As for the rest of Invisible Touch, it has some good moments like Tonight Tonight Tonight and the second half of Domino, but most of it is just typical 80s pop that's sometimes catchy, but ultimately unremarkable. Collins, Banks and Rutherford can do a lot better than this.

Best track: Dodo/Lurker
Close second-best track: Keep it Dark
Most powerful track: Dodo/Lurker
Coolest track: Abacab
Feeliest track: Man on The Corner
Most atmospheric track: Keep it Dark
Catchiest track: No Reply at All
Weirdest track: Who Dunnit
Worst track: Who Dunnit

Comment: This is where Genesis went downhill to me, Duke was in parts a pop record, but at least the pop there was unique, Abacab is just boring commercial 80s pop, even at its best moments this album pales in comparison to Duke and almost everything else Genesis did before it... oh yeah, and it also has Who Dunnit... Need I say more?
Calling All Stations

Best track: Calling All Stations (basically the only track I actually like)
Close second-best track: Congo
Most powerful track: Calling All Stations
Coolest track: Calling All Stations
Feeliest track: Uncertain Weather
Most atmospheric track: Calling All Stations
Catchiest track: Congo
Weirdest track: Alien Afternoon
Worst track: Small Talk

Comment: Ray Wilson isn't what made Calling All Stations bad, in fact, I actually think he's one of the few redeeming qualities this album has, he's not unique like Pete and Phil, but he is a fairly capable singer and his deeper vocals fit the dark mood of the album quite well. The problem with Calling All Stations is that it seems they wasted all their inspiration on the title track and then remembered that it was supposed to be a full-length album, the normal songs are dull, the long proggy ones are filled with padding and the lyrics are absolutely terrible. This wasn't ranked as THE worst Genesis album because of the good title track.
From Genesis to Revelation

Best track: Silent Sun
Close second-best track: Where The Sour Turn Sweet
Most powerful track: Silent Sun
Coolest track: Silent Sun
Feeliest track: A Place to Call My Own
Most atmospheric track: In Limbo
Catchiest track: Silent Sun
Weirdest track: Fireside Song
Worst track: One-Eyed Hound

Comment: Maybe I am being a little unfair here, but the thing about From Genesis to Revelation is that not only it sounds a lot distant from Genesis to the point of having me wondering why is this even labeled as a Genesis record to begin with, but it also isn't anything to write home about as its own thing. Calling All Stations had the title track, which I praised, but here the closest thing I come to enjoy is Silent Sun, and even that is just a watered down Bee Gees song. Gabriel and co were basically a high school band attempting an LP, and it surely shows. Then again, maybe I AM being unfairly harsh on this, the first step is an important one after all, but am I glad that they improved.
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