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five numbers of comments

I recently hit 10k comments. Time to get unnecessarily personal in a milestone list. Not a favourite song list, but most important songs for me i guess
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Origin of the Species

My parents are big U2 fans and one of my earliest musical memories is singing along to this song with my family during vacation trips in France (in particular the tudu tudu part). Makes me super nostalgic!
Hopes & Fears


Another band carried over from my parents. I still love Keane's early stuff. Bedshaped is their best song obviously
Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

Viva La Vida

Although truth be told, I didn't really care about music until I was like 12. I heard Viva la Vida on the radio during a crafty arts subject on school and loved it so much I got the entire album. Coldplay were my favourite band the following few years and they are still very much dear to me
4The Kooks

Always Where I Need to Be

Fifa soundtracks were an important factor for my early music taste. This one was in fifa 09 i think? It was my jam and it still actually is. Kooks might be mostly kinda lame, this song still fucking goes. Don't tell me otherwise
Greatest Hits

Don't Stop Me Now

When I got my first mp3, only Viva la Vida and this album my parents owned were on it. Eventually more would follow, but how much I listened to this in those early weeks. I don't listen to Queen all that much anymore, but it would be amiss to omit them
6Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

In the End

Got into them when my friend showed In the End in class someday. I guess that this makes them my introduction to more heavy music. Oh what a cliche
Black Holes & Revelations

Knights of Cydonia

Along with Coldplay, Muse were probably the most important band for early teen Pan. Not sure a lof of stuff by them has aged particularly well for me, but Knights of Cydonia is a perfect example of their overblown sillyness and I love it very much
OK Computer

Paranoid Android

From Muse, I eventually got into Radiohead (thank you youtube's video's suggestion). As cliche as it is, Radiohead was my entry point to more adventurous music and they eventually replaced Coldplay as my favourite band. Paranoid Android was the impressive song for tiny pan
9Sick Puppies


Really got into maybe which was a minor radio hit in the Netherlands. Dressed up as Life would eventually become a very formative album for me as well (i was really into corny, emotional rock songs as a teen)
10Studio Killers
Studio Killers

Ode to the Bouncer

Speaking of radio, I was really into all sorts of lists and all that. So naturally I started to closely follow the Dutch top 40 list. I would loyally tune in every week after school to carefully track each changes and new songs (if you haven't caught on, I'm a huge nerd). This is one of the best radio hits of that every, fucking banger
Making Mirrors

Somebody That I Used to Know

At some point I enrolled into like an introduction of playing instruments elective on school with some friends. We had this song. I would years later start guitar classes and properly learn the instrument, but I have very fond memories of trying to play this song.
12Passion Pit

Take a Walk

As I started to explore my own taste more, I began to follow the Billboard alternative and rock charts. One of the most significant findings there is Passion Pit. I still love Gossamer very much, one of my favourite pop albums to this date. So sugary, so infectious, so perfect
13Twenty One Pilots

Guns for Hands

You bet your ass I was a 21 plots fanboy. But don't worry, it was before they were well-known in the Netherlands so it was still cool to do so
Megalithic Symphony

Not Your Fault

Mostly remember this one for the claymation music video. How much I've watched that one!
The Reason

The Reason

The Reason was maybe my favourite song when I was 15 or so. Don't worry little pan, we all make mistakes sometimes
16The National
Trouble Will Find Me

Sea of Love

2013 was probably the most significant year for me when it comes to my music discovery. I started to lurk on sput daily and listened to all BNM tracks on pitchfork, and begun to broaden my music taste in a way I hadn't before. One of the more significant discoveries was the National, who quickly become one of my favourite bands
17Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City


Also was super into Modern Vampires of the City that year! Was the first concert I attended (also did it for a high school subject, c.k.v, where you had to do some cultural events of your choice). My friends weren't into them and was scared to go on my own, so I went with my dad haha. Step was one of my favourite songs that year
18Todd Terje
It's Album Time

Strandbar - Disko

I wasn't really into instrumental electronic stuff at that moment, but I heard this because it was best new track on pitchfork and immediately fell in love. Listen to a ton of electronic stuff now thanks to this watershed moment. Still love Todd Terje too, so much fun goofiness
19Captain, We're Sinking
The Future Is Cancelled


This album was such an important soundtrack for my final high school year. Perfect outlet for all the angsty feelings
20Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience


Always have loved pop music so this album was important for me. Mirrors is certainly one of my favourite modern pop songs, soo good.


In 2014 I decided to listen to every album that got a featured review on sput. Obviously I didn't keep up with that for long, but it did make me discover Alcest, one of my favourites to this day. Can't wait to see them next month!
22Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

Everything Disappearing

Like many other sput fellows, I got the Holy Vacants fever. One of my favourite albums to this day
23Sharon Van Etten
Are We There

Your Love Is Killing Me

Sharon had to be here somewhere of course!! So many tracks I could have picked, but your love is killing me was my earliest love
24White Lung
Deep Fantasy

I Believe You

Really got into White Lung at this point, still listen to them very often (rip my 22 points for the music league)
25Natalie Prass
Natalie Prass

Why Don't You Believe In Me

My first review on sput (don't read it please). Was probably not the best pick as I don't feel super strong about this album, but it will always be significant in some way because of this

Harder Dan Ik Hebben Kan

Gotta shout out one of my favourite Dutch bands. Blof make delicous pop songs with pretty good lyrics. Harder Dan Ik Hebben Kan is a classic
27Mister And Mississippi
We Only Part To Meet Again

For Us To Remember

Another of my earlier reviews for a Dutch indie band. Still one of my favourite songs ever. Best example of 'indie band does explosive post-rocky song with climax' track. Gorgeous song
28Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven


This is the year that I really got into post rock. This is the best post rock song probably
29The Beatles
The Beatles


Decided I want to listen to more older music, and where better to start with as with the beatles? Blackbird is probably the important beatle song for me. I needed to learn it for guitar class and really struggled with it. How many times i've practised it!
30Sufjan Stevens
Carrie and Lowell

The Only Thing

Carrie & Lowell was an important album for me that year. The Only Thing still tugs at my heartstrings
31The Tallest Man on Earth
Dark Bird Is Home

Little Nowhere Towns

Another one of my favourite artists I discovered around that time. This is one of his most underrated songs
32Sigur Ros


Couldn't make this list without including my all time favourite song. It just brings me with so much happiness. Can always count on it giving me a huge smile no matter how i'm feeling at that moment
33Car Seat Headrest
Teens of Denial

Fill In the Blank

2016 was also an important musical year for me! listened to so much stuff. I was doing my first internship at an University and was often working alone in a lab. That lab was the location of so many album discoveries that year. Teens of Denial was one of the bigger ones for me
The Shape Of Punk To Come

Summerholidays vs Punkroutine

Another big one that year. This song has one of my fave riffs ever, so much fun
35Yndi Halda
Under Summer

Golden Threads from the Sun

This is an album i have connected super hard over, to this day still. So warm and hopeful, I would often listen to this whenever I needed some inspiration.
Alpe Lusia

Tanszfur Drei

Remember the Stimming hype that year? good times. This potentially my favourite electronic album these days. Perfect production
37The Hotelier
Home, Like NoPlace Is There


The hotelier is another band I connected super hard with that year. Still one of my most listened bands
38Modest Mouse
This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About


Omg how much I listened to Modest Mouse those days. Perfect band for early uni years. There was a good year or so where I listened to modest mouse every day, probably still my most listened bands of all time. Debut is one of the best albums to jam out to
39The Dear Hunter
Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional

The March

2017 was the year for the Dear Hunter for me. Knew them before, but I listened to them so much this year. I did an international internship in Bristol UK that year (Love love Bristol, please take me back) and have vivid memories jamming this track alone in my little student housing room
40Boards of Canada
Music Has the Right to Children


Listened to boards of canada around this time. Roygbiv is maybe the most perfect song ever, love it so much
41Forest Swords


LOVED this album. So big sounding, but still melanchonic
42Black Sabbath

Iron Man

Wanted to listen to more metal, and where better to start than with Black Sabbath?! Iron Man is one i have always loved, such a fun riff
43The Menzingers
After the Party

After the Party

Such a fun album, listened to it a ton. Went to their concert a few years later and sang along so much, my voice was destroyed at the end. Worth it.

Dypt Inne I Skogen

Had to mention Vali at some point! I have connected super hard with both of his albums. So gorgeous
45Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


This album was my entry point for hip hop, a genre I struggled to appreciate previously. Still not a go-to genre for me, but definitely something I appreciate a ton now
Lifes Rich Pageant

I Believe

I listened to very little music in 2018 and for the first had no desire to check any new music. This translated to an inactivity on sput where I had like months where I didn't even open the website, let alone comment. I did go through some discogs this year, R.E.M being one of them. Great band
Christmas Island

Getting Naked, Playing With Guns

I listened to a lot of AJJ this period. Super silly band, but their style and lyrics always appealed to me a lot
48Tears for Fears
The Hurting

Mad World

Remember listening to this song a lot, one of my favourite pop songs ever. So unique, so manic, but still incredibly infectious. We don't talk about the cover here
49The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Really got into the Smiths in this period, particularly this song. One of my favourtie songs of all time
Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

It's Okay to Cry

Got back to sput at the end of the year, just in time to vote for the user list with the only 10 albums i heard that year lol. This album was the most important of those. This song is an unpopular pick, but I have connected super hard with it from the beginning
51La Dispute

Fulton Streep pt1

But in 2019 i was back in sput and more active than ever. A big reason for that was the casual convo thread, which became a safe haven for me on this site. Met most of my closesr sput friends on there (you know who you are). Already met quite a few people irl, but i would to have a coffee and sweatpants brrakfast some day with the gang. Thanks guys, not sure I would be on sput still without you all. Oh yeah Panorama was my favourite album that year
52Kishi Bashi

Carry On Phenomon

2019 was also the year of Kishi Bashi for me, love that man. Saw him in concert that year and it remains to be one of my favourite concert experiences to this day. So many tracks I could have picked, but I remember this one being stuck in my head for an entire week while delivering post (I worked as a post deliverer during my final bachelor thesis until I started my master)
53Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Holland, 1945

Connected super hard with this album during this time. Best first half of any album ever maybe? I remember listening to it before doing an expansive English test to get admission for my master, where I got in before even getting the results for my test. Uhh thanks guys???
54The Shins
Oh, Inverted World

New Slang

My most listened song of 2019. Not big on The Shins otherwise but this song is just perfect
...And Justice for All


Jammed the Metallica discog this year. I remember jamming One in the car with my friends while in vacation in USA, my first time outside of Europe
56Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket
Det Onda. Det Goda. Det Vackra. Det Fula.

Karleken Ar Dod

Totally got into the hype of this one at the end of the year. Heard a bit of skramz before, but this was about the first one i strongly loved. Favourite skramz vocals to this day
57The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

In the Morning of the Magicans

Was on a super high Flaming Lips high as well, particularly yoshimi at first. Such a nice album
58Perfume Genius
Set My Heart On Fire Immediately


2020 was by far my most productive music listening years (thanks pandemic) and eventually hit the 1000 rating milestone later that year. A lot of stuff I heard, but i was absolutely obsessed with this album in particular
59Laura Stevenson


It took me about 3-4 listens, but eventually I got obsessed with this one as well. Like all tracks of this were in my spotify most listened at the end
60Agnes Obel


Got super hard into Agnes Obel after checking her 2020 album. Super beautiful music. She even restarted my music reviewing renaissance (can we still call it a renaissance with 3 reviews in over 3 years? uh yeah let's go)
61Paysage d'Hiver
Im Wald

Im Winterwald

I wasn't really into any 'extreme' metal before this year, but decided to try this on the fly and absolutely loved it. Perfect hypnotizing atmosphere. Got super into black metal after this point, also thanks my bm buddy garas
Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler

Soelen Gaaer Bag Aase Need

Another super important album for my early black metal explorings. Still one of my faves to this day. Also did an Ulver discog run after, such a good band!

It's a Fire

It's a fire defense squad! (accepting new members)
64The Ocean
Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic

Jurassic | Cretaceous

Had to get into this one of course! This song is so good, but it also signals the breakup of Pangea, so it is a sad one for me as well
65Mount Eerie
Wind's Poem

Stone's Ode

Joined the song of the day team in march of 2020! Just before corona lockdowns hit, SotD was such a nice distraction from everything around and the community in it was amazing. Loved that and it was big part of my sput life in the coming three years. The first theme I joined was winter and naturally I picked this one from one of the best winter albums ever
A Blaze in the Northern Sky

In the Shadow of the Horns

At the end of 2020 I started my ambitious sput project to check the full discog of 101 older artists to get myself more familiar with the classics (there haven't been any updates lately; I haven't given up on it, but I needed some kind of break). I started with Darkthrone and it was a very good time
67Arab Strap
As Days Get Dark

The Turning of the Bones

2021 was a big year for me: finished my masters and started my first full time job as a PhD. This also meant a lot of less music as 2020, but still quite a lot. As Days Get Dark was my favourite of the year
68Charles Mingus
Let My Children Hear Music

The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jiveass Slippers

Charles Mingus was my main introduction to jazz (heard some stuff before, but not much). Great discog, definitely worth to check some his less-known stuff as well
69Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

Ugly and Vengeful

Started a thing where I checked every album in the user decade list. Some regrettable listens were had (sun kil moon, between the buried & me oof), but also many gems were found! Dead Magic was one of my favourites i have heard this way, incredible stuff


Most fun album ever?? maybe
714 Bonjour's Parties
Okapi Horn

Optical Song

Randomly found this because of a casual convo gimmick and was amazing by how good it is. Even briefly got an Ars 5 out of it. It is now my and Ars' bonding album. Met him with Roberstona and Snake laster year in New York, great times!
72Joana Serrat
Hardcore from the Heart


Got this from a Trif rec and it's immediately became of one my main comforting albums. So warm & cozy and lovely
73Brutus (BE)


Some lad with a fabulous moustache told me to listen to this. Have been listening to them much ever since, super fun band
74Violet Cold
Empire of Love

We Met During the Revolution

This was a big love from me in 2021 and on replay a lot. So silly, but so uplifting
Pale Horses

Mexican War Streets

Got obsessed with this album and listened to it weekly at least for like a year. It took me 2 years to listen to all MwY albums because I kept replaying this one instead of listening to others
76Ethel Cain
Preacher's Daughter

Sun Bleached Flies

This album was easily one of my bigger obsessions in 2022, listened to it so much. Seeing Sun Bleached Flies live (wirh JesperL!!) was one of the best experiences that year
The Moon Is a Dead World

What Means of Witchery

Had a lot of fun checking this after their comeback album. Was the soundtrack of many runs that year


Abba's music makes me so happy. Best drunk music
79Gang of Youths
Angel in Realtime

Spirit Boy

Saccarine bullshit, but i do love to listen to it

Flood 2

My 2023 has been very quiet, i have just felt very little desire to check new stuff due to busyness and other personal reasons. It did make me appreciate the albums i already know more and i had a lot of fun checking discogs slowly. One of them being Boris! Great, versatike band and Flood is just stupidly beautiful
81Natural Snow Buildings
Daughter of Darkness

Carnal Flowers

Had a lof of fun finally checking this album on (over two work days of course haha) after already loving carnal flowers for a while
82The Field
Looping State of Mind

Looping State of Mind

The field is one of the best working music out there, listened to them a ton lately
83The Veils
Nux Vomica

Under the Folding Branches

The veils is my latest music love, great band. Saw them with the london bois (anat, phero, fogza & johnny) in June and it was a fabulous time. Under the folding branches has been on repeat, one of the most beautiful romantic songs
84Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It


Heard this album before but it didn't click until fairly recently. Listen to it a lot now
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