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Top 10 Albums For Me So Far

woah boy, just woke up from a nap and im probably one of the most refreshed people on the planet atm, so take this happy list eeee
10 Restrikted and Friends

Beautiful production. Lots of emotional passages, but for the most part it's just grand, fun adventures with good friends. Lots of great lyrics about important subjects such as the excitement for graduation, dealing with shitty doctors, and who's gonna bring the potato salad to the picnic. This album is the definitive real talk, and all of you need to hear it immediately.
9DJ Shadow

Incredibly fun album. Lots of good stuff to find here. Some heavier than others, some more smooth than others. But overall, the flow of such an album is great for when i'm not feeling general alternative/metal tastes.
Pale Folklore

An excellent folk/BM album. Nice acoustic melodies, excellent vocals, and harmonies littered all across the album that make it just excel with beauty. I'm sure that there's a lot more I can learn and hear from this particular genre, but until I do, this one will remain here. Notic the list says "so far"
7Demolition Hammer
Tortured Existence

Moving back over to the hard and heavy, we get this thrash masterpiece. One of the thickest and heaviest thrash albums i've heard yet, these riffs are screaming vocals of destruction and fire make for an enjoyable album.

Aaaaaand switching gears all the way back, we get an unlikely pick from a general favorite here on sput. I know I might get ragged for not choosing Manic Impressions, and while I do like it a lot, and I think the vocals are better, the instruments on this one just make it every time. The tones on everything is better, and the production is a bit thicker than the revered Manic. I like it just slightly more for that reason, as well as the fact that is always some variety album to album, song to song, one of the biggest reasons why I adore this band so much.
5Nuclear Death
Bride of Insect

Switching over about 5000000 gears we come to an album that has not a lick of emotion or meaning to it whatsoever, it's just filthy fuckin muddy ass grind. This shit doesn't even hit you with a sledgehammer, more like shreds your skin with cat claws, and it is just too good. Anybody who understands my love for grind and death metal knows that all I really care for is the old school, underground, raw as tits kind of shit like this. This shit is just creepy; absolutely revolting lyrical subjects metaphorically transcribed to discuss the nature of...bugs...of all the demon infested, gore-heavy, satanic stuff i've heard left and right with people doing stuff like this, I never thought fucking bugs would take the cake. Even some of the riffs are tuned to sound like the backdrop for a film of ants crawling over a human corpse or something. Dam
4My Dying Bride
The Angel and the Dark River

Out of all the other albums I have on this list, this was the only one I had to slap the 5/5 on immediately after my first listen. Most of these others really had to grow me, some more than others, but this albums undeniable beauty took it all right out of me right from the git go. The vocals are just too good, and the growls in the last track make for an excellent conclusion to an all-around harmonious album. And those violins....bro...
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

One of the most torturous, and emotionally scarring releases in the genre i've heard. I know Varg gets a lot of beef for his ideals and his...disturbed past...but good shit can this guy transcribe his psychological and mental horrors through music. His wailing, screaming vocals, coupled with some of most well-produced guitar tones i've ever heard in BM, this album does the trick to say the least.

Wow, this chick is pissed, and it is hot. Same as my #1 pick, there's just so much variety here. There's really quiet tracks, and there's tracks where I just don't think she can contain herself but somehow she does, and it is hot. The instrumentation here, the composition of the synths, beats, and really hollow production just makes for an incredible experience, and it is hot.
1Faith no More
Angel Dust

Anybody who knows me knows that although i'm not gay, I would drop my pants to Mike Patton in half a second. So much variety here, and every song is just great. Hilarious tracks like RV, and Be Agressive are a joy, and hard and heavy tracks like Caffeine and jizzlobber are real headbangers, and then there's tracks where members like Patton, Bottum, and Gould just more than shine, such as Everything's Ruined, A Small Victory, and Smaller and Smaller. Absolute classic if you ask me.
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