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Post-hardcore for good people

best of the best, loosely defined, personal opinion, yada yada, everything above a 4 unless stated otherwise. no screamo/skramz but a few exceptions. descriptions are either lifted (with alterations) from rym or entirely made up by me.

1989 - manic, energetic, rhythmic, humorous, satirical, sarcastic, playful
2Bitch Magnet

1989 - cryptic, anxious, raw, melancholic
3Thinking Fellers Union Local 282

1989 -lo-fi, cryptic, quirky, humorous, playful

1990 - energetic, political, rebellious, anthemic, serious, dc scene
5The Nation of Ulysses
13-Point Program To Destroy America

1991 - political, aggressive, satirical
Today's Active Lifestyles

1993 - skronky math rock boys do it best
For Your Own Special Sweetheart

1994 - washington dc scene, great melodies and choruses, a lil sad, a lil introspective, not quite emo however
8Dazzling Killmen
Face of Collapse

1994 - math skronkin dark weirdos
New Plastic Ideas

1994 - the post hardcore band to rule them all. catchy, strange, enegetic, funny, serious. the master of all trades
bonsai superstar

1994 - sassy electro daddies
11U.S. Maple
Long Hair in Three Stages

1995 - spoofs, sporks and skronks its way through deconstructionist rock
12Six Finger Satellite
Severe Exposure

1995 - gnarly scratchy electro daddies.

1995 - the angriest Unwound album . close to emo. dark and pissy

1996 - the most staccato rhytm focuses Unwound album. repe-tition. repe-tition
Hissing Prigs in Static Couture

1996 - the electro-sass daddies come into their own. quirky sporkcore
Exploded Drawing

1996 - the math rock (really rockin) boys get less abstract and a bit catchier. fun as hell but still a tad skronkin
17June of 44
Tropics and Meridians

1996 - the strange intersection of post-hardcore and post-rock. sparse, spindly and alternating between quiet and loud. strange stuff that compositionally rarely resembles punk.
Ride The Fader

1996 - post-hardcore/math rock leaning into alt-rock. very 90s. very catchy. ironic and cooler than thou.
19Smart Went Crazy
Con Art

1997 - cellocore with Faraquet alumni (who arent on this list because i havent listened to them in ages and cant therefore vouch for them). dc scene. political and humourous
All Lingo's Clamor

1997 - skingraft records alumni. 3/4 members now in Gorge Trio. very mathy and dissonant, skronky and messy. singer was in dazzling killmen
Lula Divinia

1997 - grungy, atmospheric, melodic, melancholic
22The Dismemberment Plan
The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified

1997 - sporkcore from neurotic dance-punk yelping college students
End Hits

1998 - passionate, energetic, noisy, technical, sarcastic
Challenge For a Civilized Society

1998 - the underrated gem in Unwound's discography in my opinion. First few tracks are classic Unwound . rest gets stranger and longer.
25June of 44
Four Great Points

1998 - see 17.
Downward Is Heavenward

1998 - big atmospheric grungegaze record with some good ol heavy riffs scattered around. remind me of Shiner, who remind of Hum
27At the Drive-In

1998 - great vocal performance and a very fun album in general.
Economy of Motion

1998 - see 20
The Shape of Punk to Come

1998 - very political album that mixes electronics to good results. catchy and serious, a bit weird and convoluted at parts.
30At the Drive-In

1999 - shouty man shouts a lot
31The Dismemberment Plan
Emergency & I

1999 - the sporkers grow up and become 20 year olds out of college. life is scary and strange. jobs are strange. people are strange. things are a lil absurd
32At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

2000 - one of the big goats of post-hardcore, a real humdinger. simply fantastic.
33Q and Not U
No Kill No Beep Beep

2000 - dance punk, sassy, dismemberment plan's brothers in arms, dc scene but not very political like the others. really fun and twiddly diddly
The Argument

2001 - fugazi get sad and sorta quiet and quite political as always. here comes the argument (here it comes)
Drowningman Still Loves You

2001 - metalcore ogs turn emo/post hardcore with startlingly good results.
no wings to speak of

2001 - emo spacecore with heavy melodic leaning and a dash of the metal chugga chugga
The Egg

2001 - weirdly consider this one post hardcore but not the lp before which is absent from this list. very catchy and light. quite rythmic and their most math rock inspired
38Pretty Girls Make Graves
Good Health

2002 - one of the few on here with female vocals, which yes is noteworthy as much as the people who gripe over 'female fronted' descriptions may disagree. punk is incredibly male centric. anyways, very twiddly diddly with a distinctive guitar tone
McLusky Do Dallas

2002 - funny shit from a band that loves the pixies. uncomplicated and dumb. soft and loud. my dad is bigger than your dad.
Worship and Tribute

2002 - one of the other big post-hardcore ogs. absolutely classic in every sense of the world. great range of material.

2002 - scratchy vox and vocal interplay, emo energy, pulmonary archery maybe one of my fav post hardcore tracks
42Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack
Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack

2003 - political, sampling, mildly sassy
43The Blood Brothers
...Burn, Piano Island, Burn

2003 - very sassy, legends along with glassjaw and at the drive-in. screamy as hell
44Black Eyes
Black Eyes

2003 - sassy dance punk weewoo music
45Hot Cross

2003 - intricate and complex, abstract, weird, lots of vocal interplay, dueling guitars
Translating the Name

2003 - emo as hell, responsible for the 2000s bloom of swoopy hair drama queens
47Bear vs. Shark
Right Now You're in the Best of Hands

2003 - indie lads with some energy and big shout voice
48The Fall of Troy
The Fall of Troy

2003 - heralding the start of the extreme diddly diddle
49Hot Cross
Fair Trades and Farewells

2004 - one of my introductions to good post-hardcore, diddles like hell
The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not on Fire

2004 - uk lads still having fun and being pretty straightforward.
Watch Out!

2004 - Alexisonfire get serious and sorta dramatic. lot less raw and abrasive than the first lp. step up the songwriting. less guitar dramatics. lots of Kurt Vonnegut inspired lyrics. vocal interplay on point with the soft/loud dynamics.
They're Only Chasing Safety

2004 - the best swoopy hair mtv emo lp there is.
53These Arms Are Snakes
Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home

2004 - Seattle hardcore alumni come together
54Five Minute Ride
The World Needs Convincing...

2005 - Kurt of Dance Gavin Dance fame spreads his lil emo wings
The Moon Is a Dead World

2005 - this has always seemed like an outlier in regards to the screamo pantheon so im including it. proggy, spacey, dramatic and ridiculous yet very serious. beautiful.
56Wow, Owls!
Pick Your Patterns

2005 - catchy emo from virginia, land of the skream
Say Hello to Sunshine

2005 - mtv emocore but a lil bit more complex than usual
58Bear vs. Shark

2005 - punchy poetic indie boys
59The Fall of Troy

2005 - Guitar hero 3 made this band. Guitar hero 3 showed me this band. Guitar wizardy sold this band.
60Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack
Defeat Or Humiliate The United States Of America

2006 - sampling, politics, squawking
61Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

2006 - capitalism/society is scary, we are dark and scary, vocal interplay, electronics
62Gallows (UK)
Orchestra Of Wolves

2006 - kickin ur dick in. party. pissed off. bri'ish.
63These Arms Are Snakes

2006 - got some southern influence on here, a lil sassiness, atmosphere. very unique record
64Down I Go
This Is Disastercore

2006 - ludicrous, humourous post-hardcore from the uk with a theme (disasters). really scatterbrained
65Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

2006 - christianity, sadness, guilt, shame, intensely sputcore
66Hot Cross
Risk Revival

2007 - less mathy and less screamy than earlier releases, catchier
67The Fall of Troy

2007 - less mathy and twiddly diddly than its predecessors
68Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

2007 - dgd before they get overbearingly twiddly diddly. more textured and atmospheric than other releases.
69Capsule (US)

2008 - emo, mathy, skronky, ambient sorta post rock
70Jacobi Wichita
Bonez Malone

2008 - complete cluterfuck of genres. electronic, hip-hop, death growls, chugga chugga. eclectic.
71Down I Go

2008 - quirky mathcore themed around tyrants.
72Dance Gavin Dance
Dance Gavin Dance

2008 - the most 'emo' dgd record in my mind
73Fear Before
Fear Before

2008 - quite a change from TAOM. not as atmospheric or well produced, with a much rougher off-the-cuff feel. underrated in my opinion.
74Gallows (UK)
Grey Britain

2009 - grim, misanthropic, london, raspy, still kickin ur dick in
75Dance Gavin Dance

2009 - fruity, funky, sunburst, over the top
76Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

2009 - synths, anthems, wub wubs, incredibly british, political
Carry Ourselves

2010 - people will find this vocalist very love or hate. quite screechy. political/inspiring/uplifting
Our Color Green (The Singles)

2011 - post-hardcore daddies come back to life with some groove and chunk
79Wow, Owls!
Wow Owls // Last Recording

2011 - 3 tracks to send off a great underrated screamo band
80Lead Hands
Lead Hands

2011 - atmospheric, clean and harsh vocals, melancholic, one-and-done band.
81Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain II

2011 - THE swancore record. full of diddling, absurd lyrics and johnny craigs smooth as hell vocals. a summer album
82A Lot Like Birds
Conversation Piece

2011 - absurd counterpart to the above record. features kurt travis previously of dgd.
83Down I Go

2011 - 4 track ep about gods in mythology.
84Enter Shikari
Rat Race

2013 - tight 3 track ep. one of the bands best releases
Pale Blue Light

2014 - melodic hardcore
86Secret Band
Secret Band EP (Remastered)

2014 - dgd side project with no clean vocals. irreverant and slightly/mildly psychedelic/trippy
87Secret Band
Secret Band

2014 - goofy as hell. absurd.
88Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

2015 - political, synthy, wub wub, bit irreverent
89Dance Gavin Dance
Instant Gratification

2015 - only tillian era dgd lp i really love. sugary as hell
90Down I Go
You're Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You

2015 - icelandic myths, brass, ridiculousness
91The Fall of Troy

2016 - the fall of troy come back with an ok record and then release a slightly different but better version
92Down I Go

2017 - 4 track ep about mortals in mythology

2017 - old math-rock Albini produced band from the early 90s gets a discog comp release and shows off their very good skronk
94The Armed
Only Love

2018 - see 97
95Secret Band

2019 - still irrevent but darker and more aggressive than the previous releases.
96Enter Shikari
Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

2020 - poppy, synthy, anthemic, not as heavy as previous releases. one of their best production jobs
97The Armed

2021 - ultra-uber-forward-thinking-balls-to-the-wall core. lightspeed, blastbeats, genre-melding, full on aesthetic blitzkrieg
The Loser

2022 - progboys come back with a less screamy 2nd lp that still supplies the energetic keyboard fuckwittery
99Drive Like Jehu
Yank Crime

1994 - recently relistened to this and its a stone cold classic I never properly appreciated.
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