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08.16.13 Introduction To Bens:top 100

Introduction To Bens:top 100

new to the site. rthese are my current 100 (changes every day)
1King Crimson

closeset to perfection i have ever heard
favorite songs: Starless - a true thing of beauty
Selling England by the Pound

the essence of prog rock
favorite songs: Firth of Fifth
Moving Pictures

Rush at their best
favorite songs: everything beside the camera eye
4Jethro Tull
Stand Up

yes, Stand Up. a more blues vibe then what came after. every song
hits the mark.
favorite songs: New Day Yesterday, Look into The Sun, Bouree
5The Beatles

alot has been said, simply their best album
favorite songs: Tommorow Never Knows, Here, There & Everywhere
6David Bowie
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust...

favorite songs: Rock N' Roll Suicide, Moonage Daydream
7 The Who
Who's Next

ultimate rock album, and f**k CSI
favorite songs: Won't get Fooled Again, Baba and Pure & Easy (bonus
song on the remaster)
8 King Crimson
Larks' Tongues in Aspic

favorite songs: Larks I & II, Easy Money
9Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV

favorite songs: Rock N' Roll, Black Dog

only album in the top ten that came out after the 70's (damn i'm old).
a true metal masterpiece.
favorite songs:Lateralus, Schism
11Iron Maiden
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

after a string of great albums, imo this is their best. never came close
after this
favorite songs: Infinite Dreams, The Clairvoyant

i think "Fly By Night" rules, but this brought them to a whole different
favorite songs: 2112 (duh) although everything after is also good
13Bob Dylan
Blonde On Blonde

favorite songs: Just Like a Woman, Lady of the Lowlands
14Bob Marley and The Wailers

I know this is a compilation album but it such a good one
favorite songs: Three Little Birds, Buffalo Soldier, Stir it Up
15Jethro Tull

favorite songs: My God, Mother Goose
16The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Are You Experienced

favorite songs: Foxy Lady
17King Crimson

musically, 80's crimson was the most accomplished and this was their
favorite songs: Discipline, Frame by Frame
18Tim Buckley
Goodbye and Hello

although known, still very underated. psych/folk at its best sung by an
amazing singer
favorite songs: Pleasant Street, Phantasmagoria In Two, Once i Was
19King Crimson
In The Court Of The Crimson King

fourth crimson in the top 20 but i couln't let this one slip out of the top
favorite songs: is there a question? Schizoid
20Bob Dylan
Bringing it All Back Home

favorite songs: Love Minus Zero
21 The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

favorite songs: Lucy and A Day In The Life
22Jeff Buckley

like father like son. an amazing voice.
favorite songs: Lilac Wine, Grace
23Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

favorite songs: Phantom of The Opera, Remember Tommorow, Prowler
Perdition City

probably way too high for most but i truly love this album
favorite songs: Nowhere/Catastrophe, Lost in Moments
25 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cosmo's Factory

favorite songs: Who'll Stop the Rain, Run Through the Jungle
26Nick Drake
Five Leaves Left

favorite songs: Riverman, Way to Blue
27Tom Waits
Rain Dogs

favorite songs:Jockey Full of Bourbon, Time, Rain Dogs
28The Who

favorite songs: Pinball Wizard
29Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

favorite songs: Holland 1945, In an Aeroplane Over the Sea
Rust in Peace

Never been a huge trash/power metal fan but this is classic
favorite songs: Tornado of Souls, Holy Wars
Surfer Rosa

favorite songs:Where is My Mind, Cactus

favorite songs:Glory Box
33 Smashig Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

favorite songs: Disarm, Today
34Van Der Graaf Generator

a bit underated in regards to the rest of the prog rock elite but a true
gem of an album. Hammil at his best with theatrical, dark, amazing
favorite songs: all four are top notch, maybe Arrow

favorite songs: Symbolic, Judgement
Back in Black

from their biggest loss, came their biggest album
favorite songs: Back in Black, Shook Me All Night Long

yes, its much less prog but it still has some amazing songs.
favorite songs: Subdivisions, Digital Man, Analog Kid
Disraeli Gears

favorite songs: Tales of Great Ulyssus, Sunshine of My Life
39Faith No More
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime

somewhat in the shadow of "Angel Dust", this is a great album that
gets a bit forgotten
favorite songs: The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies, Just a Man, Digging
the Grave
40Iron Maiden
Somewhere in Time

Iron's most underated.
favorite songs: Stranger In a Strange Land, Wasted Years

this was the first time i heard them after "enigma". blew my mind. still
remains their masterpiece.
favorite songs: One Last Goodbye, Deep
42The Cure

"robert smith, robert smith"
favorite songs: Lullaby, Pictures of You, Lovesong
43Jefferson Airplane
Surrealistic Pillow

favorite songs: White Rabbit, Today, She Has Funny Cars

Jam masterpiece. although not pro-rock, any lover of prog-rock should
own this album.
favorite songs: The Divided Sky, David Bowie
45Stevie Wonder
Songs In The Key Of Life

a huge double album, showcasing his amazing skills
favorite songs: Sir Duke, Contusion, As, Another Star
46Tim Buckley

Buckley at his most avantgarde. unique and exquisite.
favorite songs: Song To The Siren, Starsailor
La Masquerade Infernale

favorite songs: Ad Astra, Painting My Horror
48Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

favorite songs: Children of the Grave

yes, Damnation. a bold move, masterly executed.
favorite song: windowpane,
Millions Now Living Will Never Die

often overlooked when talking about post rock. this is a true gem.
favorite songs: Djed, Taut and Tame
51White Zombie
Astro Creep: 2000 -- Songs of Love, Destruction, a

putting everything else aside, this is a great metal album.
favorite songs: Super Charger Heaven, I Zombie, More Human Than
52The Mothers of Invention
Roxy & Elsewhere

a live album that shows how truly amazing frank zappa was. some of
the most complex music you'll ever hear, and live!!!
favorite songs: Echidna's Arf (Of You). Don't You Ever Wash That
Thing?, Cheepnis
Kid A

favorite tracks:Everything in Its Right Place, How to Disappear...
54Pain of Salvation
Remedy Lane

before they became the embarrassment they are today.
favorite songs:Dryad of the Woods, Trace of Blood
Vulgar Display of Power

favorite songs: Mouth for war, Walk, This Love
Marquee Moon

favorite songs: Marquee Moon, See No Evil, Torn Curtain

favorite songs: Screamager, Knives, Nowhere

favorite songs: Hey, Debaser
59Nick Drake
Pink Moon

favorite songs: Parasite

this truly came out of nowhere. think ulver perdition city vut more on
the metal side
favorite songs: Nodamnbrakes, Ende
61Dream Theater
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

favorite songs: Dance Of Eternity, Fatal Tragedy
62Porcupine Tree
Stupid Dream

the best of Wilson.
favorite songs: Don't Hate Me, Even Less
63The Beatles
Abbey Road

favorite songs: Come Together, Here Comes The Sun
64Blue Oyster Cult
Secret Treaties

one of the best rock bands.
favorite songs: Astronomy, Flaming Telepaths
65Frank Black
Teenager Of The Year

Frank B;acl's second solo release. as good as the two pixies albums in
this list.
favorite songs: Calistan, Freedom Rock
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

wacky, wild, funk rock, bass extravaganza.
favorite songs: Jerry Was a Racecar Driver, Tommy The Cat, Eleven
67Orphaned Land
Mabool (The Story of the Three Sons...)

favorite songs: Halo Dies, Kiss Of Babylon
68Faith No More
Angel Dust

favorite songs: Midlife Crisis, Land Of Sunshine, Be Aggressive
69Smashing Pumpkins
Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness

favorite songs: Zero, Bullet With Butterfly Wings
70Symphony X
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy

favorite songs: The Accolade (one of my top ten favorite songs), Of
Sins And Shadows
71 Guns N' Roses
Appetite for Destruction

favorite songs: Sweet Child O Mine, Mr. Brownstone
72Dream Theater
Images And Words

favorite songs: Take The Time
73Alice In Chains

favorite songs: Rooster, Damn That River, Hate To Feel

favorite songs: Eulogy, Forty Six & Two
Tales From The Thousand Lakes

a breakthrough album for the finns, goes to show how your can be
innovative and traditional at the same time with stellar results.
favoritew songs: Drowned Maid, In The Beginning, To Fathers Cabin
76Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Worst Nightmare

better than the first and very solid all the way through.
favorite songs: Teddy Picker, Brianstorm
77 The Apples
Buzzin' About

a mixture of acid jazz, funk and turntabalism. the result is one of the
most fun records you'll hear. just stand up and start to dance.
they got some notice after a great cover to "killing in the name of"not
on Sputnik, highly rec'd.
favorite songs: Stack It Up, Upskirt, Killing
78The Dear Hunter
Act II: The Meaning of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading

favorite songs: Smiling Swine, Red Hands
79 Kruzenshtern i Parohod

best way to define is: avantgarde progressive klaizmer metal. but the
definition is crap, this is a crazy album by a crazy band. also not on
favorite song: Young Ones, Mehalalot, Shmock On The Water

favorite songs: TNT
81Stolen Babies
There Be Squabbles Ahead

Cabaret Metal? Circus Metal? who cares, a great surprising album
favorite songs: Awful Fall, Tablescrap
82Oi Va Voi
Laughter Through Tears

Trip Hop with an eastern european, Jewish mix. sounds weird but end
result is a superb listen
favorite songs: Ladino Song, Brothers and Dror Yikra for a power trio in
the middle of the album
OK Computer

favorite songs: Karma Police, No Surprises
84 M. Craft
Silver & Fire

melancholic singer songwriter with powerful lyrics.
favorite songs: Drangonfly, Snowbird
85 Anathema
We're Here Because We're Here

favorite songs: Dreaming Light, Summernight Horizon
86Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

favorite songs: Wake Up, Bullet In The Head

forget about playing for guns, bumblefoot is a master guitarist and
mad beyond anything else. a lounge band gone mad, this album
jumps from metal to bluegrass, lounge music and salsa.
favorite songs: Crunch, Ronald Comin Back
88Devin Townsend

favorite songs: no favorite, maybe earth day
Sound Awake

favorite songs: Simple Boy, The Caudel Lure
90Dire Straits
Brothers In Arms

favorite songs: Money For Nothing, Your Latest Trick

classic metal album.
favorite songs: Rain, Angel's Decay, Jupiterian Vibe
92Portugal. The Man
The Satanic Satanist

favorite songs: The Woods, People Say
Blackwater Park

favorite songs:The Drapery Falls, Bleak
94Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

favorite songs:Power, Dark Fantasy
Black Holes and Revelations

favorite songs: Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole
96Machine Head
The Blackening

favorite songs: Halo
97The Mars Volta
De-Loused in the Comatorium

favorite songs: Drunkship Of Lanters
El Cielo

favorite songs: Sanzen, Of The Room
99Miles Davis
Bitches Brew

favorite songs: all of the first Disc is just amazing fusion

favorite songs: Arise, Dead Embryonic Cells
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