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@ p4p, this one's for you bro. Exhibit A. "Cats are better than dogs". Typical of a cat person to start an age-old debate and not follow it up with any real facts. So this is the rebuttal to your highly amusing list (e.g Men who love cats are better looking than Dog owners) WTF! based on what? scientific evidence? So here I present you exhibit B, why Dogs are better than Cats. Ponder this while you sit on your couch eating a cheesecake watching Ellen with your feline friend....

#1. "Cats don't need to be walked". No they dont, which is exactly why most Cat owners are lazy couch potatoes or crazy cat ladies who need to be forklifted our of their homes because they sit home eating cake while taking our taxpayers money. Dog owners don't take the easy way out and are kept fit by the demands of dogs, depending on the breed of dog. RIP Lemmy Kilmister.

#2. Hachiko, the Japanese Akita. For those Dog lovers who are familiar with the story of the legendary Dog Hachiko, you already know the loyalty between Dog and master is unique and a special bond that simply cannot be compared to a cat and owner. For you Cat lovers, do yourselves a favour and do a google search of the story behind Hachiko. You won't find a Cat equivalent because it doesn't exist.
The Hunter

#3 - You can take a Dog hunting! Here in New Zealand we are blessed with a large amount of game hunting and the most popular is Wild Boar, which is mostly done with a group of highly trained Dogs who are either bailers or holders. Besides being an adrenaline rush for both the Dog and the hunter, this is one of the few primal things left in the world and is a special feeling to have a Dog by your side experiencing every moment with you. Can you take a Cat out bird hunting? Mouse hunting? I would surely hope not.
4Fat Freddy's Drop

Which brings me to my next point #4 - Dogs don't leave dead animals on your doorstep, or worse in your room. One of the Cats natural habits is to catch, kill and then leave a dead rodent or bird on your doorstep as if to say "I'm so clever, look at this trophy". Not only is this a disgusting habit, but also what good is a dead rat to the household? At least with a Dog, you can take it hunting and you can share a hearty meal of roast venison or wild boar and you can thank your pooch for contributing to the wonderful meal.

#5 - "Cat's look better in selfies". Well that's a subjective debate, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But honestly I cannot recall a single good looking Cat selfie, I don't think Cat's are as photogenic as Dogs and a good looking Dog selfie makes an attractive girl 10x times hotter. Also, Dogs have a natural tendency to smile for the camera. Let's be clear on one thing though, not all breeds of dogs are "photogenic". Those Chihuahua's are really just rodents in Dog's clothing. Bless them.
Watch Out!

#6 - All the great Comic and Cartoon characters have a Dog who is very much central to the story. I'll give you a few of the popular examples. In Asterix and Obelix that legendary comic series, Obelix owns a little dog named Dogmatix. In The Adventures of Tintin, Tintin owns a dog named Snowy (Milou) who on some occassions actually uses his wits to save Tintin's life. In Family Guy, Brian Griffin is the smartest member of the Griffin family and is a key character. In other literature and movies there's Hairy Maclary, Lassie, Marmaduke, Scooby Doo, Scrappy Doo, Muttley the list goes on...
7Dr. Dre

#7."Cats have a smaller Carbon footprint that Dogs". And on your last plane flight did you choose to pay the Zero carbon emission tax? No I didn't think so. Redundant argument.
8Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

#8. "Cats are more loyal than dogs". See Point #2 to end that debate. A dog would literally die for you, a cat is your best friend until you feed it, and then it couldn't give two shits about you or your loyalty.

#9. "Reduces the risk of heart attacks". And this is where i'll cut you some slack, the simple act of owning ANY animal is known to reduce stress, as it's a primal thing that's been in our DNA since beginning of time. But to claim that as a reason why Cats are better than Dogs is a redundant argument.
10Johnny Cash
American IV: The Man Comes Around

#10. "Men who like Cat's are more attractive than those who don't". How about Blofeld from 007. Ugly son of a bitch who strokes a cat in his chair. Also, it's pretty much socially acceptable (and attractive) for a Man to do almost any activity with his Dog friend, taking the dog to the beach, to the river, to different social events. Have you ever seen a guy take a cat for a walk on one of those ridiculous looking leashes?
11Tom Waits
Rain Dogs

#11. You can teach a dog to open a beer, surf, skateboard, catch a ball. If for example. you were a only child who had no siblings but had a dog as a pet, you were one of the lucky ones. Can you ask a Cat to play fetch or catch? No.
12Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog

#12. And finally, Dogs are used in such a variety of roles in community it's a testament to their personalities and skills. From drug sniffing hounds (Beagles) to Guide Dogs (Labradors) to Police Dogs (German Shepherds) to Sled pulling (Huskies) to the good old family guard dog. Each breed has it's own purpose and even those Toy dogs are good to sneak into your handbag if your a Celebrity. So in today's world, Dogs are leading the way and Cats will continue to do their thing. Eat, sleep, piss on your bed, sleep, eat again, cuddle up and show you false loyalty, sleep, repeat.
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