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The Pitstory of FrankRedHot

Is this list unnecessary? Is it egotistical, narcissistic, and self-indulgent for me to think that you actually give rra rshit? Does a bear shit in the woods?
1The Carter Family
Can the Circle Be Unbroken

As a young boy, I was jumping from home to home with regularity, most of them very religious.
The only music that was played was a mixture of gospel and '50's/60's folk music, so I didn't have
an understanding of how broad the spectrum really was. Since I was so young and sheltered, I
wasn't able to delve into anything outside of those genres until I was about 10, which
coincidentally is about the time I began to rebel. Any music that consisted of lyrical themes
outside of God or peace was heavily frowned upon and destroyed.
2Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar
3Jimmie Rodgers
The Essential Jimmie Rodgers
4Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs
Foggy Mountain Jamboree
5 New Kids On the Block
Hangin' Tough

About the time I turned 6, I was finally moved into a home with people that weren't nearly as
strict. Unfortunately, pop music/radio was the only thing we kids were allowed to listen to. My
first real appreciation for music started with artists/groups such Michael Jackson and New Kids
On the Block. Once again, though, anyone that had any music outside of that genre was
punished, and had to destroy whatever it was.
6Michael Jackson
7The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds
8 The Byrds
Turn! Turn! Turn!
9 D.R.I
Dealing With It

About the time I was 10 or 11, I was moved into a very strict Christian home in a trailer park
near Fort Lauderdale. Luckily, I made some friends in the neighborhood who were either older
or had older brothers. They showed me the worlds of hip-hop and metal/rock, with artists such
as Tupac, Bush, and Metallica. It wasn't long before I was borrowing D.R.I., Tupac, and Minor
Threat cassettes, sneaking them into my room and listening to them after everyone had fallen
asleep. I began to get in trouble at school a lot, mostly anger and authority issues. Of course all
of this was blamed on my foray into heavier music after they found my collection of cassettes. I
stood my ground, though.
10The Notorious B.I.G.
Ready to Die
Static Age
Pieces of a Man
Around the Fur

Yes, I went through a nu-metal phase, just like most of the people I knew in my early-mid teen
years. I related to the music for one reason- I was pissed off, and so were they. Acts like Korn
basically were saying everything I felt at the time, and not all too eloquently, I might add. As
pathetic as the mmovement became, it gave us young, pissed off kids a feeling of belonging for
the first time in our lives.
L.D. 50
17Poison the Well
The Opposite of December

My journey into nu-metal ended the day I found out about a local band called Poison the Well.
Bands like PtW, Shai Hulud(another local act at the time), and Verse showed me that deeper,
darker side of music that wasn't so superficial. Songs like "Nerdy" from PtW and "Frequency Ass
Bandit" from Botch told me that life is what I make of it, and the only reason why it's so difficult
is because I make it that way. I had to stop blaming circumstances and people for the mistakes
I've mad, and take responsibility for my own life. It was a revelation for me, as I had a kid on the
way and no idea of how I was going to support her. The real world was waiting......
18Antioch Arrow
Gems of Masochism

My path through life and music has been unusual. As I've grown older and experienced more
than my share in my 28 years, I've found my taste in music growing darker, more sinister. I've
been delving into the genres of black metal, crust(especially blackened crust), screamo, and
funeral doom. I figured as I got older and had kids my preference in music would lighten up a
bit, but it's only grown darker. I don't believe myself to be that angry teenager
anymore(although most of you will laugh at that statement), so maybe I'm just making up for the
lost time at the beginning of my life. My one true love in music is still hardcore, and I believe it's
one of the main reasons why I have a positive outlook on life now. Corny ass way to end this list,
but I'm feeling sentimental today, so indulge me.
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