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This is a list of the ten most intense albums I own and my thoughts on them. Enjoy.
Through Silver In Blood

Intentionally dissonant harmonies heighten the tension to the breaking point. When that point is reached, the pent up energy is released in a carthaic explosion of tribal drumming, doomed out riffage, and tortured vocal performances. The climax to Locust Star is probably the most intense minute of music I've ever heard; the three vocal lines cascading on top of a demonic riff.
No Heroes

The subtraction of a guitar from the Converge equation is what makes No Heroes the most intense Converge album in my eyes (yes, even moreso than Jane Doe). The music has a much more wide open and punky feel; it's a lot more accessible and a whole fucking lot more intense. Jacob Bannon is widely regarded as the most intense vocalist in the extreme metal world; a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with. The frenetic, groove oriented drumming and inventive guitar work only further the chaos of No Heroes
3Strapping Young Lad

Alien, more than any other album I've ever listened to, exemplifies the statement "wall of sound." Constant jackhammer drumming, downtuned machine gun riffing, bass that sounds like a cannon, and frenetic shreiking from Devin Townshend characterize this mindfuck of an album.
4Mr. Bungle

A sometimes subtle, but more often purposely grating genre soup. There's the occasional calm, laid back song that gives Mike Patton an opportunity to vocally masturbate, but there are just as many songs that are breakneck journeys through a number of different genres. What makes California amazing is the constant level of intensity it maintains while nearly entirely forsaking the distorted electric guitar. I am primarily a metal fan, and the fact that a band could achieve such brilliant chaos with traditional instruments was very eye opening. None Of Them Knew They Were Robots and Ars Morendi have to be two of the most frenetic, off-the-wall songs ever made.

Seemingly nonsensical hammering with guitars tuned to low G and a vocal performance that sounds akin to a vicious machine grinding a human to a pulp gradually falls into place as a methodical groove metal album. Fucking A.
The Marshall Mathers LP

Eminem spits constant, venomous hate throughout the hour-plus running time of this album. Whether it's the cold, unfeeling Way I Am or the absolutely brutal Kim, Eminem manages to stun the listener again and again with his wanton ferocity. Many see this as shock tactics, but to me, this sounds completely genuine.
Jane Doe

It had to be on here somewhere. Jane Doe is an album that many regard to be the most intense of all time. The production is claustrophobic and headache inducing, and the instruments are all constantly blasting away at 100 mph. Whether it's the chunky, crushing riffing in Homewrecker or the trebly, high pitched mind blasting assaults in songs like Concubine and Thaw, Converge manage to pound their listener to a pulp in a variety of ways. Oh, and that Jacob Bannon's pretty angry also.
8Between The Buried And Me

It's the first truly heavy album to have raped my virgin mind, so it will always hold a special place in my heart even if it isn't as intense as the albums listed above. Alaska is essentially highly technical mathcore mixed with jazz influences. There is a wide variety of harsh vocals, from pig squeals to full out death metal bellows. The riffs are grinding, downtuned, and relentless, and there is always a healthy supply of blastbeats from the drums.

A 21 minute carnival of quintissential Meshuggah riffs, ranging from their early thrash days to more ambient, jazz influenced stuff. The section one and a half minutes in where all structure dissolves, Thomas Haake hammers his cymbals as hard as he can, the vocalist screams as hard as he can, and the guitar belches out random fast chords is what really gains this album a spot on the list. The breakneck soloing helps also.
10Protest The Hero

The amount of musical ideas on here is astounding, and manages to tire me out every time I listen. Yeah, I know it's not really intense, but I can't think of any other good albums for this spot. Shoot me.
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