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Best Pokemon Moves

These are my personal favorite moves to use in pokemon. Mostly orignal generation moves.
1Tegan and Sara
The Con

Earthquake: 100 attack power, it will fuck shit up. Use this shit against almost
anyone and watch them drop like flies. Beware of flying, water and grass types
2The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

Psychic: 90 attack power. Works against most pokemon. Avoid dark though
3my bloody valentine

Ice Beam: 95 attack power. I really like ice type and this will take down almost
any dragon, rock, ground or grass type
4funeral diner
the underdark

Flamethrower: 95 attack power
5off minor
the heat death of the universe

Solarbeam: 120 attack power. I only use this with Groudon because he doesn't
have to wait a turn to charge up m/
6off minor
some blood

thunderbolt: 95 attack powe

thunder: 120 attack power. I prefer this to fire blast and hydro pump because
you get 10 instead of 5
8pg. 99
document #8

dig(later gen only) They made dig 80 power instead of 60 in the newer games m/
coloring book

rock slide: 85 attack power
10modest mouse
the lonesome crowded west

strength: 80 attack power: Great finishing move

Overheat: 140 attack power. This lowers the shit out of your special attack, but
if you have a strong physical attack like blaze kick you can still fuck shit up
12more than life
love let me go

X-scissor: 85 attack power. The most badass bug move
lost ground

sludge bomb: 90 attack power: the best poison move
earth A.D.

dragon claw: 80 attack power. Dragon pokemon will fuck your shit up with this
15horse the band
the mechanical hand

Dragon pulse: 90 attack power. ^ same
16between the buried and me

Surf: 95 attack power. Probably the most useful move in the game. Incredible
strong with water pokemon and easy to get
17I hate myself
10 songs

psybeam: 60 attack power. OK Alakazam is one bad motherfucker in red and
blue. He will kill almost anything in one hit and there are no dark type and
ghost doesn't effect psychic.
old raves end

recover: Use this to keep your alakazam fighting stron
19 burial

blaze kick: 85 attack power. Great move only learned by Blaziken
ghost town

dark pulse: 80 attack power. Great dark move

shadow ball: 80 attack power. Teach this to Alakazam to make him more versatile

brick break: 75 attack power. It's nice to have a fighting move since it is super
effective against the most types, plus it breaks through reflect and barrier

sludge wave: 80 attack power
power windows

extremespeed: 100 attack power: It always goes first, but you only get 5 of it
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